Aug 27, 2019
ShareX - Jaex
ShareX 13.0 is now released with dark theme support and thumbnail view mode in main window!
  • Added thumbnail view mode to main window
    • Added "Switch to list view" button to right click menu which can be used to return to list view
    • Clicking on image file thumbnails shows fullscreen image preview
    • For non-image files, file icon will be shown instead and clicking on them opens the file
    • Clicking on thumbnail title will open URL or file path, depending on which one exists
    • Added "Hide thumbnail title" button to right click menu to be able to have compact thumbnail view
    • Colored glows at the top of thumbnails are status indicators; green means task is running, blue means task is done and red means upload failed
    • File thumbnails can be dragged to copy file to Windows Explorer or another application
  • Added dark theme support which is enabled by default
    • If you do not like the dark theme then you can return back to light theme by unchecking "Use dark theme" option from application settings window
    • "Use dark theme" option only enables dark mode in main window and tray menu. If you would like all windows to use dark theme then check "Experimental dark theme" option in application settings window. The reason why we decided not to enable this option by default is because this option works by changing color properties of each control to dark theme colors but most controls in Windows Forms look bad when their color properties are changed or do not completely support changing the control colors
  • Added dark title bar support for Windows 10 17763 or higher (by @sylveon)
  • Moved "Use white ShareX icon" option to application settings general tab
  • Added image size label to fullscreen image viewer
  • Added select & move annotation tool (by @Danielku15)
  • Added "Switch to drawing tool after shape selection" and "Switch to selection tool after shape drawing" annotation options (by @Danielku15)
  • Added magnify annotation tool
  • Added Zero Width Shortener URL shortener
  • Support video uploads to Imgur (Because Imgur is recognised as an image destination, to be able to upload video files to Imgur you must configure ShareX to upload mp4 files to Imgur from "Task settings window -> Uploader filters tab")
  • Support audio in Gfycat video uploads
  • Support custom uploader syntax in FTP URL path
  • Added "Response info" tab to custom uploader settings window
  • Show update message box when about window update checker label is clicked instead of immediately downloading the update
  • If upload is stopped or failed when early copy URL option is enabled then clear the clipboard
  • Added expiration support to Teknik file and text uploaders
  • Added Intel Quick Sync encoding support to screen recording, provides hardware H.264 encoding on Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs and up and hardware H.265 encoding on Skylake CPUs and up via a dedicated die on the processor chip (by @sylveon)
  • Added option to disable notification toast windows when active window is fullscreen (Task settings window -> Advanced tab -> DisableNotificationsOnFullscreen)
  • Added option to disable hotkeys when active window is fullscreen (Application settings window -> Advanced tab -> DisableHotkeysOnFullscreen)
  • Show balloon tip warning when application settings fail to save (Main reason we added this notification was because anti-virus software or the controlled folder access feature in Windows 10 tend to block ShareX from saving settings without users being aware)
  • Added "Set public-read ACL on file" option to Google Cloud Storage (by @lucario)
  • Support wildcard characters in history window filename filter and image history window search
  • Added random non ambiguous alphanumeric character support for file naming, example usage: %rna{8}
  • Added "Show stats" button to history window which shows statistics calculated from history
  • Added refresh button to image effects window
  • Added slice image effect
  • Added random position option to image watermark effect
Full update notes can be found here:
ShareX - Jaex
We needed to upgrade .NET Framework version to 4.6.2 and it does not support Windows XP and Windows Vista. Click here for more information.
Nov 30, 2017
ShareX - Jaex
10. anniversary update is now available with tons of new features and major image editor improvements!
  • Added windowed mode support to image editor
  • Added panning support to image editor, hold middle mouse button to pan canvas (by @L1Q)
  • Added real time image effect (blur, pixelate, highlight) preview support to image editor
  • Added “Image” menu to image editor toolbar with these items:
    • Image size
    • Canvas size
    • Rotate 90° clockwise
    • Rotate 90° counter clockwise
    • Rotate 180°
    • Flip horizontal
    • Flip vertical
  • Added image editor start mode option to “Options” menu:
    • Normal window
    • Maximized window (Default)
    • Remember and use previous window size, position and maximized state
    • Fullscreen
  • Added image editor background color option to “Options” menu
  • Added cursor type option to cursor drawing tool
  • Show image size, file name and FPS in image editor title bar
  • Image editor last selected tool will be remembered separately from region capture
  • Changed region capture/image editor resize node visuals
  • Support proportional resizing when dragging resize node while holding "Shift"

  • Added QR code decode support, which can scan multiple QR codes at the same time from screen or file
  • Added “Upload text” to main window upload menu and as hotkey
  • Added “Shorten URL” to main window upload menu and as hotkey
  • Removed update button from custom uploaders tab because now settings apply instantly
  • If custom uploader name field is empty then name will be generated automatically from request url, which is recommended for consistency
  • Custom uploader won’t export with empty request url or destination type
  • While exporting custom uploader all default or empty values will be ignored, that way JSON output can be more compact
  • Added custom URL sharing service support, which can be used for example for Discord webhooks
  • Added response syntax to custom uploader which can be used in URL fields
  • Added random syntax support to custom uploader request URL
  • Added Text/URL input to custom uploader arguments/headers value suggestion list
  • Renamed Picasa to Google Photos
  • Removed dead uploaders: Someimage, Imgland, Minus, Uplea
  • Added image effects preset list support, this will cause previous image effect settings to reset
  • Added markdown copy options to main window task context menu
  • Removed Amazon S3 reduced redundancy storage option because it is now deprecated and even costs more than standard storage to encourage moving to standard storage
  • Added standard infrequent access storage option to Amazon S3
  • Hide notification window from "Alt + Tab" and "Win + Tab" menu (by @sylveon)
  • Implemented latest API, this will cause previous authentication setting to reset
  • Implemented latest Flickr API which is using OAuth for authentication now, this will cause previous authentication setting to reset
  • Added direct link option to Flickr
  • Updated Lithiio to new API which is using username/password for authentication now instead of Steam OAuth
  • Increased Twitter message character limit to 280
  • Windows Store ShareX build is now using .NET Framework 4.6.1 so there is no need for additional executable to handle Centennial startup changes anymore (by @sylveon)
  • Touch input improvements for region capture (by @mghiasi75)
  • Watch folder feature will also check for file size multiple times to make sure that file is not being written before starting upload
  • Added ShareX Discord server invite link to main window, you can press "X" button to permanently hide it
  • Both Discord and Patreon buttons will be automatically hidden when main window task list is not empty
  • Pressing "Esc" in quick task menu will close it
  • Added verbose request logs option to application settings advanced tab which can be used to debug upload related issues
  • Added drag and drop file from history window support (by @campbeb)
  • Support "Ctrl + A" in OCR results window (by @campbeb)
  • Main window image preview can now be positioned on the bottom (by @campbeb)
  • Removed https option for Imgur and instead always https will be used because now it is used by default on Imgur
  • Show current version and latest version in update message box
  • In application settings window middle mouse clicking on pre-release check box will download latest dev build from AppVeyor but it should be only used for testing purposes because dev builds can be unstable and therefore not recommended for production use
  • Updated design of ShareX web site to have dark colors
Full update notes can be found here:
Jun 10, 2016
ShareX - Jaex
ShareX Team is proud to present ShareX 11. It is one of the biggest releases we have done to-date. Change log included below.
  • Added annotation support inside region capture.
    In region capture you can "right click" to open menu which you can select annotation tool, capture fullscreen/monitor or be able to change region capture options. You can use "middle click" to cancel capture.
    • These are the currently available annotation tools:
      • Region
        • Rectangle
        • Rounded rectangle
        • Ellipse
      • Drawing
        • Rectangle
        • Rounded rectangle
        • Ellipse
        • Line
        • Arrow
        • Text
        • Step
      • Effect
        • Blur
        • Pixelate
        • Highlight
    • You can change these settings from region capture options menu:
      • Multi region mode
      • Show tips
      • Show position and size info
      • Show magnifier
      • Square shape magnifier
      • Magnifier pixel count
      • Magnifier pixel size
      • Show screen wide crosshair
      • Fixed size region mode
      • Show FPS

  • Added option to disable annotation support via “Task settings window -> Region capture tab”
  • Removed “Region (Annotate)” capture because default region capture has annotation support now
  • Added “Text capture (OCR)” to capture menu
  • Also added “Recognize text (OCR)” option to “After capture tasks” menu
  • Added file uploader (by @lithium720)
  • Added image uploader
  • Added option in “Destination settings, Email tab” to send email to a specific email address without requiring user prompt
  • Added icons for “After capture tasks” menu and “After upload tasks” menu items; checked items text will now display as bold
  • Added Copy dropdown button in “Color picker” window with the following items to be able to copy specific color type:
    • All
    • RGB
    • Hexadecimal
    • CMYK
    • HSB
    • Decimal
    • Position
  • Added “SaveSettingsAfterTaskCompleted” setting to “Application settings, Advanced tab” and enabled by default, this setting saves all settings after each task completed but only if there is no other active task (so if there are 50 tasks running in same time only after all tasks completed, settings will save) reason for this setting is because in few people while Windows shutdown does not let ShareX to save settings therefore having this option allows to secure settings in this situations
  • Region capture tips will show in active monitor instead of primary monitor
  • “Quick task menu” and “After capture window” after capture tasks now can be used in all image related tasks
  • Before uploading ShareX will check current destination config requirements and if config is not valid then will stop the task, warn user about invalid config and open destination settings window with current upload destination tab selected so user can check config easily
  • Added "Shift + C" hotkey to main window list to be able to copy selected file
  • Added tip icon to top right corner of main window to show tips and hotkeys that can be used in main window
  • Added support to be able to drag file from main window list to Windows Explorer or any other software (Holding "Ctrl" while dragging will copy URL or file path instead of file)
  • Added custom region hotkeys for “Screen recording” and “Screen recording (GIF)”
  • Added “Select region” button for custom region option in “Task settings, Capture tab”, this custom region option is used with custom capture hotkeys
  • Added Text to speech support for capture and task completed sounds in “Task settings -> Advanced tab”
  • All picture boxes in ShareX will now show image size when hovered with cursor
  • Added "DisableUpload" setting to “Application settings, Advanced tab” which can disable uploading in whole application
  • Added "TrayTextMoreInfo" setting to “Application settings, Advanced tab” which shows version and build info in tray icon tooltip which can be handy if you are running multiple ShareX build in same time
  • ShareX now uses system colors in all UI as possible to support custom themes such as Windows high contrast theme correctly
  • Added image drag & drop support to “Image combiner” tool
  • Added direct URL support for Streamable
  • Added tray button click options to “Application settings” window to be able to change which task to execute. If tray primary double click action is "None" then single primary click action can execute immediately without wait for double click check
  • Added “Open main window” hotkey
  • Added settings window to Greenshot Image Editor to be able to change few settings
  • Location of custom setting file paths will be stored in "%LocalAppData%\ShareX\PersonalPath.cfg" so that way it will be specific to user account and also allows to change it without requiring to run ShareX as admin. If you already have "PersonalPath.cfg" where "ShareX.exe" is then it would still work as usual
  • Added “Maximum image limit” option to Image History window to be able to improve load speed of images in case if you have high amount of images
  • Added screen tearing test button to monitor test tool
  • Allow drag n drop file support to hash check window
  • Added upload duration to debug log separate from task duration to be able to measure upload time properly
  • Main window right click “Clear list” button will also clear recent history now
  • Added toast window fade duration setting to “Task settings, Advanced tab”
Full update notes can be found here:

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