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Flamebreak - Lam
11 New Powerful Item Sets To Unlock
  • Spellsword's Destiny
  • Earthsplitter's Armory
  • Willowthorn's Grasp
  • Lost King's Call
  • Minos' Folly
  • Wanderer's Ruse
  • Hymn of the Colossus
  • Ambusher's Disguise
  • Archmage's Regalia
  • Zombie Lord's Defiance
  • Ragathor's Thirst
3 New Stat Warping Elixirs At The Bazaar
  • Elixir of Balance
  • Elixir of the Savant
  • Elixir of Hubris
12 New Achievements
  • Race Quests x 10 - accessed by clicking the female halfling under the New Run menu (each unlocks a new set item)
  • Win Streak - win 5 games in a row in normal mode (unlocks Spellsword's Destiny)
  • Colossal Blow - deal 50,000 damage with a single hit (unlocks Elixir of Hubris)
Balance Changes
  • Proctus's Blessing - now amplifies damage against nearby targets by 10/20/30%; damage reduction reduced from 15/25/35% to 10/15/20%
  • Whirlwind - reduced damage by 30%
  • Unyielding Charge - reduced damage by 17%
  • Musket - reduced stun chance from 25/35/45 to 20/30/40; increased stun damage from 40/70/100 to 50/85/120
  • Frostwalker's Resolve - reduced health bonus from 150 to 100; for bosses only, reduced freeze threshold from 25% to 20% health
  • Grandmaster's Legacy - reduced skill power multiplier from 1.6 to 1.5
  • Stonecaller's Oath - increased respawn delay from 6 to 6.5 seconds
  • Venomancer's Vestments - reduced damage by 10%
  • Tormentor's Implements - no longer affects temples; no longer echoes to a single target multiple times from the same damage source (e.g. when a cluster of 5 enemies is flame waved each now receives a single instance of echo damage rather than 4 instances)
  • Pyrion's Vestiges - increased area of effect by 15%
  • Pyrion's Statue - improved stat bonuses
  • Elixir of Giant Growth - reduced attack speed penalty from 0.75x to 0.80x; reduced attack damage bonus from 2.00x to 1.75x
  • Elixir of Contemplation - reduced cooldown penalty from 1.50x to 1.40x; reduced skill mastery bonus from 2.00x to 1.75x
  • Cooldown Reduction - reworked from multiplicative to additive scaling (now scales analogously to attack speed; less effective when stacking tons of cooldown reduction)
  • Cooldown Reduction - reworked bonus numbers on items to provide benefits matching previous implementation
Other Changes
  • Treasure Defense Minigame - base reward increased from 25 to 30 gold, but you now lose 1 gold for each goblin that escapes (merciless reward, 35, and gold lost per treasure stolen, 5, are unchanged)
  • New controller binding option "Change Target" - allows the player to initiate a target change based on the movement stick's current orientation
  • Completed runs now show a stat popup similar to failed runs
  • The active game mode (normal, daily hard, etc) is now shown above the region timer on the overworld map
Bug Fixes
  • Various minor bug fixes
Flamebreak - Lam
  • Proctus is now vulnerable for 9 seconds after his guardians die (up from 8)
  • Proctus now throws his spear more quickly
  • Proctus' shockwave is now an 8-way attack cast only to protect his guardians as they respawn
  • Proctus now throws his shield when his health falls below 70%
  • Proctus now throws triple-spears when his health falls below 40%
  • Fixed a daily leaderboard issue that caused players in some time zones to receive the wrong loadout
  • Fixed an issue affecting some dual video card configurations that caused a crash when entering the options menu (some machines might still crash upon visiting options for the first time but options should load correctly thereafter)
Flamebreak - Lam
  • Controllers - new control option 'Lock Mode' (Always Locked, Lock While Attack Held, Free Cursor)
  • Most controllers now use the 'Always Locked' mode by default; to restore the previous behavior switch to 'Lock While Attack Held' under Controls -> Lock Mode
  • Active live streams can now be hidden from the main menu by clicking the [Live Twitch Streams] text
  • Dust overworld map icon now glows when a nearby blacksmith or jeweler may be able to help complete an unfinished set in the player's inventory
  • Renamed Skill Mastery to Skill Power
  • Bonus Content is now available only in custom mode (not in randomized normal/hard loadouts) (GET DOWN)
  • Fixed a bug that caused occasional crashes and slowdowns
Flamebreak - Lam
We're extraordinarily grateful for the enthusiasm and feedback from our community throughout early access. Your ideas and critiques played a critical role in Flamebreak becoming the game that is today and your support and encouragement made development a joy.

Thanks again for your continuing support and feedback. We're excited to continue development and expansion of Flamebreak!
Flamebreak - Lam
  • Added 'Nightmare' mode (dust a mountain along the edge of the god plane to access the portal; bosses and minibosses gain the skipped god's blessing in nightmare mode; new set items are available from blacksmiths and jewelers in the nightmare world)
  • Added 'Nightmare Daily' (another hard daily that continues through nightmare mode)
  • Controls - players can now activate skills while performing movement-based attacks (whirlwind, unyielding charge, stampede)
  • Musket - reworked knockback: proc chance increased from 15/30/45 to 25/35/45; bonus damage improved from (always 0/10/20) to (only-on-proc 40/70/100); procs now stun for a longer duration and do not push the target away; proc percentage now continually builds while not attacking allowing the player to guarantee a stun after charging an attack
  • Grenades - reworked to a single grenade per attack to reduce visual spam
  • Meteor - added mini-stun on impact
  • Hook - increased damage amplification duration from 1.5 to 3 seconds
  • Fan of Knives - tightened knife arc
  • Crossbow - improved Marksman bonus damage from 0/10/20 to 0/15/30
  • Turret - reduced damage by 33%
  • Spirit Walk - weakened cooldown scaling from 6/4.5/3 to 6/5/4
  • Updated overworld map hover text to provide additional information
  • Updated most character and biome art
  • Players can now path through "ghost" enemies (soul collectors, some bosses)
  • Fixed several minor bugs
  • Live twitch streams now appear on the main menu
Flamebreak - Lam
  • Dagger - increased attack damage multiplier from 1.0 to 1.2; decreased attack speed multiplier from 1.2 to 1.1; improved backstab damage bonus from 40/80/120% to 50/100/150%
  • Spear - increased attack damage multiplier from 1.0 to 1.3; decreased attack speed multiplier from 1.0 to 0.8; improved throw charge time from 2/1.5/1.0 to 2/1.4/0.8
  • Melee attack range is no longer reduced for smaller-than-human characters (Faerie, Halfling, Dwarf)
  • Reduced the price of the Arrowfell Shield, Silkfang Spinneret, Apparition Stone, and Feather of Sepicles from 75 to 60
  • Increased the root duration for Silkfang Spinneret from 3 to 4 seconds
  • Vacuum Grenade - improved area of effect from 150/190/230 to 170/200/230
  • Dust of Appearance overworld map icon now glows when the player is within range of a bazaar or spyglassed treasure mountain to suggest usage
  • Bonus Content - new overpowered race "Mysterious Challenger" spoofing Hearthstone's card of the same name
  • Fixed a bug affecting Windows 10 users with DPI scaling
Jan 19, 2016
Flamebreak - Lam
  • Improved 'Custom Mode' to allow players to gain spirit and complete achievements
  • Added 'Story' to the main menu allowing players to rewatch unlocked cutscenes
  • Increased the visibility of warning shadows in meteor shower hazards
  • Improved loadout variety in normal (pick-3) mode
  • Fixed a few visual, performance, controller, and crash bugs
Jan 4, 2016
Flamebreak - Lam
Gameplay Adjustments
  • Reordered god plane unlock order to better reflect perceived difficulty (Necrus/Sepicles/Halarin/Furere/Proctus -> Sepicles/Furere/Halarin/Necrus/Proctus)
  • Feather of Sepicles now only effects enemies (not the player and allies)
  • Followers now path correctly even when very close to the player
  • Players now have the option to retry with the current hero configuration upon death
Visual Adjustments
  • Shadowform Wrappings now tints squires, turrets, and ethereal projections for visual clarity
  • Miniboss icons on the overworld map no longer render a hazard triangle underneath
  • Enemy cast animations no longer erroneously play after movement-dependent skill invocations have been interrupted by root effects
  • Players now see a brief overview of stats from the current run upon death
Bug Fixes
  • Various minor bug fixes
Flamebreak - Lam
Full Controller Support
  • Full support for XBox, Playstation, Steam, and most other controllers
  • Fully configurable and rebindable under Menu -> Controls
New Weapons
  • Spear - Medium range melee weapon. When not in use, charges for a thrown attack. Thrown spears root and amplify damage.
  • Shield - Captain America style thrown ranged/defensive weapon. When held, blocks attacks to build lightning charges.
  • Cluster Grenades - Long range area of effect weapon.
New Race
  • Zombie - Convert enemies to allies and chew your way through even the most powerful foes. The bite is mightier than the sword.
New Item Type - Activated
  • Apparition Stone - Instantly teleport to a target location.
  • Arrowfell Shield - A wave of energy pulses outward destroying nearby projectiles.
  • Feather of Sepicles - Winds sweep every creature, including you, in a target direction.
  • Severed Hand of the Lich - Resets the cooldown of your last activated skill.
  • Silkfang Spinneret - Fire a bundle of silk that roots enemies in place.
Daily Challenge Improvements
  • You can now view results from past dailies alongside current leaderboards
  • Added a hard mode daily
Keyboard Only Control Mode
  • Press J to activate keyboard-only mode, perfect for laptops, traveling, etc
Skill Changes
  • Follower health is now based on hits and no longer scales with skill mastery.
  • Physical skills now scale half as effectively with skill mastery (still scale fully with attack damage), ex: as your skill mastery increases from 100% to 200%, Whirlwind previously dealt 2.0x damage, now deals 1.5x damage.
  • Damage Amplification no longer scales with skill mastery (previously scaled very slowly).
  • Stun Durations no longer scale with skill mastery (previously scaled very slowly).
  • Cyclone - damage -10%
  • Displacement Bolt - added extremely brief invulnerability after activation
  • Ethereal Projection - ~10% less initial damage; max upgrade damage unchanged; 10% faster projectile speed
  • Flame Wave - damage +5%
  • Hook - initial damage reduced by 50%; damage amp from 20/40/60 to 25/50/75; damage amp duration after hook ends from 2 to 1.5
  • Rocket - damage +5%
  • Shadow Strike - damage from 120/210/300% to 140/245/350%
  • Shockwave - damage amp from 20/40/60 to 25/50/75
  • Skeleton Mines - tooltip now shows "total damage" instead of forcing you to calculate
  • Spirit Walk - max upgrade damage increased by 20% (initial damage unchanged)
  • Telekinesis - now deals damage upon initial grip in addition to collisions
  • Turret - damage increased by 33%; no longer pierces; health no longer scales with skill mastery
  • Unyielding Charge - cooldown no longer changes with skill level
  • Vacuum Grenade - increased throw speed, area of effect, and damage
  • Whirlwind - damage from 70/123/175% to 80/140/200%
  • Elf Strangling Vines - area of effect now increases with skill level; damage amp from 20/40/60 to 25/50/75
  • Halfling Sneak Attack - bonus damage from 70/123/175% to 80/140/200%
  • Human Squire - corpses can no longer be consumed by flesheaters or raised by necromancers; health no longer scales with skill mastery
  • Orc Blood Ritual - health cost reduced from 30/20/10 to 15/15/15
Item Changes
  • Sales - items now have a 1/6 chance to spawn "on sale" at ~35% reduced price
  • Town stat item gold cost increased from 75 to 90
  • Town overworld item gold cost increased from 30 to 35
  • Blacksmith/Jeweler set component item gold cost reduced from 100 to 80; stats and completion effects reworked for all sets
  • Activated items now appear in the town and bazaar item pools
  • Special overworld items now appear in the town item pool
  • Normal fights no longer drop overworld items
  • Dusting towns now reveals only an additional overworld item choice (not an additional stat item choice)
Weapon Changes
  • Crossbow - damage multiplier increased from 0.9 to 1.0
  • Dagger - movement speed bonus now increases with skill upgrades (10/15/20)
  • Flaming Staff - fixed a bug that resulted in damage calculations above the stated values
  • Musket - damage now increases with skill upgrades (0/10/20)
  • Stone Sword - damage increase with skill upgrade reduced from (0/25/50) to (0/15/30)
God Changes
  • Furere (Boss) - increased health
  • Proctus (Boss) - protector respawn is now indicated by a visible timer; protectors now respawn with less health each time a protector is killed
  • Sepicles (Boss) - increased health
  • Halarin (Enemy Buff) - regeneration rate in god plane and temple fights now decreases by 10% every 10 seconds
  • Halarin (Player Buff) - now provides stacking attack damage and skill mastery for each battle the player ends at full health
  • Necrus (Player Buff) - now summons 1/2/3 followers depending on favor
  • Proctus (Player Buff) - tooltip updated to reflect the fact that followers benefit too
  • Sepicles (Player Buff) - tooltip updated to reflect the fact that followers benefit too
Fixes & Misc
  • Custom Mode now allows difficulty selection
  • While the player is under the protection of proctus getting hit sometimes did not trigger temporary invulnerability
  • Summoner/Necromancer spawned Whirler attacks would sometimes not trigger temporary invulnerability
  • Temple hover and god favor text updated to make it more clear that only your highest-favor god will grant a blessing
  • Improved control rebinding UI
  • Alchemist's Amulet now correctly grants bonus gold for minigame clears
  • Hovered items now glow in shops
  • New death cinematic images for the phoenix and god fights
  • Treasure Defense - small goblins are no longer targeted by lightning bolts from furere's blessing
  • Hazard hover now informs the player that there is a guaranteed overworld item drop
  • Minibosses now take damage from hazards
  • Tutorial now informs new players that you can swap skill hotkey ordering in the pause menu
  • Fixed visual bug: timer shows :60 instead of 1:00 in bottom right
  • Fixed area of effect indicator on furere lightning (previously too small)
  • Fixed area of effect indicator on grenades and firespark explosions (previously too small)
  • Fixed a bug that could occasionally prevent the player from activating multiple skills simultaneously while attacking
  • Lots of minor bug fixes and adjustments based on player feedback

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