Jun 23, 2018
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Update 1.0.6.A

As always, this patch will be delivered in two parts.

Skill Tree
The skill tree has been consolidated to one large skill forest again. Full pathing between different classes is now available, however some skill passives don't function properly (namely those relating to critical strikes). Unallocating skills from the skill tree have been disabled, however a skill tree reset button has been made available. Skill tree point acquisition is disabled, but for alpha testing purposes players may freely take skills throughout the passive tree. Testing of the pathing and node dependence is at the core of this round of testing. Thank you for your participation. If you find bugs, please report them in the bug reporting forum.

  • Added Weapon Slot Unlocks from the skill tree. Selecting an unlock slot from the tree will allow your character to equip weapons in that equipment slot. Each character starts with one equipment slot unlocked except the Operative who gets two. Players can select nodes either from the start of the skill tree or from the starting weapon slot. Skills which are provided by the equipped weapons can be found in the skill tree nodes surrounding the weapon.

  • Added additional passive abilities to major passive nodes, and added several passive abilities.

Random Towns
  • Added a new system which is multiplayer friendly in which towns are generated randomly. This is one of the core tests of this alpha test. On Pulverem, please find an area that loads a random area and provide feedback on the forum. These areas are being spawned without enemies for this test so that players can test loading times and navigation.

  • Added a new Skill: Orders Menu. Using this skill brings up a contextual menu of selected units and their available orders. While a majority of these skills are available from the skill tree as individually assignable skills, they are all available regardless of skill unlock so that players can orders units about from the start of the Commander class, while more advanced hotkeying will require a larger skill point investment.

  • Added Summon Grunt to the skill tree. This grunt is summoned to the Command Transport for now, and is not available for use at this time aboard the Assault Carrier capital ship, and only useful during away missions.

  • Added the final weapon slot: Thigh Pistol and added it to as the Commander's starting weapon. Currently there are several bugs, including a poorly performing animation blend causing the aim in third person to point lower than desired. (This will be fixed in 1.0.6.b)

  • Added several skills to the Commander section of the skill tree regarding unit selection and orders.

  • Moved grenade skills from Soldier to the Engineer part of the skill tree.
  • Reduced the Credit cost of Frag Reign
  • Temporarily disconnected the 100mm turret from the Engineer's tree while several adjacent skills are added ((This will be fixed and completed in 1.0.6.b)

  • Added critical strike nodes to the passive tree. Currently they have no affect, but serve as a placeholder while planning the skill tree.
  • Added Kunai, Caltrops and Shuiken skills to the Operative section of the skill tree, however they don't function yet.

Weapon Crafting
  • Added a weapon forge to the assault carrier. Currently this is the only place you can manually modify your weapons. Weapon modifications can be unlocked via the Skill Tree.
  • Added Underbarrel Grenade Launchers to all firearms. Currently they do not provide skills to the associated weapons, however this will be added shortly.

Points of Interest
Added a Points of Interest system which will display a white icon around critical systems such as the weapon forge or the ships helm.

Death & Dying
  • Added an arcade mode (default), where reviving is free of charge.
  • Completely overhauled the death and dying mechanic. In preparation for the Medic subclass (to be found in the blank area beyond the commander skill area), when players die, a corpse is created where they died, providing an overview of the area which they can wait for another player to revive them (coming soon). The death menu now provides a list of areas which are available to them. Selecting a respawn point gives the player a view of the area and the option to respawn.

Menu System & Top Bar
In order to consolidate a very cluttered menu system, a Top Bar has been added to the player HUD. Icons are displayed across the top left of the screen providing alerts through a small blinking indicator if something in that bar requires attention (unit summoned, new loot, etc). A majority of the menu systems have been either integrated to or transitioned to this new system.

Map Loading
  • Implemented a new system for loading maps: using the ships helm (press F by default) will switch you to a view of the local planet with a menu attached to the planet allowing you to travel there upon clicking on it. Using the mouse wheel will zoom you out to view the entire solar system and you'll later be able to select different points of interest (planets, stations etc.).
  • Added a landing cinematic to Pulverem.

  • Added a key rebinding system available from the Top Bar
  • Transitioned account variables (sound volume, graphics settings, etc) from the player save to a system save.
  • Completely reworked the main menu system. Players now view the main menu as the capital ship orbiting the last visited planet. All 4 character slots are immediately playable and viewable. Each save slot starts in a different area of the ship:
  • Commander starts on the bridge and can quickly access the helm
  • Soldier & Operative start in the armory and can quickly access the weapon forge
  • Engineer starts in the Engine room which serves no purpose other than keeping the ship with power for now.

Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug where Front Kick would kill the player.
  • Significantly improved frame rates on the Capital Ship and around the Command Transport.

Known issues
  • Tutorials have been disabled until the new Top Bar is complete
  • Character information on selecting a new character (show's "Class name" as a place holder) is incomplete and won't be finalized until 1.0.6.b
1.0.6b: Roadmap
  • Compelete the 100mm Turret for the engineer and associated skills.
  • Integrate a new multiplayer cooperative menu
Advanced Gaming Platform::Epica - AGP Studios
1.0.5 Patch Notes
Upgraded to Unreal 4.17.

  • Linux Distribution and initial Linux testing.
  • Starting Classes: Players will have access to three starting classes: Soldier (existing skill tree) and Operator (Sword & Pistol) and Engineer (100mm Turret). Commander did not make the cut for 1.0.5, and will be deployed in 1.0.6.

  • Tutorial: Basic movement, world & UI interaction. Players are given a brief tutorial on the skills provided to them with the starting classes. Players can restart the tutorial by accesing the Artyaphim.

  • New Ship: Assault Carrier will now act as the starting area. While the layout is complete, some of the envisioned functionality is not. The bridge currently functions as mission hub, the computers in the docking area are currently only used to open and close the hanger doors. Later trading will be available here. The bar is intended as a hub for NPC interaction, but is currently unpopulated.

  • Basic Income (BI)- Players will slowly acquire BI at a rate relative to their class up to a cap. Upon reaching the cap, the player is overmax and will no longer receive BI. Upon dropping below the cap, players will return to receiving BI. This will replace the early use of credit rewards in chests (if you remember that) and additional credits can be achieved by completing quests or later trading. BI Rates: Operative (0), Soldier (5000) which is equal a few weapon reloads, Engineer (50,000) which is the price of a turret summon (unbalanced)

  • Front page has title music. This is togglable for now through a button at the top of the screen. An update to the save file system is needed to address character independant settings (graphics, sound, keybindings, etc.) Following this, additional music will be added.

  • Third weapon slot unlocked! Off hand pistol is now available for testing. This is the default weapon for the Operative class, however can be added to any class now.

  • Added the first melee weapon: Ninjato. This weapon is automatically equipped whenever an offhand pistol is equipped. Future patches will see weapons distributed in the loot tables and available for purchase.

  • Added the 100mm auto cannon. This summons a cannon infront of you which automatically attacks targets around you. Beware! When this weapon fires it will apply a crowd control effect to anything near it, so stand back.

  • Added a rough operative skill tree. Players can employ melee attacks using the blade, while similtaneously shooting the offhand pistol. Pathing and requirements to come in a later patch (currently you can execute these skills without any weapons. LOL)

  • Removing weapon holsters by default, while using ultra high graphics settings will still allow players to see all the equipped weapons on their character. Currently attached weapons (4) are a lot to handle for many computers. An advanced graphics setting might be added in future if I hear any requests for it, however for now it's just turned off.

  • Продолжение поддержки России

Testing priorities
  • Difficulty gradient. Pendrith offers a higher level of difficulty with ranged units coming into play. Before I add the quest area in the second half of the deployment of 1.0.5, I'm looking for feedback on the difficulty in the first area. Following the current deployment I'll be detailing the area with spawns, quest areas and environment from the starting area on the planet to the Black Market Bazaar. Sorry that that area is currently completely barren. A previous version of the map was discared for unresovable lag issues, so I'm starting over.

  • Capital ship design & function. The new capital ship is a complete redesign from the previous one. Player bunks, where the players pawns, are now directly next to the bridge. Separate areas for engineering, trading and NPC interaction have been made, but all within a relatively small distance comparative to the Frigate, which I felt was too long and repetiative, as it was originally designed as procedural, modular ship. The Assault Carrier is statically designed with player engagement as the core consideration.
Bug Fix Priorities
  • Community generated feedback and bug reports
  • Multiplayer replication issues
  • Sound errors
  • Quest & Tutorial errors or confusion
  • UI Errors

Advanced Gaming Platform::Epica - AGP Studios
  • Changed the way players eqiup weapons. Clicking on the weapon slot in the weapon panel now displays a list of available weapons in full detail. Clicking on a weapon will equip it and close the menu. The menu can also be closed by either hitting escape, or on the close button on the window itself.
  • Fixed a bug where scoped weapon skill icons were not displaying on the equipped weapon

With regards to the starting of the game for new players, 1.0.5 will give them option to pick one of 4 starting classs which has a completed base skill tree (Soldier, Commander, Operator or Engineer) and assigned skills and items. I feel this is a good mechanic to quickly get players familiar with the different skills and equipment available to them, as well as providing 4 extra character slots to play with. I'm also planning on changing the starting area and advancing the time story of the game and have new players spawn on the stolen frigate. This change will also provide a better and safer tutorial area, and easier access to multiplayer functionality for those looking to join their friends, or use the ship to move to another planet. I'm very happy with the new quest system and I'll be using it to provide a more complete tutorial which will also provide new players with some credits and additional items. Congratulations to those who aided in the capture of the Frigate, you are the stuff of legend.

Version 1.0.5 will focus on the commander class, as many of its functions are tied to the multiplayer element of the game and can be utilized from a more advanced position in the game. Players starting with the Commander class will start with access to the Matamata Mobile Command Ship, the ability to summon a squad and relay stratgies to other players. Several elements from the Operator class are also affected by the skills in the Command skill tree, so similarly to how the Command tree is now, I'll be making some of the Operator tree available for testing. I'll also be moving the default starting position of the ship to Pendrith, and rework the entry onto that planet to fit the current timeline of the plot. A systems test for the planet to planet travel will be available for those wishing to revistit Pulverem.

Several people have reported a crash involving loading the Pulverem game. The problem has been traced to the volume of loading which is occuring from the large tileset which feels barren and I have less desire to explore it. As such, I'm looking to transition back to a more detailed static open world, and use a smaller tileset for random dungeon like spaces available from a static open world which will unlock a shortcut on the map upon completion, for quick replaying of the mission area. This will also allow for a more linear difficulty scaling, which I've been holding back on. Currently enemies are either Spiderants or Raiders equipped with a machete. These were only ever intended as a starting level difficulty level. Starting from the capital ship gives a softer entry still, but allows for the progression in difficulty to now scale upward. If you were able to defeat the Scarcrow Sentinel during this patch, you can preview the first mech which I'm working on adding to the game. Along side this in an open world I can also implement the firearm variants giving a larger specturm of combat introduced in a progressive way and get into more challenging situations.

Previous tests have indicated that Pendrith is very dark. This is done intentionally as I'll be using the Engineer class to develop several "Light as a Resource" mechanics in addition to the offensive mechanics of the class. Similar to the preview of the Command & Operator classes, I'll make these skills avaialble for early testing as soon as possible.

Due to the failure of the large open world random tile test I see little point in rolling out this build on Linux, and have delayed the release until 1.0.5. I feel the time it will take to cross-compile the current build of the game are better spent developing content instead. I am but one and I hope you understand.

Jun 22, 2017
Advanced Gaming Platform::Epica - AGP Studios
1.0.4 is now live. Thank you to everyone for your feedback in 1.0.3, several core features of the game have been completely rewritten based on the feedback from the community. Testing of this patch focuses on the first boss fight against the Scarcrow Sentry guarding a Restricted Area which contains several upcoming content previews as well as a direct route to the Frigate, which is where the rest of the story will progress from.

You might find the restricted area barren. The tarmack of the level is divided into 16 smaller level sections which are capable of loading random building sized tiles which have yet to be completed. If you'd like to see an example of this, I've loaded a random tile from the Underground Storage Facility into the basement of complex, which is capable of housing any random tile of this size.

My apologies on the poor landing job of the Matamata on the Frigate as I never intended for the small ports to be used for such a large ship, but instead smaller ships that haven't been released. I'll be either adding a third cargo bay to the Frigate or adding a Carrier class ship in 1.0.5 to correct this.

Finally, thank you again for your support and patience. I've deeply enjoyed making this game so far and look forward to the upcoming development.

  • Upgraded to Unreal 4.16

  • New Random Open World Generation. Currently the world of Pulverm is 3.5km x 3.5km, however there is no distant LOD's on unloaded tiles, so you will see a fourth wall here. The current interation of Pulverem combines large single player only, multiplayer compabile and smaller building sized random tiles. Future development will continue to follow this by adding additional tiles to the tileset for maximum efficency in creation and replayability by the players.

  • New quest system! The new quest system provides concise information on available quests as well available rewards. The Loot Broker collection point has temporarily been disabled and players will receive rewards after completing each objective in both credits and weapons. System test side quests also appear to load, however they are still in development. (ETA: 1.0.5). In order for the Matamata to attain orbit, you must close the doors to prevent being exposed to hard vacuum....

  • New Skill Tree. Skills are now broken down into four base classes (Solider, Engineer, Command and Operator) with two specialization subclasses each, which will be deployed as they're developed (1.0.5, 1.0.6 and 1.0.7), as well as the specialization subclasses. The soldier tree is mostly complete, while Commander and Operator skill trees have only basic skills. Several skills are currently not available as they're being ported into their new classes or subclasses. All of the skills on existing characters should continue to work normally and will be rebranded for skill bar assignment in upcoming patches.

  • New Prototype Feature: Weapon crafting. Players now have access to weapon crafting in the Armory on the Frigate. Select a component while standing at the crafting station to see the available components. Changing weapon modifications currently changes the skills which are available on the weapon. In upcoming updates, the effects of weapon mods will be expanded.

  • New Command Skill - Teleport. Allows players to teleport to the currently selected unit

  • Rewrote the Inventory system. Players now have 100 inventory slots (up from 15). Mousing over an item will give you information on its stats. Selecting the currently displayed weapon on the Weapon Bar will allow you to assign skills directly from the weapon to the current build on the Skill Bar.

  • Multiplayer funcationality is being reprogrammed currently as a "Call for Help" station, which allows players to other invite players to help with specific missions. This feature will feature various levels of functionality during 1.0.4 and should be working completely by 1.0.5.

  • Replaced the multiplayer menu with the communications menu, which will be used for NPC dialogue

  • Matamata Transport ship has been overhauled, and is now a designated as a command vehicle. At 1/3 the size, it causes much less lag.

  • Created a Current Weapon panel in the super menu, which provides detailed information about the weapon system and its components. Assault Skills can now be assigned directly from the weapon system itself from the provided skills on the weapon.

  • Added an Armory to the player Frigate. While at the weapon crafting bench players can modify the barrel attachment, underbarrel attachment, scope and chambering of the currently held weapon system.

  • Passive nodes now increase substantially increase player abilities while their quantity on the skill tree has been reduced. Players who have a legacy character from 1.0.3 or earlier who allocated passives on the skill tree may continue to enjoy their benefit, while adding to the current passive skill tree will further increase these abilities. As the legacy skill tree is no longer available, this applies only to characters who had passive nodes previously. This is a buff. In case there are any issues with the skill tree transfer, allocation of the Soldier Tree is free during 1.0.4, and will be converted to a point allocation system in 1.0.5.

  • Introduced the four main attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence and Cunning. Increasing these attributes will allow players to use higher level skills, weapons and armour in upcoming development.

  • Upon escaping Pulverem, players will now start in deep orbit around Pulverem instead of in a shipyard. Many thanks to the players who provided feedback on this.

  • Added the first boss: Scarcrow Sentry

  • Added major tile: Pulverem - Restricted Area

  • Redesigned the main menu. Players can change between Online and Solo by toggling the online button above the maps, change language between English and Russian on the left side of the screen and enter the capital ship directly from the menu once it has been unlocked in the main quest line. As well, a preview has been added for the Easy and Hard difficulty settings.

  • The secret area has been migrated to the new tileset.

  • Updated the website with a current tutorial.

  • Fixed a bug where Raiders would chase the players hand instead of sneaking up behind the player
  • Optimized player aiming code, which was causing lag
  • Several skills which were not performing have been fixed.
  • Several AI bugs have been fixed, which has increased performance and should prevent AI's from standing around.
Advanced Gaming Platform::Epica - AGP Studios
  • Added Russian user interface support. Current and future audio translation will occur in upcoming patches.
Mar 27, 2017
Advanced Gaming Platform::Epica - AGP Studios
1.0.3.a Hotfix 1:
  • Fixed a bug where Raiders were immune to damage. Thanks Anti Madder.
Mar 25, 2017
Advanced Gaming Platform::Epica - AGP Studios
1.0.3 Alpha
With update 1.0.3 players can acquire a small capital ship which becomes their base of operations, with up-coming updates to further flush out this section of the game. Players also have access now to a one their first one-off mission: Underground Storage where players gather Deuterium fuel for their ship.

  • Upgraded to Unreal 4.15

  • Players now have access to a Frigate Class Capital Ship. After securing your ship in Deep Orbit, this will become the default staging area for players after logging in. Missions, and soon Navigation, can be found on the Bridge.
  • New Ship Station - Ops & Tactical Accessing the Tactical Panel on the ship's bridge will provide you with basic helm control and intel about the planets in the region.
  • New Level - Underground Storage Raid a supply depot for much needed Deuterium fuel for your ship. Completing this mission in conjunction with upcoming missions will allow your ship to travel throughout the solar system
  • Updated Minimap Accessing the super menu on the Ship will give you a bird's eye view of the solar system. While standing in the area of the Tactical Panel, Examine mode can be controlled from the super menu.

Rewrote the code regarding bullets, firing and equipping. This is being prototyped on the basic assault rifle. Please note in the bug reports section of the forum if you have any issues.
  • Bullets now use 500% less memory, are more optimized for close range combat. Prototyping on basic assault rifle only
  • Bullets now travel 30% faster and have slightly increased range before dropping. This is to simulate high end bullet speed in the next release; please report any issues you have.Prototyping on basic assault rifle only
  • Increased the accuracy for rate of fire calculations
  • Adjusted network replication (bullets fired from the basic assault rifle should lag less)

Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug where players were getting overcharged for respawning at locations which cost credits
  • Corrected various AI errors that would occasionally cause stutters. Passive & Ranged AI still requires a rework.
  • Fixed a bug where the player would have to click a second time after using a menu to be able to turn

Outstanding Work for 1.0.3
  • Russian translation
  • Linux distribution
  • Proper level streaming for random level (awaiting Unreal bug fix)
  • Key remapping
  • Trading cards
Advanced Gaming Platform::Epica - AGP Studios
Things have been quiet since the last patch and 1.0.2 update. I’ve been prototyping walk-aboard capital ships for several years now, but now it’s time for that feature to come out and shine.

***Content Spoiler Video ***

Let’s put the breaks on the hype-train before it leaves the station: This isn’t Star Citizen and this isn’t No Man’s Sky.

This is the AGP and as most of you who’ve played have noticed it’s a different type of experience all together. This product is being released early before being feature complete is so that you can play & feel the new features as they’re developed and provide feedback on them in both single player and multiplayer.

One step at a time.

Player HUB
After departing the Shipyard, players will start the game in their captured ship and will be able to more freely explore the solar system. Not all worlds are available to enter right now, but you can fly to them if you want (reminder: 1 man shop). Players who have recently started the game but haven’t yet completed the content on Pulverem will have no restrictions on joining friends who have completed later content. Later updates will expand the inner workings of the ship, encounters in space, etc.

The design of the ship has taken into consideration 6 players, and in 1.0.3 the max player count will be increased accordingly. Most of the computers you see don’t work yet (WIP/future features), however anyone can access the main Tactical Terminal, which will become the center of player activity and mission making in coming updates.

Level Randomziation

The Frigate is currently using a prototype of a random level generator, continuing on development from the building in the Engineering section of the Skill Tree. Another more urban tile set needs to be made for the random levels, as well as a world tileset for each of the eventually-visitable planets (Pulverem, Pendrith, Attria Prime and Ulterius). From the bridge of the ship and while in orbit around these planets, players can either visit a planet hub and surrounding area (Current starting area on Pulverem, Black Market Bazaar on Pendrith, for example) or generate a large random area to explore and do missions in. The shipyard is also utilizing the random level generator, however is only using a single tile (50mx50m) which has a light and a rack of canisters to demonstrate functionality.

That’s all for now.
Jan 11, 2017
Advanced Gaming Platform::Epica - AGP Studios
  • Joining a fireteam in the multiplayer menu will now do the following:

    • Display the player name, location and distance from you
    • When quest rewards are being granted, other members of your party will also receive credits. This is intended as an increase to reward quantity for playing together.

  • Respawn system has been reworked ahead of schedule. Bloodbursting now happens immediately (and more graphically!) and the menu gives a variety of options which are either captured (free) or locally available (not free). This should fix the immortal-yet-useless bug.
  • Respawn menu has a 10 second countdown. If you experience issues and are unable to respawn, you will respawn automatically at the start of the map after 10 seconds. This is also precursory to Medic Skills which are not yet implemented.
  • Fast travel system can be accessed by clicking any of the nodes on the map, and then their location button to activate the travel system. To be able to fast travel to a hostile location, other players already need to be in that area.

  • Raiders now spawn with randomized Deflection Rating and Lethality. As such, some Raiders are now harder to kill...
  • Crosshairs now only appear during the key down of the Aim Skil, while the key up removes it.
  • Overflow respawn cost has now been set to 5,000,000 credits

Bug Fixes
  • Clients should no longer steal reticles from hosts
  • Drifters no longer appear as Raiders through the info tooltip
  • Drifters now have a significant buff to Deflection Rating
  • Raider weapons are now destroyed upon death
  • NPC lethality and deflection ratings are now generated randomly
  • Fixed a variety of other replication errors, however many persist please note them in the Bug Reports forum.

Priority has been given to the respawn overhaul, putting lobby making from the main menu, which isn't a priority. Main Menu has been changed so "host" is now at the top, and downgraded the Prototype dragons. Issues primarly allow players to use skills they've not unlocked, but 1.0.3 will see some changes to the skill tree anyway.

I'll release hotfixes and will be focusing on multiplayer/replication bugs, as there seems to be no other fires burning.

Otherwise, I'm looking forward to 1.0.3 and getting some more content in.

Jan 4, 2017
Advanced Gaming Platform::Epica - AGP Studios
  • Added a main menu for creating multiplayer sessions [beware: prototype dragons] and providing players with a basic overview of core game mechanics
  • Steam -> Right Click -> Join game now works (2 player max for now), browse games through the in game super menu is also working.
  • Added tracer fire to bullets
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug clients couldn't shoot due to replication
  • Fixed several spawn points which were under performing
  • Fixed a bug where the weapon inventory would fill beyond capacity
  • Players no longer start holding invisible weapons
  • HOTFIX 1- Fixed a bug where shotguns stopped working
  • HOTFIX 2- Fixed a bug where the Host button on the main menu wasn't working

Known Issues
A bug has presented itself where players die and cannot shoot or use skills, but are invincible. (Thanks Stoffel and Mister Maow)

This has to do with the way that AGP handles dying and will be addressed in 1.0.3, as it requires a good amount of rework. In the mean time, try tapping "alt" to if you've been alt-tabbed, otherwise please reload the game.

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