Stellar Overload - CD_Duolc
Discover new items: the flashlight and the bags!

Stellar Overload - CD_Duolc
Discover the agriculture's first proof of concept!
Stellar Overload - Cubical Drift
We have fixed several bugs from your feedbacks. This new version is now available for download on Steam.

Find all the details in the release note here.
Stellar Overload - Domino_cd

A new version of Stellar Overload has been released!

The 3 new main features are:
Next chapter of the story: a part of planet Istara journey (new dungeons, new boss ...)
Craft upgrade, with new material, new recipes, and the possibility to craft basics items without any station
Player progression mechanisms upgrade, in story mode, that demands more crafting to players

Other new features:
Steam dedicated server
New items like craft station, chests ...
◾ Levels suppression: now, a block is either breakable or unbreakable
◾ Add in Codex: recipes, craft station, resources and other items linked to craft

You can find the full patch note here.

As always, do not hesitate to give us all your feedbacks!

PS: you will see that some translations are missing (German and Portuguese). Indeed we didn't have the time to send the files to our partner for this release. We will update them as soon as possible. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Stellar Overload - Domino_cd
In this last episode, cross the musical universe of Stellar Overload: discover the colors, the interaction with the planets and the close relationship with the player.

Directed by Valentin Ducloux
Stellar Overload - Domino_cd
From the brainstorming to the boss being in-game, follow the path through the various development trades necessary to create a boss.

Directed by Valentin Ducloux
Stellar Overload - Domino_cd
The team introduces all the tools you can use in Stellar Overload: see all the possibilities of creation of enigmas and dungeons from complex or simple blocks.

Directed by Valentin Ducloux
Sep 8, 2017
Stellar Overload - Domino_cd
A while ago, we showed you the art concepts of the new crafting stations.

Here they are in-game!
Stellar Overload - Domino_cd
After exploring the Stellar Overload Genesis, you'll discover the creation process of a planet: from the flat cube to the planet's geology, fauna and flora.

Directed by Valentin Ducloux.
Sep 6, 2017
Stellar Overload - Domino_cd
We are happy to announce the big winners of the escape room construction contest.

Here they are : Nico, CJ & PMS and Eyefighter.

And finally the developers' choice also goes to Nico: he wins the first choice and the developers' prize, his construction will be integrated in-game!

Congratulations everyone!!

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