MachineCraft - G2CREW
"Process to prevent gun barrels from hanging down by their own weight" has been deleted.(Sample:_PARTS_Tracker)
Fixed a bug that the rotation of Tracker in the same direction as turning of the machine became dull.
Problem that the machine data in workshop can not be updated was fixed.
MachineCraft - G2CREW
MachineCraft - G2CREW
Fixed a bug that made it impossible to edit when Tracker is placed.
MachineCraft - G2CREW
Even when zooming with the Scope attached to a long barrel, the barrel does not face downwards by its own weight.
The machine copy function in Practice has become easy to use.(Copy by F10 key)
VSync switching during driving is done by the switch in the VIDEO panel.
The rapid rotation that occurs at the time of breaking the tire was fixed.
Some other bugs were fixed.
MachineCraft - G2CREW
You can place your machine as a statue in Practice.(SystemMenu-Copy,Delete)
When BUILD-SystemMenu-MISC-ScopeOrientation is set to ON, the Mover turns based on the active Scope.
You can adjust the specular rate by the alpha channel of the texture of Stamp(projection mode). *255:default,0:matt
Item of 'Disable collision of machines' was added to the room settings.
Item of 'Disable tracking for thrusts' was added to the room settings.
When a body have large number of sibling, not only HP of itself but also HP of descendant body will decrease.
Your machine will not respawn to the last gate if falling into the sea during Race.(Modifier+F8:respawn)
Recoil of Cannon(normal bullet) was removed.
The rapid rotation that occurred at the moment of releasing the FREE action of the joint was solved.
Some other bugs was fixed.
Jul 15, 2017
MachineCraft - G2CREW
I uploaded Ver.0.248 as the latest version, but it was not applied.
Deleted Ver.0.247b will be downloaded even if reinstalling.
To change the version manually please download it from "".
MachineCraft - G2CREW
I mistakenly changed Ver.0.247a to the test version.
I apologize about that.

Fixed error recovery processing for collision determination.
Flight(vertical and horizontal turn) mode added to Mover.(sample:_PARTS_Mover2)
If Thrusters and weapons are included in the controlled target, the power of Tracker will be lowered.
For machines turning with Mover, the power of Tracker is less likely to degrade.
Cannons & Beamers buried in Box or Capsule of another body will not work.
The distance setting range of the external camera has been expanded.
MachineCraft - G2CREW
The period of early access has been extended by six months.
There are changes in system requirements as well.
Thank you for your understanding.
MachineCraft - G2CREW
Adjusted so that the power of Tracker decreases only when trying to rotate the entire machine.
You can now lock-on even if the dummy part of the target machine is buried deep underground.
"prohibit using SearchEnemy" in room setting has been changed to "prohibit using script".
Sled and Wheel became hard to penetrate the floor and the wall. *Only when BUILD-SystemMenu-PATCH-AntiPenetration is ON.
Fixed to ignore dummy Box with Stamp when determining whether transparent weapon is buried.
MachineCraft - G2CREW
You can set the magnification ratio of the machine.(BUILD-SystemMenu-MISC-Magnification)
You can set the movable area radius in the room setting.(HOST-P2-AreaRadius)
You can limit view distance in room setting.(HOST-P2-ViewDistanceLimit)
You can play sound even in the background.(OPTION-Sound-KeepPlaying)
The problem that the tire rotating at high speed looks stopped was mitigated.
Power of Tracker mounted on a large body may be lowered.
Upper limit of the machine size was changed from 1km to 2km in diameter.

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