We've just released a new patch with some bug fixes and one small quality of life improvement that came with the Nintendo Switch port - you can now increase the HUD marker size.

Here's the complete list of changes:


  • Added an option to adjust the HUD marker size


  • Fixed time speedup bug that occured when having Time Extender activated and either destroying Okkar frigate turrets or Outlaw Snipers or scrapping a Shock Rifle Pro that is floating in space
  • Make sure Okkar Corvettes don't flee outside of level area
  • Fixed a handful of hardcore mode handicaps carrying over from sector 6 to sector 7
  • Fixed that disabling TrackIR without changing anything else in the game options would break freelook until restarting the game
  • Fixed nano injectors not working while emergency shield is active
  • Fixed black holes not being framerate independent
  • Fixed enemy sentinel sometimes still firing discharger while dying/already dead
  • Fixed that a new run couldn't be started in the hangar, if the player was on the codex tab
  • Fixed that rotating the ship in the color selection screen with gamepad would also change the color selection
  • Fixed that the health of the player's drones could go above 100%, and that they sometimes weren't spawning again when loading a savegame
  • Fixed being able to use drones while "no consumables" hardcore mode handicap was active
  • Fixed deadlock when a progress bar success type message was removed from viewport while equipment selection wheel was opened
  • Fixed localization issues of some ship wreck logbooks
  • Don't offer additional primary weapon slot at tuning stations when having ancient weapon glyph equipped
  • TrackIR: fixed that the crosshair was positioned and clamped incorrectly on ultra-wide resolutions
  • VR: fixed rendering artifacts on the cockpit in some orbits
We've just released a new patch with some smaller tweaks and a number of bugfixes. We've also added a special "retro graphics" graphics mode that you can unlock as a reward for finishing a hardcore mode run! Have fun!

Please note that there's a delay for the Linux version, we'll hopefully be able to release the patch on Linux later this year.

Edit: (22 Nov) We've just added a hotfix to the patch, fixing a few issues that were reported shortly after release. Please see the changes below.

Patch 1.3.3

New Features
  • Added special "retro graphics" option that is unlocked after finishing a hardcore mode run

  • Encounters: Nerfed Engine Booster MK2 and MK3 efficiency
  • Increased camera range in action freeze
  • VR / TrackIR: Unified Crosshair behavior in gamepad and keyboard mode. "Centered Crosshair" option works again in all cases.

  • Fixed Splitter glyph additional projectiles not homing in on targets anymore
  • Fixed blueprint drop probability for higher tiers being too low if no more tier one blueprints are available
  • Potential fix for Okkar Corvettes and Outlaw Drone Carriers occasionally bouncing away when destroyed
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to accidentally overwrite normal mode perks with hardcore mode perks
  • Fixed Grey Goo damaging player from greater distance if player has a tractor beam installed
  • Fixed hardcore mode "Anti Consumerism" handicap carrying over from sector 6 to sector 7
  • Fixed that the "Unarmed" challenge could be exploited by using Headstart enhancement
  • Fixed that the gamepad icons for aiming weren't displayed in the tutorial
  • Fixed using cloak while in cockpit view hiding clouds, plasma fields and holograms.
  • Fixed destroying an Ancient Splitter or Ancient Warden not counting as a player kill
  • Fixed destroying objects like flood lights counting as kill for Berserker glyph,
  • Fixed Colonial Station turrets occasionally being able to shoot through walls
  • Fixed Beeline subroutine also affecting NPCs targeting NPCs
  • Removed obsolete and non-working "Select Control Scheme" which somehow was there and is only relevant for consoles, as controls can be freely configured on PC/Mac/Linux
  • VR: Fixed that the "Back to Hangar" button on the Game Over Screen could not be clicked


  • Fixed Korean language font being broken
  • VR: Fixed rendering issues on some AMD graphics cards that got introduced with the last Unreal Engine update
  • Fixed navigation with WASD or custom keys being broken in some screens
  • Fixed German umlauts sometimes not being uppercase even though they were supposed to
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Well, it turns out that along with one of the the fixes of the latest patch (1.3.1) we created a much more serious bug (game hangs when dying during a jump with not enough fuel) which is why we've been forced to quickly patch the patch...

While we were at it we also managed to squeeze in a few more other fixes:

  • Fixed game hanging when dying during a jump with not enough fuel
  • Fixed a possible crash in release version when random secondary weapon slot is cleared due to selected hardcore mode handicap
  • Fixed checkbox click sound and factory repair sound not being affected by sfx volume
  • Fixed that when starting a new hardcore mode run before ever starting a normal run, quit to the main menu and then started the first normal run the hardcore run save was overwritten with incorrect data
We've just released a small patch for PC (Win) and Mac adding missing installation prerequisites for Windows and fixing a few smaller bugs.

Here's the complete list of changes:

  • Controller sensitivity is now also applied when input smoothing is switched off
  • Improved target locking and auto-aiming behavior

  • Windows: Fixed missing installation prerequisites
  • Fixed being able to navigate to and select next/previous ship buttons with controller in perk screen
  • Fixed a very rare bug where jump suppressors could be spawned inside level geometry
  • Fixed weird bug while dying right before jump gate jump was triggered
  • Fixed "Denied" sound being played when using Drone Disassembler on G&B Mining Drones
  • Good chance to have fixed rare Time Extender "speed-up" glitch
  • Fixed that you couldn't use free-look when not using headtracking
  • Encounters: Fixed bug in Tareen mission where items would get lost when transferring amounts of zero
  • Encounters: Fixed that one of Karlie's missions could still be triggered even if she jumped away due to G&B being hostile
We've just released another update fixing a few issues and adding two quality of life improvements - A gamma correction slider and an option to hide the Everspace logo in our Action Freeze photo mode.

Here's the complete list of changes:

New features
  • Added the possibility to toggle the visibility of the game logo in Action Freeze mode
  • Added a gamma correction option

  • Fixed player wreck retrieval not working at all
  • Fixed "G&B Container" and "G&B Tech Container" not being localized
  • Fixed clipping of localized "no target" text in cockpit
  • Fixed Gunship turret shooting at targets after cutscenes although not being activated
  • Fixed time still being slowed down if opening compare menu while shock rifle pro is charging and swapping shock rifle twice
  • Possible corrupted save game fix: Only write real save game if backup savegame could be written and loaded
  • Use a different sound for Colonial Warship laser turrets to possible fix sound issues on a few systems
  • Additional save game corruption measures: Write a second player save file as backup when player dies
  • Encounters: Fix scanning task markers showing in hardcore mode although scanning is not possible
  • HTC Vive: Fixed that menus could be at the wrong positions / orientations in room-scale mode.
  • VR: Fixed an Unreal Engine issue causing WMR devices to not render correctly (note that we still don't officially support WMR devices). This should also fix rendering issues when playing on SteamVR using an Oculus headset.
  • VR: Fixed that you couldn't reset the camera in the main menu when playing with a controller and the menu wasn't focused first.
We're happy to announce a new patch as well as the official Linux release today! The patch includes more than 40 tweaks and bugfixes, quite a number of them are VR related. HOTAS/Joystick players will be pleased to hear that we've added an option that disables any in-game input smoothing.

See the complete list of changes below:

  • Extended the range of the non-VR screen percentage setting to 10-300
  • Don't spawn old player wreck after current run was won
  • Make sure generic repair mission can only be finished after task was received
  • Made the PlayStation controller icons more legible
  • HOTAS/Joystick: Added an option to disable smoothing of gamepad input (recommended, set in controls options)
  • VR (Oculus): Set the mirror mode to be full-screen
  • VR: Pause Menu can now also be entered via the "change camera" button (default: Y on Gamepad). This is due to SteamVR now opening the Steam Overlay when pressing the Start button.
  • VR: jumping into a new system is now a lot smoother
  • VR: disabled any life support / sensor damage post-processing during cutscenes

  • Make sure Ancient Wardens teleport back towards the level center after having left level bounds
  • Fixed Gunship turret not being able to fire after a cutscene was triggered
  • Fixed Outlaw station turrets and Colonial station turrets having no collision
  • Fixed Mainframe Override cooldown getting set to max after overriden target dies
  • Fixed player sensor drone not receiving shield and hull enhancer when having unlocked the respective Gunship perk
  • Fixed that the launch button could not be triggered with a gamepad while being on the codex tab in the hangar
  • Fixed not being able to scroll hardcore mode handicap screen with gamepad
  • Fixed some problems with jumping during cutscenes
  • Fixed wrong natural hazard dialog being played and Okkar being able to jump in if there is a cloud field hazard during a story mission
  • Fixed artillery turrets in last sector showing up as friends when close to them though they had not been activated
  • Fixed a key remapping issue that appeared when switching bindings of two axis extremes
  • Fixed a key remapping issue that appeared when toggling alternative bindings for key actions
  • Fixed that you could be stuck in the selection wheel if opening it while jumping into a new zone
  • Fixed a bug where hardcore mode perks and blueprints could be transferred to normal game mode
  • Fixed final mission bug where the mission logic would not advance if the missile was fired too early
  • Fixed being able to use the jump target marker while in free-look mode
  • Fixed that the audio output in non-VR mode switched to a connected VR headset, depending on Oculus/SteamVR settings (resolved by an Unreal Engine update)
  • The screen percentage in non-VR mode is now also applied in the main menu
  • Encounters: Fixed Randomize Mod usage on Goo Gun
  • Encounters: Fixed that enhancing a plasma thrower could result in a freeze
  • Encounters (VR, TrackIR): Fixed difficulties with scanning lifeforms
  • Encounters: Fixed sound problem when hitting Okkar Fighter Mk2 frontal shield with plasma thrower
  • Encounters: Fixed receiving credits bonus for scanning Green Goo before finishing the quest
  • Encounters: Fixed a problem with Karlie mission 2 when reaching mining laser before the waypoint task is spawned and player is already inside check radius)
  • Encounters: Fixed Throng achievement not immediately being triggered when returning with grey goo data (achievement was triggered after going back to hangar or main menu)
  • Encounters: Fixed mod indicators showing for Energy Diverter although there are no mods for it
  • VR: Fixed that HOTAS / Joystick axis inputs couldn't be assigned in VR mode
  • VR: Fixed that the ship selection buttons in the hangar couldn't be clicked
  • VR: Took out emergency shield effect that was distorted in stereoscopic view
  • VR: Fixed that you could open the system menu during a cutscene, which rendered it invisible
  • VR: Fixed that in some configurations, the screen percentage setting was reset after each jump
  • VR: Fixed that players couldn't confirm a destination on the travel map by hitting the keyboard confirm key (F)
  • VR: Fixed small aiming offset in mouse mode
  • TrackIR: fixed a small offset of the crosshair with mouse controls
  • TrackIR: "aim with headtracking" can now also be changed from the gamepad options menu

Speaking today at the Reboot Develop conference in Croatia, Rockfish Games' co-founder Michael Schade criticised the way agencies assign influencers to promote their clients' games. When marketing its 3D sci-fi shooter Everspace, Schade and his team reportedly paid up to €5,000 an hour for one professional streamer who was "shit at playing the game." 

That's according to Shacknews and VG24/7, which report Schade as saying "only three or five" of the 20 YouTubers and influencers who were paid to play Everspace worked out.   

"The rest was OK, or a disaster," says Schade to that end. "Streamers are way more expensive. The most expensive stream, we paid 5,000 (euros) per hour and we had to book him for two hours. Actually his opening line was ‘I have to stop playing Destiny 2 now because I’m on a sponsored stream to play a space game and I don’t like space games’.

"And he played like a complete moron… a fucking moron."

Schade reckons the worst thing that can happen in these situations is somebody with a substantial number of followers being "shit" at their game, VG24/7 reports. 

He continues: "I blame the agency. They need to figure it out. Working with agencies and influencers is so new and takes so much time and effort into it. If you pick the right one, it’s fine. Before you make a decision on pricing, I recommend you watch those videos and see if he or she is really good at playing a game. If they’re not good at playing the game we don’t want to have coverage. 

"You have to pick very carefully. The next time we work with an influencer we’re going to make sure they are really good at a 3D space game otherwise we’re not going to do this."

Read VG24/7's report in full from Reboot Develop over here

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Upcoming Patch 1.2.3
You can also look forward to an upcoming patch featuring several tweaks and bugfixes as well as improved joystick support. We’re still not quite there, yet, as we had to migrate to Unreal Engine 4.18 in order to fix several VR related issues, but we’re approaching the finish line and should be ready to release in about two to four weeks. We also hope to announce the official Linux release, then!

Stay tuned!

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Are you going to the glittering Imperial city of London next month for games show EGX Rezzed? I m not. I ve got a stag weekend in Madrid where I m expected to play Gaelic football with a crowd of storming drunks. Trust me, you re better off in the bright glass hallways of Tobacco Dock, especially now that six more games have been added to the line-up, including Disco Elysium, the surreal isometric adventure formerly known as No Truce With The Furies. (more…)


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