Ittle Dew 2+ - reallyjoel
We're excited to announce that Ittle Dew 2+ with the huge Dream World expansion is now live on Steam as a free update!

New in Ittle Dew 2+ (originally released on Nintendo Switch):
  • ːhypeː Dream world added, a new area with five dungeons focusing on puzzles. To enter the dream world, first collect a Raft piece, then find the sleeping bag in Fluffy Fields.
  • ːhypeː Collectible cards added, which are found in the dream world dungeons.
  • ːhypeː Completing all caves and dungeons in an overworld area will cause a checkmark to appear on the overworld map. Please note that some areas are divided into several sub-areas, which now have unique names.
  • ːhypeː Reduced amount of enemies on the overworld. We wanted to make them stay defeated as you go in and out of caves and dungeons, but that sadly wasn't possible with the way the game is built.
  • ːhypeːSlightly lowered the hit points of many tougher enemies and most bosses.
  • ːhypeː Certain "boss enemies" fire slightly less projectiles.
  • ːhypeː Tweaked several dungeon rooms.
  • ːhypeː Jenny Berry's outfit is now found inside her house. The old code will still work however.

Also new in this enhanced Steam version of Ittle Dew 2+:
  • ːhypeː Added an Easy Mode where you take less damage. You can switch it on or off from the pause menu at any time.
  • ːhypeː The warps in Warp Garden now tell you where they lead.
  • ːhypeː Added Swedish translation.
  • ːhypeː Bug fixes, text tweaks and other improvements.

We hope you enjoy this free update! We had a blast making it! ːhypeː ːwooː

Oh and for you lovely, awesome speedrunners out there, if you wish to run "Vanilla" Ittle Dew 2, there will be a branch for you to play on. Stay tuned for an announcement on that too.

Ittle Dew 2+ - (John Walker)

We rather forgot to review Ittle Dew 2 [official site] when it came out last November. So we’re remembering now. I’ve had a rather confused time with it, finding my enjoyment frustrated far too often. Here’s wot I think: … [visit site to read more]

Ittle Dew 2+ - reallyjoel
After a nice holiday break we're back with a few quick updates for y'all. Here's the changelog:

* Fixed several issues with steam cloud save
* Restarts at correct location when first starting the game
* Fixed two map icons in Sweetwater Coast

Thanks for all the feedback! We'll keep pushing out updates if you keep playing them!

team Ludosity
Nov 21, 2016
Ittle Dew 2+ - reallyjoel
Changelog 1.01:
* Added a hint in Lonely Road
* Speech Bubbles stay inside screen bounds
* Save files can handle save name with spaces
* Fixed map markers
* Game version shown in Title Screen
* Fix for a secret
* Settings now default to highest Quality instead of lowest
* A fix for Steam Cloud that prevented downloading older file format
Ittle Dew 2+ - reallyjoel
We are so happy to finally see the game we've been working on for two years released to the world, in the hands of players and reviewers - and generally you guys seem to really dig it! We couldn't be happier.

We're monitoring the feedback and will try to be very active with patching and polishing in the coming weeks and months.

Daniel, Anton, Stefan, Mattias, Nils and Joel

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