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There’s a new Hearts Of Iron IV expansion out today, and this one goes ham on the history books. While Paradox’s grand strategy series has always played a bit fast and loose with real history, the Man The Guns expansion pairs a slew of naval warfare upgrades with some wildly divergent histories. The British Empire could re-establish monarchic power, or decolonise decades early, while America can hurl itself into a second civil war in pursuit of reforms. Of course, this being a Paradox game there’s a shipload of free naval changes coming in a free update for owners of the base game. A trailer sets sail below.


Hearts of Iron IV - BjornB

STOCKHOLM - 28 February 2019 - Victory in Western Europe and East Asia were won through the decisive application of industrial naval power. The Atlantic convoys kept Britain supplied until overwhelming force could be applied to Fortress Europe, and American shipyards produced capital ships for the Pacific War at an unprecedented pace. Are you a savvy enough admiral to master the intricacies of naval war? Will you repeat or rewrite history? Test your seaborne skills in Hearts of Iron IV: Man the Guns, available now at major online retailers for $19.99.

Man the Guns is the newest naval themed expansion to Hearts of Iron IV, the popular World War II strategy wargame from Paradox Development Studio. Man the Guns comes with an armada of improvements to the naval game, including a new ship design mode, refitting older designs, fuel considerations and strategic convoy routes.

Man the Guns also improves play for major democracies like the United States, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, with all new alternate history paths and the mobilization of the American Congress.


Features of Hearts of Iron IV: Man the Guns include:
  • New Alternate American History: Use the American Congress to push for reform, at the risk of plunging the nation into another civil war.
  • New Alternate British History: Push for early decolonization of the British Empire or restore the ancient privileges of the monarchy.
  • Ship Design: Research new components and refit older vessels to take advantage of new knowledge. Outfit your submarines with snorkels or improved stealth.
  • Admiral Traits and Skills - Tailor and level up your Admirals with new traits and skills.
  • Governments in Exile: Welcome a government in exile to your democracy, boosting their legitimacy in return for more manpower and elite troops fighting to free their homeland.
  • Other National Focuses: New national focuses for The Netherlands and Mexico.
  • Naval Mines: Protect your coasts from invasion or assault with anti-ship mines, or clear a path through enemy mines before you make the big push.
  • Shipping route controls - plot new routes for your shipping and navies by marking areas you want to avoid.
  • Naval Treaties: Struggle to keep the peace by following internationally agreed upon rules, or creatively defy the world consensus by exceeding your limits.
  • Amphibious Landing Vehicles: Add power to your beach landing by researching and producing specialized combat vehicles for your marines.
  • New Music: Original music composed specifically for the Man the Guns expansion.
As usual, the Man the Guns expansion is accompanied by a major free update (1.6 Ironclad) that improves the game for all Hearts of Iron IV owners. This update includes fuel as a major resource and a new Rules screen that allows you to customize your World War experience.



Hearts of Iron IV - BjornB
As usual, the changelog is too long to fit in one announcement. So to see the full changelog, please go to our official forum!

Please note that 1.6 will not be save game compatible with 1.5.4. If you want to finish off any ongoing ironman games, please remain on 1.5.4 for now. Here is instructions on how you revert patch levels.

# Free Features and Important
- Fuel is now a resource required by most moving things with an engine and produced from oil and synthetic refineries and can be stored in the new silo building
- New naval combat that uses different distance and role boxes for ships as well as a whole new spotting phase on the map for locating and chasing down targets
- New naval missions and many interfaces for controlling ships who are now organized into Task Forces within a fleet
- Ships and planes can now be trained, both for Naval XP and for personal experience level
- Naval production is revamped, ships can be named before they are launched and the ship calss dictates how many dockyards can be assigned to its construction at max
- Ship repair is no longer free but requires dockyards. A new interface lets you control this from the production screen
- Naval zones now have terrain which has effects on combat, movement etc. Fjords/Archipelagos, Shallow seas, Deep Oceans, Arctic waters and shark infested areas.
- Some technologies (like doctrines) can now be boosted by spending XP, in response their default time has been increased somewhat
- The effects of raiding on your trades and transports now has a scaling war support penalty on your nation
- Decisions now exist on map also making state picking a lot easier to navigate
- Admirals new have 4 new stats rather than skill level: Attack, Defense, Manouvering and Coordination
- Admirals now have personality traits
- Added ability to cancel national focus. Up to 10 days progress will be saved.
- New customizable gameplay rules available for single and multi player including the ability to direct ai nations.
- 21 new Achievements
- Naval invasions are no longer limited to one per starting port
- Justifying wargoals are now cheaper vs nations that assist enemies
- Naval battle reports will now automatically decay and go away based on importance
- added a repeatable decision for Austria-Hungary to lower the autonomy of CZE if CZE decides to become a puppet
- Added new decision for Lithuania to rename West Wilno state and Wilno victory point to Vilnius.
- Added Dismantle Czechoslovakian Forts decision for Germany
- Democratic King Hungary can now call in Sweden into its wars through a decision
- Added 70 new releasable nations

# Bugfix
- Azores lease return event will now only fire once.
- "Align Hungary/Romania" focuses can no longer be taken when at war with them.
- Reichskommissariat decisions now only cause a civil war if the targeted nation is not fascist.
- Fixed naval base capacity being miscalculated when loading a savegame
- Vichy France event will no longer fire if a human player not in a faction with Germany controls European French states.
- Australia can now send a delegation to Communist China if a warlord has taken over leadership of the Communists
- Manchukuo can no longer offer vassalization to a warlord who has taken over leadership of China
- Rekindle Imperial Sentiment now bypasses if Austria-Hungary is already in the Central Powers.
- fixed an issue where Japan might be blocked from striking the southern resource area if the DEI or Malaya had changed hands previously
- German Plan Z mission will no longer claim it will fail when it will, in fact, succeed
- Fixed an issue where Czechoslovakia could protest rearmament of Hungary despite being Hungary's puppet
- Fixed set autonomy effect (from example focuses) allowing a state to puppet itself
- The Indian Assam Oil focus should now correctly require ownership of Assam state instead of Mandalay
- chinese warlords that are puppets will not join the United Front unless their overlord has joined the united front
- fixed an issue that only triggered a news event if Japan was at war with itself
- democratic Japan returning Manchuria now correctly returns inner Mongolia
- fixed an issue where the Soviet union would retain a claim on Petsamo after the peacedeal in the winter war leading to a second war within a short time
- Country name is now updated immediately when ruling party is changed through set_rule script effect or the set_ruling_party console command.
- Fixed a case where you could take the same decisions multiple times when the game is busy
- fixed pinging not working when the country is enemy of host
- fixed an issue where focuses that set countries free in a focus tree did not actually set that country free
- disabled decision to blow Panama and Suez Canals if unable to rebuild them due to DLC locks (because that would...blow)
- added bypasses for 'Treaty With Lithuania' if LIT is annexed or in another faction
- fixed being able to disband enemy units in civil war if they were already selected before war
- Japan should no longer get an event for a wargoal against China if already at war with China
- Divisions being in the middle of naval transports will now correctly revalidate route if it becomes impassable.
- Fixed a case where nations that click Done with score left in peace conferences sometimes would give much greater amount of points to its faction members
- Austria-Hungary decisions now also add the Banat as a core
- Fate of Czechoslovakia event now checks if Poland exists before giving it Zaolzie
- Country colors now properly refresh when a cosmetic tag changes (for example effects from focuses).
- Fixed Ljubljana Award transferring an island in the Indian Ocean instead of Greece's Central Macedonia
- Romania's Divide Yugoslavia events now produce less border gore
- Yugoslavia will still receive Germany's demand for Slovenia even if France no longer exists
- Demand Slovenia is now bypassed in more circumstances
- The Death of Rudolf Hess will now only fire if Adolf Hitler is in power
- Correctly locked the German democratic advisor behind the "Re-establish Free Elections" focus, if the player has Waking the Tiger active
- Germany's Atlantikwall NF can only be taken if they control one of the (non-German) states which receive forts in the effects
- Fixed so Austria can no longer be annexed by Germany if they formed the Austro-Hungarian Empire, or are a major.
- Fixed an issue for Soviet where winning a civil war would reset the focus tree
- Naval strikes and port strikes are now properly affected by disruption on the way to their targets
- Made Case Anton only available when at war.
- fixed an issue with Destroyer for Bases event claiming wrong number of ships transferred
- Atlantikwall now also builds forts in allied nations.
- Fixed negative amount of equipment being sometimes distributed to e.g. staged coups
- Give back convoys when naval transferring troops are teleported to land.
- fixed an issue where revolters in a civil war may be unable to resolve a low stability crisis because they are locked out of the resolution events (leading to them eventually falling to communism)
- fixed new puppets not joining faction of master after peace conference
- fixed an issue with the Australian South-West Pacific Initiative focus that could lead to a non-existing country joining the faction
- the news event about Hungary demanding Southern Slovakia should no longer pretend that Hungary is claiming territory from itself
- fixed not being able to build buildings on a newly released puppet
- Fixed potential convoy duplication when starting a naval transfer, which would lead to more convoys than should exist, and inconsistent used/available convoy counts.
- The Balkan Powderkeg achievement now is correctly awarded upon declaring war on any member of the opposite faction (Allies or Axis).
- Fixed some rare issues with convoy counts becoming inconsistent when a naval transfer is canceled, due to assuming that the division initially owns no convoys, and assuming that the division belongs to the same country as the naval transfer.
- Added bonus score for deciding who to capitulate to if they hold the capital state
- Tension from anschluss events now directly apply so player cant wait around on events to mess with tension
- the industrial land appropriation decision should now select states a little smarter, preferring high infrastructure states to low infrastructure states
- Disabled Ironman Observer Mode ( Achievements Possible )
- Fixed history issues with Italy being at war with Ethiopia in the 39 start despite them not existing
- Further adjustments to Vichy France events
- Made unit transfer not use manhattan distances for more accurate paths
- some tweaks to wanted units of post-invasion fronts
- Added allow triggers to decisions that are only supposed to happen for 1 country
- fixed an issue with a Hungarian Focus always bypassing
- Many tweaks to german and soviet buildup as well as japan and china.
- Various major nations with focus tree-spawned civil wars will now allocate the nation's original civil war if the rebelling side ends up winning, to prevent these from being stuck with the generic focus tree. These nations include:
-British Raj
-South Africa
-Soviet Union

# AI
- Central Powers now invites Austria-Hungary and Monarchist Italy, even if they are not AI.
- Corrected broken AI behavior when FIELD_MARSHAL_ARMIES_CAP was set to the special value of zero meaning no cap, fixing a game freeze and out-of-memory CTD.
- Fixed a bunch of problems in the air AI
- fixed ai miscounting existing exp forces while evaluating new exp force requests
- fixed some trade issues with ai
- fixed incorrect will do modifier in SOV focus "SOV_war_with_uk"
- increase AI 'will do' factor on RAJ Provincial elections focus for ahistorical play
- fixed bug where ai would cancel trades
- China will now tend to refuse ceding land to Japan in the Marco Polo Bridge Incident on historical mode, unless China is at war
- fixed ai not promoting leaders
- National focuses that create a new faction now require that the country is not a subject
- Japanese Join Comintern NF now requires that you are at peace with the USSR and not a subject
- Decisions to increase stability not available at 100% stability
- fixed an issue where the AI was a little too happy to appropriate land during war time
- Improved AI evaluation of research bonuses (aka, its not 100% backwards anymore)
- Made AI France in historical mode never select the Franco-British Union (De Gaulle would be proud!)
- a high faction join limiter modifier now has the same effect on asking to join as well as being asked to join a faction
- Chinese AI will now tend to reject Japan's peace proposal if Japan is at war with lots of major powers
- fixes/improvements with ai following up naval invasions
- the Ai should now execute the Xian incident more reliably
- fixed ai committing more planes to a region than intended in case of having extra planes
- reduced the amount of CAS and TAC that germany is building slightly
- AI Iran and Iraq will now have more open trade laws because of their oil
- germany builds a lot more civs and builds some synth refineries in '38
- Changed americans to build more DDs and less BBs, also slightly less light cruisers compared to DDs
- Increased German air production
- increased likelihood that Germany will research improved rubber production for synth refineries
- Fixed various overflow issues in ai_strategy
- improved carrier plane production and assigments for ai
- ai now is a bit less reluctant to cover allied regions from naval invasions
- improved Japanese AI idea picking
- some improvements with ai naval invasions and ai unit assignments
- improvements to convoy raid evaulation
- AI will now be more careful with its fleets if numerically inferior. AI will also prefer repairing more often if inferior
- added checks for consider_weak strategy also to war declare logic. Japan should now go for the US throat even when it might not make perfect sense
- AI should no longer use industrial land appropriation if it has any decent state (> 5 infrastructure) that still has free building slots
- the US and SOV AI should now be a little more eager to develop medium armor templates
- Ai now blocked from researching subtechs if already researching next base level (i.e. not researching basic medium tank destroyers while researching improved medium tank)
- Made ai care more about actual raiding locations and adjusted numbers so some areas actually fall outside of ai interestes for raiding/escort
- AI Japan will no longer underestimate the chinese once the war has actually begun
- Lowered the scoe of researching doctrines for ai depending on how many are actively being done
- Added new strategies to keep AI japan from overdoing its escorting when there are no credible naval threats
- Japanese historical AI should now pick spiritual mobilization and national defense state earlier
- research AI should now take amount of planes it already has into account when researching new planes - i.e. a country with lots of CAS planes will try to upgrade them
- Major AIs told that jet planes exist
- adjusted japans target templates for infantry to cover fronts better
- Japan will now consider GXC less good for invasions to limit their use of smaller invasions with a high risk of failure
- Ai should no longer produce more carrier fighters beyond its buffer
- fixed issues where ai template logic could get stuck in a loop by moving last fail checks to role instead.
- tweaked japanese template strategy for garrisons, and also lowered armor target a bit
- Ai is now more careful about switching equipment to new versions with no stockpile in war time
- Japan now puts less production on light tanks before it has a real industry
- ai will now consider if a guarantee concerns an offensive action or not when managing its fronts.
- Japan now boosts relations less
- ai that is executing an aggressive plan now gets a bonus to aggressiveness so it can continue to execute it
- fixed some issues with ai plan executing
- Japan now warned that going against philipines will make the allies its enemy most likely
- tweaked aggression settings on plans. ai now a bit less aggressive to not open itself to encirclements
- soviet now less keen on sending volunteers unless china is doing badly
- fascists at war now need better overall status before its ok with spending a lot of PP on relation boosting
- Ai now more careful with naval transfers around UK
- german ai now focus less on TAC and more on fighters
- Romanian AI will now try to improve relations with Germany in preparation of axis joining attempt
- added some ai strategies to focus ai on recently invaded areas
- made ai prefer land routes over naval routes a bit more for trades
- Ai can now trade for partial resources (eg less than 8) depending on how many factories it has
- Germany will now care less about light tanks early which should net it more medium armor later instead
- Germany will prefer more suppression garrisons after Poland falls and will have higher priority to research military police for them
- Japan should now weigh the invasion tech higher if its at war with USA or china is down
- Romania will now go free trade and focus more on oil focuses after it joins the axis
- AI will now be more likely to enable women in the workforce if low on manpower
- germany will now be more careful around total economic mobilization
- ai now are less reluctant to trade with countries that have dangerous convoy routes
- US AI should now pick fascist demagogue/communist revolutionary if required for their focus tree
- ai will now need better front relative strength to go for aggressive stance
- made the default suppression template a bit bigger and also targets correct width
- Germany will prefer more infantry/manpower focused doctrines in mobile warfare
- ai will now only use top prio plane assignment if its enemy main target home area
- ai will no longer waste air superiority missions where it planned to put bombers but lacked bombers
- lowered fighter amount ai thinks it needs to disrupt enemy bombers
- Brazil will now go free trade later in the game to alleviate some of the rubber lack if japan takes it all for itself
- Romanian ai will now try to build up a better infrastructure towards soviets to help with future invading
- Several research weight tweaks to help germany pick better stuff
- USA will prioritize hawaii more as a way to cover pacific
- German AI told, again, that Sweden is not dangerous and doesn't need to be invaded
- Germany should now build a bit more support equipment
- soviet will now prioritize quantity over quality on inf equipment
- soviet will avoid decisions that take its political power instead of saving up for manpower laws
- sov ai more careful with prospecting decisions and manpower laws
- more soviet fixes so they dont waste PP on other stuff than manpower when under pressure
- soviet will now make a bit more artillery
- lowered score for soviet naval ideas to keep focus on the whole german situation
- improved AI priorities for crypto techs
- Ai now evaluates front strenth more accurately
- added slightly smarter AI for evaluating requesting expeditionary forces
- Several improvements to AI ship building logic. It can now work with roles just like for divisions
- Used higher precision numbers for AI equipment priority calculations as a brute-force method to avoid overflows from unpredictable scripted values, and simplified the logic for how AI determines best equipment for each role.
- Tweaked AI strategies to better balance GER, SOV, and JAP.
- Fixes for AI not respecting max number of factories on a production line.
- air ai now needs 25% of provinces to be controlled by enemy to consider a region has is shared between him and enemy when prioritizing
- AI improvements for keeping naval invasions consistent on save & load
- ai naval invasion order unit assignment improvements
- main enemy of a country now gets a prio while assigning airplanes for combat zones
- added a strat for usa to focus less on defense if there are no nearby wars
- AI better at evaluating efficiency loss on production lines
- Lots of AI tech prioritiy changes to make AI research more good naval stuff and to prioritize the right other techs for most winningest results
- Lots of changes and improvements to naval ai
- reduced the massive boner the AI had for infantry weapons III
- AI should no longer prioritize naval doctrines quite as much, and will dynamically attempt to catch up in air doctrine research if it is sufficiently behind land doctrines
- Fixed so Venezuela no longer demands Curacao on historical focus
- Made Romania not declare war on Bulgaria if Bulgaria joined the axis but Romania hasn't (yet), if it's historical mode.
- slightly reduced AI weight to research better infantry weapons for small industrial bases
- historical German AI plan now has attack on Soviet union closer to historical date

# UI
- Trait flavor descriptions now use proper lore text
- Tooltip for checkign number of subjects now show correct
- Polish-Lithuania decision now says "Poland and Lithuania" instead of "ourselves and Lithuania" since Lithuania is also able to take the decision
- Added a colon and space to localisations for hot/cold acclimatisation
- Spelling is hard :( (aclimatizes -> acclimatizes)
- Fixed flag for colonial troops not showing up when adding their templates
- Fixed modifier for acclimatization not showing as %
- Faction names in certain news events are now referred to in their proper definite form when a country capitulates.
- Fixed comma issue in equipment bonus tooltip for ideas
- fixed an issue where Italian focuses would fire the wrong faction join events
- added a missing description for a Romanian focus
- fixed a couple gui issues with strategic bomber targetting gui
- Now a proper mouse cursor is displayed when mouse over the naval port with selected divisions and it's impossible to naval transfer to that location.
- fixed typo in Japan focus 'Found our Faction'
- Change some localisations of Naval Factories to Naval Dockyards, and changed some Less Thans to Fewer Thans
- Polish Socialist Party -> Communist Party of Poland
- Adjusted Shogi icons for Japanese subjects.
- Fixed typo in "germany.104.a"
- Fixed typo in "news.210.d"
- Fixed tooltip on the Reduce Autonomy button to show the proper Political Power cost, instead of the cost for increasing autonomy.
- Improved the formatting of the random effect tooltip to indent properly, not include brackets, and allow a numeric formatting of the chance value.
- AI will now take into account a variety of factors when invited to join an alliance via event, such as relations, wars and majors
- Subjects in peace conferences are now referred to as Subjects, rather than puppets.
- selection fixes to observe mode
- Consolidation button now check only the selected divisions templates, not all divisions in the army.
- Fixed missing localization string in the pop-up window shown to the recipient of a modified license production agreement
- Toned down the selection glow in theaters a bit
- Right Clicking is now an possible on nation/territory release to go to the location on map
- Remade naval, tactical and strategic bomber unit category icons to make them more distinguishable
- Autonomy states now have 2 decimals in their numbers
- Fixed icon for unsynced cloud save item.
- Added browser navigation buttons to launcher legal notices browser.
- Account creation adjustments, removed unnecessary fields, added marketing permission checkbox, rearrange UI, and implemented auto-login in after successful account creation.
- Clicking armies in naval view now changes mapmode to land mapmode
- Archetype Icons for AirTypes on Request Lend Lease now showing their proper image where before there was empty space
- Fixed some issues with new SOV infatry equipment tech icons
- changed SAF decisions to liberate countries to display a progress bar
- Split custom difficulty into separate window together with new custom game rules
- Game will now publish playing status on steam to your friends, opt out with show_game_status=no in settings
- Fixed various typos in the terrain map tooltips
- Added missing tool tip for Privacy Policy button in main menu.
- UI rescaled for decisions so there is a little bit more space for decision name localisation.
- added a notification event for the US if Britain accepts Destroyers for Bases agreement
- In construction map mode, when building land or coastal forts, the more useful map icons are shown (air bases, naval bases, VPs) to help decide on placement.
- h button now puts armies on hold even when multiple of them is selected
- naval production now displays end date instead of production speed
- its now possible to plan more than one invasion out of the same port
- Tooltips from effects where we diff modifiers now properly display diffs of non-diff flagged modifiers o_O

Read full changelog here!
Hearts of Iron IV - BjornB
It's less than 24 hours to go to the release of Man the Guns. Let's take a moment and listen to the silky voice of Game Director Dan Lind as he talks about Naval and Fuel Mechanics in this second feature highlight video



Hearts of Iron IV - BjornB
It's just a little over 24 hours before we release the free 1.6 Ironclad update alongside our new expansion: Man the Guns. Let's have a closer look at what this update brings to the game

Click here to read the development diary by podcat

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Hearts of Iron IV - BjornB
We're almost there! Less than a week to go before the release of Man the Guns on February 28th. In this video, Game Director Dan Lind takes you through some of the key features of the expansion.


Hearts of Iron IV - BjornB
The date to man the guns, February 28, is drawing ever closer. And as such, let's spend this week looking back at what we've talked about so far to ensure you are up to speed with what's going to happen

Click here to read the development diary by podcat

Don't miss our reddit IAmA tomorrow at 20:00CET!

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Feb 13
Hearts of Iron IV - BjornB
With the free 1.6 'Ironclad' update releasing together with Man the Guns, we've added Custom Game Rules which allows you to pick a certain path for AI nations to go down

Click here to read the development diary by Archangel85

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Hearts of Iron IV - BjornB

STOCKHOLM - 07 February 2019 - The great democracies of the world face unprecedented challenges on their legitimacy. Fascists and Communists pressure freedom loving nations on every side. Will they hasten war against the forces of tyranny or follow a path to authoritarianism? Are they safe beyond the seas that have historically provided ample protection? What path will you choose? Make your mark on history in Hearts of Iron IV: Man the Guns on 28 February, 2019.

Man the Guns is the newest expansion for Paradox Development Studio’s best-selling grand strategy wargame Hearts of Iron IV. It brings new detail to the naval game as well as adding a host of new gameplay options for major democratic powers including new political focus trees and governments in exile.

Man the Guns can be pre-ordered from major online retailers for $19.99.


Features of Hearts of Iron IV: Man the Guns include:
  • Major Alternate Paths: Revive the Old Confederacy as the United States and provoke a new civil war, or hasten decolonization of the British Empire.
  • Ship Design: Research new components and refit older vessels to take advantage of new knowledge. Outfit your submarines with snorkels or improved stealth.
  • Admiral Traits and Skills - Tailor and level up your Admirals with new traits and skills.
  • Governments in Exile: Welcome a government in exile to your democracy, boosting their legitimacy in return for more manpower and elite troops fighting to free their homeland.
  • Other National Focuses: New national focuses for The Netherlands and Mexico.
  • Naval Mines: Protect your coasts from invasion or assault with anti-ship mines, or clear a path through enemy mines before you make the big push.
  • Shipping route controls - plot new routes for your shipping and navies by marking areas you want to avoid.
  • Naval Treaties: Struggle to keep the peace by following internationally agreed upon rules, or creatively defy the world consensus by exceeding your limits.
  • Amphibious Landing Vehicles: Add power to your beach landing by researching and producing specialized combat vehicles for your marines.
  • New Music: Original music composed specifically for the Man the Guns expansion.


As is standard with all Paradox grand strategy expansions, Man the Guns will launch with a major free update, with this one including new naval aspects, training of pilots and sailors and the much requested Fuel resource to better simulate the constraints of extended supply lines.

Is Man the Guns included in the expansion pass?
- Yes it is
When do I get my pre-order bonus?
- On February 28th, when the game releases
Hearts of Iron IV - BjornB
Man the Guns is drawing ever closer (you will get the exact date very soon, we promise) and of course a new expansion means a number of new achievements!

Click here to read the development diary by Bratyn

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