Punch Club - Alex@tinybuild

Good news everyone! Swag and Sorcery is now out on Steam!

Launch Trailer


Launch Discount

We are happy to launch with an extraordinary 25% launch discount! This is so you check the game out and to reward early adopters.

Loyalty Coupons

All owners of Punch Club and Graveyard Keeper get an additional 10% off, and this also includes owners of tinyBuild pixelart games, SpeedRunners, and Hello Neighbor. Enjoy!

The Road to Come

While we're launching NOT into Early Access, you can expect us to continue working on the game. One of the things we're putting in shortly after launch is more language support for example, including Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean.

Punch Club - Alex@tinybuild

Good news, heroes and warriors!

Swag and Sorcery is coming to the fabulous kingdom of Steam tomorrow! Here's everything you need to know:


  • Base price - $12.99
  • On launch the game will cost $9.75 w a 25% launch discount

Launch Trailer


Coupons for Fans

If you own Graveyard Keeper, Punch Club, or any of the games below, you will get an additional 10% off! We love our fans <3

  • Streets of Rogue
  • The Final Station
  • Garage
  • Party Hard
  • Party Hard 2
  • SpeedRunners
  • Hello Neighbor

Launch Time

The game will launch tomorrow at 10am PST (Seattle / Los Angeles)

  • That's 6pm London Time
  • 7pm Germany / Central Europe
  • And 8pm Moscow / Eastern Europe

We're super excited to see you all play the game! Don't forget to Wishlist it tomorrow

Punch Club - Alex@tinybuild

Good news, everyone!

We have been working with the fashionable team at Uruboros on a brand new game called Swag & Sorcery! And it's arriving to Steam this Thursday, May 9th.


To celebrate, we made an imgur album outlining everything you can expect from the game. Check it out!

A Launch Trailer and a very special promotion for owners of Graveyard Keeper and Punch Club are coming!

I just wanted to give you a heads up for when you go "why is this discount coupon in my library?" on Thursday ;)

Don't Forget to Wishlist

Nov 24, 2017
Punch Club - Lazy Bear Games

Punch Club is 75% off during the autumn sale.
Punch Club

Earlier this month, digital deals site Bundle Stars underwent a makeover to become Fanatical. Now, it's launched its first post-rebrand bundle that gathers eight games worth almost $100 for just $3.50. 

Named the Max Damage Bundle, the special offer boasts System Shock: Enhanced Edition, Guts and Glory, Serial Cleaner, Final Exam, Monochroma, Sudden Strike Gold, Punch Club: Deluxe Edition, and Carmageddon: Max Damage—all of which you can make yours for $3.49/£3.19. 

Dystopian sci-fi shooter System Shock is likely the stand out there, however I'm very fond of Punch Club—tinyBuild's quirky sports management sim, whose release grabbed headlines last year for being tied to a TwitchPlays campaign.  

"Punch Club is currently being played on the TwitchPlaysPunchClub channel, with viewers voting on what should be done as the game progresses," reported Andy at the time. "Train or fight? Go to the gym or grab some lunch? Weights or speed bag? Rest or KILL HIM? The whole thing is clearly modeled after TwitchPlaysPokemon, but with higher stakes: Developer Lazy Bear Games says it won't release Punch Club until Twitch manages to finish it."

Twitch did finish it, and it's since been well received. 

Fanatical's Max Damage Bundle, on the other hand, is live now through November 28.

Punch Club - Alex@tinybuild

Good news, aspiring fighters! Punch Club is 33% off this whole week!

Tell your friends, tell your mom - the retro boxing management sim is on sale!


Are you at PAXWest? Come checkout Graveyard Keeper!

Graveyard Keeper will be playable this weekend in Seattle at PAXWest in tinyBuild's super-duper-orange booth next to the Indie Megabooth. This is Lazy Bear Games' second game and it's coming later this year:

Punch Club - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 75% on Punch Club!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Saturday at 10AM Pacific Time
Punch Club - Lazy Bear Games
We have added the Korean localization. Great thanks to Shin minseop and Pgini for the fantastic job!
Punch Club - Alex@tinybuild

Ok folks, we heard you. Some of you would really want to play Punch Club without stat decay. So today we're introducing a SUPER EASY mode that has exactly that.

We warn you upfront that it is SUUUUPER EASY. It will not be the same experience. You will also not get any achievements.

Meanwhile Punch Club 2 is being designed with no stat decay in mind.

Have fun!

Punch Club - Alex@tinybuild

Punch Club 2: Fast Forward coming in 2017

Guys, this is happening! Punch Club 2: Fast Forward is coming your way in 2017. The only details we're sharing right now is that it takes place in the future. Kind of.

Punch Club Documentary now live

Check out the documentary about Punch Club, featuring the dev team. The video sheds some light on how Slava and Nikita met on a World of Warcraft server and started a 10-year long journey into game development.

The documentary ends with how the team came to Punch Club 2.


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