Squad - Gatzby
Hey squaddies!

Welcome to the free weekend! It will be running until 6/24 at 2000 UTC. It’s always a crazy time, so we wanted to share some tips for enjoying Squad to the fullest.

First up, we wanted to direct you to community member SgtHerhi’s top notch work: Quick Start Guide for New Players. Once you’ve mastered basics, get your flippers on How Not to Suck at Squad. You’ll note that a sense of humor may be one of the essential tools you’ll want to bring along. ;)

Next up, we’d encourage you to join the Squad Community Discord server. There you’ll find lots of like-minded players that are ready to team up, answer questions, or just hang out and chat about Squad. There’s also a #support channel for assistance and you might run into a few developers as well.

Last, but not least, if you run into any technical difficulties, check out our support site. We’re still an Early Access title, so there may be some rough edges. The support site will help take care of the most common issues and get you back in-game in no time.

We hope you enjoy the weekend and we’re looking forward to fighting alongside all of you! See you out there!

Offworld Out.
Jun 16
Squad - Norby
Time to patch these pesky bandages!

  • Fixed bandaging failing due to desync between client and server. Now there is a point in the animation after which it can't be canceled anymore to ensure the bandaging gets completed
  • Fixed a crash when trying to equip a role from the wrong team
  • Fixed a crash on updating the role availability
  • Fixed a crash on staging zone end
  • Fixed AntiAliasing being forced disabled when 'low' graphics preset is selected
  • Fixed several vehicles seat configurations for driver and gunners on appropriate vehicles
  • Removed turn limits on the Dshk tripod and Technical Dshk
  • Fixed incorrect zeroing numbers on the Russian RPG7 Tandem
  • Increased Invasion ticket flag gain from 50 to 60
  • Updated starting tickets on the AAS layers of Belaya, Gorodok, Kohat and Yehorivka
  • Op Fight Light AAS - changed MIL to RU, tweaked flag zone sizes
  • Fixed South Basrah flag on Basrah Invasion v2
  • Fixed flag names on Narva Invasion v2
  • Sumari INF v1 - fixed MIL Mainbase naming
  • Fixed transparent fences on Yehorivka
  • Increase HAB cost from 400 to 500
  • Decrease Militia Hideout cost from 300 to 250
  • Decrease INS Hideout cost from 250 to 100
  • Increase Vehicle Repair Station cost (except insurgent) from 300 to 500
  • Increase Mortar cost (except insurgent) from 250 to 300
Squad - Gatzby
(For the media rich version of this post, please visit http://www.joinsquad.com)

Hey Squaddies,

Welcome to June! With the Alpha 11 patch released, we're back in the trenches hard at work on the next batch of updates for you. We're not the only ones that have been hard at work, though: the Post Scriptum weekend playtests have begun and, by all reports, your participation was invaluable! Check out this footage captured by Khaos during the first weekend:


Back in modern combat news, we've got some more details on game modes, systems, and some new weapons platforms for you. On with the Recap!


Mode: Randomised AAS


A massive improvement we're making to the AAS mode is the introduction of a randomised system for flag layouts. This will allow our designers to heavily consolidate the multitude of map layers we currently have in-game (which are difficult to manage and QA), while also giving variety in the capture chains depending on the map and designer's intent.


For example, a map could be tuned such that the first flags from the main base are always the same, but as the chain goes on, there is more variety to the second or third flags in the chain. Or it could all consolidate back into one middle flag. This will give our designers a more powerful tool in creating more variety per round for much less stress.

Vehicle Component Damage System


Stage 2 of our improvements to our vehicle damage model is the ability to damage individual components on vehicles, both externally and internally. The final goal of this will be to greatly lessen the ability for weapons to outright destroy vehicles and focus more on disabling key components like movement (disabling the engine), mobility (taking out wheels or tracks), turret traverse functions, or weapons functions.

Critical hit locations can also be implemented. Examples include ammunition compartments, rewarding accurate gunnery. Our intent is also to help balance the currently extremely strong anti-tank weaponry by preventing them from delivering the killing blow every time.

Turret Stabilization


One feature we're working on that features heavily for a lot of modern turrets is a stabilisation system that allows the user to focus on a particular direction for the main gun with a keypress, then the turret will attempt to stabilise the gun by counteracting the movements of the vehicle.


This will help greatly in allowing such vehicles to fire on the move, improving the pace and style of vehicular combat and giving it a different flavour to the World War 2 style of, "stop, shoot, & move." This system is still in its early prototyping stage, but we find it a necessary component in preparation to introduce main battle tanks to the game.

Modding 2.0 - Mods for Linux Servers

Over the last few weeks, a lot of quality of life work has been done on Modding 2.0. First thing: mods are now WAY smaller than they used to be! "Operation Silver," a popular modded Squad map, went from 3.3gb down to 1.03gb when cooked against the Modding 2.0 framework. Another big thing that people have been asking for is also done - Mods for Linux! With Modding 2.0 mods will now just run on Linux servers; you will no longer need have a Windows Server to a run Modded server.

Art and Environment



Currently in the works, we have an addition to the British vehicle arsenal in the form of the FV432 Armored Personnel Carrier. Having undergone a series of upgrades on top of an older model, it will give the British a vehicle that is more than capable of ferrying more troops around the battlefield, but without the stand-off capabilities of the FV510 IFV.

M1A1 Abrams


We've teased you with this iconic beast of American military might for a while now, but we are entering a phase where the systems we are developing for vehicles will feed into how best we can represent the capabilities of main battle tanks. While we accidentally leek'ed an in-game version to you a little prematurely, let that be a sign that we're getting closer to making the tank dream a reality.


These vehicles come equipped with a 120mm smoothbore cannon firing anti-tank sabot rounds or high-explosive ammunition, making it the most formidable opponent on the battlefield when it comes to raw firepower.




Also in the works is the answer to the American Abrams: the Russian T72B3 series of main battle tanks. Packing a larger gun and considerably lighter than the Abrams, this tank is one of the more widely produced and exported tanks since the 1970s.


This particular asset has been in production for a fair while now, and is the first asset constructed from a 3D scan reference. There are still a number of missing components like the machine gun mount, but rest assured once it makes it in-game it will certainly make a huge impact.



9M133 Kornet ATGM


To compliment the BGM-71 TOW missile released in the previous alpha version, we have the Russian equivalent in the 9M133 "Kornet" in production. It is equivalent in power to the TOW in that it will be able to defeat heavy armor, however, it uses a laser beam to guide the missile while in flight.

Belaya Update


Belaya has been undergoing a bit of an upgrade since it was released in Alpha 10 back in February. Some changes include lessening the snow coverage, more foliage adding more concealment when maneuvering between flags, and also roughening the terrain to give more opportunities for cover when crossing ground.





Sign Off

We can't wait to get Randomised AAS into the hands of testers, but we might be a little more excited about that Abrams hitting the field. So how about it, Squaddies, what are you most looking forward to in-game? Hit the discussion link below and let us know. Thanks for reading the Recap!

Offworld Out.
May 20
Squad - Norby
It has been three weeks since Alpha 11 entered public testing. Because we didn't get around to fixing many of the bugs you reported right away, we decided to release A11 as it was and push more bugfixes in this minor patch. Some of the changes are intended to help with the balance of the game after closely observing gameplay these past weeks.

  • Reworked bandage / medic bag code for better responsiveness
  • Fixed mods not loading if a clean installation of Squad was performed
  • Fixed vehicles desyncing between client and server
  • Increased speed of nametags fading in
  • Fixed a vehicle seat state that exposed soldiers
  • Fixed emplacement scope overlays not disappearing when the emplacement gets destroyed
  • Fixed scopes on heavy weapons automatically unzooming and other bugs with these scopes
  • Fixed being able to freelook while ADSing on scoped emplaced weapons
  • Improved INS player models
  • Updated AG 36 texture
  • Fixed LOD meshes on the M240 and M249
  • Several improvements on weapon animations
  • Fixed wheel dirt effects on US truck
  • Fixed a rare server crash that happened when a soldier was hit directly by a mortar smoke round
  • Fixed squad-members not being able to force others out of vehicle their squad owned by entering the vehicle from the outside
  • Fixed driving collisions on BTRs and the British truck
  • Fixed desert BTRs having green woodland periscope meshes
  • Fixed mines sometimes not triggering for some trucks
  • Updated Insurgent deployable razor wire to be double stack
  • Fixed collisions on a bush
  • Updated localization
  • Removed tracers from Militia and INS infantry weapons
  • Changed INS HAT to SKS as primary weapon
  • Adjusted cost of several deployables. TOWs are now 600 construction points
  • TOW rearm cost increased to 500 points
  • Changed ticket cost of vehicles:
    IFVs (FV510, M2) - 25
    Heavy APCs (30mm RUS APCs) - 20
    Medium APCs (M1126, 14.5mm RUS APCs) - 15
    Light APCs, MRAPs, AA vehicles, SPG Techi - 10
    Trucks, Technicals - 5
    Motorbikes - 1
  • Changed Kamdesh AAS v1 to Invasion v3 and added a new AAS v1 layer
  • On Chora Conquest v1 - replaced the INS faction with the Russian faction for balance
  • Added Kamdesh INS v2, Narva Invasion v2
  • Added Firing Range v2 with US/RU factions
  • Fixes on the following map layers:
    Albasrah Invasion v1, v2, PAAS v1, v2
    Belaya AAS v1, v2, v3, Invasion v1, v2, PAAS v1
    Chora AAS v1, v2, PAAS v1, v2, Invasion v1, CQ v1
    Fool's Road AAS v1, v2, v3, v4, Skirmish
    Gorodok AAS v1, v2, v3, v4, Invasion V1, v2
    Kamdesh AAS v1, Inf, INS v1, Invasion v1, v2, v3
    Kohat AAS v1, v2, Invasion v1
    Kokan AAS v1, v2, PAAS v1
    Logar AAS v1, PAAS v1
    Mestia AAS v1, v2, Invasion v1, v2, PAAS v1
    Narva AAS v1, v2, v3, Invasion v1, v2, PAAS v1, v2
    OPFL AAS v1
    Sumari AAS v1, v2, v3, Inf
    Yehorivka AAS v3, Invasion v1, v2
Released a small hotfix to make healing work reliably under bad network conditions
Squad - Gatzby
Hey Squaddies!

(For the media-rich version of this post, please visit http://www.joinsquad.com.)

It's time for a quick Modding 2.0 development update! Progress has been going well since the initial modding release, so we figured it was time to show off some of what's coming up next.

First off, the Modding SDK UI has been completely redone (by an actual designer this time!). With their help and a fresh copy of the PSD of the new SDK UI, we went straight into implementing the update. It turned out like this!


As you can tell, the tabs on the left the UI for the Modding SDK have all been moved to one window. No more multiple tabs on the top bar!


Every action you need for modding is now in one convenient window.

Sharing Mods

We've scratched the old Steam Uploader and wrote a whole new one from scratch. (This one gives more errors than "Something went wrong."). We've also removed the need to have to pick an "Output Directory" when you are cooking your mod. By default, the system will now pick a valid path for you!

We've also removed the need to have to click both the "Package" and "Upload" button. If you just click upload now it will perform the "Package" too. The "Package" button now is exclusively for people who don't want to upload their mod to the Steam Workshop.


Editing Mods


You are now able to edit your mod's information through the UI after creation. No more having to go through your modinfo info file and change all of the information and hoping you don't break anything!

This new UI is probably 90% done. All the work that is left to do is small but important: fixing button sizes, handling really long strings, handling edge cases, etc. This should definitely come out with Modding 2.0, or maybe even earlier!

Modding SDK Internals

SMI Files

Modinfo.smi files have been destroyed and replaced with your <YourModName>.mi files. No need to worry though, as soon as you load your mod in the Modding 2.0 SDK, your mod's SMI file will be upgraded to the new format.

The main reason for switching file formats is Modding 2.0 doesn't require nearly as much data to be stored locally as the previous method.

Steam Workshop Images

Your mod's Steam Workshop preview image now lives inside of your mod's project folder. This was changed to prevent this reference being lost and then not knowing why you can not upload to the Steam Workshop.

Cooking Mods

As mentioned above, you no longer need to pick a package location. The Modding 2.0 cooking system will by default pick a good path for you. The first place it tries is your mod's project folder. Sometimes this doesn't work due to various issues (No space available, The pathname is too long, etc...), so cooking will continue to walk up the Squad folder structure until it finds a valid path. If it can't find a valid path (which is unlikely), you can still specify a cooking directory.

In-Game Mod Downloads

Finally! This what you've all been waiting for, right? We're happy to report that progress is going well on getting in-game downloads working. This is proving to be a much larger task than originally thought, but steady progress is happening!

As you can see in the GIF, mods can now be downloaded while the game in running with no problems. This test case is performed during the game is booting up, since we are doing a lot of CPU heavy stuff then:


Current Work

Currently, work is focused on getting the mods that are being downloaded while the game is running to be recognized by the game. This is quite a bit of work and will be taking up most of my time for the rest of the month, as the engine is not set up to accept PAK files mounted in the middle of the game.

Offworld Out.
May 3
Squad - Gatzby
Hey soldiers!


Alpha 11 has arrived! We can think of no better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. With Alpha 11, we are continuing to increase the depth of vehicle gameplay, as well as expanding content for infantry. No doubt some expert squads will take advantage of combined arms tactics. Do read up on the changelog while you download!

Alpha Version 11 is now available via Steam. Please always clear your game cache in the game settings on every new build!

Full Changelog


  • British Armed Forces have been added. They are a high-tech Blue Force faction with a unique bullpup-style primary weapon, and heavily reliant on armored transport to move around the
    battlefield. Expect to see them make an appearance on a few of the classic maps and also the newly released Kamdesh.
  • Dramatically reduced the ticket bleed on the middle flags and increased the ticket win/loss when an actual flag area is captured or lost. Neutral flag include a ticket gain for your team. There
    will still continue to be a "mercy" ticket bleed on the end flags.
  • Tweaked stamina costs for jumping, vaulting, and climbing.
  • Settle sway time has been reduced by half on all weapons.
  • Recoil animation for semi-auto fire has been slightly reduced for greater target tracking.
  • LMG and MMG camera shake has been slightly reduced.
  • Horizontal recoil patterns on several weapons have been reduced (tightened).
  • Additional weapon recoil and sway values have been tweaked.
  • Time to ADS on all weapons have been adjusted. Generally, iron sights are faster than all other forms of sighting systems.
  • Non-ADS fire animation timing while the weapon is lowered or in a low ready position (such as MGs) has been increased in 3p to provide better visual feedback.
  • Prone to crouch and standing animation speed has been increased by approximately 30%.
  • Freelook recentering speed has been increased to be more fluid.


  • Unregistered soldier and weapon based components when unused reducing the physics and rendering costs for these components.
  • Reduced the amount of network ticking needed on weapons, soldiers, and vehicles.
  • Reduced a number of unneeded processes when updating animation on the soldiers.
  • Improved accuracy on detecting when to update the soldier movement component.
  • Soldier bodies now despawn from the game world when the owning player respawns, greatly cleaning up the number of expensive dead bodies on the field. (Main bases now require a 30 second spawn time
    to ensure that the killer has a chance to verify the kill)
  • Rewrote the burning system for performance and simplicity. Vehicle burning now starts burning at a preset threshold instead of relying on temperature calculations. This means that a vehicle will
    catch fire if the vehicle is really close to destruction; and will shortly burn out and explode.
  • Rewrote how vehicle flipping is calculated.
  • Ragdoll overlap calculations are now cheaper.
  • Updated the map widget for cheaper visibility calculations.
  • Optimized spiky and expensive UI widgets, and reduced the amount of processing needed for a number of UI widgets.
  • Distance Field Shadows - Shadows and Lighting will look much much better now with distance field shadows enabled, as a graphics option in the settings menu.
  • Added Filtered Sharpening to the post-processing graphics pass. This should help with the issues relating to blurry visuals at range.
  • Vehicle Armor Locational Damage
    • All vehicles now have more defined armor values IE: an APC will have more armor on its front, less on its sides, and very vulnerable in the back. This first take
      will loosely reflect more closely real-world characteristics, as well as create more depth to the AT role.
  • All bullets will now have a chance to visually and audibly ricochet depending on angle fired, and weapons with tracer rounds will visibly show the ricochets trajectory path. Projectiles that do
    ricochet don't actually deal damage but instead are a visual indicator that the projectile did not penetrate the surface or armor.
  • Vehicle ground effects (eg. dust being blown around as you drive) have been re-enabled and visually upgraded since its previous implementation.

Roles and Weapons

  • Insurgent Soldier models have been completely redone. A large variety of civilian and paramilitary styles have been added to make the faction look a little more versatile visually.
  • New Role: Crewman. This role is necessary for crewing APCs and IFVs in the driver and gunner seats. This role is equipped lightly for the express purpose of self-defense. A Squad Leader Crewman Kit has been added, also.
  • New Weapon: L85A2 Rifle. This is the mainstay British Army service rifle, a 5.56mm bullpup configuration rifle capable of semi and automatic fire. Depending on the role, the rifle is equipped with
    either iron sights, 4x SUSAT sight (zeroing out to 600m) or 4x ACOG (built in BDC reticle). Some roles also have a folding foregrip/bipod combination attached as well.
  • New Weapon: L86A2 LSW Rifle. This weapon is a unique cross between a designated marksman rifle and a light machine gun. While it doesn't have the same level of stopping power as a 7.62mm DMR, its
    ability to put down accurate automatic fire makes up for its shortcomings. This is run on the squad-level Marksman role.
  • New Weapon: L129A1 Sharpshooter Rifle. A 7.62mm Designated Marksman Rifle, equipped with a 6x ACOG with an excellent field of view. This is available as the team-wide Marksman role for the British.
  • New Weapon: AG36 Grenade Launcher. A 40mm Grenade Launcher attached to the L85A2 rifle, available on the British Grenadier role. Its side-mounted ladder sight goes up to 350m, and its spring loaded
    barrel allows for faster loading.
  • New Weapon: L110A1 Minimi. The British adaptation of the FN Minimi platform, much like the M249 SAW. It comes with a collapsible skeleton stock and can be equipped with a 4x SUSAT optic.
  • New Weapon: L7A2 GPMG. The British adaptation of the FN MAG platform, very similar to the M240B weapon system used by the Americans.
  • New Weapon: L131a1 Glock Service Pistol. This recently adopted pistol is a high capacity 9mm handgun that is a reliable sidearm for British officers and support roles.
  • New Weapon: AT4. The AT4 is an 84-mm unguided, portable, single-shot recoilless smoothbore weapon. This weapon does a modest (33%) more damage than the M72A7 LAW, and is available on all US and
    British Heavy Anti-Tank roles, as an interim weapon while we work on much heavier anti-tank options.
  • New Weapon: PKP. The Russian Forces PKP is the modernized cousin of the PKM. Complete with a mount for optics, this Russian weapon will make their machine gunners even more fearsome. Russian
    Machine Gunners have their PKPs equipped with a 1p78 optic.
  • New Weapon Variant: AK74M 1p63 "Obzor" Collimator Sight. The Russian Forces have a collimator sight option now on their rifleman and supplementary combat roles, allowing for quicker target
    acquisition in CQB.
  • New Weapon Variant: AK74 1p29 Optic Sight. The Militia and Insurgent Forces have a slightly older sight option replacing the modern 1p78 sight. It is the older style trilux sight with an upside
    down obelisk reticle, zeroing capability out to 400m and also a built-in stadiametric rangefinder.
  • The US Army Machine Gunner's M240B is now equipped with an M145 optic.
  • All factions have now been given knife training and knives, for those times when you may need a stealth kill option.
  • IED and AT Mine changes, Insurgents and Militia are now able to place up to 3 IEDs in the world at a time, and 6 AT mines in the world at a time. They can still only carry 1 of each of
    these items at a time, so they will need to rearm to place more.
  • Light AT roles now only have 1 shot available for their anti-tank weapons. A full 9-man squad will still have access to 2 of these roles.
  • Heavy AT roles have been added to the British, US Army and Russian factions to aid in destroying vehicles. 2 Kits available per team. 1 per squad. 4 squad members needed to access the kit. US and
    GB have the new AT4 weapon system as a placeholder for HAT for the time being. RU has a placeholder RPG-7 Tandem warhead.
  • Resupply costs have been updated to the following: 25 Ammo Points: Medic, Rifleman, Crewman, Medic, Officer; 50 Ammo Points: Grenadier, AR, MG, Marksman; 100 Ammo Points: LAT, Sapper, US/GB
    HAT; 150 Ammo Points: Rus/Mil/Ins HAT
  • Tweaked first person weapon origin positions for all weapons.
  • Tweaked weapon fire sounds for the AK74, AKM, M4, G3 series, and ZU-23 AA Gun
  • Improved the look of the M68 Aimpoint's dot, raising its co-witness to 1/3rd. (Putting the dot above the front sight post.)
  • Widened rear sight apertures on the AK74, AKM and RPK series, making it easier to acquire a target when sighting with these weapons.
  • Tweaked the look of the lowered pose when crouched.
  • Tweaked reticle on the M145 ACOG sight, making the chevron much smaller, and adding a small red dot under the chevron to indicate where a shot would land at 200m.


  • All APCs and IFVs now require you to procure a Crewman Role in order to operate the driver and gunner seats. These roles can be sourced from ammo crates, or are spawnable as such.
  • Most vehicles now have the capability to carry spare ammunition to which ground infantry can resupply their ammunition from. These ammunition points can be sourced from Main Base and FOBs, much
    like ammo points on Logistics vehicles. To that end, these vehicles can now be used to ferry ammunition to and from FOBs if need be.
  • Insurgents will now have access to some technicals with Improvised Armor. These vehicles generally sacrifice speed, driver visibility and handling for much greater resistance to shrapnel and small
    arms fire, up to 7.62mm NATO.
  • A new British logistics and transport truck. This modern left-hand drive vehicle is similar in carrying capacity to its Russian and American counterparts. It is on a 3-minute respawn timer,
    and is worth 6 tickets. The passenger transport variant holds 18 soldiers, while the logistics variant holds 4 passengers and 2000 combined supplies.
  • FV510, a new British Infantry Fighting Vehicle. The FV510 is a heavily armored IFV that can carry up to 9 passengers, as well as having a driver/gunner crew. It sports a 30mm autocannon, a slow
    firing clip-fed cannon that fires high-velocity 30mm rounds in armor-piercing sabot and high explosive. In addition, a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun and smoke launchers. It is on a 10-minute spawn
    timer and is worth 28 tickets.
  • M2A3 IFV, a new Infantry Fighting Vehicle for the US Army. Bridging the gap between Armored Personnel Carrier and Main Battle Tank, IFVs can transport a small group of infantry while also providing
    considerable fire support against both infantry and enemy armor. It holds 7 passengers, along with a driver and gunner. The M2A3 is the most heavily armed vehicle in the game, with a 25mm chaingun,
    firing armor-piercing sabot and high explosive rounds, as well as a turret-mounted TOW launcher with 2 TOW wire-guided missiles ready to fire. In addition, a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun and smoke
    launchers for creating smokescreens. It is on a 15-minute spawn timer and is worth 37 tickets.
  • Dramatically reduced the effectiveness of radial damage from rockets to medium to heavy armor vehicles.
  • Completely overhauled the look of the CROWS weapon system on the MATV and M1126. To this, we added an ammunition tracker, rangefinder, turret orientation indicator and 3 levels of zoom.


  • The TOW missile is a wire-guided missile that follows the target commands via a very long wire attached to the launcher. The player can effectively steer the missile while in flight onto target,
    and it is extremely effective against stationary or slow-moving targets.
  • Optics have been added onto the emplaced Russian NSV, British and American M2 Brownings and both emplaced and mobile versions of the SPG-9 Kopye. Both the M2 Browning and SPG9 have completely
    functional reticles that allow for precise shooting at range. We recommend having some trigger time on the range with these to understand how the reticles are used.
  • Emplacements are now damageable by calibers greater than and including 12.7mm/.50cal. The intent is that they will cease to function after sustaining a light to moderate amount of damage, requiring
    repairs to it in order to bring it back to a working state.
  • Razor wire has been made more damaging by slowing down the player much more when caught in it, as well as making it completely impassable. Razor wire that is shorter and lower to the ground can
    still be jumped over though with a big enough run-up.


  • New Map: Kamdesh Highlands: A new Afghan themed map has been added to the game. This map is set in the far east part of Afghanistan, sparsely populated and mountainous, the area has a number of
    roads crisscrossed, connecting small hamlets.
  • Kohat Toi Expansion: Kohat has been expanded to increase gameplay variability and increase Gameplay layer options. In addition to opening up the playable zones, a lot of surrounding dressing has
    been added to the map edges to make you really impart the sense of a large world around you. Finally, the lighting has been completely redone from scratch to give a greater sense of distance when
    looking off into the edges of the map.
  • Gorodok visual improvements: foliage should be thicker, draw farther and look better, all while being more optimized. Rock demons have been largely eliminated.
  • Fixed a number of terrain and static glitching bugs relating to the Train Depot area on Narva

We also have added a lot of new layers to existing maps with radically different flag layouts, the addition of the British and expanding the implementation of the Invasion-style game mode
  • Al Basrah Invasion_v1 (Overhauled)
  • Al Basrah Invasion_v2 S (New)
  • Belaya: Relevant layers with Train Tunnel flags are now able to be capped from outdoor areas.
  • Belaya AAS_v2 (New)
  • Belaya AAS_v3 (New)
  • Fools Road AAS_v1: Ammo Hill is a requirement in the lattice.
  • Fools Road AAS_v4 (Overhauled)
  • Gorodok AAS_v1 (Overhauled)
  • Gorodok AAS_v2 (Overhauled)
  • Gorodok AAS_v3 GB vs RU (New)
  • Gorodok AAS_v4 US vs RU (New)
  • Gorodok Invasion_v2 (New)
  • Kohat AAS_v1 (Overhauled)
  • Kohat AAS_v2 (Overhauled)
  • Kohat Invasion_v1 (Overhauled)
  • Yehorivka_AAS_v3 (New)

User Interface

  • Name Tag UI updated. Name Tags have been updated both on the 3D HUD and on the map, giving you more intel on friendly locations while also being more contextual. You can see what roles they have
    now via the name tags.
  • The Squad Leader's position is always visible on the 3D HUD.
  • Players who are incapacitated now appear in grey on the 3D HUD.
  • When seeing a vehicle, only the driver is now shown, clearing a lot of the clutter.
  • Added squad numbers to the vehicle icons on the map, showing which squads currently have a claim on that vehicle.
  • Improved Speedometer. Added a new and improved Speedometer for all drivers. It now shows the amount of torque, what gear you are in, your land speed, your maximum possible top speed and also how
    much your vehicle is tilted in either direction.
  • Added a search bar to the server browser.
  • Added a 'Screenshot Mode' which hides the main in-game UI. This is accessible through the main menu in the bottom right.
  • Added a back-button to the main menu, which backs you out to the main screen.
  • Added separate mouse sensitivity sliders for soldiers and vehicles. (Further iteration will be done on this system.)
  • Fixed map icon clipping when the icon is close to the map border.


  • Added inside/outside sound mixes for vehicles. For example, being inside an armored vehicle, you will no longer hear outside ambient sounds and the loud sounds are being muffled. Also, impact sounds to vehicles sounds different when sitting inside with a much more pronounced type of sound.
  • Added new and adjusted volumes of weapon firing distant sounds.
  • Added bolt and trigger sounds for handheld and HMG weapons.
  • Added vehicle FX sounds for tyres and tank threads on various surfaces including rolling and sliding.
  • Beefed up attenuation for engine sounds on various vehicles. You will be able to hear the engines further away.
  • Added ADS sounds for handheld weapons.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a clipping bug on the spawn menu where it was cutting off the bottom of the role list.
  • Adjusted the PKM's first-person view so the handle doesn't block your view.
  • Optimised a large amount of bullet hit and vehicle-based effects.
  • Third person jogging animations have been cleaned up and tweaked.
  • Fixed sound cutting out on the M4 when firing in Three Round Burst.
  • Fixed being able to change stances while deployed in bipod.
  • Fixed sprinting while low stamina looking awkward in third-person.
  • Optimised the blur effect on ADS.
  • Fixed feet sliding while moving in crouch in third-person.
  • Remove menu when pressing Tilde ~ for console or when pressing Shift-P for admin camera. This will stop you getting stuck in the main menu and unintentionally being able to move.
  • Fixed third person sprinting animations for some weapons causing their left wrist to break.
  • Fixed an unintentional value for settle sway on the M4 platform.
  • Several bug fixes related gameplay layers.


  • Localisation for the following languages has been updated and added: Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese,
    Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified & Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish and Ukrainian.
  • Added a server option for whether or not APCs and IFVs require a crewman.

And that's it! What are you waiting for, soldier? Get out there and kick some butt!

Offworld Out.
Squad - Gatzby
(Note: For the media rich version of this post, click here.)

Hey Squaddies,

Welcome to the March Recap, Squaddies! It's been a busy month at home and abroad as some of the developers attended GDC, and others welcomed the Air Assault winners to Vancouver! We're happy to report they kicked some mocap butt. The rest of you can kick back, enjoy some Squad, and enjoy the fruits of March.

A special shout out to the pros at Animatrik for hosting us at their top-notch motion capture facility. Our veterans have never felt sexier than when donning Mocap Formal.

AAS Ticket Bleed Tweaks

We're doing a number of different changes to AAS in order to promote a more varied style of play and to positively incentivize flag capture. These include dramatically reducing the ticket bleed on the middle flags, as well as increasing the ticket win/loss when an actual flag area is captured or lost. Neutral flag captures will now also include a ticket gain for your team. There will still continue to be a very heavy "mercy" ticket bleed on the end flags.

Our intention with these changes are to increase tactical variability and creating the dynamics for a more open-ended approach to strategy. The neutral flag ticket gain should still retain the incentive to capture middle flags quickly for your team, to deny the enemy team that initial ticket advantage.

These changes are in the testing phase and ticket values may fluctuate and are subject to feedback from community gameplay testing sessions.

Alpha 10.2 Bug Fixes

A number of key bugs have been identified and are addressed in the latest hotfix, including these 3 big ones:
  • Spawn over-run mechanic for FOBs has not been working correctly since the v10 release. When enemy players get within close range to a FOB, the spawn times for that FOB should increase. This is based on the ratio of friendly to enemy players in the radius. We shall be monitoring these changes, expect more tweaks coming to this area, as the spawn massacres around compromised FOBs is not the intended gameplay outcome. We value your feedback here and welcome more discussion on the topic of FOB spawning.
  • Squad kit roles that were being force-switched has been corrected. When squad members left a squad, kit roles were being force switched if the squad dropped below the min players for that kit requirement. This has been modified so that it will only force switch a player upon respawn. A less pervasive method to protect against players exploiting kit requirements has been implemented.
  • An exploit that enabled players to load Logistics Trucks with additional supplies above the 2000 limit has been fixed.

Name Tag and Squad Leader 3D HUD UI Upgrades

We know name tags have been a hotly debated topic, especially when it comes to them showing up when you don't want them to (e.g, blocking your vision when there are many incapacitated players in the area, or when there are many players inside a vehicle, etc). We feel name tags are necessary for team/squad cohesion and situational awareness. Our goal is to make them as unobtrusive as possible while giving players the necessary fluid contextual situational awareness.

We have reduced the number of Name Tags shown on the 3D HUD. It will now display only one name tag at a time (the one you are directly looking at). We have also tightened up the viewing angle for the name tag appear.

We understand that players have a large variety of different display setups and may want to customize the UI. We have added 2 new slider bars in the options, one to adjust the name tag opacity and one to adjust the name tag size. There is also an on/off toggle for 3D HUD name tags (Default is on), and an on/off toggle for 3D HUD kit role icons. (Default is off.)

The Squad Leader Icon on the 3D HUD has now been simplified. The SL icon is an important passive tool that allows for instinctive cohesion and spatial awareness of a squad, especially when it comes to newer players joining the squad. The SL Icon will now be displayed on the 3D HUD persistently, but it will fade when the SL is out of range.

Map Screen UI Upgrades

The Map screen will have a new feature: players inside a vehicle will have their name tags displayed when mousing over the vehicle. The nametags of all players inside the vehicle will be listed according to seat position, as well as the squad # and kit role of each player.

Additionally, the Map screen will also have a new indicator for vehicles showing the squad number of the driver. The new indicator will be discreetly displayed next to the vehicles map icon. This enables Squad Leaders to better assess the battle situation on the map quickly and efficiently.

British Forces Update

The British have undergone more work and polish since we have shown them initially in January. They are from a gameplay point of view, almost ready, and will feature a unique array of small arms to make their infantry a considerable threat on the battlefield.



Improved Vehicle Damage Model


One massive upgrade we're doing to our vehicle damage model is the development of a localised damage system and the ability for us to model different armor thicknesses and angle of attacks in order to determine the effectiveness of projectiles against armor. Currently, all vehicles have a very simple health system that does not respect the location or angle of a hit, making anti-tank and vehicle play undesirably shallow.


One example is the Stryker, where with this new system its frontal armor is completely impenetrable by 14.5mm rounds whereas its side and rear armor are more vulnerable. Another important upgrade is to include the angle of the projectile to the armor when calculating the penetrating capability.


For example, hitting the armor on an angle means more material thickness the projectile must go through, which determines whether penetration is made or not.


We also plan to have the impact effects and audio reflect whether penetration has occurred and you are actually doing damage to an armored target.This is the beginning of a deeper system that will be later expanded into damaging critical internal systems on vehicles, such as engines. In addition damage on separate components like tracks, wheels, and turrets.

BGM-71 TOW Guided Anti-Tank Missile Launcher


As part of upping our anti-tank defenses, we are introducing the addition of anti-tank guided missile systems for all conventional forces. Initially, we will be implementing the BGM-71 TOW missile launcher for all factions while the artwork for the 9M133 Kornet ATGM is still being done, but this should provide a very good analogue for the kind of anti-tank capability FOBs will be able to deploy going into the future.

The TOW missile is a wire-guided missile that follows the target commands via a very long wire attached to the launcher. The player can effectively steer the missile while in flight onto target, and it is extremely effective against stationary or slow-moving targets.

Weapon Emplacement Optics Upgrade


In an effort to improve the fire support capabilities of FOBs, optics have been added onto the emplaced Russian NSV, British & American M2 Brownings and both emplaced and mobile versions of the SPG9 Kopye. Both the M2 Browning and SPG9 have completely functional reticles that allow for precise shooting at range. The intention is to make these weapons even more of a threat and further allow a FOB to lock down an area.



Update: Kamdesh Highlands


We managed to pull our mappers out of the SDK for a few minutes to see what the latest updates are looking like on Kamdesh and they sure have done us proud.


We expect fighting from building to building to be fierce, much like the terrain surrounding the point. Squaddies should be ready to practice their bounding cover tactics if they expect to survive.


The road in is rarely the road out, but with armor thickness coming in the near future, you might survive a few seconds longer. Be on your guard for anti-tank support!


Update: Kohat Expansion

As you may know, we've been taking some time to go back and fix up some of the old favorites. This time around, we're looking at the Kohat Expansion, which is building on the fantastic work the environmental team has already laid down.

In addition to opening up the playable zones, a lot of surrounding dressing has been added to the map edges to make you really impart the sense of a large world around you. The beautiful lighting is sure to be used as an excuse for taking a few stray rounds from the enemy.

Stack-Up.org Air Assault


A while back, we had
the opportunity to invite a few veterans from the community to join http://www.stack-up.org and the Squad team for a mocap session!Our winners were in Vancouver, British Columbia over a recent weekend at Animatrik.

We're just getting some of the pictures and video in, so stay tuned for a full-fledged article in the near future. In the meantime, a huge thanks to the winners AND Stack-Up for making a once-in-a-lifetime event possible. Bonus points for making sure it goes down in gaming history!

Stay sharp out there, Squaddies: April is upon us and has a reputation for being tricky!We'll see you in the next recap and on the battlefield!

Did you see something you want to talk about? Something you want to see next month? Sound off to your next favorite squad leader in the Squad Community Discord. Until next time, squaddies.

Offworld Out.
Apr 2
Squad - Norby
While work on A11 is progressing at full speed we pulled over a few changes to A10 so you can have a better experience along the way.

  • Changed the process of a kit becoming unavailable due to squad size falling below the player limit. Now your claim on the kit you had previously remains until you select a different one. Prevents other players from stealing kits by leaving and re-entering squads.
  • Fixed FOB respawn timer not increasing with enemies nearby
  • Fixed player rotation getting permantly offset when standing on a vehicle that's rotating
  • Fixed bad zeroing on M4 with reddot sight
  • Fixed an exploit on logistics vehicles allowing the total load capactiy to be exceeded
  • Reduced stamina cost of jumping/climbing/vaulting
  • Adjusted calculation for nametag fadeout to make it work better when aiming below the nametag
  • Changed vehicle seat info text scale back to previous size
  • Fixed main base repair stations not working on Sumari AASv1 &AASv2
  • Revived a fix to the prone player capsule that got lost in merges
  • Disabled replication of unequipped weapons
  • Enabled Anim update rate optimizations on equipables
  • Simplified bounds calculation on equipables
  • Set Anim update rate optimizations to more aggressive values on the Soldiers

Thanks to everyone who participated in the playtests over the weekend! It's great to see the dedication of communites like W<3S
Mar 1
Squad - Norby
It has been another 3 weeks - time for a patch.

  • Vaulting, climbing and jumping now consume stamina in addition to sprinting and prone movement, which already did so previously
  • The seperate "jumping stamina" has been removed
  • Low stamina will not prevent you from vaulting, climbing, jumping or sprinting
  • Stamina below half will gradually decrease your movement speed until your sprint at 0 stamina is barely faster than normal movement at full stamina. This affects crouched and prone movement too.
  • Weapon sway is still affected by stamina


The Squad Community has done great work translating Squad into many different languages. The initial import of the localization files into A10 failed however. We also dicovered some issues with our use of different fonts in the game and the way we set some text assets. We are currently fixing all those issues and unifying our font use. In A10.1 all supported languages work but a few texts will not be translated yet. We'll work with our awesome localization community to have the game fully localized for A11.


A focus of our work in these past 3 weeks has been performance of the game. Particular problem areas identified were server performance and client performance on specific maps.
Map opimization is a lot of manual work and no major changes have been done in this short time frame. Our mapping department is currently working on addressing the most problematic maps, one after another.
For server performance we did changes to make player state related replication operations quicker. However the public test on Monday indicated that the server performance is still not on the same level as the later A9 versions. This is a problem because longer frame times on the server can lead to perceived issues with hit detection on the clients and poor kill feedback.
The best approach to improving performance is not trying to make existing systems quicker, but to rewrite the systems to be smarter and only do necessary and relevant operations, especially in regards to replication. We started this process last year on our road to 100 players.
Even though we didn't achive our performance goals for A10 it would be wrong to spend more time trying to optimize systems that are being rewritten at the same time. As we continue our development work towards 100p the optimizations that come with it will find their way into the next releases.

Bugfixes and improvements
  • Updated EAC SDK
  • Complete rewrite of freelook to fix it not replicating on deployables and improve performance
  • Fixed vehicles sometimes taking reduced damage from rockets
  • Fixed occasional invisible gun on revive
  • Fixed one hand getting detached in the 1p animation doing funny things
  • Increased rotation acceleration and maximum rotation speed on 3p soldier animations
  • Fixed bandaging not detecting other soldiers reliably
  • Fixed bandaging animation not cancelling when moving away from the soldier that's being bandaged
  • Set Medic's field dressings to be 25% faster to apply compared to any other role
  • Fixed crouch-sprinting not having correct stamina cost
  • Guns no longer get forced-lowered when very close to an enemy
  • Fixed an issue with reloads having to be done multiple times
  • Fixed rocket backblasts being too wide
  • Fixed nametags disapperaing on prone lean
  • Made nametags more transparant when aiming directly at them. The enemy won't be able to hide behind a nametag anymore
  • Fixed an issue where enemy players could cap a neutral flag for your team
  • Fixed inconsistent behavior when right clicking in the Squad-Leader's Fire Support sub-menu and enemy markers sub-menu
  • Fixed invite list not being scrol-lable so it could not be collapsed when a lot of players were unassigned
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed squad members to take more limited role kits than allowed
  • Fixed part of the player's body showing above him on incapacitation
  • Fixed MAT-V open top turret not blocking projectiles
  • Removed one BTR-82A from Narva AAS v1,v2 and v3
  • Removed two Strykers and replaced one BTR-82A with one BTR-80 on Kohat AAS v2
  • Fixed a RUS transport on Gorodok Invasion v1 spawning half way into the map
  • Fixed Narva AASv2 Old Barracks flag capture zone preventing leaning
  • Blocked windows of a wip building on Narva that players could glitch into since climbing was introduced
  • Fixed Mestia Tunnels dynamic shadow-casting light sources causing performance issues on AMD GPUs
  • Removed attack markers on Invasion ruleset
  • Fixed a bug that prevented un-muting a muted player
  • Fixed logistics technical showing 2000 as ammo/construction point capacity
  • Toggle lean status now gets cancelled on sprint so the player doesn't start leaning again by himself when stopping the sprint
  • Fixed a rare bug where a player would be able to move at very high speeds after using a bipod
  • Fixed a rare bug where players would launch into space after using bipods
  • Fixed a bounds issue on the SPG-9 deployable making it invisible in 1p
  • Fixed BTR's special blurred camo ability when ADS
  • Minor tweaks on dozens of movement related animations
Squad - Gatzby
Hey Squaddies,

Heads up on some recent ReShade: Many of you have come to us with troublesome news about the recent use of ReShade to provide an advantage over other players not just in Squad, but any game currently compatible with the tool. We want to thank you for coming to us with your concerns as quickly and directly as you did and let you know what's up.

As you may know, PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds has taken the step of banning the use of Reshade as a cheating utility. After consulting thoroughly with the experts at EasyAntiCheat, we've decided to follow suit until ReShade can develop a version that removes the problematic options.

Why are they a problem? Well...

This is what a normal copy of Squad looks like when you zoom in:

Visit JoinSquad.com for images.

And this is what it looks like when someone using ReShade applies a quick script from a questionable source:

Visit JoinSquad.com for images.

So, why can't we just disable that option? Let's hear it from our expert:

It looks like the ReShade based zoom hack is based on a custom shader to implement the zooming logic. Due to the technique, it's not really possible to block or detect just the zooming functionality of ReShade without blocking the software.

Since ReShade allows the effects to be toggled in a shortcut and also configured on the fly inside the game, ReShade could potentially be a really powerful tool for unfair advantage such as zooming or adjusting the color balance of the game. (e.g. Seeing better in dark than other players.)

This is definitely unfortunate, as we know the vast majority use ReShade to amp up the beauty of Squad and Unreal in general. We're looking into some graphical options on our end in the meantime, but with any luck, ReShade will be quick to respond and get everyone a set of custom settings that not only look great, but play fair for everyone.

Am I getting banned?!

Nope! You're not a cheater! ReShade has developed a tool that can be used for tweaking your visual settings, but it turns out, it's also a pretty potent way to gain an unfair advantage. What you'll see is an error messsage just after the EasyAntiCheat splash screen. (See below.)

Visit JoinSquad.com for images.

You'll need to remove ReShade at this point and restart Squad and you're ready to rock once more. We look forward to the return of ReShade and thank you for your understanding and patience. Stay tuned for updates as they become available.

Offworld Out.

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