Rogue Wizards - Spellbind Studios
Minor Changes
  • Fixed mudsplats making sections of the UI go black when opened
  • Upgraded underlying engine to Unity 2018.3.0f2
  • Upgraded Steamworks.NET to version 11
Rogue Wizards - Spellbind Studios
Major Changes
  • Forgestone now adds sockets to items
  • Added random dungeon socketing shrines

Minor Changes
  • Guild Wizard boss chests now have a glow effect
  • Doors are now colored more obviously on the minimap
  • Moved spellbook from a tab to a button positioned around the avatar ui
  • Spell rune remove poof is now larger and offset more on devices without a mouse
  • Fixed exploit from "On Hit" enchantments on weapons, these enchantments only fire in combat mode now
Rogue Wizards - Spellbind Studios
v1.2.364 - Town Gauntlets + Revives + Epic Chests + more!

Major Changes
  • 4 new endless gauntlet dungeons now appear in story mode, these gauntlet dungeons are run with your current character
  • A revive potion is now for sale at the supply shop that will automatically revive you from death (carry limit 1)
  • After beating the final boss players are now returned to town where they can continue to level up their character, vendors, and run town gauntlets
  • Level cap upped to 800
  • The UI to abandon the current quest is now more obvious off the home menu as "Return to Town"
  • Epic chests can now occur in dungeons
  • Default game speed now 150% range now goes from 100% to 200%

Minor Changes
  • Player allies now ignore invisible actors for combat
  • Increased chance of champions
  • First miniboss now has half as much health in the Adira quest
  • A new UI is now present on the minimap and full map showing the status of the level awards (kill all enemies, open all treasure, disarm all traps)
  • Minimap now goes translucent when in combat mode
  • A brief death ceremony is now played when you die that darkens the screen and possibily uses a revive potion
  • Completely removed the stack split UI when selling items to vendors, it's just not needed
  • Added VSync settings to desktiop video UI and device settings file
  • Player now speaks inventory full message when can't pickup item on ground
  • Upon death, screen decals (mud splats) are now cleared
  • Added particle system to cosmic backdrop
  • Socketing items now does inventry floaty text
  • Sockets now display a colored glow around the socket when occupied
  • Socketed now displays with the item rarity if the item has been socketed with another object
  • A dialog bubble message now explains that level boss warping behavior is enabled the first time it happens after player death at a boss
  • Pet UI is now exclusively when entering a dungeon and is now larger and contains question marks for pet information
  • Stairs up/down are now light by lights based on analogous floor colors to make them stand out more
  • Changed portal minimap image to a star and slightly refactored how color selection is done to be more flexible
  • Players now start with a revive potion from the first dungeon loot drop
  • Revive and health potions are now dropped on the ground if the player needs them on the last level of the blacksmith and ice wizard quests as a hand holding technique to help so that players don't die at that point in the game
  • Added new combat quality for ice wizard boss used only in story mode with uses a 15x health multiplier instead of a 30x
  • Increased stack size for vendor upgrade resources

Framework and fixes
  • Fixed a rare case that would cause save games to not load if you killed Hosperak with the last dagger of a stack
  • Optimized to save a ton of memory at runtime
  • Fixed possible blocking dialog at last boss battle due to boss death ceremony being active at the same time as some quest dialog triggerd by low boss health
  • Fixed barrels spawning in the place the player will arrive in the intro dungeon
  • Disable log deletion on app version change
  • Increase log file size to 5mb
  • Fixed descructibles spawning in blackout areas
  • Hallucinations no longer contribute to enemies and actors count properties
  • Upgraded to Unity 5.6
Rogue Wizards - Spellbind Studios
v1.1.323 - Divine Treasury + German + French + Spanish

Major Changes
  • The divine treasury is now available in town and grants you three magic items per day
  • A new UI has been inserted specifically for quick pet selection as the last step when traveling to a dungeon
  • Localized into German, French, and Spanish languages ... users will be prompted once on startup to select a language and a new language UI is available from the home menu to change to any language instantly
  • New dialog and scroll fonts that properly support all available languages
  • Gauntlet games now generate more followers to hire (up to 2) and more frequently they appear in the dungeons
  • If you die at a guild wizard boss, when you play that level again you now warp to the boss fight and don't have to play the level over

Minor Changes
  • Artichuk pet melee damage increased almost 2x
  • Firebrand magic attack now does some intrinsic damage as well as summon a flame hazard
  • Counter damage will no longer occur if the source actor is frozen
  • Story scrolls now animate position and glow green so you can't miss them and think you're stuck in a boss arena with no way to exit
  • All UI buttons that take a cost when pressed have been unified into similar looking layouts with consistent cost icons and tooltips
  • When a legendary or better item drops, a sound effect is now played
  • Added damage to sentinel skill description text
  • Removed property lines from spell upgrade UI tooltips, we now show only the descriptions which contain all the necessary information in a much more compact space which is good for small devices
  • Spell upgrade tooltips now have a max height and will autosize themselves smaller until they fit within the UI constraints
  • New audio for all enemies killed event on a level
  • Gemstones is now called Platinum and the art has been more silver blue like
  • "Idle" time is no longer included in overall game time played, a player is idle if there is no input for more than 30 seconds
  • Increased Banish spell radius
  • Malevolence, Dominator, and Replicating blob now pushed untill after ice rift in story games
  • Quests can now up the random quest count if they are failed, we use this when failing the first ice wizard boss just incase the player feels the need to grind in order to get ready for the boss
  • Tooltips now use the avatar background instead of scroll background because it has a little design on it that's cool

  • Fixed being able to put your spell runes in personal and gauntlet vaults (among a couple other UIs)
  • Fix crash caused by double removing actor from ActionManager.m_actorsToRun ... showed up rarely during Guild Wizard boss fights when wizard teleported to a cell that was hiding.
  • Tweaked a few UI sizes and placements so that they work better for both desktop and the upcoming mobile release
  • Fixed a possible crash in hall of fame entry generation when killed by an unknown actor
  • Fixed procs that were set on wands not triggering properly
  • Speed up the hit animation on the Fire Giant
  • Do not display notice text for item mastery level up if that item does not belong to the player (followers)
  • Fix shield orbs running their hide logic after the orb had been destroyed by other means by passing in the orb actor in to the event to hide, which will validate the actor is still valid before calling the callback via the EventManager
  • Fixed possible crash from many skills that registered and event without an actor to validate the state properly when the event time arrived
  • Fixed a UI display issue where the damage totals for an item might be off by 1 when adding up and showin

  • Upgraded to Unity 5.5.1
  • Updated zip archive libraries
  • Updated to HockeyApp 1.1.3
  • Compacted contents of a UI sprite atlas down to one
  • Cinematic now uses icons for press to continue instead of text
  • Fixed home menu being offset wrong
  • Increased font of tooltip text on ring menu items
  • GoldUI is no longer made visible when opening up VendorUI interact ring menu
  • Added confirmation dialog box when proceeding through the pet selection when no pet is selected, but there is one that is ready to use
  • Fixed CombatBoss causing healing to boss
  • Tooltip background, border, and property icons have been moved from UIScroll to UIInventory sprite atlas
Rogue Wizards - Spellbind Studios
v1.0.312 - Maintenance patch

  • XP potions and shrines now calculate their stacked values using the bonus value only ... a max bonus of 5 stacked potions giving +20% now correctly calculates to +100% instead of +600% as intended.
  • Fix possible case of recharge wands not recharging when placed in a gauntlet vault and equipped in another gauntlet game.
  • Fixed spell upgrade tooltips missing the header and proper effects for the next rank section of the spell info on the spell upgrade UI when the player had on items that boosted those magic families
  • Vault contents now show rank enhancements in their tooltip if the player is wearing items that enhance the rank of those items
Rogue Wizards - Spellbind Studios
v1.0.311 - Balance tweaks + fixes

  • Slightly increased item mastery requirements
  • Slightly decreased the heal value of summoned mystics when cast on champion enemy that created them.
  • Slightly increase the Sentinel attack damage and upped the material cost by 1 sky essense
  • Experience when damage property no longer limited to 100 cause it's not a percent anymore.
  • Rebalanced several enchantment values and chances
  • Rebalanced socket count allowed on items
  • Shield and XP potion limit increased

  • Fixed items that were partially stacked not returning the remaining stack portion left to their original inventory location
  • Fixed incorrect damage value for Sentinel spell tooltip
  • Fixed multi-target weapons executing procs more often than intended
  • Fixed games at extremely high levels exceeding setting invalid rank values
  • Fix strory mode showing "Upgrade Spells" before you have visited your tower

  • Prepared all text for localization import/export tools
Rogue Wizards - Spellbind Studios
v1.0.310 - Maintenance patch

  • Increased delay time of button held down detection to avoid accidentally moving when a click was intended, usually to pick up an item
  • Monsters with a long range attack only show up after level 3+ in gauntlet games
Rogue Wizards - Spellbind Studios
v1.0.309 - Gauntlet + control speed + traps

  • Gauntlet games now have a chance to encounter additional specialized merchants (weapons, armor, trinkets)
  • Story mode can now only be played in the normal difficulty (no permadeath), Gauntlet mode remains as is with permadeath on always
  • Mimics now have a visual tell in their artwork
  • When the player is hallucinating, any allies are also considered hallucinating and will battle the hallucinations
  • When killing the last real enemy and getting the xp reward, any remaining hallucinations on the current floor are automatically dispelled
  • Gauntlet NPC followers no longer depart at the end of a level chain
  • Removed the Hall of Fame for "Story (Hard)" mode, any existing ranked players have been merged into the now single unified hall of fame for story mode games
  • Game mode (story/gauntlet) is now remembered and automatically set when creating a new game on the options screen
  • Decreased the delay required for mouse button press and hold to execute moves/actions making controls more responsive
  • Teleport skill post delay now faster
  • When releasing the mouse button after holding it down a long time (driving movement), the player now immediately stops moving or executing other commands queued up while the mouse button was pressed.
  • Floor traps have new revealed artowrk of a big red X and now appear in all areas
  • Cosmic loot crystals now have a chance to explode, but can also be disarmed like exploding barrels
  • Altered music sets for Lava and Plasma environments
  • Increased the upgrade cost for the gauntlet vault

  • Fixed a case where enemies could freeze and not return to idle animations
  • Fixed Pallom being invulnerable when following the player in gauntlet games
Rogue Wizards - Spellbind Studios
v1.0.308 - Maintenance patch

  • Gauntlet vault now has a map icon and appears near the start of every environment level chain instead of the end
  • When failing to upgrade a vendor due to not enough money or resources, some text feedback now occurs on the upgrade control

  • Fixed save game loading error for old save games that generated a caundron in the dungeon intro level
  • Fix save game load error conditions by going to the archive map data itself to determine level has been instanced instead of the has visited flag
  • Fixed intro dungeon having no enemies
  • Fixed gauntlet manager not clearing previous game data when reset
  • Fixed overseer not playing idle animation after wall skill
  • Fixed shield orb at wrong orientation after being recycled when previous use rotated (banished)
  • Fixed crash for upcoming Windows Store distribution

  • Modified build pipeline to include distribution and version data for inclusion in other online game store outlets
Rogue Wizards - Spellbind Studios
v1.0.303 - Gauntlt boss balance + vision fx

  • Gauntlet Guild Wizard bosses now have no level advantange over the player due to quality. However, as gauntlet games progress the overall gauntlet AI rank advantage still increases and applies, but this allows for a smoother difficulty curve in the early game
  • Inventory UI now opens directly to the backpack or bag tab if either of those inventory contain new items so you can quicky inspect newly acquired loot
  • By default, the vision effect for a map is switched between rise/fall (black background maps) and grow/shrink (art background maps)
  • Default game speed now 125%
  • Tweaked the weights and number of cauldron recipes

  • Fixed a case of stuck actions because an actor was created after all existing actors have been processed for actions in the current turn
  • Fixed potion filling graphics at wrong scale in world
  • Clarify text for follower loot find quips

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