-50% discount on case keys for Black Friday.

In the latest update, we returned the zombie-mod. You can find the servers with this mode in the main menu of the game.

Have a nice survival!
Great news! The game added new models of knives with skins. You can see the full list in the main menu of the game.

Added the Halloween case, which contains skins for knives, and some more themed skins for other weapons. You can get it once a day at the end of the round, or buy it in the Steam store. Distribution of the case is limited in time, so hurry to get it.

We wish you new victories and a pleasant game!
We are pleased to announce that the game has left early access.

One of the main changes: player items are now in Steam inventory. And you can use the Marketplace.

Also in the game appeared cases that you can open using keys. To do this, go to the main menu of the game "Store - Cases and Keys", select the desired case and click the "Open Case" button.

Cases, keys and skins are issued at the end of the match for the time and achievements in the game:
- Level case is given for level increase;
- Random skin is given for increasing the level once a week;
- A random case (non-level) is given every 3 days of the game. If a random case is to be issued in this match, but a random skin is issued, then a random case will be issued in the next match.
- A random key is given every 10 days of the game. If a random key is to be issued in this match, but a random case is issued, then the random key will be issued in the next match.

Or you can purchase cases and keys in the game store “Shop - Cases and Keys”.

In honor of leaving early access, we decided to unban all banned players. But more of this is not planned, so play fair ;)

Everyone enjoy the game!
AIM maps are placed in a separate groups.

You can also see comments to the some servers in the upper left corner.

Protect-time has gained some positive changes.

The invulnerability time is still 5 seconds.
Invulnerability is canceled earlier than this time if:
- run away from the spawn point by one meter.

This is more true in relation to other players, and allowed to add dynamics to the gameplay.

We added a visual protection indicator in the form of a shield in the lower left corner of the screen. Also, the indicator is displayed above other players on the map.


We are pleased to announce that a global update has been released. Successfully made the transition to the version of Unity3D 2019. Made significant improvements and corrections. Also taken into account many wishes of the players. Improved server side. Changed the visual part, redesigned menu and game interface. A completely new look has gained the server selection menu, character customization, the item shop.

Have a nice game!

Added new gamemode ZOMBIEMATCH
Zombies need to infect all players. Players need to survive. Roundtime - 3 minutes.
Warmup 90 seconds. Infection begins after 20 seconds of each round with randomly 1-2 players infected(alpha-zombies). Zombies need to hit players to infect them. The last player stays to death.
Alpha-zombie has 9000 hp, regular zombie 5000 hp.
Zombies have hp regeneration +10HP per second.
Zombies have 10% speed advantage.
All players have 15000$ from the start.
All players have infinite ammo.
There is a fog on the zombie maps. Zombies has better vision.
There is no players collision in this gamemode.
Shots are pushing back zombies.

- Players can no longer move while planting the bomb.
- Fixed wrong appearance of the knife.
- Fixed bug when player could interrupt planting the bomb with a shot.
- Kill-list is automatically cleared.
- Kills is now written to the console [~].
- Bug: Bomb disappears from the map when a new player joined - Fixed.
Sep 19, 2016
- Added 1:30 sec warmup at start in CONFRONTATION and DETONATION gamemodes.
- New weapons skins in the shop.
- Anticheat updated.
- Fixed weapon muzzleflash
- Fixed game crash if Steam is not launched.

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