Oct 14, 2016
F1 2016 - jennyanne_m
Hey guys,

Just to update you on the newest patch v1.7. You can find the notes below:

  • Added the Master difficulty option when starting a new Career and Championship Season.
  • Fixed a bug that could give players who rejoin a multiplayer session the wrong tyres.
  • All cars now use the same gearbox when playing with Equal Performance.
  • Nvidia Scalable Link Interface (SLI) performance improvements.
  • Fixed a number of crash bugs.

Notes on the SLI speed improvements.

We have been in discussion with Nvidia for a while regarding a shadow corruption bug occasionally seen when running F1 2016 on a PC with SLI. Some of our performance improvements may have made this issue more frequent for a few of you, but we felt it was better to release them and give you a choice about how you want to run the game.

If you do experience this problem, we have several workarounds for you.

1. Have the full speed increase, but live with the potential of occasional shadow corruption.
2. If you do see the issue you can limit your FPS to reduce its frequency and potentially prevent the problem altogether.
3. If neither of these solve the problem, turn off SLI to stop the issue from occurring.

F1 2016 - jennyanne_m
Hey guys,

We've just set a brand new patch live, you can find the notes below.

  • Added the Master difficulty option to bridge the gap between Expert and Legend.
  • Changed the tyre rules so the tyre you start the race on counts as mandatory for the race.
  • Corrected a few translation issues.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause race sessions to occasionally never end.
  • Fixed a number of crash bugs.

Anything you spot that isn't the way it should be, please let us know.
F1 2016 - jennyanne_m

There's a new patch on PC that has gone live. You can find the notes below.

  • Fixed a crash loading specific mid-session saves from a previous version.
  • Fixed the LCD display on the steering wheel not always showing the current gear.
  • Fixed a multiplayer bug that would sometimes show players who pit under the safety car as being in first place which led to the queue breaking and penalties being awarded incorrectly.
  • Players who disconnect now behave like players who have paused, they will ghost and drive at the chosen AI difficulty level.
  • The session starts in countdown will no longer reset when a new player joins the lobby.
  • Fixed a number of crash bugs.

Any questions, problems, or issues, please let us know!
F1 2016 - jennyanne_m
Hey guys!

We've got another patch for you. This patch contains updated vehicle appearances for Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren, Manor, Renault, Force India and Toro Rosso, as well as containing bug fixes and stability improvements.

Here's the full list of patch notes:

  • Updated vehicle appearance for Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren, Manor, Renault, Force India and Toro Rosso.
  • Made adjustments to relative performance of teams and drivers based upon 2016 results so far.
  • Stability improvements for all game modes
  • Various Multiplayer Fixes
  • Various graphical bug fixes
  • Various other bug fixes.

Let us know if there's anything you spot that isn't as it should be.
F1 2016 - jennyanne_m
We're releasing a new patch on PC, here's what's been fixed:

- Performance improvements for AMD graphics cards.

- Fixed a potential crash when rebinding controls on unsupported controllers.

- Fix for rain beads shimmering when Weather Effects is set to High or Ultra High.

- Fix for Logitech G29 LED lights not functioning.

- Fixed a problem where selected files were not opening in Steam Workshop at the start of a race.

- Added Audio Accessibility option to the Advanced Audio Settings menu.

- Fixed a problem where the turbo could be heard on stationary cars.

- Further stability improvements.
F1 2016 - jennyanne_m
Good afternoon guys,

The PC patch detailed below is now live. In accordance with our topic here Time Trial leaderboards will be wiped.

Below are the fixes contained in this patch:

Game Additions

· Added the fuel remaining level next to the fuel mix setting in the MFD

· Added the ability to chose whether to select a front wing change during pit stops

· Added ability to alter fuel mix levels during the race start procedure.

· Added braking telemetry to ghost car DRL within Time Trial

· Added HUD area adjustment option.

PC Specific Fixes

· Setting Benchmark mode to loop will now loop the benchmark.

· Improved framerate when running the career hub in 4K and using the laptop.

· Fixed an issue where the Low Detail graphical preset was displayed as Custom in the advanced Setup menu

· V-sync Interval now fades out when v-sync is set to OFF

· AMD - Crossfire – Fixed an issue that resulted in vehicle reflections causing cars to flicker when set to HIGH or above

· Fixed an issue where some players were not receiving their pre-order bonus features.

· Steam multiplayer region filter expanded to worldwide.

· G27 steering wheel is now recognised.

General Multiplayer

· Players on pause during multiplayer races are now driven at the speed level of the chosen AI and ghost to avoid accidents.

· Safety Car icon has been added to the mini map in online multiplayer races.

· Fixed a hang where a user JIPs into a session as its transitioning to a race.

· Fixed an issue where JIPing into a practice session, quitting and rejoining prevents the player from taking control of a car.

· Fixed an issue where game assets fail to render correctly when a client spectates an ongoing multiplayer qualifying session.

· Fixed an issue where the AI refused to overtake a paused player during online sessions.

· Added an icon next to the player nametag to indicate when the AI has taken control of another player in online multiplayer.

· Fixed an issue where players could spawn in on top of each other on the grid if both players receive a 5 place grid penalty in practice

· Fixed an issue with an incorrect position indicator on the formation lap after a driver is reset to grid.

· Fixed an issue in multiplayer championship in which the client’s setup is forgotten after a reboot.

· Fixed an issue where if a host left an OSQ session their ghost was the only vehicle visible for all clients and results were showing them in 1st place.

· Multiplayer Championship – Auto save feature enabled when player client joins session.

· Fixed an issue where accepting an invite on the race results was failing to take user into the game lobby.

· Added option for clients to save Multiplayer Championship after host migration

· Fixed an issue where an absent player vehicle was retiring at the start of a practice session, preventing the player dropping into multiplayer championships

· Fixed an issue where drive through penalties were not being enforced after a Formation Lap

· Fixed an issue where if a player quits/is disqualified from an online practice or longer qualifying session, many AI were not setting a lap time at all

· Added ability to kick player in Online Championship if they don't have a vehicle.

· Various other bug and stability fixes.

General Game

· Fixed AI vehicles blocking cars on hot laps in qualifying and practice sessions.

· Fixed AI vehicles suddenly moving off the inside line of corners and causing collisions

· Improved AI ability to recover to track after being involved in crashes.

· Made changes to the AI to improve overtaking along straights.

· Improved AI ability to race closer in corners without backing out of moves.

· AI vehicles are now able to reliably keep within the Safety Car delta times.

· Updated safety car release frequencies to result in SC being deployed more often.

· Updated safety car severity release frequencies – More likely to be released for the more severe accidents.

· Practice Sessions – Re-balanced tyre management tests.

· Improved performance and framerate within the career mode hospitality suite.

· Fixed an issue in qualifying where the player was given new vehicle for Q2 after terminally damaging their car during Q1.

· Fixed a crash in a 100% race replay at Singapore.

· Fixed an issue where drive through penalties were not being enforced after a Formation Lap.

· Fixed an issue where marbles were not sticking to tyres when driving over them on the outside of corners.

· Fixed sector times incorrectly displaying purple on the timings screen in practice and qualifying.

· Fixed an exploit in full qualifying where you could move up the grid after Q1 by advancing to race.

· Fixed an issue on the strategy screen where it was possible to leave a gap in the race strategy.

· Fixed an issue where no response was heard after requesting driver in Front or driver behind status update.

· Fixed an issue where time trial laps that were penalised are appearing as legitimate times. - Please note this requires a leaderboard wipe to remove penalised lap times.

· Leaderboards now display total players and ranking position.

· Fixed a crash when attempting qualification pace practice program in FP2 and FP3.

· Fixed a crash when selecting flashback after entering the pits.

· Stopped the game forcing players to serve stop-go penalties whilst under safety car conditions.

· Altered formation lap start procedure so users do not think they are starting the race.

· Season objectives for teams in career now update at the start of a new season depending on previous seasons performance.

· MFD - Extended the strategy timer to 30 seconds.

· Sparks VFX is now played for plank collisions with track surface.

· BRAZIL - PIT LANE - Speed limit sign now matches 80Kph speed limit.

· AUSTRALIA – Pit Lane – Speed limit sign and pit limit OSD now match at 60Kph

· Stability improvements for all game modes.

· Various other bug and graphical fixes.

· Various audio issues fixed and re-balanced.

· Further updates to name filter in career mode.
F1 2016 - jennyanne_m
Hey guys,

Just to let you know that we've just released a brand new patch for F1 2016. Here are the bits fixed in this patch:

  • Low framerate during instant replays in Career Mode.
  • Frozen loading screens when refresh rate is set to 144hz
  • Further updates to name filter in Career Mode.

As always, if you find anything that doesn't work as it should, please let us know.
F1 2016 - jennyanne_m
We've just released a patch, here's the details:

Issues fixed

  • User is unable to create .xml files for settings if they have non-standard characters in their Windows account name
  • Deadzone on T300RS stock pedals
  • Large deadzone with HE View pedals
  • Deadzone on T3PA Pro pedals when creating a custom control scheme
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F1 2016 - jennyanne_m
We've just put a patch live on PC, the fix list is below:


Brake pedal being inverted on the Logitech G920

Re-assigning controls on the Logitech MOMO steering wheel

Re-assigning controls on the Logitech G920

Some legitimate names are being blocked

Found a bug in these, or is it not working as it should? Let us know!



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