Jun 19, 2018
Redemption: Eternal Quest - SimProseStudios
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Redemption: Eternal Quest - SimProseStudios
Steam trading cards, badges and emoticons have been added to the game! So now future and existing owners will get new benefits from exploring the world of Redemption.

Apr 22, 2016
Redemption: Eternal Quest - SimProseStudios
There were some long-standing issues with the game that a few reviewers pointed out. Since the game has been still selling steadily, I wanted to resolve them with some new additions for version 1.5.

- FEATURE: Added a display on the main guild screen that indicates when a Pact has expired. This will obviously make it much easier to track expiration of contracts.

- FEATURE: There were those who felt combat was too random. I have now added a range of possible combat scores for each opponent card that is displayed before you play cards. This will allow for more strategic use of cards and less randomness.

- TWEAK; Tweaked aging slightly to allow for more a varied curve in decline as adventurers age.

Redemption: Eternal Quest - SimProseStudios
A new 1.4.1a Hotfix has been released!

- FIX: Corrected an issue where sometimes you could not draw Minion cards later in a game even though you have the slots and gold available.

Thanks and enjoy!
Redemption: Eternal Quest - SimProseStudios
New version of Redemption, mostly addressing tech issues.

- Now users can grab the title bar and move the window of the game wherever they like; it isn't locked to the center of the screen anymore.

- Removed the font check for all users. Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 users can play the game normally even if their system fonts are set at 125%, but Windows 7 users may still to set to 100% system fonts to see things properly.

- 5 new turn start events added!

Thanks and enjoy!
Oct 12, 2015
Redemption: Eternal Quest - SimProseStudios
Just an announcement that Redemption is on sale this week for 50% off and a note for those of you who might not have tried the game since early on - several patches have been released with player feedback in mind, including new features and balance fixes.

Sep 13, 2015
Redemption: Eternal Quest - SimProseStudios
This version focuses mostly on balance issues, tweaks and bug fixes reported by dozens of great Steam users. I hope this version will bring even more enjoyment for everyone!

- NEW! Added 20 new possible events to the Main Guild screen.
- TWEAK: Adjusted the rate of Hireling rotation slightly up and adjusted the pact costs of experienced Hireling warriors up 15-25% across the board to account for their generally higher stats and make it more attractive sometimes to train and keep your own guys.
- TWEAK: Adjusted the engine, especially treasure, to "scale" better as your warriors advance in the game. This way you won't slowly go broke as their contract demands increase, as could happen occasionally.
- TWEAK: "Easy" level quests with lower Danger now don't ever have 3
creatures in a Combat, just 1-2 to make the Easy Quest more fair.
- TWEAK: Now you can make a full Pact offer to a warrior at any time,
not just when they're at 1 Year remaining like the previous version.
- TWEAK: Adjusted Training a bit more attractive by lowering the time
it takes to finish training a warrior in a discipline, now usually a
range from 2-6 Seasons, down from 5-10.
- TWEAK: On the Training screen, when you click on a Warrior,
their stats are displayed on the side of the screen now so you can have
more info to make Training decisions.
- TWEAK: Eliminated the event where the warrior suddenly voids their
remaining contract - too many balance issues with it.
- FIX: Generated characters height/weight is more proportional now.
No more 6'8 characters that weigh 100 lbs.
- FIX: Added mouseover tips on the Admin screen for each stat that
gives you a rough idea what each one does. The Help button on the
opening Recruitment screen still details these as well.
- FIX: Fixed an issue that still charged you for remaining contracts
in Hardcore mode when releasing a warrior even though he's dead.
- FIX: Fixed an issue with starting game year limit selections (25, 50
years, etc) not being saved and loaded properly.
Redemption: Eternal Quest - SimProseStudios
This version adds a new feature and fixes a few bugs.

-NEW! Adds a feature where you can pay gold to draw a Minion card, once per turn. Located on the main guild screen (you'll know the icon when you see it!)
- FIX: Fixed an occasional issue where the Experience totals were not being reset if you released a character and hired a new one.
- FIX: Fixed a rare issue where if a pair of warriors were in a dispute, it would "forget" who started the fight to begin with, causing a blank name to be displayed if they presented their ultimatum.
- FIX: Corrected some alignment issues with the Profile popup screen where longer data was being cut off.

Thanks and enjoy!
Redemption: Eternal Quest - SimProseStudios
Version 1.3 of Redemption releases later today, and it includes 2 main new features and some tweaks and changes.

-NEW! Realm Master Goal - A random game goal is generated that gives you an award when completed. It could be winning a certain number of fights, completing a certain number of classes, etc. It generates a new goal every time you finish one.
- NEW! Profiles/Avatar Head Shots - A randomized face pic is included with all warriors now, and also a Profile function is in the admin screen as well. You can click on a warrior's name there and it pops up a profile with a full pic and stats, and new stats tracking includes lifetime career gold found while they were in a party, and lifetime fights won and lost when they were in the party. You can also rename your characters.
- TWEAK: Harder realms now punish early weaker players a little more if you go too hard, too early.
- FIX: Saved games were sometimes not saving correctly. This has been fixed.
- FIX: The Mysterious Secret ability has now been fully enabled and will report the eventual ability in the messaging center.
- FIX: Tracking for the financial summary was a little off in certain situations. That should be fixed now.

NOTE: Older saved games will not work with this patch, due to all the data changes.

Thanks and enjoy! Please let me know what you think so far of the patch and the changes, and if you have any issues.
Redemption: Eternal Quest - SimProseStudios
This is a note aimed at those expecting Baldur's Gate for $3.99 - you'll be disappointed. :)

This game was intended to be a quick, light casual lunch break type game, a OOTP-lite with an RPG shell. For now, that's what it is. If that doesn't appeal to you, odds are you won't like it.

Do I plan on adding more to the game? Yes, I do...equippable items that boost stats, a feature where you collect bonuses for achieving certain random goals, more encounter interlude types, and a "avatar" feature where you can even use your own pics if you like and the ability to rename your guys to whatever you want.

With over 100 players with 7+ hours of play time so far, there's definitely a "game" here already, however. This isn't a game you can skim over for 15 minutes. It unwraps itself over playing time, little surprises here and there. If this doesn't appeal to you, again you probably won't like it.

Please keep all of this mind before reviewing the game. That's really all I ask. If you still don't like it, that's your right.

Thank you,

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