An Alien with a Magnet - BerserkRico

UPDATE: this bundle has ended!

Do you love Steam Game Bundles as much as we do? Great! Since starting today we're within the IndieGala Monday Motivation Bundle for 12 days. Grab An Alien with a Magnet with a lot of other great indie games for a great price.

Think about games like 1166, Bambina Rally 3, aMAZA, Vision Runner, Scribble Ships, Remnants of the Arcane, Incorp Inc., Police: Destruction Street, Chernobyl: Terrorist Attack, hack_me 2 and of course An Alien with a Magnet!

You can get the bundle on the page of IndieGala. Choose the amount you wish to pay, and support us and play some great new indie games!

We hope to see you soon, and enjoy!

Lukas Hoenderdos & Ricardo de Zoete
An Alien with a Magnet - BerserkRico

Hello all,

Mark your diary, An Alien with a Magnet is flying your way on March 29th!

We have been working hard the past 3 years to make sure An Alien with a Magnet will be an unique experience on Steam. We have build the game from the ground up to make sure it looks amazing on 16:9 screens on Full-HD with input-support for controllers, keyboards, mice and more. Since the game only uses a single-button to play you can use any button you like!

Prepare for a Puzzle Adventure in space with our friendly Alien searching his way back home using only a magnet attached to his Spaceship. Collect stars, gems and hidden orbs to make sure you get the highest score during your travels within 45+ handcrafted puzzles.

If you have any questions, go ahead, and hopefully we'll see you on March 29th!

Lukas Hoenderdos & Ricardo de Zoete

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