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Here s some cheapo games because you like cheapo things and you re a cheapo person. Don t give me that look, I m just being honest. The same folks that do this sort of thing all the time are Humbling Bundling survival platformer Rain World together with Glittermitten Grove, which is a fairy management sim and definitely not hiding any other amphibious videogames inside its slimy belly sac, if that s what you re thinking. This is all part of the Adult Swim bundle, which includes some other bits and bobs. … [visit site to read more]

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I’m always interested when a free small weird doodad I enjoyed years ago gets a full commercial release, and I’m especially curious to see what Small Radios Big Televisions [official site] has become. I enjoyed the mild puzzling of 2014’s free version, poking around an oil rig and gathering tapes to enter the warbling distorted scenes stored on them, but I’ve no clue what it might be now. More of a puzzle game, perhaps? I am keen to find out. Unfortunately for both of us, I need to finish this post before I can clock off and fire it up. Chop chop! … [visit site to read more]

Product Release - Valve
Small Radios Big Televisions is Now Available on Steam and is 20% off!*

Explore the inner workings of deserted factories in search of data cassettes that contain boundless virtual worlds. Collect more tapes and explore more worlds and you'll soon discover new methods of traversal and control that will take you farther than you'd ever expect.

*Offer ends November 15 at 10AM Pacific Time
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The trailer for Small Radios Big Televisions [official site] uses a voice filter that reminds me slightly of the Max Headroom hack that happened during a broadcast of Doctor Who. It also kind of annoys me that there’s no comma between “radios” and “big” in the title, but that’s another story. In any case, I think this might be a game for me. The wait won’t be long, as it’s now received a release date of November 8th. … [visit site to read more]

PC Gamer

We cited Small Radios Big Televisions back in February as one of our best games of 2016, which is in fact more of a hopeful wish list rather than an assessment of the year's offerings. Based on the new trailer released today to mark the announcement of the game's November 8 launch date, I'd say that hope was (and is) well-placed.

I have a natural curiosity about games that can't be readily explained in a press release or trailer, and Small Radios Big Televisions certainly seems to fit that bill. "Strewn across the floors of empty monoliths are lost data cassettes containing visions of a time long gone. But more than showing you, your mysterious tape deck instantly transports you to these boundless virtual worlds. In Small Radios Big Televisions, reality is just as interchangeable as the media we consume," the announcement explains, not entirely helpfully. "Solve mechanical puzzles to collect all the cassettes tapes and discover the secrets of the abandoned factories. Explore and manipulate the audio-visual data to reconstruct the past, discovering strikingly retrowave tunes along the way."

So it's The Talos Principle, but you can dance to it? That's probably not quite on the money, but I dig the visual style and I really want to know more about the vaguely threatening feeling that hangs behind what appears at first to be a pleasantly idyllic setting. Is the tape a lie?

More information about Small Radios Big Televisions can be found on Steam or at smallradiosbigtelevisions.com.


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