May 31, 2016
Garlock Online - HellconX®
Small fix! you can now back up!
May 31, 2016
Garlock Online - HellconX®
All who have the registration problem:
The problem is solved with the promised new patch ^^
Garlock Online - Valve
Garlock Online is Now Available on Steam Early Access!

Start your adventure with your friends in Garlock Online, collect items, match up with different types of monsters , collect archivements. build, recruit and improve the monsters who will stay on your side in battles.
Apr 29, 2016
Garlock Online - HellconX®
A new patch is already there. !
it was not planned but it needs to be fixed as in the old version was a mistake could in the new cause problems, and we have changed the characters, we can use the old version not like blank as the old characters there yet there are

SO.o what we have done!

1. As I said the characters changed.
2. It is now possible to adjust the camera's zoom.
3. In the setting, the GUI bar removed (only for PvP Best)
4. There have been DLC's installed on Steam that can you download.
5. A new battlefield (PvP) 5 vs 5 has been added and can be played. NOTE: Tournament Banquet Clan vs Clan, so there are clans or individual person wanted for tournaments the registration can be found here: Tournament registration

6. Then there is now a quick guide to Garlock online in DE and US. The instructions can be found on the home page, click here: instructions

7. The HellconX logo in loading screen has been replaced.
8. Deleting the data has been fixed (could not check the button).

9. Character collider was scaled it has led to complications.

This patch will fix first time until the game is there.

HellconX© Studio™
Mar 23, 2016
Garlock Online - HellconX®
Currently the game is so far Playable, here and there are still some bug's fix.
We will change even a lot and improve, preserve the mobs as much too strong.

  • Has come Added a Lv 1 ~ 5 area, the port is available directly in Garlock City.
  • Crafting and Pet System has been added.
  • Volcanic landscape is not yet complete.
  • In cities you have no more food loss.
  • GUI Tools
  • Quest's still missing 5 are available. : Steamsad:
  • Game Over Scene edited.
  • Foot sound added

We continue to make work diligently it perfectly.
Wen her errors please recognize it reports to us in order to improve
Thank you very much

HellconX ™
Sep 2, 2015
Garlock Online - HellconX®

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