Oct 26, 2018
Novus Inceptio - McMagic Productions

Hello everyone,
we bring you a new minor update.
This year, we joined the 3rd anniversary event and the Halloween event in one. Some players do not like these events, so from now it is possible to turn them off (in the main menu).
But there are also many players who are looking forward to these events;)

This update is relatively smaller and rather focuses on minor repairs of new or older bugs.
We spent a lot of time dealing with nVidia cards and integrated graphics - this issue has caused us a lot of problems (when the game was runs under integrated graphics).

We know that the update rate of the last months is not as frequent as before.
But we still have big plans with our game, and some steps require a really big hit in the whole game (tuning the characters animation, which will allow us to implement firearms and horse riding - but this is really a big step that takes a lot of time and work) .
On the other hand, we have to keep our game / business in positive sales numbers - unfortunately, the sale numbers is slowly falling and is no longer able to make a reasonable profit for fulltime development. Therefore, we also need to take additional steps to ensure a sufficient income for the development of this game.
Soon we will inform you more - but certainly Novus Inceptio does not end - it is our child and primary project!
(only we need to ensure sufficient income for further full-fledged development)

Thank you so much for your patience, loyalty and support!

We certainly did not want to unleash a discussion on company income etc.
We just wanted to prepare the our players for situation when we must create and finish a new smaller project (about which we want to inform after the new year - the new project is already in the finishing phase) at this time.
And also that it will not threaten the development of the NI.
New small project is to ensure the continuation of our company and to support the development of NI.

New Content
  • Starting the 3rd Anniversary Event.
  • Starting the Halloween event.
  • Both events can be turned off in the main menu.
  • Halloween event quest - A new Hat is the main reward (include 2016 and 2017 Hats).
  • 3rd Anniversary Quest - A new sculpture is the main reward (include 2016 and 2017 sculptures).
  • Two new achievements that will be fulfilled after the 3nd Anniversary quest is finished.

Gameplay Changes
  • Removed the ability to turn off the dark edge around the game - this graphic element has been completely removed from the game.
  • It is now possible to disable the collision model of the camera (when is disabled - the camera ignores collisions with surrounding objects) turn off or on you can in Settings -> Gameplay
  • In the underground temple was removed the inactive teleport (which caused some misunderstanding during the quest's fulfillment).

Issue fixes
  • Fixed a collision door model in the dungeon.
  • Fixed the quest display in the quest journal (if the tutorial quest and normal / event quest is displayed at one time).
  • The logic of "Mix of dried herbs" and "Dried specific herbs" has been fixed, this item is no longer defined as a pure herb (which caused problems and confusion / consumption of these items during the production of oneself).
  • Correction of the FPS indication (when the color definitions were swapped (red and yellow).
  • Fixed some small bugs in game code.
  • Dungeon - slightly increased performance.
  • Added libraries for some nVidia cards that improve the compatibility for nVidia GPU systems and integrated graphics (to launch the game directly under nVidia and not under the integrated GPU).

  • Fixed a small typing error

  • Correction of inventory icons for 3rd statue.
  • Alchemy station no longer produces silk.
  • Correction of the collision behaviour for the stairs in the dungeon.
Sep 6, 2018
Novus Inceptio - McMagic Productions

Hello everyone,
so after a some break there is a new update.

This is the first update from the newly planed and prepared updates for this autumn and winter.
And this first update does not bring much at first glance, but the opposite is true.

We do not want to burden you with lots of edits and preparations in the background of the game. Which are not visible but are essential for further development of the game, and rather we look at the news you can now play.

So we have prepared a new anomaly - it is a procedural dungeon that is ready for gradual expansion and upgrading.
This dungeon is always a little different and you always find some reward at the end.
Part of this dungeon is the new raw material "Ergastulum" - it is basically the best material in the game (for current time) and we will still balance him.
Anyway, this material is only found in the new Dungeon.

There are some further preparations and modifications - see the slightly modified anomaly "Ruined City", ("Hostile A2-A" patrol around the City! )etc.
All this is in consistent of the upcoming things that are planned.

So now for the crucial one - why was there a pause so long?
The pause in the development was unplanned, but we are happy for this work break.
We needed a lot of rest - the burn-out effect was slowly comes, and it was better for us to take a pause. Before being we defeated by the final pressure and ending up badly (both on health and on the job side).
So we used the summer holidays and revitalized us. Finally, after a long time, we could spend time on our families too. After all, we did not stop for a long time and preferred to work (which is also not good).

But it was not all about only relaxing - we was do it a lot of work and planning.
We have other new anomalies (this still needs to be fine tuned before we can release it) and basic parts of the game code and logic for further content and tuning.
But the main thing is that we are back in full at work.

Thanks so much for your patience and understanding.

Below is a list of this update:

New content
  • New Anomaly "Dungeon"
  • "Dungeon Anomaly" - This is a procedurally generated dungeon that is not always the same and will be further developed (in future updates).
  • "Dungeon Anomaly" - Each dungeon always contains the following parts in the specified sequence:
  • 1) Start
  • 2) Corridors or rooms
  • 3) Some Quest or location with raw materials
  • 4) Corridors or rooms
  • 5) Creatures
  • 6) Corridors or rooms
  • 7) Some Quest or location with raw materials
  • 8) Corridors or rooms
  • 9) Final Creatures (Boss :) - a selection of heavy ingame creatures (Bear, Basilisk, Skorpion)
  • 10) Corridors or rooms
  • 11) Room with a reward
  • 12) Exit
  • "Dungeon Anomaly" - New material for production - Ergastulum - is currently the best material in the game.
  • Ergastulum can only be obtained in the dungeon (predominantly as a final reward).
  • New Item Ergastulum Silk
  • New Item Ergastulum Branch
  • New Item Ergastulum Ore
  • New Item Ergastulum Ingot
  • New Item Ergastulum Pelt
  • New Item Ergastulum Stone
  • New Item Ergastulum Shaft
  • New Item Scroll to invoke Dungeon Anomaly (can be bought or obtained as a reward)
  • New Recipe Ergastulum Ingot
  • New Recipe Ergastulum Shaft

Gameplay changes
  • The feeling of cold is now beginning at -2.5 (Celsius), not +5 (Celsius)
  • The feeling of heat now begins at +39 (Celsius), not +35 (Celsius)
  • It is already possible to fill an empty bottles placed in the skill bar (only when you a while standing in the water).
  • The fracture can also be treated with bandages and healing covers - but with less chance of success.
  • "New players" - Aggressive monsters don't spawn in the world, if player do not have finished the basic tutorial.
  • "New players" - Anomalies are no longer generated, if player do not have finished the basic tutorial.
  • "New players" - Scrolls for anomaly invoke can not be used, if player do not have finished the basic tutorial.
  • "New players" - The reach of the safe zone was be reduced at the startup temple so that new players can place items on the ground around the start location.
  • The Blueprint icons in the inventory are now showing whether the blueprint is learned or not.
  • If you dig a planted tree, the quality of the seedlings is diminishing.
  • Obtaining seedlings after harvesting farm fields is again influenced by FARMING skill = greater chances of obtaining seedlings (up to 100%).
  • Improving Kits must have the same or higher Tier as the item to which they are used.
  • Custom player Trees after cutting already give the correct ql / tier.
  • Doe now has a better model size with respect to player size (smaller model).
  • Mitigated and modified interval of idle sounds for monsters.
  • Adjusted Anomaly "Ruined City" (preparation for additional content):
  • "Ruined City Anomaly" - New and better placed flora (trees, shrubs, rocks, etc.).
  • "Ruined City Anomaly" - Monsters now move more outside the city.
  • "Ruined City Anomaly" - New "Hostile A2-A" patrol around the City! Be careful it's not possible to kill them - if they find you they will throw you out of the anomaly.

Game background core changes
  • Edit several core scripts in the background of the game.
  • Troubleshooting minor deficiencies with regard to future content.
  • Modifying and debug some game assets.

Issue fixes
  • Beehive Chip can no longer be used for fiber or straw production.
  • Herbal tiling already correctly requires water as one of the ingredients.
  • Scrolls to invoke anomalies are no longer visible in the filter (in inventory) for the food.
  • Correction minor collisions with the uniqueness of each item (system error).
  • Correction of Czech translation.
  • Correction of the interaction script.

Hotfix 0.52.024
  • Fixed problem with tree cutting.
Apr 25, 2018
Novus Inceptio - McMagic Productions

Hello everyone,
today we have prepared another update for you.
First of all, we would like to highlight the optimization of the game (it's still not perfect, but it's a big step forward), but it always depends on your PC - our game is more demanding and can not be played on lowend machines anyhow.
That's why we'll be glad if you can tell us when you finding that game is running better as before - thanks in advance!

And another crucial thing is to finishing another part of the world. Logically, we continue from the start zone to the next. That's why we recommend (not only for old players) seeing new locations. You'll be very surprised at the new building site (which is really huge) and we think will force many players to move the current home;)

In the new location, you'll also find new ruins and POI locations. And most of all, the new content elements (they will be gradually implemented into the world).
And we must not forget the new dungeon (hidden under a new building site;)).
We will also look for new treasure chests - which include (if you are lucky) valuable items such as house or land papers and statues!
These chests are mostly connected to new switches and levers - which are can be also connected to the ancient door in the ruins (so sometimes it will be necessary to involve a little more search and logic) with these switches we have great plans for the future.

We also removed the fitness bar (which is still needed in the background of the game, but for the player did not have the importance of watching it). Instead, we've added a temperature indication that is more important, and will better tell you that you are in a location where there is a risk of cold or heat.

Last but not least, if you really like our game, do not hesitate to write here on Steam your game review for our game. Few people realize how important is your reviews for our game and also complement our energy. We thank you much in advance!

Below are some pictures and a complete list of changes and news:

New content
  • Another part of the world is finished.
  • New building locations - really bigger and very interesting;)
  • A new dungeon (rather as an underground tropical temple) that you find under a new building location.
  • New great ruins - an old temple.
  • New Interactive World Objects:
  • - Redwood tree - this is a huge tree / forest that can not be cut off.
  • - Neutral deciduous shrub.
  • - Rock salt deposits - similar to ore or stone deposits (very rare and updated only in finished world areas or in old cave dungeon).
  • - Barrels, Baskets, Containers, Solo Potions and Solo Blueprints - that are deployed in some POIs.
  • - Special switches and levers that open / close doors in ruins (temples), open chests or trigger other events.
  • - New special treasure chests - these chests can be locked and require POI quest completion or activation by a switch.
  • - These special chests include as a rewards (among other things) to a small percentage items as Cottage House, Villa House, Claim Land Paper or Anniversary statues.

Gameplay changes
  • The production queues are now divided according to the production section (Woodworking, Cooking, Alchemy, etc.) and no longer according to the production station (Forge, A2-Craft, Kitchen etc.) - which indirectly accelerates production.
  • It is already possible to manually enter the number of pieces - the number of pieces works as an input field.
  • Production through the workbench now shows only the appropriate recipes for the given workbench (but it is possible to search (using the search input field) any other recipes - if you need).
  • Recipe for goulash no longer requires raw meat, but only cooked meat.
  • Correction of computation logic for offline production.

  • Life is no longer regenerated if the character is subject to untreated disease.
  • Adjusted (increased) meal values - replenishing the state of hunger.
  • Adjusted (increased) total drop rate of Rock salt.
  • Rock salt can now be obtained at a 20% from the rock (the calculation is adjusted so that it is not affected by other values that could cause drop under 20%).
  • Character window - It is now possible to get a information via the on mouse on the icons of the medical items in the "Health" section.

  • The fill bar for fitness has been removed, these fill bar is replaced the new indication bar to indicate the ambient temperature and resistance of the character against cold or heat.
  • Bar function:
  • - The orange line shows the current ambient temperature.
  • - The blue and red cells are the current critical temperatue for cold and hot area.
  • - These cells change with respect to your current cold and heat resistance.
  • - If the current ambient temperature is out of your comfort zone (black cell), your character may become to ill, and the currently equiped armor starts a little but constantly damaged.
  • Changes:
  • - Resistance to cold or heat is already correctly calculated and corresponds to % bonus values.
  • - Resistance to cold or heat from clothing / armor is always up to 80% as max.
  • - The only 100% cold and heat protection comes from food bonuses.
  • - Adjusted values for cold and heat and their resistance obtained from clothing.
  • - Diseases as a result of cold or heat have a higher coefficient of allocation.
  • - If the character is a person suffering from a cold or heat injury, then the armor (if dressed) is damaged.
  • - Wind location (cold) starts at lower altitude than before.
  • - Do not forget that you can always hide in a cave, under the roof, etc., giving you extra next 25% cold and heat resistance.

  • A significant increase in performance (in our case, an average about 10-15 FPS plus).
  • Optimized next part of the game code.
  • Smoother motion of the camera (no more frequent jamming or delay of rendering of graphics) - does not affect the collision model of the camera with the terrain...
  • There is no longer a major drop of FPS when opening the inventory (which occurred at certain time intervals for inventory with lots of items).
  • Loading items from the bank is faster.
  • Integrated detection when the game runs under integrated graphics instead of the primary GPU (the player gets a warning to set the correct GPU correctly). This is not a 100% functional solution, but we hope to help us minimize this problem.

  • New POI locations in completed parts of the world.
  • Some older POIs received new rewards in the form of new treasures.

  • If a character is overloaded player will get a new notification as a float text.
  • Villa house contains newly a bank as a part of the equipment (already built buildings automatically acquire it).

  • The version of the game has changed.
  • The shape of the base marking is the same as before and is: A.XX.YYY
  • Where:
  • - A = 0 (since the game is still in early access).
  • - XX = this is the numerical designation of a main update.
  • - YYY = internal numeric designation of a development builds that can includes public hotfixes or minor updates.
  • The current version of the game is 0.51.011 - which means 51 (update number) 011 (eleven internal game versions which were created before was release to the public).

Issue fixes
  • Fixed issue with visual values for "Age" and "Generation" points in character window.
  • The Hunter Chest (as a reward for the quest) no longer makes an error if it is a Crude Sword as a reward.
  • When you are inside the anomaly, there are no longer showing confusing notification icons that you are near the obelisk, the safe zone etc.
  • It is no longer possible to pull / hide weapons when you are in the construction mode.
  • It is no longer possible to pull / hide weapons when you have open map.
  • If the character is in a battle stance, they will automatically swap to normal stance when the building mode or map is activated.
  • Building mode - You can already click on filtering if you are holding a any building element.
  • Fixed bug with stamina supplement when ingesting some food / drink.
  • The deer is no longer stay on the same place during the fight, but it pursues you like other aggressive animals.
  • You no longer have an interaction bug if you dropped the item into the trash can (a small recycling icon in the inventory UI).
  • When opening a map or building menu, there is no longer a focus on the previous object in the world (bushes, trees, etc.) - which caused the information/interaction UI to be displayed for this object.
  • The tutorial images are no longer overlapping the tutorial text.
  • Tutorial - a waypoint that leads the character to the water, is already correctly placed in the water and not just on the shore.

0.51.012 - Hotfix
  • The icon of the starting temple (including, bank, trade terminal etc.) is already correct on the world map.
  • It is already possible to loot monsters (bat and scorpion) in the cave dungeon.
  • Corrected bad detection of the current biome if the character died in the dungeon.
  • Other smaller minor cosmetic fixes.
  • Two new icons will be added to the map for the mining sites around the new building site.

  • Changing the visual display of durability in the item tooltip.
  • - This change applies only to items that have durability (weapons, tools and armor).
  • - New the durability is no longer showing as increase from 0% to 100% .
  • - But newly as a decrease, from 100% to 0%, including the fillbar color according to the size of the damage.
  • New slash command to the chat "/pos" that displays your current position - suitable for situations where the map is not allowed to open and you need to report your bug and character position.
  • Other some performance tuning.
  • It is now possible to perform interaction (finishing / upgrading) on building components as well in building mode. (This option was operational earlier, but according the changes were inadvertently restricted.)
  • The logic of felled trees has been altered - this action was necessary for future world updates.
    So it is possible that some trees that have been cutted before will not appear in the world (they will still grow and it will be necessary to cutted again them in order to register a new logic).

0.51.014 - Hotfix
  • Minor fix when loading some items from DB (which had older game logic behavior).
  • System name correction for "Amanita muscaria".
Novus Inceptio - McMagic Productions
Hello everyone,

we decided to alter the decay logic released in:


Our original idea and plans were definitely thought positive and took into account our concept of game and future plans for further content in game.
But we have forgotten that the game also changes over time according to the players' wishes and the way how you play our game and why you play it.

Certainly it was not our intention to stress you and to force you play the game constantly.
Unfortunately we did not think, that most players will accept the decay system negatively and also think they we want to spoil the game and throw sticks under your feet - this certainly was not our idea or plans.
We apologize for that.

That's why we reassess the decay system.
Decay will must remain in the game (it is important for all future aspects and is not really annoying - it affects only some items).
But it does not work anymore if you are not in the game!
It works only if you play the game and is counted according to game days (not real days).

So do not worry about turning on the game - the game will no longer punish you for not playing.
But even so, it will be necessary to watch a little bit durring playing the game if some items are not already corrupted.

Those who have already played update 0.50.084 we are verry sorry for the possible loss of some items (or for their partial decay) - but what we know from you is that most players did not lost many items - or it was not so painful (since most of these items were not as important to play as it is now).

We also encountered some negative responses to the nutritional system and calories.

But there is nothing to worry about this :)

Key Information:
Previously you could die of hunger - so you had to eat something.
Now do not die on hungry - eat no need to do it, but if you consume all the fat layers, your character will suffer and feel hungry.

The nutritional system serves as a bonus not a penalty - you do not have to deal with it (the only thing what he do is to allow you to starve and stand for a long time without any food).

You also do not have to worry with calories!
Whatever you eat will give you a bit of calories, but there is no sanction because you eat it a lot or little (you can eat as much as you want and when you want;)).
Calories give you new bonuses and allow you to stay longer without food.

So it's not necessary to take it so negatively;)

Thanks a lot for understanding.

Below is a complete list of changes:

Decay changes
  • Decay no longer works offline - but only if you're in the game.
  • Decay starts counting from zero (or if items already have some decay from update 0.50.084, then start from its value).
  • Decay values have been modified - days are now ingame days - not real days! (ie 1 ingame day = 2 real hours)
  • Decay is applied ONLY to the following items:
  • - Herbs 60 ingame days (that's approx 120 hours spent in the game).
  • - Fruit 14 ingame days (that's approx 28 hours spent in the game).
  • - Vegetables 30 ingame days (that's approx 60 hours spent in the game).
  • - Mushrooms 30 ingame days (that's approx 60 hours spent in the game).
  • - Boiled food 30 ingame days (that's approx 60 hours spent in the game).
  • - Dried food 90 ingame days (that's approx 180 hours spent in the game).
  • - Durable meals 30 to 90 ingame days (that's approx 60 to 180 hours spent in the game).
  • - Saplings 90 ingame days (that's approx 180 hours spent in the game).
  • - Potions 60 ingame days (that's approx 120 hours spent in the game).
  • - Healing items 30 to 60 ingame days (that's approx 60 to 120 hours spent in the game).
  • - Prey 14 ingame days (that's approx 28 hours spent in the game).
  • Items placed in the freezer are decay suspended.
  • Items placed in a bank, barrel or A2-A warehouse are less decay.
  • 100% bonus on decay has been removed - because it does not make sense if decay works only when you are in the game.

Issue fixes
  • Prey from creatures (Tooths, Claws, Eyes and Fats) it is possible to transmute again.

  • There is no longer misrepresentation of the craft ui tooltip for selected item that occurred in some situations.
  • You can no longer make a slide jump on a steep rock (when the jump was change into falling and the character was still rising up to the top of the rock).
  • You can no longer click through the Craft UI on the Rock Salt ingredient (in recipes).

  • Improved (slightly) speed of game loading.
  • Adjusted and tuned logic for the fall of the character and the fracture.
  • It is no longer possible to perform a double jump, that was caused a fracture.
  • After a long fall as 1.5 seconds, the character gets a fracture injury - for every 1.5 sec the character lost 10% life.
  • It does not rain anymore if you are at the starting temple or in the caves.
Mar 16, 2018
Novus Inceptio - McMagic Productions

The decay logic has been changed in update 0.50.085

Hello everyone,

we have prepared another update for you.
This time there are many changes to both on background.

First of all, we are alerting you to the application of the decay system (it is only applied for some items) and it works even if you are not in the game. it works only if you're in the game.

But do not worry - based on your responses, we have adjusted the decomposition values. ​​and added a double bonus (which will be removed over time).
Decay opens up a lot of new possibilities and behavior of some deeper mechanics in the game - so do not worry - take it more as a bonus and a revival.

You will also find a nutrition system that is connected to a lot of other activities.
Several new recipes and cooking ingredients have been added to the game.
And also time bonuses for eating some dishes - such as underwater breathing or freezing stamina;)
Your character can now succumb to multiple types of injuries and illnesses that need to be healed.

The item tooltip has been completely customized, which now reflects better and shows key item information.

And finally we have prepared a new big prefab house for you - Villa house - which is really very big;)

Also, material bonuses were adjusted.

And BTW: Production and transmutation are already in progress when you are not in the game ! ;)

Below is a complete list of changes:

The decay logic has been changed in update 0.50.085

  • - Some items now have a time decay.
  • - When the 100% decay is reached, the item is destroyed.
  • - Decay negatively affects all attributes of items.
  • - Items placed in a bank, barrel or A2-A warehouse are less decay.
  • - Items placed freely around the world are decomposed 4 times faster.
  • - Items placed in the freezer are decay suspended.
  • - Higher quality / tier items reduce the rate of decay.
  • - Decay works even if you are not in the game.
  • - Decay works only if you're in the game.
  • - Decay is applied only to the following items:
  • - Times was changed in Update 0.50.85
  • - Herbs 100 days.
  • - Fruit 14 days.
  • - Vegetables 30 days.
  • - Mushrooms 30 days.
  • - Boiled food 30 days.
  • - Dried food 200 days.
  • - Durable meals 30 to 100 days.
  • - Saplings 200 days.
  • - Potions 100 days.
  • - Healing items 100 to 200 days.
  • - Prey 30 days.
  • - Currently, a 100% bonus is applied to the new system (so the durability of the items above is doubled!)
  • - Decayed food can cause nausea or poisoning.

  • - New nutritional system
  • - Food and other items have calories.
  • - The character has new calories.
  • - The character has new data on fat reserves/layers.
  • - Calories can be from 0 to 2500
  • - Fat layers can be 0 to 10
  • - If character has a calorie over 1250, he has the character of skillgain bonuses up to 5% depending on how much calories he has.
  • - Higher calories reduce the loss of hunger.
  • - Calories decrease over time or during actions.
  • - If you have a calorie size greater than 1250 and the character is saturated over 85%, the character will start creating fat reserves/layers.
  • - If hunger falls below 85%, fat layers will cease to form.
  • - If the character hunger drops to 0%, it will not die anymore!
  • - If the character hunger falls to 5%, one fat layer is consumed and 20% calories are taken. The character will then be fully saturated to 100%.
  • - If the character is hungry, he will not want to do some action.

  • - New system of illness and injury.
  • - Bleeding - caused mainly during a fight.
  • - Fracture - caused during fall.
  • - Poisoning - caused by ingestion of poisoned or spoiled food.
  • - Nausea - caused by the use of spoiled food.
  • - Rhinitis - caused if your character is exposed to a longer chill time.
  • - Sunstroke - Caused if your character is exposed to heat for a long time.
  • - All illnesses and injuries are dose-enhancing and the intensity increases.
  • - Each disease must be treated with appropriate items.
  • - The disease is not cured immediately, but treatment takes a specific time.
  • - Disease or injury treatment is discontinued if the character gets this disease again.
  • - Disease or injury affects calories, stamina and other attributes.

  • - Some dishes have bonuses.
  • - Bonuses are visible in the item's tooltip.
  • - Active bonuses are visible in the new HEALTH section of the character window.
  • - New bonus - Underwater breathing (allows you to breathe under water).
  • - New bonus - Stamina lock (Stamina is not consumed for some time).
  • - New bonus - Cold resistance (improves cold resistance).
  • - New bonus - Heat resistance (increases heat resistance).
  • - New negative bonus - Disorientation (the character is disoriented for a certain period of time).
  • - Bonuses will last for a specific period of time and then go away.

Next new content

  • - New large prefab house - Villa House.
  • ITEMS:
  • - Food and some other items have calories.
  • - Food and some other items have a decay.
  • - Rock Salt
  • - Maple Sap
  • - Beehive chip
  • - Villa paper
  • - Table salt
  • - Maple Syrup
  • - Maple Sugar
  • - Honey
  • - Freezer
  • - Antidote
  • - Antidote powder
  • - Basil oil
  • - Dried specific herbs
  • - Herbal tiling
  • - Fracture splint
  • - Bone powder.
  • - Dried Cranberries
  • - Dried Apples
  • - Dried Dates
  • - Dried Mushrooms
  • - Dried Fruit
  • - Mix of dried herbs
  • - Grilled Trout
  • - Fruit Pie
  • - Scrap Metal from Cola.
  • TERMINAL TRADE newly contains:
  • - Villa Paper
  • - Clay
  • - Sand
  • - Mortar
  • - Antidote
  • - Antidote powder
  • - Basil oil
  • - Mix of dried herbs
  • - Herbal tiling
  • - Fracture splint

Gameplay changes
  • CRAFT:
  • - Production and transmutation are already in progress when you are not in the game.
  • - Max button is no longer limited to 100 pcs.
  • - The PopUp window for adding ingredients now shows decay (if it has a decay item) of the item.
  • - Potions no longer require empty bottles, but bottles of water.
  • - Oil no longer requires empty bottles, but bottles of water.
  • - Amanita muscaria can no longer be used as an ingredient during cooking.
  • - Workbench now applies its bonus and tier material (like tools) to the resulting production.
  • - Some cooking recipes have been modified.
  • - Cottage House was designed to offer more space + has one interior lighting.
  • - The mine stations (quarry, lumbermill, etc.) now have the ability to connect to the building components.
  • - Better detection of the character in a house (cottage house, villa house, deed token and station with a roof)
  • ITEMS:
  • - Weapons / Armor / Tools have new durability instead of the decay indicator.
  • - Damaged equipment (weapons and armor) reduce the value of attack and defense.
  • - Damaged tools affect the resulting tool bonuses.
  • - Adjusted some attributes of weapons and armor.
  • - Modified prices for some crops and meals.
  • - Modified descriptions for some items.
  • - The item price is affects decay.
  • - Adjusted attributes of all bonus material.
  • - Deleted bonuses (Value Up, Harvest Drop, Harvest QL)
  • - New Harvest Plus bonus (replacing old bonuses - Harvest Drop, Harvest QL)
  • - New bonus - Cold resistance and Hot resistance
  • - Hunger and thirst are dwindling faster.
  • - Bonus for cold and heat resistance if the character is in the house / under the roof.
  • - Modified hunger add-on factor.
  • FARMING - Harvesting the field no longer gives 100% seedlings, but only 25%
  • HARVESTING - Bamboo gives a branch.
  • - Fast travel on your own land is now cheaper by half + the price decreases according to the deed level - the minimum price is always 1 rune fragment.
  • - Unvisited building area has a white "house" icon on the map.
  • UI:
  • - New Health section in character window.
  • - Completely redesigned UI for item ToolTip
  • - Resistance to cold and heat is already displayed in the character window (statistics)
  • - If Stamina lock is active, its status is shown above bar stamina.
  • - The hunger indicator now shows the current status of kCal and fat rezerves.

Issue fixes
  • Date Palms - Fixed a typo in the nomenclature.
  • SURVIVE - Correction of the thirst factor.
  • SURVIVE - The loss of life in an injury / lack of oxygen / thirst is already working correctly for high generation characters.
  • UI - Changing equipment with open character window updates realtime statistics.
  • PERFORMANCE - Improved performance in some situations.

Jan 17, 2018
Novus Inceptio - McMagic Productions

Hello everyone,

we have prepared for you the first update of the year 2018.
We think it's a bigger update that brings change for the better.

The Christmas event is terminated with this update.

We also thank all who gave us a any Steam review - much helps and recharges energy.

Here is a complete list of changes, news and fixes:

Improvements of compass and world map
  • Completely new compass at the top of the screen.
  • The compass now shows POIs around the character.
  • The map has a new UI.
  • Only WSAD can be moved on the map (mouse movement was interrupted).
  • From the map was be removed "fog of war" this is replaced by POI icons in the form "? (Unvisited)".
  • All currently available POI and POI quests are visible on the map.
  • Map and compass also show anomalies around the character.
  • If you approach the anomaly, the compass and map tell you what anomaly it is before you enter it.
  • On the map, it is possible to define temporary waypoints - by clicking the POI icon on the map or directly on the terrain.
  • New "Fast travel" over the map is possible.
  • You can only travel to places already discovered, and only to:
  • - Obelisks
  • - Tower or Starting Temple
  • - Your own (completed) deed/land (Claim land paper).
  • Traveling always costs a certain number of Rune Fragments - the more distance you want to travel, the more expensive it is.

UI Modification
  • Small cosmetic changes in the location of some UI elements.
  • Added "experience" generation bar (top of the screen) - for better indication of the generation progress in the game.
  • Removed upper text information about Early Access (unnecessarily disturbed and occupied a place in ui).
  • The POI quest panel now appears at the top left of the UI.
  • Quest journal now has a new icon - located on the right side of the UI.
  • Quest journal has an icon indicating the number of active quests.
  • Quest journal also shows progress using the progress bar with% values.
  • New quests in quest journal have the icon "New".
  • The Quest Journal has an onmouse indication of rewards and help with the current task.
  • Production queues are now moved to the right of the UI (under the Quest Journal icon).
  • Production queues now have a new icon - behavior similar to Quest Journal.
  • Production queues can be hidden.
  • Hidden production queues UI have an newly indication of the number of currently running production processes.
  • At one time only Quest journal or Production queue can be opened.
  • The left part of the UI newly contains new notification icons:
  • - If the character is in a safe area such as the Tower or the Start Temple.
  • - If the character is within reach of the Obelisk.
  • - If the character is in the construction area.
  • - If the character is on his land.
  • - If the character is under attack.
  • - If the character has reached the age - for posible progression on the next generation.
  • - If the character is within reach of fire (fireplace, forge or kitchen).
  • - If the character have damaged any part of his equiped equipment or inside tool belt.
  • - If the character is in poor condition.
  • Most of this information was predominantly at the bottom right of the UI, and overlapped in some situations.
  • The info text at the top of the screen (such as "You are in a Safe Zone", etc.) is no longer displayed permanently, but will only be displayed for a moment.

POI quests
  • New POI quests have been added around the starting location.
  • Completed POI quests are always reset after midnight (game time).
  • The rewards for these quests are random according to the type of POI quest.
  • So the character always gets as reward:
  • - Some amount in PEC.
  • - Specific reward box.
  • Reward boxs are defined according to the type of POI quest.
  • The figure can get a small, medium or big box.
  • Depending on the character generation, the maximum Tier / Quality of the box is defined.
  • Each reward box after is opening can give you any special (or common) items, but only one item in each reward box (number of pieces of the given item is based on chest size and item type).
  • Tier / Quality of the reward (item) is always identical to the tier of the reward box.

Gameplay changes
  • The Christmas event was over.
  • The formula for the maximum storage capacities (Barrels and Cabinets) has been modified.
  • Identical blueprints are now stackable.
  • Claim land papers is now stackable.
  • Cottage house papers is now stackable.
  • Percentage chances when using Healing Cover or Bandage are now increased and takes into account the current generation of the character.
  • Rune of Improvements can not be gained during the mining process.
  • Reduced drops for getting a random ores from the stone.
  • Reduced drops for geting a Custom player deposits from ore when extracting raw raw materials.
  • Manufacturing potions now also requires papyrus as another ingredient.
  • Alpha Monster - If you attack an animal that is in a pack (and is not a Alpha) and Alpha from his pack is near, then Alpha will come help to him.
  • Completing any quest is accompanied by sound.
  • The Trade Terminal (default) contains:
  • - Rune fragments
  • - Halloween Tokens
  • - Christmas Tokens
  • - Small and Big Barrels (T5 and T10)
  • - Custom player deposits of ores
  • - All ingots - base metals
  • - All ingots - alloys
  • The Trade Terminal (Farm) contains:
  • - Rakes from a specific wood (Agarwood, Cedar, Oak, Bamboo and Mangrove).
  • The Trade terminal (Alchemy) contains:
  • - All dyes.
  • It is no longer possible to produce custom waypoints (as objects) in the Science Production section.
  • All old waypoints have been removed (both as an item in the inventory and as an object in the world).

Issue fixes
  • Further correction of postural character definition after return from anomaly.
  • When the character die durring fight, the monster is no longer attacking on the body of a player.
  • Better control of possible duplicates of quests.
  • Reduced random FPS drop when the character moving.
  • Ommouse information on items in the trade terminal is displayed correctly.
  • Autorun via the F3 key already works correctly.
  • The detection collision of the camera is no longer interfering with trees and bushes.
  • The detection collision of the camera has a longer return time to the previous state.

  • Unvisited Anomalies have a new icon that does not conflict with unvisited POIs.
  • The key for hiding UI (F10 key) now also hides the compass.
  • Modified interaction on POI quest objects (POS quest - Apples farm):
  • - The resulting number of apple harvested from trees was reduced.
  • - Fixed interaction on apple baskets.
  • - Improved detection range of interaction on apple basket.

  • Fixed a problem when the game did not start - if you were running an earlier saved position (this problem has been encountered by players who had old waypoints around the world).
  • Map - when targeting any map icon, you can zoom via mouse wheel correctly.
  • The onmouse tooltip on an item in the inventory is already properly hidden if the inventory is closed.
  • Another modification of the camera collision model.

  • Fixed problem by loading a map data (ghost mode).
Novus Inceptio - McMagic Productions
Hello everyone,

we have another tunning for the Christmas event.

Because it was really hard to get tokens to fulfill quests and achievements.
We've increreased the drop rate for tokens.
The prey from monsters now also include these tokens (not only tokens but also Christmas packages (socks)).
Remember that the opening of Christmas socks counts on the same achievement as opening a big gift around the world.

Perhaps this increase in token picking will help you complete your achievements and quests. And so you will not have to spend too much time playing the our game during the Christmas holidays.

Once more we wish your all Happy Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018!

Thanks for all the support you provide to us both in Steam forums or Discord, as well as through reviews here at Steam.

Below is a list of changes:

Gameplay changes
  • Increased drop of Christmas tokens.
  • Creatures now also drop Christmas tokens.
  • Decreased weight of some Christmas dishes.
  • Tuning music transition logic and ambient sound.

Issue fixes
  • Fine tuning (decay) of mining stations.
  • Fixed a typo in the popup window "Seewing" on "Sewing".
  • Fixed minor problem while loading anomalies.
  • The Place of Death has now a better placement of the box with your items after death in the dungeon.

  • Night sound correction (in some situations).

25.12.2017 (CET/CEST time) - 0.50.079 - Hotfix
  • Fixed some problems while returning fron the anomaly.
  • Fixed some of the problem after player die in dungeon.
  • Fixed some data loading problems in Ghost mode.


Novus Inceptio - McMagic Productions
Hello everyone,

because we have several reports of poor performance after update 0.50.073. We reviewed the latest update and attempted to create a patch.
We hope the performance returns to the previous state.

Below is a list of changes:

Gameplay changes
  • More ambient sounds in the background of the game (work version - needs to fine-tune.).
  • The "Creator Box", which created only an empty vial, now contains additional items.
  • Some monsters have the designation of Alpha in his name.
  • If you attack on a "Alpha" monster that is aggressive, he can call other monsters in the neighborhood (if he has any in his herd) to help her.

Issue fixes
  • Fixed a performance problem that resulted from update 0.50.073.
  • Dungeon entrances have been changed - they are still in the same place, but they have repaired some things and models what caused a partial performance problem.
  • Fixed problem with ingame chat - ghost mode.
  • Partial correction of 3rd camera behavior on a mountainous surface.
Novus Inceptio - McMagic Productions

Hello everyone,

we prepared a new update for you.

First we want to apologize for a small break - but it was caused by health problems and unfortunately we lost valuable 14 days :( But now everything is fine;)

This update mainly activates the Christmas event.
This year's event is very similar to last year's, but it brings smaller quests and a new Christmas cap (green).
During the event you will be able to finish your Christmas achievements and enjoy small gifts.
And do not forget to buy a reward in the store for the Christmas tokens.

In addition, the update brings further finalization to the next part of the world (we continue further from the start zone). This is the sout-west location around the lake.

Here, a new mining location and a first dungeon were created (when it is possible to go underground).

We have also repaired some things, but there is not much (we really miss the 14 days we lost :()

We wish all very nice Christmas holidays and a happy new year 2018.
Perhaps there will be some minor updates by the end of the year, but we do not want to promise anything - we also have to spend some time with our families durring these holidays.

But we are planning a lot for 2018 - just to say:
Reputation system
Animal behavior
Better (bigger) field for farming
Horses (on which you can ride)
The female figure.
And much more.

We also thank everyone for your reviews here on Steam - they are very helpful!

Below is a list of changes:

Christmas event
  • Launched Christmas event.
  • Christmas quests.
  • New Christmas Cap (Green) for 2017.
  • The white bear and the white deer have descended during the Christmas event from the mountains and are now in the normal world (regardless of the biome!).

Gameplay changes
  • Some monsters in the tropical forest are now more in groups.
  • Trade terminal - "sell all" button now shows how many items you have.
  • Adjusted southwest location - a large mining site.
  • The abandoned farm has a new location (near the original).
  • The Alchemy Trade Terminal is also available in the southwest part of the map (another is in the desert or towers).
  • Boxes from creators are no longer in the same places, but are spread more randomly.
  • A new dungeon in the southwest part of the map.
  • Dungeon contains monsters - bat and scorpions.
  • The Bat in the dungeon gives rewards as a Halloween Bat - it is possible to get Halloween tokens even outside the event!

Issue fixes
  • Fix a problem with some text characters in the chat.
  • Corrected decay calculation for mine stations.
  • Tuning and cleaning some parts of the game code.
  • Modified World Map - some visual details.

0.50.074- 075
  • Reduced spawn rate for Boxes from creators.
Nov 22, 2017
Novus Inceptio - McMagic Productions
Hello everyone,

after a demanding weekend (developer conference in Prague) we are back again.

In order to relax a little after the weekend, we spent the whole Monday watching your videos from our game.
Even though we have many "old" players who know the game perfectly. There are a lot of newcomers who still have problems understanding some of the game's features.
We therefore devoted Tuesday and Wednesday mainly the tuning of some misunderstood elements in the UI.
We will see whether it will help or not ;)

We are also still dealing with the problem of collision in some situations - it is a complex process.
And, of course, we are working on a new final English translation that will serve as a master text for further translations.

We are also plan and bring together lots of new content and enhancements - these autumn and winter days are the perfect time for deeper plans and analyzes.
And their implementation can be done in a quieter period. Because the current period is too hectic to add essential content.

We also thank all who gave us a any Steam review - much helps and recharges energy.

The Steam Awards 2017
And last but not least - if you like our game, do not hesitate and give it a vote in the Steam Awards 2017;)

We prefer the: The “No Apologies” Award, but it's all up to you guys and girls...

We thank you in advance!

BTW: Here's one very interesting video about crafting from one of our players and fans:

Below is a list of all changes:

  • Increased and modified spawn monster rate in Tropical Forest.
  • Tuning of several parts of the game code.
  • You can no longer close the building element UI - if an active action (finalize, salvage) is taking place on the building element.
  • Tiny UI tuning.
  • Adjusted color of some UIs to better emphasize key elements.
  • Customized some buttons in UI to make it easier to understand that this is a button.
  • Modifying some misinformation (obsolete information) in the help system.

Issue fixes
  • Correcting the name of some dyes.
  • Correcting the problem of initializing AI in some situations.
  • The crop field already shows the information correctly.
  • Correction of some Russian texts.
  • Further deeper repair of collision and performance in postapo anomaly.


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