Nov 30, 2016
MegaSphere - antonkudin

What’s new?

Improved ‘Hud malfunction’ quest.
Interface hud tab
New 'live’ hud (health/shield/weapon)
Hidden areas with loot containers
Reworked level generation
Performance improvements
Rebalancing (game is now more difficult)

Currently avaliable for testing through Steam development branch!
Check it out, let me know what you think!
Oct 7, 2016
MegaSphere - antonkudin
You've waited and waited and its finally here. After 8 months of hard work new MegaSphere update is out for you to try out!

Thank you so much for all your support and patience!

I've prepared a short trailer for the new update, check it out!

MegaSphere Kapitsa update trailer

You should get the update automatically, if not, opt-out of development branch by going to game Preferences, Beta tab and switching the dropdown to NONE.

Tell me what you think! ;]
MegaSphere - antonkudin
While my teammates are finishing up text and audio assets, i've been busy fixing a couple annoying issues, adding bits of content (rooms/layouts, moving platforms), improving starting area.

Thanks for your patience and here's a few gifs! ;]

Slopes and stairs

Sprinting and leaping improvements

Moving platforms

Piston design

Controlled and semi-scripted destruction for certain areas

Hanging platforms

Quackshot, anyone? ;]
Apr 24, 2016
MegaSphere - antonkudin
New update in the works!

Game saving (and loading, woo)!
Updated and streamlined options screen.

Quest system to guide player through the story and environments.

Codex to keep track of various research paths and log/records you will find.

Also a map, quick-navi, overhauled super-simple inventory (now called Loadout) and log of all dialogs/cutscenes player sees.

Fuser to combine and research upgrades.

New big area to explore, enemies to face and chunk of story is also in the works, here's a sneak peek:

Stay tuned and thank you everybody for playing and following development! ;]

Jan 10, 2016
MegaSphere - antonkudin
MegaSphere alpha (and demo) is updated with latest fixes and enhancements:

Enemies with higher difficulty will drop better loot
Shops will sell anything, not just weapons
Swarmers exclusively drop upgrade tokens
Updated visuals
Bug fixing and performance optimizations

Go check Shiva out (thats this update codename) and please tell me what you think!

I'm hard at work on a brand new area, if you follow me on twitter you might have seen a new enemy type! Lots more work to come, thanks for your feedback and encouragement!

If you have time please leave a review, enjoy Shiva!
Sep 28, 2015
MegaSphere - antonkudin
Alpha development build is updated with new features, try it out!

Sep 6, 2015
MegaSphere - antonkudin
New builds are up (for every branch, demo included).

Notable changes:
  • Removed trailer (will be replaced with in-game cutscene in the future)
  • Skippable cutscenes (Hold Jump (Space by default))
  • Controller support: any os, any controller.
  • Fully configurable controls, up to 4 bindings for any action.
  • Removed a brief period of invulnerability for enemies and objects when they take damage
  • Rebalanced rapid-fire weapons and Flamer to match DPS.
  • Removed tutorial section (something more fun, but similar will appear in the beginning of Anomaly)
  • Fixed a few ugly bugs

Thank you everyone for reporting issues, posting improvement ideas and just playing my game!

It's a dream come true for me!
Thank you very much! ;]
Sep 2, 2015
MegaSphere - antonkudin
I've made a separate branch with most recent build, includes a few fixes and requested features.

To opt-in to those, open MegaSphere properties, click Betas and select Development from the drop down.

Report back here, on twitter or on reddit.

Notable changes:
  • Fixes for some critical issues
  • Cutscene skipping (hold jump/space)
  • Controller support
  • Controls mapper
Aug 19, 2015
MegaSphere - antonkudin
MegaSphere alpha is nearly ready!
I plan on releasing alpha and demo on 25th of August.

Get ready to sweep the floors with your enemies.


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