Planet Centauri - Planet Centauri
Patch 0.6.9
- Major updates in the game engine - new save format, chunking and dimensions
- In solo, the "Escape" key now allows you to pause the game
- Multiplayer is more stable (random crashs should be fixed, post in the forum if you have any crash)

- Multiplayer: if a monster despawn outside the view you can hear it's cry
- Multiplayer: the special craft tables (like the crusher) are not sync
- Multiplayer: the regen table is not sync
- Multiplayer: no healt bar on other players
- Multiplayer: if the server character die, it can crash the game
- Multiplayer: client deconnection is not transmited to other clients
- Multiplayer: if the join connection failed you can't return to titlescreen
- Multiplayer: ip and server are not saved (you need to re-enter them each time)
- Multiplayer: Players connected to a server can be disconnected if the player who host the server die

- Dragon crash should be fixed (post in the forum if you have any crash)
- Adaptative zoom if resolution is too small
- Eagle can be knocked very far if hitted on the ground (on idle)
- If zoom is non integral, character can be invisible on the character creation menu
- Door state is not saved
- Some fixes on the shiba pet
- Some fixes on monsters (allows to use the spin attack effectively)
- Quick move on chests is not taken into account by quests
- Removed star on some edibles (if it dont gives a permanent bonus)
- Chock bar can be confused with life bar
- Dash can be "blocked" by dungeon speedwalls

It is still not possible to use the dimension in multiplayer for now but next week we will have solved the problem

Have a good week-end!
Planet Centauri - Planet Centauri
- New magic: healing
- New Item: Pet Healing Table
- Frequency of appearance of worms decreased

- The player can be blocked by the door of the room of the "last" boss
- Plants do not respawn
- Crawler has no cooldown on his attack
- Phenix sword drop burns in the lava
- Special craft window does not close when player moves away


The patch that will fix the problems of the multiplayer will come out next week on the unstable branch.

Have a good week end!
Nov 7, 2016
Planet Centauri - Planet Centauri
Bug Fixes

- Random crash when a client is connecting to the server (multiplayer)
- Random crash when you open a crusher machine (or same kind of craft)
- Random crash if you remove a crusher machine with the associated UI opened
- Random crash when you create a new world
- Random crash when you open the fire camp craft window
- "Old" world save can crash the game when loaded
Planet Centauri - Planet Centauri
- /!\ Warning /!\
Now the left click is used for the item highlighted on the toolbar, and right click for the left slot.
You can restore old system on Esc -> Game -> Invert actions

- If you have a block on left click and nothing on right click, you can put backwalls with right click.
- Highlighting of the item selected on the toolbar
- Lighting diffusion is animated
- Chickens and wisps don't scare villagers anymore

- Autoswitch with key numbers deactivated by default (corrected)



If the world does not load or if it loads strangely (the missing items etc ..), leaving the world without save (Alt+f4) and wait until the next patch, we are aware of the problem and are working on the fix will happen Monday .

You can always create a new world, of course.

Sorry for the trouble!
Nov 2, 2016
Planet Centauri - Planet Centauri
- Zoom level can be nonintegral (ex: 1.5)
- Zoom level is now possible in windowed mode
- Window size can be adjusted in the graphics options
- Simplified graphics options/screen resolutions
- You can now change the volume of the music in the game options


- Possible light lines on the bottom of the screen
- Skills descriptions can crash the game
- Multiplayer: unsynchronized despawns corrected
Planet Centauri - Planet Centauri
Changelog 0.6.4

Our little gift for halloween, a new pet! : Jack (crafted with pumpkins)

-Nearby chickens and wisps don't prevent regeneration at crystal any more
-Item switch with numpad is now disabled by default
-Plants now move when you step on it or when interaction (bomb, boomerang, etc...)
-Complete revamp of all biome-related engines (music, background, rain, snow, lightning, etc...). There could be some issues/oversights
-Fixed bug on mimic animation
-Fixed monsters synchro bug on multiplayer
-Close icon added on windows
-Crushing a capture gem containing a monster doesn't cause crashes any more
-It's now possible to set a block near a captured monster/pet

We are still working on multiplayer bugs and we can't, for the moment, add new content. If all goes well, the next patch will arrive next Friday!

Happy Halloween!
Planet Centauri - Planet Centauri
- Bug of donjon's destructible blocks corrected. (but requires a new map... again, yes, sorry!)
- Monsters of the new biome recalibrated (They were a little too powerful)
Planet Centauri - Planet Centauri

The patch is finally here!

- New major biome! (New world needed, you can keep your character!)
- 2 new Boss
- 2 new weapons
- An infinite number of small bugs fixed

The next patch is intended to fix all known bugs in multiplayer which spoil the pleasure of playing with your friends.

We worked all the 2 last weekend (specially Oni) and tomorrow, Oni will rest because his brain is overheating a little. Wish him a good rest!

TIPS : You should beat a boss that you know well to unlock the new biome
Planet Centauri - Planet Centauri
Changelog v0.6.2

- New translation available : Chinese simplified
- You can use Q / W keys instead of double tap left / right action
- New decorations to full Existing sets

- The foundry has been redone. It can, henceforth, melt all weapons
  (Need to remove and then re-set if you have already created an old foundry)
- Transmutor runes to reroll your runes
- Polisher to improve your gems
- Crusher to recycle some of your unnecessary items

Bug fixes:
  - Fixed a bug that can crush saving a world on another save.
  - Fixed a bug when the player returned to the title screen from the biome of hell
Planet Centauri - Planet Centauri
The hard parts is finally over! We know that many of you were annoyed with the delay but we needed some time to implement this new system. Now that that's done we can add new skills over time! (This patch contains new skills but more are coming by the coming weeks)

How buy new skills :

Example of new skill/combo system :

==Changelog v0.6.1==
- New skills and upgrades!

- New interface skills:
   * You can now upgrade skills with a skill tree
   * You can now bind to key skills directions

- New fighting mechanic - shock (the little yellow bar):
   * When you do x% damage to an enemy in a quick span of time, it goes into shock and you can break its attacks.
   * When the enemy is in shock, it has more recoil

- Many bug fixes

We'll now work on major problems from the multiplayer which prevents many people to enjoy it and then we'll take care of integrating the new major biome!

We know you want new content and challenge, don't worry, even though it'll take a little time, you'll get more than you can imagine!

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