Jet Racing Extreme: The First Encounter - SeriouSerg

Today we would like to make an important announcement.
First of all, thanks to all who remain with us, write us feedback and suggestions of improvement, we really appreciate it. Haters, thank you too.

Our long absence was due to the fact that there was a lot of contract work and, in general, was not the easiest time for us.

The good news for all of us is that now we are doing all the new projects on UE4. We spent a lot of time for learning, migrating our art into UE4, analyzing features and possibilities. Unity3D engine will remain in the past forever.

In this regard, Jet Racing Extreme will be! But it will be a completely new game, however with the same gameplay that you liked so much. Self-destruction will be as easy as before, and the engines will be as powerful as before, in general, everything you loved, only on a completely different level of impression.

As for this game, which was stuck in early access, it was difficult for us to make a decision. Many of you like it, many hate it, but it was unique. there is no similar game, so we decided to leave it as is and let it be Jet Racing Extreme: The First Encounter!
Conclusions were made, mistakes were taken into account, we must move forward. Early access has ended.

Also, we present our redesigned website
where you can find info about JReX, another projects and something interesting what we are currently working on:

Watch the video
Download playable demo

Subscribe to news to be informed about the development process.
See you later!
Apr 24, 2018
Jet Racing Extreme: The First Encounter - ollie.

Hey Racers!

There's been a lot of speculation recently as to what the future of JREX will be. First of all can I say what a pleasure it has been to moderate this small community, I've met some amazing people, including Sergey, the developer and various other people.

In regards to the future of the project, there has been some discussion on the forums and between a few select people, and in short, the project will no longer continue as it currently is. For more info, please see the thread below:

Thank you all for getting involved and playing Jet Racing Extreme over the last few years, but I do hope to see some of you very soon. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. Once again, thank you for playing. See you soon!

JREX Community Administrator
May 20, 2017
Jet Racing Extreme: The First Encounter - YappaR
Hello racers!

We've just launched our official JRE Community Discord server where you can chat with other JRE players, listen to music, suggest game ideas, talk to the team and so much more.

We feel as though this server will ensure quicker communication between the team and our playerbase. Please do join below!

See you on there!
Jet Racing Extreme: The First Encounter - YappaR
Hello all!

Yes, it's that time again, when we're asking for your help in coming up with ideas. We love coming to the community for ideas, and we try to consider every single idea suggested.

Here's a few ideas of things you could suggest:
-New maps
-Config options
-Game options
-Edits to current maps

Please do take a moment and leave a comment with any suggestions you may have, and who knows? Your suggestion could be the next one to be put into the game.

NOTE: Whilst we try and consider every suggestion, we cannot guarrantee that all of them will be implemented, due to technical restrictions etc.
Feb 7, 2017
Jet Racing Extreme: The First Encounter - JReX Master
Hi, ultrasonic pilots!

Here is some new renders from our WIP UE4 migration.


Copper rendered by UE4:

Subsurface (Clear Coat):

Dynamic painting system. You can paint your car as you wish, there is no prerendered color maps:

Melted edges:

Hope, you will stay with us!
P.S. Here you can buy JReX and another 13 cool racing games for only 2.49$:
Dec 31, 2016
Jet Racing Extreme: The First Encounter - JReX Master
Hi fans!

We hope you're not too bored without us there.
We got a little distracted by another customer project for financial reasons. At the end of the text there is a link to the video who are interested.
About JReX game.
We thought long and summed up the development. Many of you liked the project, this is very encouraging, however, we came to the conclusion that the project needs rethinking.
Judging by your feedback, we could get to your emotions. Someone liked the game for realism, someone for a spectacular disaster, and someone broke the keyboard trying to learn control. It's cool!
We decided that we will continue, however, on another engine (Unreal Engine 4) and we will completely remake the gameplay.

Why UE4? Because Unity stopped supporting 4th version and 5th version is not suitable to develop racing project(due to physics). In the latest version of UE4 Epic has made great changes to the wheel physics, allowing to make the adequate physics behavior. This was a big problem in both engines Unreal and Unity.

The work will take us some time, maybe this will be a new project with a different name, but to all JReX players we guarantee free migration.
By the way, it would be nice to organize the community for this topic to collect and organize your wishes. If there are interested people, please contact me directly we will talk about.

Happy New year! Great mood and a good weekend!
Our contract project:

Jet Racing Extreme: The First Encounter - YappaR
Hello Racers!

First of all thank you very much for all your suggestions from last month's suggestion collection. We've been working carefully on a new update for the game for a while now, but it isn't finished yet, but expect to see future updates noting our progress.

Anyway, I am going to be honest with you. There have been a few communication issues between myself and rest of the JREX team, as I am an outside contributor to the JREX project, and I can't talk directly to the team. Basically, I'm struggling to get hold of the devs, despite all my efforts, I haven't been able to get hold of them.

Therefore development may slow down over the coming weeks, and I cannot update or get into development of the game myself, so I am left to manage the community. I hope you understand, I will continue to try and get hold of the developers and keep you posted.

Thank you for the continued support.

Jet Racing Extreme: The First Encounter - YappaR
Recently we have been getting a lot of suggestions for things we should add to the game, and we have noted down all of them, and marked them for potential future features.

But I feel like we could do with more, so if you have any suggestions on things that should be added to the game, please leave a comment on this post as to what, and we'll consider as many as we can.

Stuck on ideas? Well, here's the kind of suggestions we're looking for:

-New settings to add into the options menu
-Map ideas
-Car customisation ideas
-Sound ideas
-General new features

I look forward to reading your suggestions!

Side Note: As hard as we try to implement as many community suggested ideas as possible, we may not be able to get through every idea suggested. Also, we will not consider innapropriate, self advertising, abusive or any suggestion that does not fit our game.
Aug 13, 2016
Jet Racing Extreme: The First Encounter - JReX Master
In this update we worked on your requests and made some technical improvements.
The most significant:
  • Completely new activation system. More stable and torrent-resistant.
  • Cloud data storage. Save your game progress in cloud.
  • Public lobby chat room. Now you can chat with any player who is online now. Also, this system will notice you when someone wants to play multiplayer.
  • Vehicle fragments friction model redesigned. There was an issue with physics that makes some tracks unplayable (crash landings on ramp) Read an explanation in forum;
  • Vehicle stiffness improved;
  • Controls improved (autopilot and settings);
  • Joystick deadzone (someone asked in forum);
Thanks to everyone who likes the game and who understands what is early access. If you have something to say about gameplay or something else, write about it in the forum.

P.S. If you are updating from the previous version the game will transit to new data model and shutdown immediately. Just start again, it is normal behaviour.
Jul 7, 2016
Jet Racing Extreme: The First Encounter - JReX Master
So, what is next:
  • slomo camera mode;
  • battle game modes (with AI enemies); 2A42 is the best tool of democracy.
  • escape game mode. You need to pass track with continuously increasing speed. You don't have control over the engines, some drunk technician broke the engines control knob and now the car is constantly increasinging speed.
  • race with ghost (real player recorded track);
  • engineering competition. You need to fine tune your car systems, autopilot (AI) system and race with another man in full automatic mode. You will unable to control your car during the race, you can only preset the control computer.
    Wins the player who was able to find best suspension settings, other components and systems settings and computer AI.
  • New location. Something like this:

Feel free to comment and post your suggestions.

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