Sep 2, 2015
Painters Guild - Painters Guild
This is the first post-release Painters Guild update, bringing bug fixes, balance changes and minor new features.

List of changes:

-You can now drag painters from their portraits in the bottom left of the screen. If you ever lose a painter of sight, just click the portrait, hold and drag the painter out of it.

-Fixed a bug where painters would sometimes not return from Great Works or travels. Should this persist, use the new "drag from portrait" feature to retrieve your painters.

-The starting painter is now a journeyman (rank 2) instead of master (rank 3). This allows the artist to paint a masterpiece.

-Changed "Perfection" Great Work result description text from "double" to "extra". The value was 20%, not double, and the text was incorrect.

-Illness happens less often, is less contagious, less deadly and there is now an event that explains it when your first painter gets sick.

-Doctor cost reduced from 200 to 150 (in the event where you can try to save your painter from death).

-The final message in 1620 now shows a highscore and your previous highest score. We are working on improving this further in next updates with a more complex score system and more detailed score screen.

-More clients spawn in the late game to make it gradually harder. Start a new game for full effect.

Painters Guild - (Philippa Warr)

Painters Guild [official site] is a charming little management sim where you run a guild of artists. I wrote about it a little while ago thanks to a free demo but it’s out today on Steam so I’m re-mentioning it.

Currently all is not well at the Guild of Pip. My main artist is languishing in a jail cell after brawling because I couldn’t pay his fine leaving my newly recruited trainee to hold the fort and keep a roof over all of our heads. He didn’t do any on-screen brawling. As far as I could tell he was tucked up in bed but the pop-up said otherwise and thus I am in a bit of a pickle.

… [visit site to read more]


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