Jan 18, 2017
Industry Manager: Future Technologies - G.I._Joke
Hey everyone,

there's a brand new patch available for Industry Manager: Future Technologies that you can download right now! :)

With this latest patch we focused on improving the AI to make it more realistic and a readjustment of the overall game balancing. Of course we fixed, changed and added a few other things. To see what the patch brings just have a look on the changelog below:

- AI improvements: better and smarter AI
- Game Balancing: production speed, number of workers, capacity, prices, upgrades, profit margins, advertising impact...
- Global market: prices balancing
- Resource inventory: added the amount required for a specific resource consumed by all buildings
- Messages: added the option to enable/disable global market messages/alerts
- Goal panel: besides the required buildings for the production chain the panel now displays the required resources too
- Warehouse/storage: items without production lines and quantity 0 are now removed from the storage list
- Reports: list of affected cities added
- The option to choose currency: € or $ (when starting a new game)
- Production lines: added the possibility to add a note beside the production line name
- Game goal: "Landlord" win conditions adjusted
- Game goal: "Builder" win conditions adjusted
- Achievements: "Brand name" achievement fixed
- Global market: fixed a bug with negative amounts from the global market
- Localization updates/improvements
- Performance optimizations
- other minor improvements

We hope that you like the new improvements and changes, so that you have the best possible experience with Industry Manager: Future Technologies!

Thanks for your feedback and support and best regards! :)
Dec 22, 2016
Industry Manager: Future Technologies - G.I._Joke
Dear fans and entrepeneurs,

we have important news for you!

First of all we want to let you know that the newest upcoming update is nearly ready!
This new patch will change the balancing quite a bit!
But before we will release it we would like to get some final polishing in and therefore we would like to have a group of interested players to beta test the patch and feedback on it for us! :)

If you are interested in beta testing this patch, just write us a mail to "bugreport@astragon.de" to apply as a tester.
The mail should include the amount of time you have already spent in the game/ when you started / what kind of player you are (e.g. focussed on profit optimization, casual player, focussed on one product line, trying to unlock all the products, etc.) and of course your steam username!

Your feedback can be written in English or German.

The beta test could start directly after we received the application and the test will probably last until the first week of January, but can be extended.

Participants will receive a changelog of the latest fixes/changes and we will update them on any changes asap!

We want to make clear that this coming update will only affect the balancing of the game, no features.

So what we need most of you is your feedback regarding the balancing, like:

Do you make enough profit in the game to play in a desired pace?
Do you feel that the upgrades are too expensive or too cheap?
Does the research take too long or is too fast?

Please let us know!

Thanks in advance to all of you and best regards!
Industry Manager: Future Technologies - G.I._Joke
Dear fans,

today we have wonderful news to share with you!

Have you ever wondered what the future might hold? Then wait no longer because the future is here.

The AWESOME PRODUCTS PACK adds three completely new product chains, production buildings and products to enhance your experience with INDUSTRY MANAGER: FUTURE TECHNOLOGIES.

Bring a piece of the future to the present with the AWESOME PRODUCTS PACK for INDUSTRY MANAGER: FUTURE TECHNOLOGIES.

This pack contains:

Additional "Videogames" Product Chain
A new series of products which represents the videogames industry with a new production building where games can be produced. Really? A game which lets you produce games? This is so Inception-like AWESOME!

Additional "Steampunk Retro Products" Product Chain
Produce a series of awesome steampunk retro products in your own steampunk factory. How AWESOME is that?!

Additional "Nerd Products" Product Chain
A new series of products which introduces nerdy products, like a GMINT card game and a cure for Dire AIDS. All the products that can be manufactured here pay homage to other games or TV series. This is really AWESOME for sure!

The AWESOME PRODUCTS PACK DLC is out now and everyone who owns the main game Industry Manager: Future Technologies can download this DLC for free!

Best regards!
Industry Manager: Future Technologies - G.I._Joke
Dear Fans,

we have good news for you - Patch #3 is out now and fixes several bugs and issues.
Here you can find the complete changelog for this patch v.1.1.2:

- AI: All buildings are properly removed after a company leaves the game.
- AI: Improvements for AI companies
- AI: AI companies do not go bankrupt so frequently
- Market: The demand does not drop so suddenly
- Market: A message is shown when a demand change happens because of in-game events.
- Stock market: Should not display negative shares anymore
- Message: Sales reports from the global market no longer appear in a new game
- Product reports: Corrected generation and numbers
- Warehouse: Sometimes the quality shown on transport routes was 1 instead of the correct value
- Warehouse: Sometimes the upgrade caused a crash/bug
- Global market: Does not provide easy profit anymore
- Game goal: Scientist end game goal fixed
- UI: Scrolling the map using the mouse on the window borders is now more reliable
- UI: Texts are now bigger to have better visibility on smaller monitors/resolutions
- Construction menu: When scrolling through the building shop the camera does not zoom anymore
- Util: added the option to switch full-screen game between multiple monitors
- Localization, stability and other minor fixes

Thank you everyone for your ongoing feedback and your support on finding some of those bugs! :D
Industry Manager: Future Technologies - G.I._Joke
Hello everyone,

we are very happy to announce that we have a new patch ready and fixed many of the bugs we found and that you reported.
With this newest patch we were able to fix the following issues:
  • Global market: demand and supply fluctuation is now smoother
  • Global market: price change percentage calculated and formatted correctly
  • Research: unlock proper buildings when taking over an AI company
  • Trade center store: the prices for goods can now be different in different trade centers
  • Building rotation: added additional key bindings for players without mouse or Mac users
  • Achievements: fixed Car and Warehouse achievements
  • Sounds: fixed windmill sounds – reconnected to the mixer output (Ambient sound)
  • Sectors: workforce available shows now correctly after loading a savegame
  • Construction limit: counter reset properly when loading a savegame or after starting a new game
  • Building upgrades: UI refreshed properly when switching between buildings
  • Main Menu freeze fix: alert message for players without necessary permissions
  • Cursor lock: small fix for windowed mode
  • Bank loans: early repayment message shows the correct amount
  • Production: fixed an issue that could cause AI and player to stop selling
  • Production: fixed wrong alert for missing workers on a production line
  • Localization and other minor fixes

The next update will mostly focus on AI improvements.

If you still encounter any bugs or issues you can help us by reporting those and send a mail to us. Here we explain how: http://steamcommunity.com/app/384080/discussions/0/343788552534007106/

Thanks again for your help and your patience!
Oct 6, 2016
Industry Manager: Future Technologies - G.I._Joke
Good news everyone!

Industry Manager: Future Technologies is out now!

Start building your own empire, research new sustainable products and sweep aside the competition on your way to fame and success in order to become the most successful entrepreneur!

Buy now and get 10% off until October 13th!
Jul 12, 2016
Industry Manager: Future Technologies - G.I._Joke
Dear Fans,

the development of Industry Manager: Future Technologies takes a little bit more time, as we want to provide you the best possible gaming experience. The official release was therefore postponed to the 6th of October, 2016!
Thanks for your patience and your understanding!

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