E.T. Armies - James

Due to lots of interest in online multiplayer, we are offering everyone with E.T. Armies in their libraries by Thursday, a gift copy of the game to give to a friend. Invite someone to play and join the servers! Remember, you can set up your own online matches.

The offer is set to go live on Thursday, so be sure to check your inventory tomorrow evening!

Remember, you must have E.T Armies in your library before tomorrow to receive a bonus gift copy of the game!
E.T. Armies - James
Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all the comments on the community hub and for all of your support!

Changes made in this update include: Fixes for various issues with key binding for left shift, delete, enter, N, V and some other key combinations that were not working completely before.
A bug with multiplayer input not working properly has also been fixed.
Various other bugs have also been fixed!

Please reach out to us on the threads if you experience any technical issues.
E.T. Armies - James
Hello all,

You will need to delete your config folder for this update to work.
  • Go to SteamApps\common\E.T. Armies\UDKGame and delete the Config folder.
  • Reload Steam.
  • Right click on the game in your Library, click Properties. Select the LOCAL FILES tab. Click VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME CACHE...
  • Your config files will be re-downloaded.

Following all of the great feedback we received on the Community Hub; The new update for E.T. Armies is ready. Besides some minor bug fixes, this update mostly address key binding and controller issues. We hope you find this update useful.

  • Added more keys to the input system, including numpad keys, arrow keys, Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Tab, Caps Lock, Spacebar and mouse thumb keys.
  • Added more functions in input system for better customization.
  • Added toggle options for crouch and sprint.
  • Added partial gamepad support for Xbox 360 controllers. Please note that the controller only supports toggle crouch and toggle sprint. You can play with other controllers too but you should use external programs to map the keys.
  • Added invert X and Y option for both controller and mouse.
  • Fixed the issue where V-sync was not working. If you change this option in settings you need to restart the game to make it take effect.

Here you can see the picture of new input setting window.

We will keep an eye on these changes to make sure they work properly. As always, feedback and comments are very welcome.

Thank you all for your patience and support!
E.T. Armies - James
E.T. Armies is out now! You can now join the action in the official multiplayer servers, or you can create your own private match for just you and up to 15 friends for a total 16 concurrent players per match. With Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag game modes, there is something for everyone. Check out our announcement covering the multiplayer mode for more in-depth details. http://steamcommunity.com/games/382420/announcements/detail/645509438852130087

E.T. Armies also offers Trading Cards, Badges, Emoticons, Profile Backgrounds and Achievements for the collectors and completionists!

For further teasers, check out our new gameplay video covering the different game modes.
E.T. Armies - James
I am sending out friend invites to all of the winners of the beta participation entry that we announced here: http://steamcommunity.com/games/382420/announcements/detail/645508804895029351 Please check your invites so I can send you details.

We will take notes of your feedback on the game and address them as much as possible in updates.

Although the population for online mode is still not high prior to launch, we encourage you to play online as much as possible so we can get some feedback on our servers, online communication and some gameplay balances if possible.

There are currently four dedicated server slots. Ten will be opened for launch for EU and US gamers. You can access them from within the Multiplayer screen. If you do not see them, you may need to make an exception in your firewall for the game. You can see if this is a problem by disabling your firewall briefly.

All the chapters of the game are unlocked and you can play them from the start, please note that unlike our preview testers, you don’t have access to all saved data so you have to play the game from the start, we think you can handle it! :)

In online section, everything is available to test. There are 3 modes available right now, death match, team death match and capture the flag. We highly recommend the first two, since the last one is preferred while playing with a team. You can simply create a game of your own and wait for people to join or join the already created games. You are also able to check your ping to that server before joining it.

In multiplayer you should choose a faction and then a weapon to hop into the game. While playing, you will earn points in the game that you can spend by activating your abilities ( number 4 to7 on keyboard ). You can also press [escape] and open the help page and look at different abilities and their descriptions.

We hope you enjoy this beta and to all who unfortunately missed the best, get ready for launch on March 3rd!
E.T. Armies - James
Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all your interest and support for E.T. Armies.

Tomorrow, we will be selecting winners and reaching out to them to provide beta access!
Be sure to let your friends know to give them a chance to gain access to the beta.

Follow the store page and leave a comment here or on the beta announcement if you would like to participate.

E.T. Armies - James
An Update on Beta Testing
We have been reading all your comments asking for beta access on the previous announcement.
You can still register your interest there, we will choose testers at random on February 26th remember to follow the store page and leave a comment to let us know you’re interested.

Back Story
So a lot of you have expressed interest in the narrative and single player campaign, so we have put together this announcement for you to sink your teeth into some back story!

Check out the intro cutscene here (click on the banner to reveal):
Long ago, Earth was the only home to mankind, a planet filled with life, energy and resources. But some were not satisfied with what they had. They wanted more and more. And they didn’t care about killing their own kin to achieve their goal, they began to wage war to take what they wanted. That war was long, and the last war on our dear planet.
The Earth was no longer a place to live, but a ruin that was left from brutal war. All nations decided to leave Earth to find new planets, to find new homes and new resources. They left the Earth. But not all could leave. There were many poor, weak and abandoned people around the world who could not afford the technology to leave the Earth, and they certainly did not accept the help of those who they once fought against.

Years have passed after that and many have died, but some survived. They mysteriously began to adapt themselves to the new environment. And it became clear for them that they should now join their forces to fight for their survival. They became united and built an empire, an empire that was known by others as “Forsaken”.
Although it was a new dawn for Forsakens, they did not forget one thing; the hatred for others who abandoned them to rot in that pit. They wanted revenge, they wanted everything that was taken from them, and for that they needed power. They started to invade other planets to steal their resources. They didn’t care who they are, they didn’t care what they believed, they just started massacres one after another to achieve their goals.

Many thought of Forsakens as poor nation who needed other’s help to survive, but they were naive, those time are long gone. And now it is time; time to face their brutal rampage. A soldier’s duty is to protect his people, is to defend against any threat.
E.T. Armies - James
As we approach release for E.T. Armies, we will be looking for Steam users to help test the game for public beta.

If you would like to play the game early and share your thoughts with the development team, click the Follow button on the store page and leave a comment here expressing your interest.

Store page link http://store.steampowered.com/app/382420

Winners will be picked at random on February 26th and will receive a Steam key of the full game!

Feb 12, 2016
E.T. Armies - James
Choosing the right weapon is sometimes vital. Depending on the team’s strategy and your own preference and skills, it’s essential to practise with different types of weapons, master them and get to know their strengths and weaknesses.

In the single player campaign, you can find Parsis weapons and ammo in specific locations, but forsaken weapons can only be taken by force. In multiplayer however, you have access to all weapons, so prepare and size up your weapon of your choice!

Feb 5, 2016
E.T. Armies - James

Following the great response we received for multiplayer mode for E.T. Armies, it has officially been added! As a huge thanks for the support from the community and for the great suggestions, we have implemented peer to peer multiplayer support. You can create games or join other player’s games and prove your skills in three modes of online multiplayer: team deathmatch, free for all and capture the flag.

These modes are available for 2 different maps, one set in “The hidden fort” structure and another one set in “The ruin”.

In E.T. Armies, multiplayer experience is quite different from single player. Activating different abilities and companions will add new gameplay, strategies and combinations. You will earn points for killing your enemies and completing objectives. You can then use these points to activate the following features.


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