Exile's End - Magnetic Realms
You asked for them, and now here they are!

I'm pleased to announce that Steam Trading Cards are now available for Exile's End.
The set includes 5 cards, 6 profile backgrounds, 5 emoticons and some nice badges to show off :)

For more information, check the Steam Trading Cards FAQ here:

Thanks for your support!
Jan 7, 2016
Exile's End - Magnetic Realms
I just heard from the very talented Keiji Yamagishi that his soundtrack for Exile's End has been nominated in the VGMO Annual Game Music Awards!

Check it out here: http://www.vgmonline.net/awards2015nominations/

I love the music that Yamagishi-san created for the game and I'm really pleased to see his outstanding work recognized in this way. He's also up for another award for his chip-tune album "Retro-Active Pt.1". Good luck Yamagishi-san! :)

Exile's End - Magnetic Realms
Patch notes;

Fixed typo in English text.

Improved some more unfair enemy placements.

Fixed some game crashes in survival mode.

Fixed an enemy getting stuck in a wall in one of the survival stages.

Display stage number at the start of each survival stage.

Fixed the game incorrectly showing a time bonus icon when killing one of the flying enemies that appear in survival mode when you take a long time to clear the stage.

Fixed broken sound effect for using keys.

Added more monster sound effects.

Fixed some monster AI bugs.

Fixed display bug on map screen in survival mode.

Made puzzle in The Heart a bit clearer by only respawning the clay pot if it's really necessary.

Fixed collision bug related to throwing, which also fixes the wall climbing exploit.

Fixed a bug in the map screen preventing display of one of the upgrade icons even when the upgrade was collected.

Added Russian localization to game.
Exile's End - Lonesteban
Think you have what it takes to marathon Survival Mode longer than anyone else? Prove it and win money for games!

Details and contest forum here

How to win Steam gift cards from $20 to $500 in value!:

Dates: 12 PM UTC Nov 22nd - 12AM UTC November 28
Prizes: At end of contest (12PM UTC November 28th) :
For 1st, 2nd, 3rd and runner-up HIGHEST OVERALL SCORES ; Steam Gift Cards equaling $500, $250, $100, $50 respectively

For top scores *POSTED* daily between 23 - 27th ($20 each)
Prizes will be sent via email in December.

Also, Russian text added to the game. Going live as soon as it's checked!
Добро пожаловать!
Exile's End - Lonesteban
Hi everyone. You may have noticed that we have a new patch rolled out that has changed and improved the game. Most of the things in this update are a result of YOUR amazing feedback. Be proud! This is the official Survival Mode update! Read on to hear about new modes and a contest where you can win Steam Gift Cards!

"What is survival mode?" you might ask. It's a new mode available along two others (Speedrun Mode and Hard Mode) in the update, along with a host of fixes and improvements, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

-Select "New Game" and then "Survival Mode" from the main menu. The rules are simple:

1. You have a limited amount of time to beat the randomly chosen room.
2. Killing enemies adds time to the clock. (Killing multiple enemies results in a combo that increases your score.)
3. Each room has an exit you must find and unlock before time runs out.
4. If you make it out of the room, you are awarded cash based on your performance.
5. Buy upgrades and ammo with cash to prepare for the next room.
6. How long can you survive and how high can you score?!

Now, we will be adding leaderboard support soon, but until November 13th we want to hear YOUR feedback on Survival Mode. What would you like to see added? What do you think needs fixing? This is your chance to make a real impact on game development!

You'll also want to practice Survival Mode, too!

On November 16th, we'll be rolling out a contest in the Exile's End community on Steam and some partner websites to win ACTUAL Steam Gift cards based on your Survival Mode scores. Details are forthcoming but we have over US$3000 to award!

Patch Notes:

Added survival mode

Added hard mode and dedicated speedrun mode (locked until game completed once)

Added onscreen indication when fast-forwarding through an in-game cutscene.

Added support for Russian language - translation coming soon!

Changed default controller button for map screen to be more obvious ("Back" button)

Offscreen enemies can no longer be shot, and will not shoot at player until onscreen

Various minor graphical fixes and improvements

Several menu/UI fixes, and renamed some menu items to be more clear

Various minor map and collision fixes

Fixed some typos in a couple of the secret messages

Added a new "quick grenade" action - defaults to Left Shift / Controller Button Y

Increased invulnerability duration after player is hit, and indicate it visually

Improved some unfair enemy spawn locations

Collected upgrades are displayed on the map screen

Added a hint on how to leave the base

Added a hint about looking down to avoid fall damage in the beginning of the game

Various enemy AI fixes

Grenades now explode immediately on contact with an enemy

Reduced the delay before grenades explode after thrown

All secret walls have at least a subtle visible difference to the surrounding walls

Fixed some problems with room layouts that could be exploited to easily defeat bosses

Fixed some sound glitches

Fixed broken collision area when leaving a secret room in the Royal Baths area

Made the explosion effect look a bit better when it happens above the ground

Made some difficult jumps a bit easier

Simplified confusing behaviour with the pair of rocks in the first cave. Now they always respawn, not just when you are not currently holding any rocks.

Fixed bug causing rocks and first aid kits to be collected even when you are already holding the maximum amount

Fixed a bug causing enemies to sometimes drop grenade launcher ammo before they player has found it

Clearly indicate the current charge level of the charge shot gun in the UI

Fixed a couple of player animation glitches

Added a sound effect for text in the cutscenes
Sep 6, 2015
Exile's End - Lonesteban
The Linux version of the game now installs and runs without problems. Enjoy! Now to start working on trading cards!
Exile's End - Lonesteban
Hi everyone, this is Esteban from Marvelous. First off, my most sincere apologies. The developer found a critical bug that affects a majority of users, preventing them from advancing past the Cathedral part of the game. This was believed fixed during testing, but remained in the release version. The developers have fixed it and will be updating the game on Steam, but your current saves will not work. Our deepest apologies for this, but there was no way around it, according to the dev. We are readying a save that will put you at the beginning of the Mining Area with the appropriate items in your inventory and will be distributing it to any that want it. If you haven't started playing yet, don't worry, your save will work just fine no matter how much the game is updated in the future.
Exile's End - Valve
Exile's End is Now Available on Steam and is 15% off!*

Japan's take on classic Commodore 64/Amiga action-adventure games. NOT a Metroidvania. Use your wits and your weapons to discover an ancient secret and gain your redemption. Art and music by Japanese legends of console gaming. Includes FREE SOUNDTRACK DLC for the first week!

*Offer ends September 7 at 10AM Pacific Time

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