Fishing Planet - Dennis_FP
Hey, anglers! Today we’ll tell you a little about the basic purpose and functioning of the key feature of most fishing reels - the drag system.
The drag system is one of the most important mechanisms in any spinning or baitcasting reel. Basically, its purpose is to allow the line to slip instead of breaking under the excess pressure from playing a large fish. This prevents from losing your terminal tackle as well as minimizes damage to the rod and reel.

There are two types of drag systems:

  • Front-drag in spinning reels

The front-drag system is much more sensitive and will react even to the slightest pressure exerted by the fish on the line. The drag system on spinning reels is located in front of the spool. In this case, drag adjustment is accomplished by turning a screw. While the front-drag system is basically a screw that secures the spool, in baitcasting reels, the drag can be adjusted by a single push of a button.

  • Rear-drag in spinning reels

    The rear drag is less sensitive and is more commonly used when angling with heavier tackle to handle the bigger fish, particularly when feeder fishing, trolling or using super powerful spinning rods. It allows for quick and simple adjustment right while you’re reeling in the fish.
Fishing Planet - Dennis_FP
Hey, anglers:) As you well know, Fishing Planet will soon be expanding its fishing premises onto the much awaited European regions! An so, today we’ll tell you about the Ghent–Terneuzen Canal in the Kingdom of the Netherlands - a place where you’ll be having some unforgettable fishing adventures!

Also known as Zeekanaal (or simply the Sea Canal), it links Ghent in Belgium to the port of Terneuzen on the Westerschelde estuary in the Netherlands. This deep canal (about 12m / 40 ft in depth) runs 200m (660 ft) wide and 32 km (20 mi) long, while serving as a navigable passage for large vessels almost all year round.
The in-game fishing locations are situated on the part of the canal near the small town of Westdorpe, just a few miles off the Belgium–Netherlands border.
The shoreline is somewhat monotonous, which on the one hand makes this area seem a bit dull, but on the other - provides a perfect location for large-scale feeder and float fishing competitions. In fact, World Feeder Championships 2015 was held here as well as countless regional and local competitions. Among other things, this canal is so attractive to anglers because it is inhabited both by typical freshwater species (Ide, Common Bream and Common Roach) as well as sea fish (like the European Flounder, Thicklip Grey Mullet and the European Eel).

Only the eastern bank (right side) of the canal in this location is available for fishing. The fishing area is about 1km in length. Since this waterway is a canal, the steady-sloping grassy bank is basically unchanging, lined with some reed thickets close to the shore. Beyond the fishing area, you’ll see a hilly tree-lined landscape with a highway and farm fields barely noticeable in the distance.

Although the landscape and the shoreline are largely unchanged, the fishing area can be roughly divided into two parts, that is two fishing locations: 1) An urbanistic bank near a large highway span bridge, overlooking a large elevator and massive warehouses on the opposite side; 2) A shoreline overlooking Dutch houses and farm fields with windmills.

Here are some interesting man-made objects that we added as part of the scenery:
1) a highway span-bridge across the canal; 2) huge cargo ships navigating the canal; 3) towboats and freight-laden barges navigating the canal; 4) an industrial area with a moore and an elevator across the canal; 5) modern and old-fashioned windmills atop the hills across the canal; 6) Dutch-style houses as part of the landscape.

Here’s a quick overview to give you a general idea on how we created the new waterway:
First off, our game-designer (who is also an expert angler) did some in-depth R'n'D looking for the right waterway in the Netherlands. The key factor to consider was the waterway’s popularity particularly among feeder anglers in the region. Since we were looking at the Netherlands, we wanted it to be a canal, to add some local coloring. Among other factors were the abundance of fish species, some interesting landscapes (we don’t want to repeat ourselves), etc. Once we found the perfect waterway, our angling game-designer drafted up a detailed plan with a map and all the necessary info that was further handed over to our 3D artists. It was up to them to create the scene, plant the trees and bushes, design and scale the industrial objects, etc. After that, it was up to our programmers to do some coding magic and make the towboats and cargo ships move, the windmills spin, the cars drive and the span-bridge turn. Finally, once all of that was completed, it was once again up to our angling game-designer to create the waterway’s bottom terrain and structure. And right now, we are working on fish setup for this waterway which is one of the final steps before waterway introduction into the Game.

Fishing Planet - Dennis_FP

The coolest thing about bottom fishing is the possibility of using different rods simultaneously! That’s what makes so many anglers hyped about this way of fishing, and that’s exactly what we are currently working on!;)

Once the whole Multi-rod feature is introduced to the game, we’ll also be adding new fishing equipment, namely the Rod Holders, that will let you catch fish using multiple rods at the same time!

At first, we plan to add about 7 different kinds of Rod Holders, that will mostly differ by their rod capacity, being capable of holding from 1 to 4 rods each. This means that the player will get a chance to take one Rod Holder on a fishing trip and use it by setting up in any convenient location, as well as adjusting its direction and height. We also plan to add the possibility of taking multiple Rod Holders with a capacity for 1 rod, so that you could set them up in different locations. Certain rod holder models will even have a Bite Signal feature installed.

Aside from this, we’ll also be adding stationary rod holders on some of the waterways that will be available for all anglers to use.

When all the functionalities related to bottom fishing and rod holders are introduced to the game, the players will be able to fish using various lures and baits simultaneously, which should drastically change everyone’s attitude to float and bottom-fishing rigs!

Fishing Planet - Dennis_FP
Hi dear players!
Do you know all the retrieves in Fishing Planet? Here we have a useful manual for you!

Fishing Planet - sergey.b

Nicely done everyone! Time flies fast and all good things eventually come to an end. So did our Mighty Carp Tour - this Fall season’s first and opening competitive fishing event. We hope you had the time of your life competing against so many others in catching this fun and challenging fish!
And now’s the time to announce the 10 names officially belonging to the Carp catching elite, but even more importantly - the Three Mighty Carp Champions who will leave a very distinct trance in the history of cyber sportfishing tournaments! Congrats to the winners and Tight Lines to all the participants of this Tournament and many more to come!
1 PH_Cauca6
2 CN.love1983
3 GiDRA_lotus157
4 Apone1
6 MAX-555
7 CN.YuLuO
8 kraken-vincent26
9 GiDRA_Duke
Fishing Planet - sergey.b

How’s that Carp catching going? We bet you changed your mind if you wrongfully thought that it was a boring fish to chat, huh Anyway, as the exciting Mighty Carp Tour is drawing to a close, we’d like to announce the much awaited Semifinal Results and give you the 20 names of our luckiest and most proficient Carp anglers, who’ll go on to the next and Final Round, taking place tomorrow in the atmosphere of San Joaquin Delta’s breathtaking beauty… Here are these names:
2 CN.love1983
3 kraken-vincent26
6 CN.Yss6551
7 Apone1
8 PH_Cauca6
9 NB.TopSir
11 M.A.M.A.L.U.B.A
12 BGF-Slackliner
13 GiDRA_lotus157
14 SteamingPolak
15 M.O.T.I.K.A
16 CN.Zzz
17 MAX-555
18 CN.YuLuO
19 VAMP_Pepelasticot
20 GiDRA_Duke
Fishing Planet - Diana_FP

Hello, mighty anglers! Congratulations on handling so well the competitive challenge of Mighty Carp Tour’s 2nd Qualifying Round. It was the final chance to get one of the Top-30 results for those who failed to do so in the First Qualifier. Herebelow we give you the names of those, who succeeded and will be heading to California’s San Joaquin Delta along with 60 other anglers to take part in the thrilling Semifinal on September 15th!

2 BGF-Slackliner
4 Shonny.Max
5 MAX-555
6 BGF-Bodeblu
7 CkY-Maximus
8 Gazza2332
9 Malkavian_Delinquent
10 GiDRA_Duke
11 Johan_Bravo
12 Coveite
13 BB-el.Campi
14 TopSiri
16 BB-HEINO1971
17 limpa_tanque
18 BGF-FireHydra
19 FISHING-PasNets-titi
20 Mr.MyPABEu
21 NoName.MihA76
22 daredevil0289
23 Redfokks
24 belamor
25 VAMP_Pepelasticot
26 JimPanse0108
28 Sidge4062
29 marshalrybalka
30 BGF-Mestre-Kame

Can’t find your name on the list? Don’t sweat it! You did a great job trying and had a very important and useful experience that’ll be extremely useful for the many Tournaments to come!
Fishing Planet - Diana_FP

Well, what we just witnessed was a magnificent fishing batalia in the 1st Qualifying Round of Mighty Carp Tour that was held on North Carolina’s Neherrin River. It was the 1st chance out of 2 to get through to the Semifinal by making it to the Top-30 most skilled Carp anglers! And some of you succeeded. Herebelow we give you the list of those who will head straight to the sunny state of California to compete against 60 best anglers in the Semifinal on September 15th.

1 SteamingPolak
2 PH_Cauca6
3 CN.JiXuan
4 CN.hh535
5 CN.Musing
6 CN.Yss6551
7 S.C.0.R.P.I.K
8 CN.Aiss
9 CN.Travis.820.douyuTV.4584355
10 CN.love1983
11 tonton1
12 C.B.R.T
13 Mr.Hi
14 CN.Zzz
15 NB.xianxian
16 A.L.M.A.Z
17 kraken-vincent26
18 M.A.M.A.L.U.B.A
19 Apone1
20 PH_bigdaddy012678
21 CN.YuLuO
22 M.O.T.I.K.A
23 S.H.T.O.R.M
24 Dragonfish66
25 CoAP
26 TheCoon187
28 BUR-aleksandp_3
29 GiDRA_lotus157
30 CkY-BlackPlague

If you don’t see your name - don’t panic just yet! There’s still another chance in tomorrow’s 2nd Qualifier.
Fishing Planet - olga.g
Hey dear anglers,
today's patch includes:
- tutorial missions rebalance
- new more user friendly leveling
- restored initial amount of credits when starting the game
- restored 1 day premium reward after 4th level
Fishing Planet - Dennis_FP
This update is a minor bugfix. Sorry for any inconvenience you may experience.

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