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Well, we may not be Santa Claus but we’re certainly announcing the results of the CGT third and final Qualifying Round, and the last chance you had to make it to the tournament’s Semifinal! Below is the list of 20 heavy-caliber anglers who did their very best and succeeded in getting one of the Top-20 results and will be going to the peaceful banks of Kaniq Creek in Alaska on December 15th to fight in the Semifinal battle!

1 Pc-Eragon
3 Viuva-FDP
4 NoName.Ribak_Oleg
5 bouba89
6 BUR-aleksandp_3
7 NoName.Enot_tmtm
8 Dragonfish66
9 CN.love1983
10 GiDRA_lotus157
11 PH_Cauca6
12 Yasid1
13 ONikS555
14 G.O.L.D.E.N
15 Mr_GRAY_GoldFish
16 Surlex-DM
18 Beer_O
19 SabiScsYouTube
20 FGW-E.S.P.I.G.A.O

Not on the list? Don’t let that get you down! Just think of all the fun you had and experience you got! Make sure to use your newly acquired skills and knowledge in the many Tournaments to come and profit! Merry Christmas!
Fishing Planet - Diana_FP

Excitement is heating up and growing as one more Qualifying Round of Christmas Giant’s Tour is now over. It was the 2nd attempt for our daring heavyweight anglers to show their best monster catching performance by getting one of the twenty top results and going through to the tournament’s Semifinal Round! Below you’ll find a list of those who splendidly coped with this challenging task! These anglers will head straight on to the Semifinal - held on the peaceful banks of Kaniq Creek in Alaska on December 15th!

2 pepevince1
3 BB-HEINO1971
4 Digage1
5 The-Viking
6 B.O.L.T
7 M.O.T.I.K.A
8 Krummnasentuerk
9 tonton1
10 S.H.T.O.R.M
12 The_Swamp_Man
13 BB-HunterG
14 Pc-Titi
15 powergraeber
16 Johan_Bravo
17 darecki1012
18 thesax
19 noquarter
20 Barkasua

In the meantime, everyone else can still have one final go at joining them and try their luck in the 3rd and final Qualifier!
Fishing Planet - Diana_FP

Participating in the Christmas Giant’s Tour is like unwrapping a huge Christmas present...and with the 1st Qualifying Round over, one could say we untied the bow! Now on to the more serious part: we’re thrilled to announce the results of the tournament’s 1st Qualifier and the 1st out of 3 chances to get through to the Semifinal by making it to the Top-20 most skilled large-caliber anglers! Below you’ll find the list of those who’ll head to Alaska on December 15th and compete among the 60 best anglers in the Semifinal on the peaceful banks of Kaniq Creek.

1 OldAces-ZeroeffortZ
2 Misha55
3 Artur.24
4 saga_buitre393
5 j8ffa1803
6 4F-Filiposki
7 The-Baloralys
8 Marcel_NL
9 The-Odin
10 pronk
11 XYyzsca
12 GiDRA_Duke
13 Alexey164
14 BigShamus1
15 Tersse
16 NoName.NoBrainNoPain
17 Dareach
18 Fata-Morgana
19 Unlucky_20_E_T
20 Nameol

If you don’t see your name - no worries! There’s still two more chances in the 2nd and 3rd Qualifiers - your present will simply take longer to unwrap)
Fishing Planet - Dennis_FP
Dear friends! We are happy to announce the release date of our long awaited Euro Update! December 19th is the date when you'll get: new waterways, new fish, new biting system, bottom and feeder fishing and much more!
Fishing Planet - Dennis_FP

Hello and welcome to the most sizable Tournament of the year - the Christmas Giant’s Tour! This event isn’t about any particular kind of fish, the key rule here is: the bigger the better...and not just big...but GIGANTIC!

Yep, we’re talking super-huge Trophy-sized monsters: Trout, Pike, Salmon, Burbot, Catfish, Muskies, Bass, Gar, Snook, Dolly Varden...the list can go on and on!

Christmas Giant’s Tour will be held December 11th through December 16th, with the Registration starting on December 11th, 24 hours prior to the First Qualifier.

The CGT Tournament’s timetable is as follows:
  • 10th of December - Registration for the Tournament begins.
  • 11th of December - Qualifier 1 on the snowy White Moose Lake way out in Canada.
  • 12th of December - Qualifier 2 on Michigan’s Saint-Croix Lake.
  • 13th of December - Qualifier 3 on Florida’s Everglades.
  • 15th of December - Semifinal Round on the mesmerizingly beautiful Kaniq Creek in Alaska.
  • 16th of December - the Grand Finale on California’s San Joaquin Delta.
Fishing Planet - Dennis_FP

Hey, anglers! Today we’ll take a closer look at one of the key element of feeder fishing, namely, Feeding.

Feeding implies “providing food” for a certain areas of a waterway to attract bottom fish and keep them in that area. In this DevBlog entry we’ll tell you all about how the Feeding system functions as a feature within the game.

How Feeding works.

The chum that you use to feed the selected feed area can have different properties depending on the components used to prepare it. In the game, you can use either basic groundbait mixes by simply adding some water or make your own unique chum by using different components and additives. Either way, the efficiency of your chum will directly depend on the components as well as the conditions in which you plan to use it.

You can prepare the chum mix only when you are already at a waterway, because it stays fresh only for a limited in-game period of time and should be used within the time limits shown on a special indicator in your inventory. Separate packed components and particle mixes, on the other hand, have no expiration date.

Besides, ready-made chum is very inconvenient in terms of transportation. That’s why once you leave the waterway, all the leftovers remaining from your prepared chum will be automatically disposed of.

To start Feeding the fish, you must place the chum into a feeder and cast it to the desired spot.

You can find more info about feeders in this DevBlog entry:

Feeder Fishing: Part 1
Feeder Fishing: Part2

Once in the water, the chum begins to spread from the feeder, depending on its components, the type of the feeder you are using and the speed of flow. By seeping from the feeder, the chum creates so-called “Feeding spots” or “feed area” that attract bottom fish to the area.

Of course, many factors should be taken into account in order to make the Feeding most effective. You should consider the bottom terrain, time of day, weather conditions, temperature, speed of current, components used for making the chum and what fish they will attract and even the amount of chum you need to distribute in the given area.

It is important to keep in mind that even the most efficient and abundant Feeding won’t help you get many bites, if the feed area is initially devoid of fish. That’s why it’s always important to explore and study the waterway to select the areas with abundant fish activity.

At this stage, the only way of Feeding in the game will be with the help of feeders. In the future, however, we will most likely be adding other methods, like tossing the chum by hand. But it is too early to talk about at the moment.
Fishing Planet - Dennis_FP

The feeder is usually filled with a special feeder mix made out of many components to attract the fish. By casting the feeder repeatedly in the same spot, it creates a so-called “chum spot” that builds up the feed and attracts the fish, resulting in much more frequent bites and bigger catches!

Before you start feeding fish it’s important to study the bottom terrain and look for areas with higher fish activity and then prepare the feeder bait. Time after time, by filling up the feeder and recasting it to the same chosen spot, you’ll be able to attract a whole school of fish. The length of the hooklink can be adjusted by securing the line to stop it from running, but one must be careful not to lose the hookbait when making a powerful cast. 

You can feeder fish by holding the rod in hand or use special rod stands that will let you make multiple casts using a number of rods simultaneously. The rod’s flexible quiver tip swill shows even a slight fish bite while using an alarm bell is a sure way no to miss it. With some practice and proper effort, this method should definitely pay off, rewarding the angler with a hefty catch!

Сhum  will work almost anywhere, but this method is most popular in Europe, where there the “white”, no-predatory fish are more abundant. Crucian Carp, Bream, Tench, Common Carp, and many other related species are you most likely catch when feeder fishing!

Enjoy your feeder experience with Fishing Planet and tight lines!
Fishing Planet - Dennis_FP
Hey, angling friends!

Today we’ll give you a little insight into the captivating world of feeder fishing and tell you about this very popular technique, widely practiced and much loved by anglers worldwide!
Feeder fishing was originally invented in Great Britain - a nation with an immense history of fishing, and one that particularly enjoys this sporty pastime.
Two things make feeder fishing different from all other methods: the use of feeders instead of simple traditional bait (that’s where it gets its name from) and the use of special fishing rods with a soft, sensitive quiver tip.
The quiver tip’s sensitivity shows the rod’s “test”, usually measured in ounces or grams. The right “test” depends on the fishing conditions and target fish that you plan to catch. If properly chosen, this parameter should allow identifying even the slightest fish bites in any conditions. Enjoy your feeder experience with Fishing Planet and tight lines!
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Hip Hip Hurray and hail the Champions of Grand Smallie's Cup, the ultimate Smallmouth Bass sportfishing Tournament! These fish put up quite a fight, and the same goes for the heated competition among the anglers… But that’s all behind us now, and it’s time to finally announce the Top-10 names officially belonging to the Smallmouth angling elite, and among them - the Three Grand Smallmouth Champions whose names are now forever etched into cyber-fishing History! Congrats to the winners and Tight Lines to all who bravely fought this fine fishing battle! Stay tuned for many more to come!
3 Digage1
4 tonton1
6 NoName.NoBrainNoPain
7 ONikS555
8 19-HARY-76
10 Yasid1
Fishing Planet - sergey.b

Those vicious Smallmouth putting up quite a fight, eh? It’s almost like they knew it was the Semifinal and they had to give you a battle of your life As the thrilling Grand Smallie's Cup is entering its Final stage, we’d like to announce the much awaited Semifinal Results and give you the 20 names of anglers, who skillfully handled the Smallmouth onslaught every step of the way! These tough fellas will go on to the next and Final Round, taking place tomorrow on North Carolina’s Neherrin River…
And so here’s our Top-20:
1 ONikS555
2 NoName.NoBrainNoPain
4 Digage1
6 PRO.s_CLUB_bolle64
7 19-HARY-76
8 GS_Senpai
9 Yasid1
10 Artur.24
11 EbisuWasia
12 PH_bigdaddy012678
13 fishDaddie
14 BGF-Edu77
18 tonton1
19 BGF-AnjoBlack
20 4F-LIGI

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