Fishing Planet - sergey.b

Hey there, angling community! At last, with the Grand Finale of Fishing Planet Anniversary Cup over and behind us, we’re ready to give you the names of our three FPAC Champions along with the overall list of Top-10 best Salmon anglers!
Herebelow are victorious names that will forever go into the history of Salmon cyber-fishing! Thank you for your participation and having such fun! Make sure to keep practicing - because the next exciting fishing tournament is just around the corner! In the meantime, tight lines!
1 NoName.Vgamigo
2 CN.douyu748770
3 tonton1
4 BUR-aleksandp_3
5 Serbatol
6 CN.XingYun
7 CN.Arsart
9 GoldenCatch1
10 VAMP_Pepelasticot
Fishing Planet - sergey.b

With only one day before the Final Round of Fishing Planet Anniversary Cup, we’re thrilled to give you the names of 20 most proficient and skilled Salmon anglers, who will fight the final battle tomorrow on the mesmerizing Kaniq Creek in Alaska for the official title of FPAC Champion and other valuable prizes!
3 NoName.Vgamigo
4 FIC-xingyun
5 love1983
6 iorean
7 Serbatol
9 BUR-aleksandp_3
10 douyu748770
11 Bauer38
12 GoldenCatch1
13 tosiekPL
14 BGF-zaisilva
15 tonton1
16 BGF-FireHydra
17 VAMP_Pepelasticot
18 limpa_tanque
19 NB.lrong
20 BGF-AnjoBlack
Fishing Planet - Dennis_FP
Filled with inspiration and driven by our passion for fishing, we’ve been working on a global update of our game for quite a long time now. Sparing no efforts, we’re dead set to give you a renewed Fishing Planet experience of the highest quality! And since our game is celebrating it’s third anniversary this August, we decided to share some developer inside scoop and give you guys an idea of the great wonders ahead: like the completely new European waterways, even more kinds of fish species, and a few other features you’re sure to love!;) So read on…


We’re finally adding a completely new region of the world to Fishing Planet - Europe! Now you’ll be able to enjoy fishing the many european waterways, complete with their own unique vibe, scenic surroundings, beautiful nature and all the realistic details inherent to the region!

The global map will be represented as a 3D globe.

We’ll be adding 10 new waterways in total, all scattered around different european countries. Now you can go on a real fishing adventure and travel to countries like the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Italy, Russia, the Netherlands, and a few other places that we’re keeping a secret for now!;) The first iteration of the new waterways will include 5 new rivers and lakes of the European region.

At this stage, we’ll be introducing waterways of:

The Czech Republic:

The Netherlands:



and Great Britain:

You’ll get the chance to indulge in meditative fishing on a delightfully serene little pond, amidst the charming Czech woods, or land a trophy fishing the wide canals in the Netherlands, surrounded by a mesmerizingly urbanistic landscape, or even fill up your keepnet on the boisterous Carp ponds of Great Britain. And that’s not even mentioning the inimitable dolce vita vibe of captivating Italian scenery, that you can enjoy along with fantastic sunsets and the fishing rod in hand!


Along with the European waterways, we’re introducing over 20 new fish species! Read on to find out more about some of the fish that’ll be added in the first iteration...

The Czech Republic will be the place to go if you’re up to catching some savoury Tench, Prussian Carp and plenty of Common Roach.

You’ll love fishing in Italy, as the local waterways are well known for plentiful Asp, Common Barbel, Grayling and Carp.

And how about conquering the tricky Eel in the Netherlands?

Great Britain is sure to uplift your spirits as its waterways are abundant in Grass Carp. But what you’re bound to enjoy the most on this Foggy Albion, is the humongous Common Carp - big like you’ve never seen!;)

Russia will be the place to go if you’re up to hunting some Sterlet. But that’s only one of the countless species inhabiting the deep underwater kingdom of Akhtuba river, including Zander and Blue Bream.

Aside from all of the above, you guys are in for many more new kinds of fish, that will be quite a challenge to catch and will call for your best fishing skills!;)

But the introduction of new waterways means not only more species of fish, but also more opportunities!

Alongside the European region, we’re introducing …. feeder fishing, ta-da! Now you can enjoy bottom fishing with the aid of feeders to constantly attract more fish to your spot! Why are so many anglers hyped about feeder fishing, you might ask. Well, thing is, while the fish consumes some of the bait in the feeder, the rest of the bait gets spread around the bottom of that area, which efficiently attracts other fish, thus multiplying your chances of a good catch! This function is literally a gateway to new possibilities, substantially increasing the quantity and quality of your catches!

But even that’s not all.

Multi-Rod Fishing:

For now on, you’ll no longer need to constantly switch between rods and lures, making the frustrating choice of what fish to catch first and what tackle to use. The multi-rod function will double your chances of a catch and let you enjoy a variety of fish hunting options! No more tough choices. From now on you can just set up a bunch of rods simultaneously and enjoy waiting for the bites.

Soon enough you’ll get a chance to experience all these updates firsthand and try them out yourself! However, such a massive update calls for great responsibility on our part. We want to make sure that everything functions like clockwork and give our full attention to even the smallest details. This means that we still have a big chunk of work ahead of us. And it’ll require at least a few months to do everything right. But trust us, it’s definitely worth the wait!;)

In the meantime, stay with us to keep track of the updates and… tight lines!;)
Fishing Planet - Diana_FP

Hey there, anglers! The 3rd and final Qualifier is officially over and we’re happy to announce the results with the Top 20 finalists who are now qualified to compete in the thrilling Semifinal Round of Fishing Planet Anniversary Cup, that'll be held on August 11th on Kaniq Creek in Alaska! These lucky names are listed below.

2 Beno_Ben
3 Denim555
4 CoAP
5 NoName.De1fin
7 BGF-zaisilva
8 VladPS22
9 SgtZwerg
10 tonton1
13 limpa_tanque
14 FiskerDK
15 NoName.Enot_tmtm
16 Bohemond
17 SLiDaRiX
19 The-Odin
20 A.L.E.X.K

But if you’re name’s not on the list, there’ll be plenty more thrilling Tournaments and Competitions in the future - just make sure to keep practicing and finesse your skills in the meantime! Tight Lines!
Fishing Planet - Diana_FP

There goes the 2nd Qualifying Round of Fishing Planet Anniversary Cup! Held in Michigan, on the breathtaking banks of Lake Saint-Croix, this exciting fishing battle is now over and we’re happy to announce the 20 anglers who’ll be making it to the Semifinal Round of this tournament!
In case you still didn’t make it to the Top-20 in the 2nd Qualifier, make the best use out of the upcoming 3rd Qualifier on August 9th - your final chance to join the 60 best anglers in the FPAC Semifinal! are our 20 qualified anglers:

1 WE_Travis_820_douyu_4584355
2 PRO.s_CLUB_Silberfisch
3 Serbatol
4 BGF-FireHydra
5 NB.lrong
6 YSS6551
7 love1983
9 tosiekPL
10 FIC-xingyun
11 Little_FishermanX
13 DDD1983
14 PH_chjkirkegade
15 B.O.L.T
16 Ouzoum64
17 BGF-Slackliner
18 douyu748770
19 Bauer38
Fishing Planet - Diana_FP

The 1st Qualifying Round of Fishing Planet Anniversary Cup is over and we’re ready to announce its results! Keep in mind, it was only the 1st Qualifier of three to get through to the FPAC Semifinal Round! That means that if for whatever reason your performance wasn’t quite at its prime and you didn’t make it to the top 20 Qualifier finalists, you still have 2 more chances to succeed! And the best part, next one’s right around the corner - taking place August 9th on on Lake Saint-Croix in Michigan! But for now, these are the 20 anglers now qualified to compete in the Semifinal Round on August 11th, Alaskan Kaniq Creek!

1 sanya57m
3 GiDRA_Duke
4 CkY-Gobblin
6 Sir-Surlex
7 BGF-AnjoBlack
8 Mardaniel
9 Loban
10 FS.YM
11 VAMP_Pepelasticot
12 iorean
13 BUR-aleksandp_3
14 _beardfish_
15 GoldenCatch1
16 NoName.Vgamigo
17 BB-Wolle569
18 Meridan
19 PRO.s_CLUB_frombois
20 Dozent_Ribak_Oleg
Fishing Planet - olga.g

Dear Friends! It’s soon our Birthday and there will be a number of festivities marking the occasion.

Are you ready for the Fishing Planet Anniversary Cup that starts on the 6th of August?
Tight Lines and let the fun begin!

Fishing Planet Anniversary Cup. The tournament is held on Alberta’s White Moose Lake, Lake Saint-Croix in Michigan, San Joaquin Delta in California and Kaniq Creek River in Alaska. Target fish is Salmon. Dates: 07.08 - 12.08, Registration begins on the 6th of August.
Welcome to Fishing Planet Anniversary Cup - a dear-to-our-heart Sportfishing Tournament that we’re hosting to celebrate our third year anniversary of coming out on Steam!
The Salmon you catch might be virtual, but the Tournament and the Championship status are as real as they get!

Do not lose your chance to become the Salmon fishing Champion!

First-place winner and the two honorable runner-ups get the fame, the glory, and valuable prizes! But making it to the Top-10 is quite an achievement too!

This is the one sportfishing event you don’t want to miss!

Fishing Planet Anniversary Cup will be held August 7th through August 12th, with the Registration starting on August 6th, 24 hours prior to the First Qualifier.

The Tournament’s timetable is as follows:
  • 6th of August - Registration for the FPAC Tournament begins.
  • 7th of August - Qualifier 1 on the snowy White Moose Lake in Alberta, Canada.
  • 8th of August - Qualifier 2 on Lake Saint-Croix in Michigan.
  • 9th of August - Qualifier 3 on San Joaquin Delta in sunny California.
  • 11th of August - Semifinal Round on the mesmerizing Kaniq Creek in Alaska.
  • 12th of August - the Grand Finale on Alaskan Kaniq Creek.

Check out our FP ANNIVERSARY SALE valid ONLY from August 3rd through August 12th to get your:
  • 360 Days of Premium at 50% OFF!
  • 180 Days of Premium at 40% OFF!
  • Fishing Planet Anniversary Pack at 30% OFF!

Also, there’ll be a BAITCOIN DAILY BONUS for everyone who enters the game during the FPA Weekend (August 11th-12th).

And don’t forget to participate in the Best FP Story Contest for a chance to win either 360, 180 or 30 Days of Premium - depending on your winning place!

And do not lose your chance to get Fishing Planet Anniversary Pack with 30% OFF!

Discounts are valid from the 3rd of August until the 13th of August!

Join in on the celebration and tight lines!
Fishing Planet - Dennis_FP
Hey, guys!
In that Patch, we are releasing some bugfix to make our game more qualitative and comfortable for our players.
Complex bugfix includes:
  • Alaska ambiance sound fix;
  • Photomod bug fix;
  • Inventory repair button fix;
  • Complex cursor and controller bug fix.
Thank you for your patience and have a great fishing!
Fishing Planet - sergey.b

Well, this year’s most epic Trout fishing tournament, the Independence Trout Open is officially over! The Grand Finale was quite a battle of its own, in which 20 best Trout anglers fought for the title of ITO Champion on the waters of lovely Falcon Lake - every Trout angler’s paradise! And finally, we can name this year’s three ITO Champions along with our glorious Top-10, who skillfully handled this challenging competition throughout all of its exciting stages! Congrats to the winners and Tight Lines to all! Keep practicing, cuz there are many more fun tournaments and competitions to come!
1 Cocoi59.Max
2 PH_Cauca6
3 NB.goodfun
4 Xel-Naga
5 PH_chjkirkegade
6 iorean
7 BB-Baloralys_R.I.P-Ironwulf
8 turbo259
9 NB.Pangtouyu
10 PH_CaKKuN
Fishing Planet - sergey.b

The Semifinal Round of Independence Trout Open was an epic fishing battle between 60 most skilled Trout anglers who faced the challenge of getting one of the Top-20 scores and making it through to the tournament’s Final Round! And so, here’s the list of our twenty most professional and skilled Trout anglers, who should already begin preparing for the Grand Finale held on July 9th!
1 enot_tmtm
2 Xel-Naga
3 turbo259
4 iorean
5 kardy
6 Cocoi59.Max
7 Shonny.Max
8 BGF-Bekows
10 BUR-aleksandp_3
11 PH_CaKKuN
12 NB.goodfun
13 PH_Cauca6
14 NB.Pangtouyu
15 BB-Baloralys_R.I.P-Ironwulf
16 4F-HARY76
17 JimPanse0108
18 Dragonfish66
19 gladiatorek64
20 PH_chjkirkegade

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