The 2005 Doom movie sucked. It had some good players—Karl Urban, Rosamund Pike, The Rock—but they weren't enough to keep it from being 105 minutes of hot garbage. So naturally, they're making a new one. It's called Doom: Annihilation, and if the debut trailer is anything to go by, it's not going to suck—it's going to suuu-huuu-huuuuck

Doom: Annihilation comes to us by way of Universal 1440 Entertainment, a division of Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, and is a direct-to-video flick set to come out this fall. The plot, such as it is, is a direct lift of the one we know and love: A team of space marines are sent to investigate a distress signal sent from a Martian moon base, only to discover that it's been overrun by demons. It's written by Tony Giglio, whose previous credits include S.W.A.T.: Under Siege (which is not the one starring Colin Farrell and Samuel L. Jackson), and stars Amy Manson, Louis Mandylor, Hari Dhillon, and Nina Bergman.   

The film seems to have come out of nowhere, but it may be the project that was rumored way back in 2011, which was also a Universal Studios joint. There wasn't a lot of enthusiasm for it at the time ("I'd rather see a Duke Nukem action parody film," as former editor Dan Stapleton put it) and while one trailer does not a full-length film make, I think the odds are pretty good that I would too. I don't want to judge prematurely, but I think that "Die, die, die," delivered with all the emotional commitment of super-sizing your order at the drive-through, could become the cinematic equivalent of "rip and tear."

Update: Someone asked id Software and Bethesda what they thought of the video. Take this as you will.

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DOOM - (Dominic Tarason)

As chief Doom appreciator here on RPS, I feel it is my sad but solemn duty to inform you all that the new Doom movie Brock warned us about last year is still coming. This one is direct-to-video, coming from director Tony Giglio. Doom: Annihilation is due out this autumn, and for what it’s worth, they do talk (briefly) about a portal to hell in the trailer, giving it a small advantage over the confused theme of the original film. Still, the trailer doesn’t fill me with hope – goofy monster makeup, very plastic guns and odd coloured lighting give this one a distinctly cheap, bland look. Give it a peek for yourself below.



As if one god-awful Doom movie wasn't enough for a single lifetime, Universal has flexed fingers, delved into its unfathomable depths and proffered up a new direct-to-video film inspired by id's legendary FPS franchise. It's called Doom: Annihilation and, I dunno, it could be good?

Written and directed by Tony Giglio (Death Race 2, Death Race 3, Soccer Dog: The Movie), Doom: Annihilation is a reboot of the franchise's live-action form, meaning you probably won't need to rush out and catch up on the plot intricacies of the first Doom film to understand it.

Doom: Annihilation, as you might well imagine, follows a group of space marines as they respond to a distress call from a Martian moon base. As you might also imagine, things do not go as planned, and the team discovers the base has been overrun by demonic creatures "who threaten to create Hell on Earth". And here they are now:

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John Romero has announced that Sigil, his upcoming "unofficial spiritual successor to The Ultimate Doom's fourth episode", has received a slight delay.

Sigil, which was announced on December 10th last year, in celebration of Doom's 25th anniversary, was originally anticipated to release in mid-February 2019, so around about now. It's a completely free episode (although several physical editions were available to purchase), and will include nine single-player and nine death match levels.

Notably, Sigil will be distributed as a megawad - the same special asset-bundling file format used by Doom back in 1993 - meaning that players will require a copy of the original game in order to play it. Incidentally, those Doom-less among you might like to know that The Ultimate Doom is currently discounted to 1.59 on GOG, if you're keen to prepare for Sigil's arrival.

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John Romero teased, and then revealed, a new Doom megawad late last year called Sigil, "an unofficial spiritual successor" to the fourth episode of Ultimate Doom. At the time it was expected to be out in February, but Romero announced today that because of complications with the physical editions, everything is being pushed back to April. 

First things first: A Doom WAD is a package file that contains all the data required to make the game run—graphics, levels, audio, that sort of thing—and they're called WADs because, as the kids said back in the early '90s when all this stuff was new and weird, Where's All the Data? (Seriously.) A megaWAD is simply a bunch of WADs wadded up into one big, game-changing bundle—basically a total conversion, although the official Doom releases were megaWADs too. Doom was designed that way specifically so that players could mod the game as they saw fit, which contributed greatly to its long-term success.   

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. 

"There were a few snags in production trying to make sure everything is top-notch for fans! I just wanted to let everyone who purchased either the Big Box or the Beast Box know that it is now looking like it will ship sometime in April. Thank you for your patience, and I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused," Romero wrote. "This also means the free version of Sigil will have to wait until after the boxes are in the hands of customers." 

The Big Box is a standard $40 boxed edition that includes the game on a USB drive and a few extras; the Beast Box—which is actually what it's called—is a kitted-out version that includes a t-shirt, a demonic coin, and Romero's head on a spike. Neither of them are available for purchase any more, but if you just want to play the game it won't cost you a thing: Sigil itself will be free for everyone. 

DOOM II - (Dominic Tarason)

Doom 2 is more than just Doom> these days. Some modern levels for the 90s classic FPS feature thousands of enemies, fiendish traps and difficulty beyond anything Id Software dreamt of. Eviternity, released yesterday, runs the gamut. It’s a 32-level campaign split up into six episodes each with a fresh look and some new monsters. You’ll start out in gloomy gothic tunnels, plinking away at zombies with a pistol. By the end, you’ll be screaming through the vast halls of heaven itself, cutting through ungodly-huge swarms of demons with BFG in hand. It’s rather brill.



Eviternity is a massive project put together by the Doom modding community consisting of six five-map episodes which use a new high-quality texture pack. The episodes each explore a different theme, with examples like "Icy castles", "Medieval", and "Industrial/Brutalism". Oh, and of course "Hell/Gore/Alien". There are a couple of secret maps as well, because what would Doom be without secrets?

Though it was initially released in December, Eviternity has just had a final revision, and you can read all about its changes here. Or you could just follow the instructions here to download all 49 or so megabytes of it.

Check out some screenshots below.

DOOM - (Alice O'Connor)

The hot new way to create high-resolution texture pack to fancy up old games is ‘deep learning’, feeding the original textures into a computer so algorithms can draw more-detailed versions of what they imagine the images look like. It has… varied results. I’m a hoary purist who still plays Quake pixellated without texture filtering so I’m not mad keen on these hallucinated manglings, but I do like the technique as an act of creation rather than replication. Which leads me to coo over Everest Pipkin’s Mushy, a new free tileset for isometric games generated by machine learning with the intention of creating a glitched-out look that’s just not right.


DOOM - (Katharine Castle)

When I walked into Razer’s HyperSense room at their CES booth, I wasn t really sure what to expect. Before me stood a desk and chair like any ordinary PC set up (albeit one solely comprised of Razer products) and two grinning demo guides. “Do you know Doom?” one of them said. Why, yes, I do, I like it a lot and know it well, I replied. “Sit down then,” he said, “and put on these headphones.” So I did. And let me tell you, readers, this what I played was not the Doom I remembered. This was HyperSense Doom, and you simply haven t experienced the true majesty of emptying a Super Shotgun into the hoofing great face of a hell demon until you ve fired it with the full force of Razer’s new haptic feedback system.



"Pretty self-explanatory, really. Put the ball in the hole." It sounds simple—but in golf, it never is, especially when you've got to putt your way around demons trying to tear your arms off. That's what happens in one of the holes in Hellshots Golf, a mod for Doom that replaces your shotgun with a driver and asks you to make your way around a full 18-hole course in as few shots as possible.

Aside from the one hole with demons, it should be as relaxing as a round on a real course, albeit in more imaginative locales. The holes include the inside of a refrigerator, a Van Gogh painting, a lava pit with a giant skull at the bottom, and everything in-between. Each of them have shortcuts for riskier shots: a skyscraper course has steel girders that you can trickle your ball across to get between buildings, if your aim is good.

You'll get a preview of your stroke to tell you where the ball will go, and you can view it from all angles with a free-flying camera. If you don't like how things are turning out, you can return to the start of the hole and reset your score at any time. 

To play, you'll need a copy of Doom plus the Zandronum, ZDoom, or GZDoom mod platforms. If you're using Zandronum you can play multiplayer, where you get a paint gun to graffiti each hole as you go.

To download it, head to creator TerminusEst13's page. They're hoping to add another 18 holes in the future.

If you want to know more, YouTuber ICARUSLIV3S tested it out in the video below.

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