Kingdom Come: Deliverance - rick5292
u/VVASH on Reddit has had his tattoo for over 3 years now. Little did he know that the 3-year mark of his tattoo came on February 13th, the release day of Kingdom Come: Deliverance!!!

svjeeta has done some truly amazing artwork for KCD on Twitter. The colors in this photo are incredible.

Musiriam on Twitter is well-known in the KCD community for her artwork as well. She has even sent some of her fine work to Warhorse Studios!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - rick5292
The official Kingdom Come: Deliverance Artbook will be available in Q1 2019 at You can preorder it right now!

Pre-Order Artbook Here

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - rick5292
If you haven’t heard by now, Kingdom Come: Deliverance won the prize for Best Narrative at CEEGA (Central & Easter European Game Awards)! We put a lot of heart and soul into Henry’s story and the conflict in medieval Europe and The Holy Roman Empire during the early 15th century. As we’ve said before, we are most grateful for every one of you and your support. It truly means a lot!

As a reminder, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is 40% off, which runs only until November 1st.

While you're at it, you can grab the OST for 25% off as well!

Furthermore, Treasures of the Past and From the Ashes DLC are 25% off. Happy Halloween and stay medieval!!!

Cities: Skylines - (John Walker)

OK, look, it isn’t a Red Dead Redemption 2 edition, because Red Dead Redemption 2 isn’t out for PC yet. But if I keep typing Red Dead Redemption 2 into this Google is going to be SO TRICKED and the clicks will pour in and Graham will give me a promotion!


Kingdom Come: Deliverance - rick5292
Kingdom Come: Deliverance - rick5292
Hello Everyone,

Once again, we extend our sincere apologies to those affected by the most recent bugs which have shortened your playing time with our latest DLC. Now that the patch is out, you will be able to get the full experience for The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon and free update Tournament.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to improve the experience and quality of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Thank you for your support and check back here for regular updates and news.

Warhorse Studios

– Amorous Adventures Fixes –

  • A big part of the second DLC - "No Rest for the Wicked" quest is now available from the Charlatan. The quest is available even with completed Amorous Adventures DLC so there is no need to reload to the previous state.
  • Infinite fader during dialogue with Hans Capon after failing Next to Godliness fixed.
  • No Rest for the Wicked quest now properly reacts to the player killing the guys he was supposed to scare.
  • Player now correctly receives Musk of Infinite Allure on completion of No Rest for the Wicked.
  • It is now possible to finish active Game of Throws quest even when the player initiates Vranik battle.
  • Rare crash when arriving at gamblers' den fixed.
  • Game of Throws journal text bug fixed.
  • It is no longer possible to break Honeyed Words quest by closing the door in front of Hans Capon a moment before he forces the dialogue on the player.
  • Infinite fader after rapid skipping of Capon's dialogues fixed.
  • Player will no longer be harassed for not having a lit torch during the encounter with the butcher and his men in Honeyed Words quest.

– Tournament Fixes –

  • During Epilogue, the first Tournament now starts automatically one hour after the player skips time far enough from Rattay (eg Neuhof). It is no longer necessary to start the accompanying quest of Samopesh blacksmith.
  • The second and any other Tournament now always periodically occurs every 7 days even when the player is close by. It is now possible to wait right next to the Herald.
  • Guards will no longer attempt to frisk you during an active tournament, which caused the Tournament to fail.
  • Tournament will no longer delete some items of players who have huge amounts of items in their inventory.
  • Possible infinite fader during later Tournament stages fixed.

– Other Fixes–

  • It is now possible to start Miracles While You Wait even if you refuse Charlatan multiple times.
  • It is now much easier to hit the topping out during Miracles While You Wait quest.
  • Fixed bug in Miracles While You Wait that sometimes broke the ending if the player completed the whole quest without saving or loading.
  • Rare crash during escape from Skalitz fixed.
  • Absurdly bright screen caused by persisting effect of Nighthawk potion during daylight has been fixed. Any remaining issues can be solved by drinking another Nighthawk potion and waiting for a few hours.
Kingdom Come: Deliverance - rick5292
We are very delighted to finally announce the release of The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon. Grab it now for just $9.99 and while you're at it, check out our free DLC called, "Tournament." Fulfill these quests, and you'll acquire plenty of more hours of adventure, fun, combat, laughs, and more.

Watch the trailer from August:
How to Start Amorous Adventures & Tournament Plus DLC Bugs Update!

The Amorous Adventures can be activated through multiple variants:
  • Player completed both quests: "Next to Godliness" and "Robber Baron"
  • Player failed "Next to Godliness"
  • Player starts "Epilogue"

Our man Charlatan is back and has some work for you in the Hans Capon DLC...

Here's the gist of Charlatan's questline (currently bugged for some):


And here he goes! Who, you ask? Your old pal Charlatan and with him a new adventure even more absurd than the previous one. Together you will try to defeat people’s skepticism and try to raise the terrifying Revenant or at least pretend to! All that for a very noble purpose of…selling more stuff. You will have to dig up an old tale from Ledetchko’s past, on which you can build up your illusion of revenant. And since the dead won’t raise itself, it’s your job and you can achieve that by different kinds of villainy. The goal is to scare villagers until only a few bold ones will remain and that’s when it gets serious. But, you must be careful not to bring the wrath of heaven down on yourself or mad peasants like the last time.

Any other questions, ask below. If anyone knows the answer, please feel free to respond. Also, for any bug reporting, please submit all bugs to
Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Some spoilers for the opening of the Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon follow.

One of the standout characters in Kingdom Come is undoubtedly Hans Capon. He makes a terrible first impression, the very picture of a stuck-up, self-regarding lord. But over time he warms to you and reveals himself to be a charismatic, thoroughly likeable character—something Warhorse was clearly aware of, as they’ve made the hedonistic, wine-loving heir to the Rattay throne the focus of its latest paid-for DLC expansion.

The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon, to give it its full, unwieldy title, can be accessed after completing the quests Next to Godliness and Robber Baron. Capon will tell you about a woman in Rattay he’s fallen for, and asks for your help in wooing her—without her knowing. Keeping your love for a woman secret, Capon tells me, is all the rage in France, and he wants me to help him win her heart secretly. The first stage of which is recovering a family heirloom, a necklace, that he lost in a drunken dice game.

I travel to the tavern in Ledetchko where Capon lost the necklace, but the local dice champion tells me he already lost the heirloom to a fancy-looking chap who was last seen at a river crossing near the town of Sasau. I travel to Sasau and comb the river for clues until I find the nobleman in question—murdered and, importantly, no longer in possession of the necklace. The savage nature of the killing leads me to believe bandits were responsible.

I'm wearing a raggedy shirt and battered armour. It's obvious I'm no lord.

As I’m investigating the crime scene, a well-spoken man calling himself Sir Anselm of Domky emerges from the woods and tells me the nobleman was killed by bandits, and that they have a camp set up nearby. I instinctively reach for my sword and get ready for a bit of brigand slaying, but Anselm has a more subtle plan in mind. He asks me to pose as Alphonse, the dead man, and infiltrate the camp to find out who the killer is—and maybe find that necklace I’m looking for in the process. I agree to help him and sheathe my sword.

Making sure I know enough about Alphonse to deal with any questioning in the bandit camp, I grill Anselm about the dead man. Where he hails from, the lords he’s served, things he enjoys. Apparently he’s a keen dice player (no surprises there) from Slany and once worked for Prokop of Luxembourg. I make a mental note of these details, hoping they’ll save my skin later on, and get ready to pose as Alphonse. But there’s one problem: I look like shit. I’m wearing a raggedy shirt and a ramshackle collection of battered armour. It’s obvious I’m no lord.

I visit my house in Rattay and access my stash, where I have heaps of clothes and other junk I’ve pilfered and purchased over the course of the game. I find a fashionable cap with a feather in it, some nobleman’s hose, other assorted finery, and suddenly rustic, battle-scarred Henry looks like a prancing toff. Capon would be proud. I also stop in at the bathhouse to clean myself up and get a fresh new haircut and beard trim. Satisfied I no longer look like a peasant, I head to the bandit camp and announce myself to the guard.

Immediately I’m glad I quizzed Anselm about Alphonse. The guard asks where I’m from, assuming Prague, and I confidently correct him, saying I’m actually a native of Slany. He lets me in, but tells me that the bandit leader—presumably Alphonse’s killer—is busy, and that I should play some dice to pass the time. As I explore the camp and eavesdrop on the foul-mouthed bandits, I learn that the champion of a dice tournament wins a precious necklace: the very same one that once belonged to Capon before he foolishly lost it.

I throw 1000 groschen into the pot and enter the tournament, but I absolutely stink at Kingdom Come’s dice minigame, and I lose spectacularly. But I have another plan in mind. I ask the tournament organiser who won, and he tells me it’s a guy called Pechuna. I corner him and congratulate him on his victory, and consider buying the necklace off him or pickpocketing it while he sleeps. But where’s the fun in that? Instead I ask him how he’ll be celebrating, and he tells me he’s walking through the woods to Sasau to drink. Walking through the woods. Alone. With the necklace I need in his pocket.

I follow Pechuna through the trees until we’re well away from the camp, then I pull out my sword and run it through him. He has no armour, and he doesn’t know I’m there, so the ‘fight’ is over in seconds. Then I grab Capon’s necklace, which will help the cocky lord begin his quest to win the heart of that lovely lady in Rattay. A nice final detail: as I look through Pechuna’s possessions I notice that he’s carrying loaded dice. The swine cheated! I mean, he is a bandit, but what about honour among thieves? Suddenly I don’t feel too bad about stabbing him in the back and leaving him to rot in the forest.

I’m immediately won over by The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon. This is a brilliantly constructed opening quest with a lot of different outcomes. And while Kingdom Come can often be quite self-serious, this DLC seems, so far, a lot more light-hearted. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes next, and what trouble Capon’s romantic quest will undoubtedly get us both in. The DLC is out now and costs £8/$10. We’ll have a full review up on the site soon. And next time you decide to try and swindle someone in a dice game, make sure they don’t have a sword stuffed down their silky pantaloons.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - rick5292
PC 1.7 Patch Notes


    – Optimizations –
  • Texture streaming massively improved. Pop-in of the more detailed textures or body parts should be much less apparent.
  • We have optimized despawning of items. This should positively affect performance for some players.
  • NPCs no longer randomly drop items while going into less detailed LOD state. This should slightly improve performance.

    – New features –
  • Tournament! - The tourney takes place every few days in the courtyard of Rattay Upper Castle. Depending on how far you've progressed through the story, ask either the Samopesh blacksmith or Sir Hans Capon to make the necessary introductions.
  • Dice minigame improved - We have added a new set of dice with a "Joker" side and three types of straights to score. It is now easier to gain points with wild dice, so we raised the score limit to 4000 points.

    – Quest bugs fixed –
  • Lord Divish now returns to Talmberg after the cutscene in Epilogue.
  • Bandit recruiters in "If You Can’t Beat ’em" quest are no longer afraid of corpses and the quest can be progressed even if you bring them physical proof of your success.
  • Quarry robbery in the "Gallows Brothers" quest now has a proper ending if the player refuses to join the robbers.
  • Fixed infinite fader before Uzhitz sermon, which arose during a certain patching order.
  • Fixed issue that caused Lord Capon to visit baths before starting the "Next to Goodliness" quest.
  • Fixed issue that caused Kunesh's axe to disappear during loading thus preventing completion of Unexpected Visit quest.
  • Fixed issue that prevented the player from getting cat-paw immediately after beating Gambler in "Miracles While You Wait" quest.
  • Fixed issue that caused Fritz and Matthew to attack each other after "A Rock and a Hard Place" quest.
  • We also squashed a bug that caused inability to hand over their share.
    Soldiers continue to load trebuchet even if you talk to Sir Robard and deliver quest "Ruin".
  • We also fixed a rare situation in which players could not talk to Sir Robard during "An Oath is an Oath" quest.
  • Changed behavior of the captured Cuman, with this patch he talks to the player even if the player has a really low reputation with Cuman faction. To be fair he did have a reason to distrust you!
  • There is no longer an infinite fader after killing an opponent in the fist-fighting quest line.
  • Erik at Vranik fort now has death protection, which prevents consequent cutscenes in the quest from failing.
  • Failure of "The Prey" quest caused by meeting thugs from "Debts Must Be Paid" quest when traveling with Hans Capon fixed.
  • Fixed issue that sometimes caused Captain Bernard to stop training the player after taking the "Marauders" quest.
  • Fixed incomplete dialogue option in "Saintly Remains" quest.
  • Fixed cutscene in Rocketeer quest.
  • Fixed interactor on the deer grave in "Hare Hunt" quest and the poacher camp cutscene trigger.
    Talmberg groom should no longer get stuck in the castle door.
  • Fixed looped dialogue with Rattay scribe in Mysterious Ways quest.
  • Fixed infinite dialogue loop after giving Theresa gifts.
  • Fixed rare issue that prevented player from talking to Morcock after dealing with Timmy in the "My Friend Timmy" quest.
  • Quest "Keeping the Peace" now properly triggers game over if the player leaves Rattay
  • Fixed autosave in "The Sport Of Kings" quest.
  • Bug in "Next to Godliness" quest where Hans Capon didn't enter the bath fixed.
  • "Hare Hunt" quest icon is now active only if the quest can be taken.
  • Issue with quest markers in "A Bird in the Hand" quest fixed.
  • Quest "Next to Godliness" now cannot be activated after Epilogue.
  • A rare bug with NPCs from different quests occurring during Talmberk siege fixed.
  • Combat Master Vanyek can now correctly duel with the player during "The
  • Die is Cast" quest.
  • Fixed objectives and logs in "A Needle in a Haystack" quest.
  • Eating from a bowl in the monastery should now work without an issue.
  • Fixed interaction between "Wounded Soul" and "A Man of the Cloth" quests.
  • Fixed interaction between "Wounded soul" and "Pestilence" quests.
    Small tweaks in the dialogue with blacksmith Zach in "All That Glisters" quest.
  • Bug which caused Hans Capon to talk only about "Robber Baron" quest even after finishing it fixed.
  • Rare bug that stopped progression after losing a dice game during "Keeping the Peace" fixed.
  • Bug that caused absence of important dialogue with Hans Capon during "Clothes Make the Man" fixed.

    – Other bugs fixed –
  • Fixed rare issue that caused money disappearance during loading.
  • Fixed problem with uberlods that caused occasional disappearance of Pribyslavitz
  • Fixed another rare issue that caused combat lock on dead opponents.
  • Several small tweaks in the alchemy minigame UI.
  • Inflating breasts of sitting women have been resolved (Sorry guys!).
  • Fixed rare issue which caused a guard to evict a player from the jail for trespassing.
  • We emptied some overfilled chests in Rattay and prevented them from overfilling again.
  • Knocking out NPCs from stealth no longer makes their clothes bloody.

    – From the Ashes DLC –
  • More shopkeepers in restored Pribyslavitz now sell repair kits.
  • Ambient music in Pribyslavitz now changes based on the number of buildings built.
  • Marius will now properly say why he won't do anything when the player is trying to build something from the Ledger.
  • Small graphical glitches fixed
  • UI buttons no longer flicker in Ledger.
  • It is now possible to smoke and dry food in bulk.
  • A new sound is now played when drying or smoking.
  • Judgments are no longer accessible after failing the quest.
  • Events on Rattay square no longer appear during the Bailiff's speech.
  • The chance of encountering enemies near Pribyslavitz is now lower after clearing the bandits.
  • Weaponsmith and armoursmith now properly display goods around the shop.
  • Weaponsmith and armoursmith now have more money.
  • Two of the woodcutters no longer stay in the village after the player banished them during one of the judgments
  • The smithy guard now guards the shop even after the shop upgrade.
Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Watch the first trailer for Kingdom Come: Deliverance's next DLC, featuring a loved-up Hans Capon above. And know that the action role-player's Amorous Adventures is due next week.

So, what's going on above? Well, the bold Hans is in love, says publisher Deep Silver, and requires Henry's guidance as he attempts to woo romantic interest Karolina. Things are far from straightforward, though, and a lost family jewel, a magic love potion and "the most romantic poem of all" all promise to thwart Cupid's arrow. 

That's sort of teased up there, as is the Rattay Combat Tournament—a contest fit only for the fiercest warriors, keen to hone their fighting skills. Enter, win and net Henry some unique armour parts. 

The fanfare that accompanied Kingdom Come Deliverance at launch may have subsided, but it still holds strong on our list of the best RPGs on PC. Here's how we describe it there:

In this historical RPG set in the muddy fields of Bohemia, 1403, you play as a peasant called Henry who gets swept up in a war for his homeland. It's a detailed RPG, with a deep sword fighting system, hunger and thirst systems, crafting and more than a dozen equipment slots to fill with meticulously modeled gear inspired by the raiments of the time.  It's also surprisingly open-ended. If you want to wander into the woods and pick mushrooms for meagre coin then off you go, just be careful of bandits as you explore the pretty rural locales.

It's by no means perfect—there are plenty of bugs and wonky moments—but this is an RPG in the Elder Scrolls vein. A few bugs can be excused when the wider experience is this atmospheric.

Kingdom Come Deliverance's Amorous Adventures is due on Tuesday, October 16.  


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