Kingdom Come: Deliverance - rick5292
Attention KCD family,

@GamesRadar wants YOU to vote for the winners of the Golden Joystick Awards for 2018. We are a nominee for BEST PC Game of 2018! We at Warhorse Studios would greatly appreciate it if you vote and help us claim the #1 spot!

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Stay Medieval,


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - (John Walker)

Daddy: Hey Toby, can I get your help with some work please?

Toby: OK, but they might be disappointed I’m a cat.

This week on Steam Charts, my three-year-old son tells us all about the top ten grossing games on Steam. (more…)

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - rick5292
Kingdom Come: Deliverance - rick5292
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Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Valve
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Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Warhorse_JiriRydl
We are proud to announce that our special multimedia project, a live concert of the Kingdom Come: Deliverance soundtrack accompanied by a screening of the game, won the best project award in the international event Soundtrack Poděbrady!

The show was incredible, you can sneak peek at least at a few minutes on Tobi's Twitter:

The concert is over, but you can still enjoy the award winning soundtrack!
Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Warhorse Studios has released a teaser trailer for its next serving of Kingdom Come: Deliverance DLC, called the Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon, in which you'll help Sir Hans win the heart of Karolina, the butcher's daughter. 

I hated Sir Hans early in the game, but he slowly grew on me, so I'll probably be happy to lend him a hand. He wants Henry to sneak some jewelry and a love letter into Karolina's trunk but, judging by dead bodies and the angry butcher in the trailer, it won't be quite as simple as it sounds. In total, it should take you a chunky 10-15 hours to complete, Warhorse told PCGamesN.

You'll be able to pick up the quest at the end of the game or by making friends with Sir Hans earlier on.

We don't yet have a concrete release date, but Warhorse says it'll arrive in roughly a month alongside a free DLC called Tournament, which adds combat tournaments throughout the world. You can compete in them to win armour sets and money,  but first you'll have to finish a quest chain that will last around five hours.

Amorous Adventures will be followed by a number of other paid and free DLCs—the two big, story-driven ones are called Band of Bastards, due late in the year, and A Woman's Lot, which will arrive next year. For the full DLC roadmap, click here.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - rick5292
Are you ready for a new adventure? Hans Capon is in love and he needs your guidance! Help Hans to gain the heart of beautiful Karolina. However, things turn out to be trickier than expected. A lost family jewel, a magic love potion and the most romantic poem of all promise many hours of new fun moments in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.
Kingdom Come: Deliverance - rick5292
Gameumentary is a short documentary that explores the story behind the music of Kingdom Come: Deliverance with composers Jan Valta and Adam Sporka. Relive the special moments with these guys on an epic journey right into Bohemia.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - rick5292
You guys are going to really enjoy the new Hans Capon DLC content that we'll be showing off to the press at Gamescom. Details will follow shortly thereafter. I will not be going this time around, so I will be busy on my pc keeping everyone informed! We will have a few details to discuss about our Tournament mode (FREE download for all) as well. Check back in for more details and videos shortly after Gamescom 2018!


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