Nomad - Decerto
Hello survivors!

A new version of Nomad hit the beta branch. A lot of changes and fixes. Remember this is a beta release, expect bugs etc.

To join the beta branch, right click Nomad in Steam > Properties > Betas > Opt in for Beta

Here is the changelog:

- Zombies step height increased
- Zombies are slightly weaker
- Zombies will now spawn every 5 minutes, instead of instantly after death
- Fixed bug with zombies only attacking once
- Zombies no longer push players
- Adjustments to ambient color
- Tonemapping added
- Fixed bug with server disconnecting/bugging out on server kicks
- C4 and rockets no longer spawn in the world
- Fixed bug with item spawner spawning in disabled items
- Day and night sound effects added
- Sky adjustments
- All points of interests are now marked on the map
- Increased the maximum view distance to 1600, up from 1000
- Fixed trader selling 0 priced items

More updates and fixes to follow. Keep up to date with news by joining our Discord server at:
Nomad - Decerto
Hello Survivors,

It's been a while. I've been busy making 0.996 over these past months. A lot has changed and a lot needs testing before I can push it to the live version of the game.

To join the beta branch, right click Nomad in Steam > Properties > Betas > Opt in for Beta

Here is the current changelog for 0.996 (0.996.03)

- Dedicated Server (No more relay server) This will finally solve the lag and ping issue
- Loot system has changed, no more rarity rating. Everything is completely random. There are still loot tables for Point of Interests though
- The new loot system also spawns weapons with 2 ammo boxes beside them
- Zombies have returned. They are faster and stronger than ever. They spawn around Pinewood and military zones.
- Airfield Point of Interest added
- Players will no longer explode on death. Instead a box or bag will drop containing the players loot
- Premium members can spray their avatars around the map (t to spray)
- Spawn and death effects for Premium members
- Added view distance in options
- Decay system 2.0. now includes traps, barricades, campfires and furnaces
- Steam Authentication

- Quality of life changes; You can now move whilst in the inventory. You can now move whilst drinking/eating/healing
- Replace old shitty city area with more detailed city (think Pinewood from old school map)
- New hit sound effects
- Updated default fall back server image on servers that didn't specify a server.png file
- Supply crate, bandage and ammo box have new models
- Enter (return key) now works for chat
- Admin login system will now use Steam ID's listed in Admin.txt rather than using a password
- You can now use /kits and /kit to redeem kits (if you are premium)
- Added /server command to the list of commands
- Fine tune safe zone building areas
- Updated muzzleflash for weapons
- Updated bullet effects
- Smoothed terrain in places
- Supply crates (air drop crates) now delete after 10 minutes
- Physics system is now running at 60fps, instead of 15fps
- Supply crates will now give better loot and guaranteed 2 recipes or more
- The game now disconnects and exits to main menu much faster
- Fog has been added
- Buffed wooden structures by 15%
- XP from upgrading and building reduced by 40%

- Objects can float in the air when bases are decayed/deleted
- Cursor showing through map, menus and inventory
- IndexOutOfRangeException on concrete/stone sounds
- Anti cheat not correctly executing some functions (banning people etc)
- Weird bug where players couldn't shoot after switching weapons too fast
- Achievements not working
- Muzzleflash gameobjects not deleting when being told to
- Opening inventory/escape menu/options menu or chat window when falling will negate all fall damage
- Inventory not updating when reloading weapons
- Workbenches can sometimes bypass the "inside of an object" check
- Using shotguns can rarely disable muzzleflashes for all weapons
- Rare bug where melee weapons can be "aimed"
- Blood particle leaves behind weird hovering texture particles
- RPG Rockets sometimes not doing damage
- Fixed Unity Warnings, phantom missing scripts and optimized multiscene
- Fixed inventory exploit

Again, a lot of work has been put into this version and a lot of stuff has been changed. Due to the changes, we need to test it before pushing to the live branch. Once I deem it stable enough, it will be released on the live branch.

Any ideas, suggestions and feedback you may have with this version of Nomad, please join our Discord and let me know. This version is still under development so things are not final and can be changed. Join our Discord here:

To join the beta branch, right click Nomad in Steam > Properties > Betas > Opt in for Beta
Nomad - Decerto
Hello survivors!

Hotfix 1 is now live with a couple of fixes and new additions to the game. Below is the changelog:

- Map system, press M to open

- Touched up terrain
- Increased total nodes to 200, up from 160
- Increased barrels to 200, up from 160
- Changed max view distance on the admin camera
- Increased character width on fps view
- Camera near clip increased to 0.1, up from 0.08 (might cause issues?)
- Loot has been increased throughout the world

- Fixed crates around Military Zone

PS: Map system might be buggy, still early days.
Nomad - Decerto
Hello survivors!

A brand new map has been released. It's 4kmx4km, the old map was <2kmx2km.

We've also dropped support for 32 bit Windows for now. This will return when we figure out some technical issues.

Here is the changelog for 0.995. Like always, if you are hosting a server, it is recommended that you delete the Users folder and nomad.dat file before updating.

- New map, 4km x 4km

- The lobby no longer shows outdated servers
- Touched up UI
- Damage increased for some melee weapons and guns
- Removed Discord Rich Presence

- Fixed a bug with the coords not showing the correct value
- Crossbows no longer give metal when scrapped
- Box of nails no longer give gunpowder when scrapped

Edit: There's not a lot of mining nodes or barrels. I am aware and will address this asap.
Nomad - Decerto
Hello survivors!

0.994 hotfix is here, with some fixes to dupes, touched up UI and more. Read the full changelog below.

- UI has been touched up
- Sign font has been increased
- Workbench no longer outputs "'S TERRITORY" - you are free to call your land whatever
- Helicopter distance and overall volume reduced
- Deleting wooden and metal buildings when logging off is now faster
- Admin remove tool now shoots faster
- You can no longer drop items inside of a container without taking the item first
- You can no longer buy Gold Bars from the item trader, use the gold traders if you want to exchange
- Admin wipe/clean functions will now complete faster
- Admin "All" wipe/clean functions have been removed, to better protect against rogue admins

- Fixed Sleeping Bag object height check
- Fixed Dew Catcher object height check
- Fixed weird bug where building structures will output "could not attach to x" to players who didn't own that structure
- Fixed bug when chatting in camera mode, the inputs for camera still worked
- Fixed a dupe bug
- Fixed a bug where the trader will sell items for $0
Nomad - Decerto
Hello survivors,

Here is the changelog for Hotfix 2:

- Only the original owners can upgrade doors (this is to combat easy-raiding and makes it a little harder)
- Objects now have tighter thresholds when floating
- Explosive chests now have more health

- Weird bug when reloading it disabed run & shoot functions
Nomad - Decerto
Hello survivors!

A quick hotfix for 0.994 is now live. Here is the changelog:

- Admin camera, do /cam (esc to cancel or type /cam again)

- You can no longer build near the enterance of the bridge leading to military
- Increased the resolution of scopes

- Fixed Bolt scope

Remember to join our Discord server to keep up to date with game, post bug reports, give suggestions or play with others
Nomad - Decerto
Hello survivors!

Server owners, it is highly recommended that you wipe your server data before updating.

Below are patch notes 0.994.

- Military island
- New Point of Interest models and areas added

- Killing already killed players will now grant cash
- Cash for opening suppy cates has been reduced
- Cash for barrels has been reduced
- You can no longer trade common materials at the trader
- Sell prices reduced
- Total loot spawns have been increased
- Fixed tags on certain POI's

- Fixed supply helicopter sometimes clipping into terrain
- Fixed object height checks
- Fixed a bug where suppy crates weren't properly destroying sometimes
Nomad - Decerto
Hello survivors!

0.993 hotfix 3 is here. Below is the changelog:

- Minigun firerate has been decreased
- Foundations have 50% more health
- Anti Cheat improvements

- Bug with scope weapons looking through walls
- Fixed a bug when player turns on the spot, it results in collision errors
- Fixed getting kicked from the server results in corrupted player data to be saved
Nomad - Decerto
Hello survivors!

0.993 hotfix 2 is here. Below is the changelog for the hotfix.

- Foundations will now delete if they are floating too high above the ground.

- Decay rate has been increased
- Increased safe zone boundary, again

- Fixed server icon not displaying on server messages

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