Dec 13, 2017
Tcheco in the Castle of Lucio - el_macbee
Tcheco's 2nd update was released. What's new:

  • Tcheco now can jump with any of the main gamepad buttons ("A", "B", "X" or "Y").

  • "Reset" function is now activated using button "back" on gamepad (used to be "X"). It works only during stages (and if game is not paused).

  • Button "A" on gamepad also skips screens ("Start" also still works to do this).

  • Button "B" on gamepad exits game and return to Windows when player is in title screens, cutscenes, etc.

  • Small graphic glitches were corrected.

See you in 2018 - to release 2.3 of this game and the sequel Skatemasta Tcheco!
Special thanks to Nesrocks, Danilo Dias and all players who helped me with tests for this update!

Hope you like it. Thanks for your support, merry Christmas and happy new year!
Jan 28, 2017
Community Announcements - el_macbee
The first Tcheco update on Steam was released. What's new:

  • Game now runs in the same resolution of your Windows OS (it used to run always in 640x480). Attention: You'll only get a "pixel perfect" look if your resolution is a multiple integer of 240p (like 480p or 720p).

  • Linear filtering is gone (many complaints about blurry images).

  • Screen noise and scanlines are turned off by default (these effects made more sense when linear filtering was used). But you can activate them if you like ("F6" and "F7" on keyboard / "LB" and "RB" on gamepad). Attention: Scanlines will only be displayed correctly in resolutions like 480p or 720p.

  • A new sound engine is used. Audio files are about six times smaller (without noticeable quality loss).

  • Tcheco now can jump using "Space" and "up" on keyboard. The original key ("Z") still works.

  • You can reset the game ("F5" or "X" on gamepad).

  • Challenge is more balanced in some stages.

  • Error messages that used to appear after closing game apparently are gone.

  • There was a small lag between pressing a button and Tcheco's reactions (walk and jump) - but now it's gone. This is probably the most important of all updates. You'll see that Tcheco feels "less heavy" and it makes the game much more enjoyable IMO.

  • Dozens of little optimizations on original code. The game will probably run better on old computers.

    Hope you like it! ːtchecosmileː

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