On a Roll - On a Roll - Studio
Hey hey extreme sporters!

Finally a new UPDATE! Thanks for your patience.
NOTE: MAKE SURE TO CHECK THE INTEGRITY OF YOUR LOCAL FILES. You can do this by right clicking On a Roll in your Steam library and then navigating to the LOCAL FILES tab. Then simply click 'VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES...' and wait for it to finish.
Here are some of the things you can expect in the new update:

  • Added Inverse Kinematics to the avatars feet, this system makes sure that the feet always nicely align to the surface and also prevents the feet from sinking through the ground.
  • You can now skate over low obstacles such as curbs and low ledges without bumping into them or without the need to jump.
  • The avatar now turns its head slightly whenever you turn the camera (only while standing still)
  • 2 NEW droppable object added.
  • Changed Cess slide input: instead of tapping the cess slide input once, players are now required to hold the input for as long as they wish to keep up the trick.
  • Optimisation: Far less in-game loading hiccups, although there is still an occasional stutter.
  • Improved reaction time for reversing (L1/R1), should feel a lot more responsive now.
  • Pumping on quarterpipes no longer requires you to release the acceleration button, you can just keep holding while rolling up and the avatar will give it his maximum push.
  • Lots of previously un-grindable rails are now grindable.
  • these are the major improvements, there's a bunch more small tech stuff which has improved as well.
  • Added support for NVIDIA Ansel which enables players to create up to 64K screenshots etc..

That's it for now, hope you enjoy!
Apr 20, 2018
On a Roll - On a Roll - Studio
Ready for a new update?! Here we go:

  • Level loading optimization
  • Slower (none-prewind) grind inspins for more control over alleyoop tricks
  • Several smaller benches are now grindable whereas they weren't before
  • Additions of some small new spots near the Info Center and the Waterpark entrance etc.
  • The entire world is now open for exploration, but keep in mind that several new areas are still very much a work in progress
  • Added warning message to indicate 'work in progress' areas.
  • Improved ability to grind rails close to a wall, but keep in mind that some rails are in fact too close so weird glitches are still possible. No worries though, these rails will be modified for better functionality.
Feb 14, 2018
On a Roll - On a Roll - Studio
Just added Pro Skater Dustin Werbeski as a playable character. Dustin's character features the brand new aluminium FLAT frames with 80mm wheels on the outside and 70mm wheels on the inside.

Enjoy everyone!
Feb 1, 2018
On a Roll - On a Roll - Studio
Just a small update to comply with VAF funding guidelines.
Jan 10, 2018
On a Roll - On a Roll - Studio
  • Fixed lighting in tutorial area
  • Fixed bug: Jump animation will get stuck in spinning mode after doing one inspin grind.

More will follow soon. Thanks for you support as always!
On a Roll - On a Roll - Studio
Hey everyone! Ready for a new update?!

  • The Character Editor is now operational. Create your own avatar and decide what he's wearing.
  • More custom items will be added to the in-game store as things evolve.
  • You can access character customization from within the game by going to the mall or via the menu by selecting 'character'.
  • That's it for this update. Next update I'm tackling the environments.

Enjoy everyone!
Cheers Jelle
Nov 13, 2017
On a Roll - On a Roll - Studio
People have been asking about the names of the songs in On a Roll. Since there is no credit section in the game at this time I'll list the songs over here for the time being.

Make sure to check out Dun Robin on Spotify as well:
Dun Robin on Spotify

Dun Robin :
  1. BREXIT - Dun Robin
  2. Checked In - Dun Robin
  3. Dental Plan - Dun Robin
  4. Front Desk - Dun Robin
  5. Getaway - Dun Robin
  6. Girl - Dun Robin
  7. Interracial friends - Dun Robin
  8. It's A War - Dun Robin
  9. Quick and the Dead - Dun Robin
  10. Rossi - Dun Robin
  11. Scratching at something - Dun Robin
  12. Sea Monsters - Dun Robin
  13. Slap Stick - Dun Robin
  14. Yelling at Birds - Dun Robin
Nov 13, 2017
On a Roll - On a Roll - Studio
  • added: in-game basics tutorial for: striding/steering, pumping, grinding, balancing
  • added: monorolls (avatar will automatically switch to a monoroll when one of its feet is not touching the ground
  • fixed: truespin grinds are now named correctly
  • fixed: grind inspin bug where halfcap grinds would always revert to alleyoop grinds
  • improved: manual trick animations (added leaning/bending)
On a Roll - On a Roll - Studio
  • added: pre wind spins from grinding
  • added: squat animation for jumping from a grind
  • added: controller detection system (start menu)
  • fixed: jumps are no longer speeding up during replay
  • fixed: camera jittering during replay while using the standard follow cam (in idle state)
  • fixed: infinite wallrides
  • fixed: rolling on ceilings/walls
  • fixed: bug where avatar was occasionally doing a landing sequence immediately after switching from idle to striding
  • tweaked: impact of locking angle on grindspeed
Oct 26, 2017
On a Roll - On a Roll - Studio
What's up everyone! Just wanted to announce a small Halloween update. The update contains the following:
  • major grinding improvement: your avatars feet are now perfectly following the curvature of the rail even while grinding through kinked or curved rails making grinding look a lot smoother.
  • Added a new character called 'bones' to celebrate our Halloween sale!

NOTE: I'm working on much bigger things as well, such as extending and optimizing the game's environments so far I've been able to achieve a significant increase in framerate. However, because there's still quite a bit of work to be done in these areas, I decided to not yet include this in the current update.
Obviously there will be a lot more bug fixes as well in the upcoming weeks.

Thanks for your continued support and have a scary Halloween :)!

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