ASTROKILL - bluemoon
- Re-textured Holliman frigate and turrets (as seen in Snare mission)
- Re-modeled lateral thrusters on Holliman engine (increased detail)

- Added resolution-selection to VR-menu (sets proper resolution-scale for selected headset)

- Increased resolution-scale range to 140% in graphics-menu
- Resolution-scale slider no longer updates while sliding (only after sliding)
- Restart-button is now selectable after beating a campaign-mission
- Updated Snare mission splash-image

- Added a "Colonizer" achievement for beating the Colonists mission
- Added a "Firefighter" achievement for beating the Firefight mission
ASTROKILL - bluemoon
- Added a new fighter variant (Sabre Quad)
- Added a unique Sabre Medic skin (as shown below)
- Decreased all level load-times and initial game load-time
- Fundamentally changed VR support to improve playability and decrease motion sickness

- Created a new Sabre model with 4 machine guns
- Added "cinematic" quality to all quality-options
- Added "low" option to shadow-qualities
- Texture-quality now defaults to cinematic
- Framerate now maxes out at 90 to reduce issues with excessively high framerates

- Now using PAK files instead of loose files to reduce file count
- Debug-files no longer included

- Motion controllers are no longer used/required
- Added "experimental" warning to VR-menu
- VR-cursor now resets to center when menu is shown
- VR-cursor can now be controlled with the mouse, keyboard (WASD), or gamepad

- Fixed issue with "flawless" Steam-stat not registering in Maki Pursuit, Guardians, Colonists, and Firefight
- Added new "victory" Steam-stat that increments with each mission-victory
ASTROKILL - bluemoon
- Increased size of fighters and interceptors by 50%
- Decreased objective-capture time to 20s
- Reduced difficulty of Menace mission and improved its level-scripting
- Smoothed out automatic speed-limit braking
- Lowered thruster-acceleration on interceptors
- Raised thruster-acceleration on gunships
- Equalized camera-orbit distance amongst all fighters (to give accurate sense of scale when selecting ships)

- Removed visible black-seams from all fighters and waystations (regenerated ambient occlusion textures)
- Ragdolls now collide with other ragdolls
- Increased max draw-distance for fighters and small DOM-turrets
- Added additional, small rear-thrusters to Scythe interceptor

- Pre-determined line-traces now used in path-finding instead of random vectors (often improves chosen paths)

- Added a dedicated joystick menu accessible from the controls menu
- Added configurable offsets and multiplies for each joystick-mapping
- Added a live numerical readout for each joystick-mapping (actual value used in-game)
- All menus can now be escaped using keyboard-shortcuts (Esc key)

- Multiple controllers can no longer be used simultaneously to increase thruster-acceleration
- Added missing hitboxes to the base of 120mm flak-turrets and slug-turrets
- Objectives no longer "beep" when a player enters an overwhelmingly hostile territory

- Upgraded Linux build from UE 4.18.2 to 4.18.3
ASTROKILL - bluemoon
- Added new mission Fury to end of Dominion campaign
- Added new mission Guardians to beginning of Outer Belt campaign (replaces mission Maki Transit)
- Added "rearm" squad-command (squad-members can be directed to rearm)
- Added a laser super weapon (available in the Fury mission)
- Most missions now have clearly marked objectives
- Homing missiles will now change targets in mid-flight (if a better target presents itself)
- Dead pilots can now be shot multiple times before being vaporized
- Less damage is taken from collisions with ships, asteroids, etc.
- Increased muzzle-velocity of flak-projectiles
- Increased homing-velocity of missiles
- Decreased laser-ammo capacity in all interceptors
- Rebalanced all missions to reflect their difficulty level
- Improved placement and variety of initial ship-selection in all missions
- Enemies are smarter in many different ways (see AI section)

- Added "hunting" behavior to AI (will seek and destroy in direction of enemy fire if source is unknown)
- Laser-fire now contributes to AI-suppression
- Pathfinding-obstacles are now navigated more closely by AI (size of obstacles taken into account)
- AI skill-levels are now more pronounced (especially with regards to weapon usage)
- Rearming in hangar-bays is now performed much faster
- Speed-limits are now properly adhered to by AI
- AI now moves on an intercept-path when chasing targets (less likely to orbit a target)
- Squad-leader now handles waypoint-movement exclusively while squad-members follow (squad-formations maintained more often)
- Squad-members will no longer follow a rearming squad-leader
- AI will no longer flee in the middle of a fight (unless it is entirely out of ammo)
- AI will now attack eachother even while out-of-bounds
- Turrets without LOS are no longer be targeted by fighters
- Fighters engaged in a dogfight are now much less likely to collectively accelerate off-map
- AI will lead targets a bit more to compensate for their brain-wave interval

- Tracer fire is now visible from much longer distances
- Damage and kills to dead pilots are now shown on the cockpit-crosshair
- Added blood-spray effect for non-lethal damage to dead pilots
- Smoothed out movement of leading crosshair

- Added sound-effects for capturing and losing objectives
- Improved playlists to increase musical variety

- Added "stats" button and menu that displays global stats
- Added joystick-dropdown that loads presets for specific joysticks (very limited list right now)
- Added an arrow that visually correlates the joystick-axis fields with the joystick-axis readouts
- Gameover-menu can now be closed by pressing Esc

- Fixed issue with hangar-waypoints that caused AI to stop in the middle of hangar-bays
- Friendly-fire no longer contributes to accuracy-stat
- Fixed targeting issue in turrets that caused turrets to rarely attack other turrets
- Fixed issue with Boreas frigate not detecting hostiles (improperly sized proximity-sphere)
- Corrected erroneous distance to hostile-targets (caused illogical AI decisions)
- Fixed issue that allowed rejected sound-effects to linger without being destroyed

- Upgraded engine from 4.18.2 to 4.18.3
ASTROKILL - bluemoon
- Upgraded UE4 engine from 4.18.1 to 4.18.2
- Game-progress, key-bindings, and other saved data is now synced to the Steam-cloud

- Joystick-axis values are now shown in real-time from the controls-menu (helps with mapping axes to the correct controls)
- Modifier keys (shift, alt, ctrl) are now allowed in key-bindings

- Fixed issue with idle joystick-axis values reverting to -1 (causing uncontrollable spinning and other undesired behavior)

- HUD is now automatically hidden when in-game menu is displayed (reduces visual clutter and increases menu readability)

- Reduced memory-footprint of larger audio-files (music, vocals)
ASTROKILL - bluemoon
- Disabled unused plugins (specifically Android plugins) to help resolve a Linux crash
- Recompiled Linux UE4 with this fix for AMD drivers:

- Tutorials no longer require all rings to be cleared (destroying large enemy vessel is enough)

- Checking the joystick-bypass checkbox will now zero-out all internal joystick-axis values
ASTROKILL - bluemoon
- Upgraded engine from UE 4.17 to 4.18
- Drastically reduced texture-memory usage by optimizing mip-maps
- HTC Vive should now work via the OSVR plugin (needs testing)
- Eliminated many unused materials and textures to lower required disk-space
- Joystick-input is now fed through the UE4 raw-input plugin
- Reduced all texture-pool sizes (varies with texture-quality setting)
- Lowered overall game-size by nearly 2GB (~50%)

- Angular drag is now customizable (very useful for joysticks and VR)
- Joystick-buttons are now customizable from any control-mapping field (shown as GenericUSBController Button)
- Up to 8 joystick-axes can now be mapped (must be manually set for now)
- Steam Controller plugin is now enabled

- Improved visibility of menu-text
- Changed off-screen target-reticle to a simpler arrow-design
- Added angular-drag slider and joystick-axes fields to the controls-menu

- Increased resolution of some skyboxes
- Reduced debris in frigate-explosions

- Fixed issue with loading-screen hanging occassionally due to a race-condition
- Eliminated NULL-spawning attempts by injecting class-validity guards
- Removed excessive debug-logging from motion-controllers
ASTROKILL - bluemoon
- All levels now playable in VR (tested with Oculus)
- Increased auto-thrust aggression to allow tighter turns
- Radio-messages can now be heard/seen as a spectator
- Spectator max-time increased from 10s to 20s
- Re-balanced several missions
- Missile-boats are now present in more OBA-missions
- Added a planet and more asteroids to Maki Transit mission
- Added territory-objectives to Menace mission
- Smoothed out auto-movement throttle (thrusters now operate more smoothly when braking)

- AI will now abort rearming if an enemy-target is in range (and they are capable of attacking it)
- AI is now generally more accurate with their shots (especially interceptors)
- Smoothed out AI-targeting (less erratic movements)

- Simplified mission-selection by placing all missions (including tutorials) into missions-menu
- Added VR-menu
- All menus are now 3D menus (for VR compatibility)
- Controls-menu is now accessible from the main-menu
- Gamepad and keyboard now control a mouse-cursor to navigate menus
- Developer console is now available for debugging

- Optimized internal graphics-settings for VR
- Screen no longer darkens when using a lower post-process quality
- Reticles are now thinner and brighter
- Turret-reticles now scale with distance to reduce visual clutter
- Radio-beacons now have a pulsating-effect
- Health-bars in cockpit are now comprised of thinner bars
- Increased the size/readability of some cockpit-text

- Fixed issue with control-mappings not being saved between game-sessions
- Fixed rare random freeze that occured while browsing menus
- Turret-hitboxes are now properly destroyed (were previously left floating in space)
- Fixed issue with Ishtar not detecting opponents in some missions

- Reticles and objectives are now rendered in 3D-space instead of being drawn directly to the screen
- Optimized cockpit-rendering by reducing re-draws of several text-elements
- Moved cockpit-room out of level-bounds in all missions
- Projectiles no longer collide with the fighter or turret they were fired from
- Now using an up-to-date basescalability.ini
ASTROKILL - bluemoon
- Created all new planets and moons
- Re-textured and created new materials for all asteroids
- Removed fog from all missions (much clearer skybox)
- Shadows are no longer entirely black
- Created all new explosion-debris with more visual variety
- Expanded skybox size by 625% (by volume) in all levels

- Added new conquest-style gameplay mode
- Expanded the boundaries of most levels
- Replaced "Boreas Recon" level with new conquest-style mission "Overreach"
- Changed format of mission "Dante Guerrillas" entirely
- Overhauled "Hammurabi Encounter" mission
- Raised topspeed for most fighters by 50%
- Rebalanced all projectile-damage
- Selecting nearest enemy now only selects damageable enemies
- Frigate doors now block debris, gibs, and LOS-checks
- Created new freighter and added to "Dante Guerrillas"
- Created new machine-gun turrets for new freighter

- AI is now capable of prioritizing and taking territories
- AI now chooses weapons based on damage-threshold of target
- Turrets now have even targeting-priority (compared to fighters)
- AI is now more likely to gang up on targets
- Fixed issue with AI not obeying level-bounds
- Fixed issue with AI accelerating faster than its engine-limits (in some cases)

- Music now changes dynamically in most levels
- Playlists are now supported and used in most levels
- Lowered missile-turret muzzle-volume

- Updated all mission-splashes to reflect major visual changes (in mission-menu)
- Implemented territory-markers with radial progress-bar
- Added territory-objectives to navball (lower left)

- Turned off debris-shadows in some levels
- Fixed issue with lasers not registering kills/damage on turrets
- Windowed-setting is now properly saved
- Projectile-impacts are no longer attached to debris

- Vehicles can now be invulnerable to some weapons and not to others
- Game-state is now kept in a proper game-state object
- Implemented beam super-weapons (not currently used)
- Asteroids now inherit static-props
ASTROKILL - bluemoon
- OpenGL support for Linux and SteamOS
- Turrets can now be healed by medics
- Fighter-explosions now move in the direction of the destroyed fighter
- Colonists mission has fewer enemy EMPs
- EMPs can now be deflected with shields
- Reduced duration of EMP-effect
- Added playable laser-equipped fighters to oba-okada-minefield and oba-firefight missions

- Brightened world-environment in all levels
- Fixed distorted cockpit-rendering in OpenGL
- Rendering in DirectX and OpenGL are now almost identical
- Target-icons are now thinner and rendered additively
- Cockpit-rendering should no longer be cropped on ultra widescreens
- Asteroid-fragment explosions are now attached to frigates that collide with them
- Removed black smoke-particles from fighter-explosions
- Reduced opacity of smoke-fingers in fighter-explosions
- Dead pilots are now visually culled at greater distances

- Duplicate key-mappings for the same action are no longer allowed
- Added 3440x1440 resolution to graphics-menu

- Resolution is now properly saved and loaded from graphics-menu
- Fixed menu-placement for ultra widescreens
- Mouse-input in menus are no longer captured outside of menu-buttons

- Improved overall performance by turning off unnecessary cockpit scene-capture rendering
- Reduced number of concurrent post-process elements
- Created new menu-handling interface
- Decoupled impacts from vehicles
- Turned off framerate-capping and smoothing
- Decoupled GShields from spaceships
- Decoupled turrets from spaceships
- Decoupled thrusters from spaceships
- Created thruster-controller to handle thruster-collections
- Decoupled turret-wrecks from turrets
- Most actors are now spawned anonymously within a BP-component
- Actor-classes are now checked before actor-spawning
- Decoupled hangars from spaceships

- Team-exclusion in GShield is now changed when spacecraft-team is changed
- Fixed duplicate key-mapping error
- Fixed missing 120mm-bullet impact
- Fixed 0-index access of level-time and level-victories from mission-menu
- Fixed divide-by-zero warning in oba-practice-level
- Fixed skills-warning in spaceship-spawner
- Fixed debris-padding warning in debris-field
- Fixed rank-warning in vehicle
- Fixed ping-warning produced from debris-culling

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