Trackmania® Turbo - Alinoa

Hello players!

2020 is a new decade and the beginning of the third decade of Nadeo. In our first decade, we released and had success with Trackmania. In the second decade, we joined Ubisoft, created new adventures and the studio grew in many aspects. Even though we are five times bigger from when we first joined Ubisoft, we continue to be just as agile as we were before. We recruited more talented, positive, autonomous and engaged people to join the Nadeo team.

While it is difficult to predict what will happen in this decade, we want to share some of our goals and hopes for the new decade with you all.

🔸We wish everyone the best with the beginning of a new year and decade.
🔸We strive to make Trackmania the standard racing game of the world.
🔸We want to keep improving Shootmania for the players who love the concept and have
continued to play it over the years.
🔸We aspire to continue to surprise players with our creativity and new technology.
🔸Lastly, we hope to enjoy another decade of new releases and updates for players to enjoy
on a regular basis.

We want to thank you all for the continued support 😃and have a wonderful new year 🌟! We’ve been working on a few projects, so be sure to stay tuned!

Florent 'Hylis' Castelnerac
Ubisoft Nadeo
Dec 20, 2019
Trackmania® Turbo - Alinoa

🎄❄️⭐️Wishing you a magical and blissful holiday season! 🎄❄️⭐️
Happy Gaming and all the best to everyone from the Ubisoft Nadeo team!
Trackmania® Turbo - Alinoa

Opreax invites you to the Opreax Cup 2019 which is Trackmania Turbo PC world championship where players will race for nice rewards including money reward first time in Trackmania Turbo!
1st - 100€ + shirt
2nd - Turbo key + shirt + mug
3rd - shirt + mug + poster
4th - shirt + poster + sticker
5th - shirt + sticker

To download and train all 26 maps, please use this link:

Happy Gaming!
Trackmania® Turbo - Alinoa
It's the second episode of his trilogy:

DaniXks recommands to watch the first episode, River before watching Limbo for a better understanding of the story:

Happy watching!
Trackmania® Turbo - Alinoa
"It's the time of the year again where we want to remember ourselves to the most memorable and influencial moments, and honor the people from the community doing all the work and who we love and follow since years. Let's give them your vote for the Trackmania Awards 2018!

- 1st of December to 31st of December
- 26 awards
- 4 nominees in each award, chosen by our jury
- you are in charge of voting for the winner!

- voting on our special page:
- you need to log in with your Maniaplanet account
- everything should be self-explanatory when you visit the website ;)

- each day until 24th new categories (+ video episodes) will be released at 18:00 CET
- you can vote for all categories until 31st of December
- winners will be announced in one big video episode at 8th of January 2019

- Jury 2018: Scottie, shorty, maeix, Skadi & harni
- HuntMania: NMD & Jonniboy
- Video maker: Lauz

The first one is already out!
Vote on:
Don't know who to vote for? Watch the episode for the first category:

Have fun!"

Article from Huntmania :
Trackmania® Turbo - Alinoa

Mark your calendar! Join tournaments run by the awesome Trackmania community for celebrating the 15th TM Anniversary! Goodies for winners!

Wednesday 21st November:
-15 years of Trackmania Anniversary Race at 20:00 CET run by TrackmaniaStars on TM2 Stadium Competition titlepack:
-k a c k iest k a c k y III run by Team Sky and Team #mot on Trackmania Nations Forever until December, 23rd:
-Monthly Track Contest run by Mania exchange (deadline: November, 25th):
-Wingo RPG Team Play at 20:00 CET by Wingobear:
Sign up here:

Thursday 22nd November:
TrackMania Masters True Talent Cup TM² run by Axelalex2 on TM2 Stadium Competition titlepack

More events will come later, stay tuned and Very Happy Gaming!
Trackmania® Turbo - Alinoa

To celebrate this anniversary, we would invite you to write your best memory or to send us a screenshot illustrating the 15th Anniversary of Trackmania before November, 14th!

Some memories and screenshots will be published and we will give goodies randomly to players.

If you want to run an event celebrating the 15th TM Anniversary, we can provide you with goodies for awarding participants.

Get all details for emailing memories, screenshots or requests for having goodies for events on maniaplanet forums:
Trackmania® Turbo - Valve
Save 50% on Eagle Flight, Werewolves Within, Star Trek Bridge Crew and Trackmania Turbo during this week's VR Midweek Madness*!

*Offer ends Friday 10AM Pacific Time.

Trackmania® Turbo - Alinoa

Opreax invites you to the Trackmania Turbo tournament "Opreax Cup 2018" where drivers will have to prove their skills in every enviroment and styles like: tech, drift, smash, platform, trial, offroad, dark and fullspeed.

Tournament is scheduled for 28.4.2018 19:00 CET in room "Opreax".

1st - Turbo key + mug + shirt
2nd - shirt + poster + mug
3rd - shirt + poster + sticker

To download and train all 25 tournament maps use this link:

Besides of it, Opreax released new map after one year. The Volcano is dark-fullspeed canyon map with lava scenery inside of volcanic mountain and has been made exclusively for Opreax Cup 2018.
Watch trailer on youtube:
Jan 5, 2018
Trackmania® Turbo - Alinoa

We wish you double dose of health and happiness topped with a whole lot of love.

Happy Gaming to all!

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