Cash_Out - CashOutGame
Localization support is here finally! If you want to (and are masochistic) you can now edit the text in the game using the locale_english.ini file, or make your own file and change the localization in the options menu. Sorry, due to unfortunate complications, only latin letters can be used.
Another unfortunate complication is that I won't be supporting (officially) other languages at launch. At the moment, the full localization has around 22000 words, it'd cost around $5000 to $6000 per language to translate. The support is there if the community wants to do it though.
Anyways, along with this patch is (likely) the last new content to be added to the game, from now on it'll mainly be polish and bugtesting, The game is nearing completion. Here are the patch notes.

  • Localization is here! You can edit the locale_en.ini file to change your language preferences. NOTE: Only english is supported at the moment. Localization is... VERY expensive, I simply don't have the funds to support multiple languages at launch.
  • A new puzzlebox puzzle has been added!

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issues related to throwing items and applied bonuses from weapons.
  • Kamikaze guards will no longer zip across the ground on death.
  • Fixed a bug with the Vampire.
  • Fixed the horrible framerate dips caused by the visuals for the balance class.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the first time visual setup.
  • Optimized the main menu, it was running way worse than it should have.
  • Fixed a problem (that was likely never happening to anyone) related to unlocking the golden items.
  • Enemies now fire in the direction they're aiming, not directly at the player.
  • Fixed a bug where AI would rapidly spin around.
  • Enemies should ACTUALLY no longer get stuck in blocks, for real this time I promise.
  • Store purchased health is no longer effected by the blood healing bonus.
  • Fixed a crash caused by starting a game with a gamepad.
  • Fixed some issues with the executioner mask.
  • Fixed shop spawning non-online.
  • Made unlocking skills slightly harder, you'll no longer get a skill automatically just for attempting a raid.
  • You can no longer break shark tanks in the lab room.
  • Fixed damage caused by thrown knives in coop.
  • Enemies that WOULD spawn in blocks in coop no longer leave their spawn indicators behind.
  • Enemies in coop who die carrying weapons now drop the items.
  • Fixed another issue with stores in coop.
  • Fixed an issue with 3x3 puzzles in coop.
  • Fixed a very uncommon glitch caused by restarting the game an incredible amount of times.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the flamethrower in coop.
  • Fixed an issue with picking up weapons in coop.
  • Fixed some oddities with binding keys.
  • Fixed a large ammount of issue with enemy bullets in coop.
  • Fixed a crash with the buzzsaw.
  • Fixed a potential issue with medic enemies reviving enemies and spawing them out of bounds.
  • Thrown greatswords no longer stun.

  • NOTE: Any weapons generated before this will have incorrect stats, sorry.

  • Altered Gun Stats
    • Shotgun - Increased spread, reduced amount of bullets from 6 to 5.
    • Revolver - Reduced noise, reduced kickback.
    • SMG - Reduced speed.
    • Pistol - increased kickback.
    • Sniper - Increased damage.
  • Altered Knife Stats
    • Kunai - Reduced damage.
    • Box Cutter - Increased throw speed.
    • Switchknife - Reduced damage.
    • Shank - Increased charge speed.
    • Paring Knife - Reduced throw speed.
    • All Knives - Increased throw damage.
  • Altered Swing Stats
    • Metal Pipe - Reduced speed.
    • All Swing Weapons - Increased throw damage.

  • Changed the Bouncer. Bullets fired now split off into 2 other bullets. (Was causing issues with the new system.)
  • Changed the Tornado. Now fires off a stream of poison that confuses enemies. (Was causing issues with the new system.)
  • Changed the Overkill. Now homes in on nearby enemies. (Was causing issues with the new system.)
  • Changed the Minigun, it must now be revved up before it can fire. (Wanted it to be more unique)
  • Changed the Cleaver. Now has the bonus of The Face Buster. (Felt the name fit this weapon better.)
  • Changed the Face Buster. Now is stronger, but deals damage over time. (The Cleaver's old bonus wasn't very interesting.)
  • Changed the Celebration. Now turns into a tesla coil that damages nearby enemies. (Sorry, giving a free ultimited projectile was a bad idea.)
  • Changed the Brainfreeze. Enemies who die will now be turned into a block of ice that blocks bullets. (While unique, the blood ice wasn't functioning as intended.)
  • Changed the Torcher. Now can target enemies very far away, it's much weaker of course though.
  • Changed the Assault Rifle. Now applies a "debuff" that causes enemy kickback to be significantly higher. (Due to an odd glitch, any weapons created before this won't function like this, sorry!)
  • Fixed how fast enemies spot you, and how fast they turn.
  • Tweaked enemy AI interactions when idle.
  • Reduced enemy sightlines. This actually makes enemies smarter, previously they wouldn't follow the player behind cover as they wouldn't lose sight of the player behind a box.
  • Strengthened the autoaim when using a gamepad.
  • Hitting enemies will now cause them to suffer kickback like the player does.
  • Reduced the damage buff caused by the Sniper enemy. (from max 50% to max 20%).
  • The dartgun will now knock enemies out a couple of seconds after they're hit.
  • Diffiulty level now impacts the time it takes for enemies to wake up way more.
  • Changed the Spitball. Now causes enemies to attack eachoter instead of getting knocked out.
  • Increased cooldown time of Bad Medicine from 5 seconds to 8 seconds.
  • Reduced the base health of the normal guard to 140.
  • Thrown knife/plank damage is now based on the speed the knife/plank is going.
  • Traps are now less common on outside walls.

  • Skills
    • Rifle Turret - Reduced overheat penatly.
    • Laser Turret - Now only fires when targetting an enemy.

  • You can now only have one aim skill active on your gun at once.
  • All knife thrown damage has been lowered, it was much higher than it should have been.
  • Enemy damage has been increased across the board.
  • Enemy aim speed has been increased across the board as well.

Other Changes:
  • Bullets are now physics based, not fully hitscan.
  • Changed the way visual setup determines your settings, is now based on frame time as well.
  • You can now rebind the pause menu key when playing with a gamepad.
  • Visually changed the combolock spinner and higher/lower puzzle.
  • Blood now has WAY less of an impact on framerate and will actually last forever in the room.
  • Added enemy death visuals to coop.
  • Changed some of the puzzlebox gamepad controls.
  • Memory is flushed significantly more efficiently now.
  • Enemies now drop weapons in coop like in single player.

Next patch is going to focus on optimization surrounding coop and level pack modding.

Cash_Out - CashOutGame
Probably picked a bad day to update after so long, but no, development isn't dead. As Cash_Out is in the final polishing stages of developing, this is a major QoL update. (That's part of the reason why this update took so long,)

  • Enemies can now carry dry ice bombs.
  • Added the ability to determine the rate in which the client and server send info to eachother with the /rate command.
  • Smoke grenades can now spawn in Co-Op.
  • You can now unlock golden items without steam, they'll be fairly expensive though...
    • -$25000 stolen overall - Golden Shirt
    • -$35000 stolen overall - Golden Pants
    • -$50000 stolen overall - Golden Hat
    • -$60000 stolen overall - Golden Guns
    • -$75000 stolen overall - Gold Rush

  • The Proximity Trap can now spawn again.

  • Ice no longer damages enemies when they break out of it. (This has always been odd and not really well implemented.)
  • Increased the speed of the Hockey Stick.
  • Reduced the damage caused by the stun effect against players in Co-Op.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a crash related to the skeletons that spawn with the jack-o-lantern hat.
  • Fixed an issue where killed enemies would never drop clothing items.
  • Fixed an issue where the Candy Cane item was not working as intended.
  • Fixed a visual issue with weapon sprites.
  • Fixed an enemy reload visual related issue.
  • Fixed a glitch where The Goon weapon wasn't properly reducing damage taken.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the Hockey Stick.
  • Fixed the surgical gown not working properly.
  • Fixed hacker clothing not working offline.
  • Fixed some minor lighting issues.
  • You can no longer switch weapons when swinging a blunt object.
  • Smoothened enemy movement in Co-Op.
  • Fixed a crash with glass walls in Co-Op.
  • Fixed a crash in Co-Op when pausing.
  • Fixed a visual issue with flashbangs in Co-Op.
  • The Spiked Plank now functions properly online.
  • Fixed several Co-Op visuals.
  • Fixed a glitch with career mode files with modded options.
  • Fixed the sniper damage bonus.
  • The surgical mask now works with regular ammokits.
  • Fixed a problem where the compact HUD was giving less "auto-aim" then the detailed hud.
  • Fixed a visual problem with the visual setup.
  • Fixed an issue where stores in coop were not spawning the same always.
  • Fixed an issue with shock damage in coop.
  • Fixed an issue caused by trying to make two IP servers on the same port.
  • Fixed multiple issues related to players leaving during the character creation screen in co-op.
  • Fixed a bug where buying clothing in co-op was impossible even though your inventory was not full.
  • Fixed a potential crash when starting co-op. (This only recently started popping up in testing, but for all intents and purposes it SHOULD have been happening before as well.)
  • Fixed a problem where Organ Transplant wasn't working properly.
  • Fixed a problem where Voodoo melee damage wasn't working properly.
  • Fixed the statistics.

  • Changed the distribution of weapon rarity.
  • All weapons can now be generated with 4 stats minimum, the rarity will determine the amount of stats you get even more now.
  • Reduced the amount of health heavy guards have, and increased the amount of health light guards have.
  • Changed how much enemy aim and movement speed scales.
  • Enemies will now drop the proper amount of ammokits and healthkits in coop.
  • Enemy EMP grenades now only deal 3 stacks of shock damage instead of 6.

  • Changed the scaling for ammokits
    • Normal - 1/4 of weapon ammo. (unchanged)
    • Tiny - 1/5 of weapon ammo. (up from 1/10 of weapon ammo)
    • Big - 1/3 of weapon ammo. (down from 1/2 of weapon ammo)
    • Huge - 1/2 of weapon ammo. (down from 3/4 of weapon ammo)

  • Enemies will now have more health and deal more damage in career mode. (This was supposed to be a thing, but it was never applied.)
    • Easy - 10% more health and damage dealt.
    • Normal - 20% more health and damage dealt.
    • Hard - 30% more health and damage dealt.

  • Changed the way ammo generation works.

Other Changes
  • Players can no longer enter the car if everyone isn't nearby in Co-Op. (Was causing some issues where a player died and everyone else was in the car.)
  • Enemies can now carry items in co-op, which means the bomber can now spawn too.
  • You can now see where enemies are going to spawn in Co-Op.
  • Settings are now saved across matches in Co-Op.
  • You can now inspect enemy weapons and items in Co-Op.
  • Updated several menu visuals to be more consistent.
  • You'll now start with some items in career mode.

Development still isn't done of course, next update SHOULD be the localization update. I'll be adding full support to change localization. I don't know how long this'll take, there's quite a lot to add in this case.

Cash_Out - CashOutGame
Another QoL update! Cash_Out is nearing completion, and the focus of this update was polish. In that regard, I didn't touch co-op or modding, as I'd like to focus on that next update, for now I mainly focused on single player.

Here are the patch notes.

  • Added tech to the manual section.

Bug Fixes
  • Players should no longer get stuck while walking into corners.
  • Fixed an issue that caused enemies to bounce around when first spotting you.
  • Fixed a memory leak caused by random items.
  • Fixed a crash related to dartguns (unknown the exact cause, likely related to moving offscreen.)
  • Fixed a visual issue with unique weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where the "shaders" option wasn't saving if changed ingame.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies would get stuck on blocks (again).
  • Fixed a glitch where the Infection skill was not giving health in the proper manner, not factoring in bleeding and surpassing 100% health.
  • Fixed a crash with sniper turrets.
  • Fixed a visual glitch with weapon sprites.
  • Medics will no longer revive enemies from outside of their squad.
  • Large sharktanks will no longer turn into small ones when broken.
  • Fixed a crash with the update notes.
  • Fixed a crash with beartraps.
  • Fixed the tutorials menu.
  • The Tracksuit bonus now works with gamepad.

  • Greatly reduced the healing effect of the firefighter pants.
  • Capped the amount of health recieved from the Smuggler's Trillby to 50 health.
  • Increased the overheat penalty for the cryoturret.
  • Reduced the overheat penalty for the buff and sniper turret.
  • Changed the damage scale for the sniper turret.
  • Reduced the healing done by the plague skill.
  • Reduced the amount of time the Life Support skill is active on use.
  • Increased the amount of damage dealt by the shadow leap skill.
  • Reduced the damage dealt by shadow shurikens.
  • Increased the cooldown from the the Fire Burst skill to 2 seconds.
  • Reduced stungun AOE damage.
  • Teslagun now also shares the stungun's AOE damage.
  • Reduced boomerang thrown damage.
  • Reduced lil slugger stun time.
  • Reduced greatsword damage.
  • Reduced electric prod damage.
  • Reduced Triple Cross speed.
  • Reduced blowtorch damage.
  • Reduced heat seeker ammo to 3.
  • Greatly reduced flare gun explosion size.
  • Increased The Tipper damage.
  • Increased icicle damage.
  • Increased Pulse Cannon damage.
  • Heat Seeker rockets now home in more accurately.
  • You can no longer pick up ammo while holding the pulse cannon.
  • Haymaker charge distance on hit reduced.
  • Reduced healing during the berserk mode when using the Slice n Dice, but damage taken is greatly reduced too.
  • Enemies under the effect of the Vampire curse can no longer be controlled for a while, and will reload now.

Cash_Out - CashOutGame
Sorry about the large time between updates, I've been pretty busy lately with some stuff, so development has slowed down. This patch is mainly a content patch, as I'm getting very close to finishing the game. With this patch I don't plan on adding any more items or clothing.
I'm not finished adding content, but most of the content added from this point on will be rather minor.

Here are the patch notes.

  • New Unique Enemy - Berserker -> High health and speed, but is always confused.
  • New Item - Barricade -> Places a wall on the ground that blocks enemy bullets.
  • New Item - Escape Powder -> Teleports you to your last safe spot when used in a room without enemies.
  • New Item - Firecracker -> Thrown item, explodes after some time, alerting enemies.
  • New Hat - Mushroom Cap -> Spawns a mushroom spore that revolves around the player spewing poison.
  • New Hat - Executioner Mask -> Spawns a floating turret that spins around and damages enemies.
  • New Hat - Sleeping Cap -> Knocked out enemies don't wake up faster if another enemy has spotted you.

    Added two new tutorials
    • - Action Tutorial
    • - Stealth Tutorial

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the Chief enemy having significantly less health than intended.
  • Items that could previously not spawn in career mode stores now can.

  • Neutron -> Reduced damage dealt, now applies a stack of shock as well.
  • Flower Headband -> Now applies blindness instead of poison.
  • Skull Mask -> Redesigned. Now all damage taken is converted to blood instead of 75%.

Next patch will be another QoL patch, focusing on polish and balance, and hopefully making the game fully feature complete.

Cash_Out - CashOutGame
Not a massive amount of content in this patch, I mainly focused on smoothening out some keyboard and gamepad controls. Along with that, the ingame manual is now finished! To save some time later I also started working on localization, you can actually edit the text for the manual using the "locale_en.ini" file, you shouldn't though as this will be overwritten with updates.

Also, I pushed a small patch for the authoring tools, a default was setting executable directory to a totally incorrect folder, resulting in testing being impossible.

Here are the patch notes.

  • Changed up the Extras -> Tutorial page, and included a manual that you can read to get some info about items and stuff in Cash_Out! (Also started the localisation system, that's what locale_en.ini is.)
  • New Hat - Headwound - Increases amount of blood damage healed dramtically, reduces bleed speed dramatically, but reduces normal healing.
  • New Hat - Neutron - Rotating molecule that shocks nearby enemies.

  • Added the "/name" command to the co-op matchmaking box, this'll change the name that appears in the matchmaking window.

  • Increased the base health of the heavy guard from 150 to 160
  • Reduced the base speed of the disease control from 3.1 to 2.5.
  • Increased the base speed of the heavy weapons from 1.45 to 1.5.
  • Reduced the base health of the kamikaze to 102 from 115 and increased the base speed to 2.4 from 2.3.

Other Changes
  • Changed some gamepad control defaults around.
  • You can now sort matches in the matchmaking list.

Bug Fixes
  • Flashbangs no longer blend in with the light, making them impossible to see in lit rooms.
  • Incendiary grenades now run better as well.
  • Added gamepad/keyboard support to missing menu options.
  • Fixed hovering over skills in the character creation.
  • Fixed options not applying right away in a raid.
  • Fixed some crashes related to binding keys while ingame.

Next patch I actually plan on making Cash_Out content complete outside of localization and sound stuff. Based on the roadmap I'm only missing some tutorial stuff and I plan on adding some more basic content. Hopefully I can get that finished up soon.

Cash_Out - CashOutGame
It's here, after several delays the authoring tools are (mostly) complete. With this update, level pack modding is mostly complete as well. I will be adding more functions but I don't plan on doing any more massive work with it.

Here are the patch notes for Cash_Out.

  • New unique enemy -> Kamikaze. Explodes on death after a couple of seconds.

    Added the following comparison methods to then(filtertarget).
    • then(filtertarget,self,true or false)
    • then(filtertarget,collision,true or false)
    • then(filtertarget,moving,true or false)

  • The following commands have been added
    • then(healthtarget,health) - Changes the targets health. (Keep in mind, player health is 600 by default!)
    • then(healtarget,amount) - Heals the target.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed commenting in scripts.
  • Fixed external subcommands and argument subcommands.
  • Added new enemy AI indicators to coop.
  • Landmines can now actually drop. (I don't know how I missed this honestly.)
  • Tacks can no longer be thrown through walls.
  • Changed the way that level pack files are unpacked, previously this was based on the time
  • Fixed metal and glass modded objects.
  • Enemies stuck behind tables no longer get stuck trying to walk through the table when trying to fire at you.

  • Tacks no longer slow down enemies and players, reduced damage too.
  • Mixed "blind" and "deaf" into one single status effect. (All blinding and deafening attacks applied both anyways.)

And here are the patch notes for the authoring tools, I haven't updated in almost 2 years so it's likely I'm missing a lot of stuff from this, but here they are.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed some export issues related to lighting.
  • Fixed an issue with corrupted sprites caused by temporary files not resetting properly.
  • Fixed quicksave and save being flipped in fuction.
  • Testing a mod pack no longer changes the last save position.
  • Minimizing the screen no longer deletes all text in a text field.
  • Fixed a crash caused by changing the name of a sprite.

  • Changed up the toolbar slightly.
  • Added some more options to the room editor.
  • Spruced up the script editor, it now checks if the code will have errors and now functions more like a real text editor. (copy, paste, cut etc)
  • Added external scripts! You can test the scripts to ensure that they don't crash too.
  • The help file is here! It's still unfinished though, click the ? button on popups, or middle button click the grey box in the script editor.

Other Changes
  • Instead of a limit of 1 backup, there is now a limit of 5 backups, after 5 is made, they'll start being deleted.
  • Associated the .cmp filetype with the authoring tools, clicking directly on level pack files will now launch them in the authoring tools. (Sorry, this isn't automatically applied, this is a limitation with windows 10, you'll have to associate the files yourself.)
  • Removed the "junk objects" section. Instead there's a toggle for objects that makes them "junk" objects.
  • Changed "microseconds" in the profile to %, which represents the % of a frame, if it passes 100% that's bad.

  • TEMPORARILY added the keybind CTRL + U to the export to steam option. This lets you input a steamworks workshop ID to directly update. Currently it is possible to update mods, but grabbing a list of what mods are the users mods is broken. I will update to fix this when I have a fix.

Anyways, next set of patches will focus on tutorial, training and glossary type stuff.

Cash_Out - CashOutGame
Another modding related patch. Modding for the most part is almost feature complete at this point. There are still some bugs and stuff to fix, and some smaller things to add though. I also added some AI fixes in, hopefully it functions better. Here are the patch notes.

Modding System
  • Did some backend optimization of subcommands for scripting.
  • Scripts that have specific if conditions are now only run if they meet the condition, previously even if the script has a condition of only running on creation, it was checking every frame if the script was created.
  • Fixed a parsing edge case.
  • Added the script(script,arg...) subcommand. This calls on a script and...
  • Added the then(return,number) function to be used above, this returns a value to be used in the subcommand.
  • Added the function(function,arg...) subcommand.

  • Added the following commands for use in targetting enemies.
    • then(cleartargets) - Clears the target buffer.
    • then(filtertargets,type,comparitor,amount) - Filters the target buffer based on type.
    • then(addtargets,type) - Adds a type of target to the target list.
    • then(then_target_damage,amount) - Damages every target on the target list.
    • then(then_target_status,type,amount) - Adds a status effect to every target on the target list (except blocks).
    • then(addtargets,type) - Adds a type of target to the target list.
    • if(hastargets) - Checks whether or not you have a target.

  • then(with,child) added, makes the next script be run by the child.

Other Changes
  • The "math" subcommand is now significantly faster and now actually works.
  • Smoothed out enemy turning.

  • Changed the base health of enemies so that health is higher at lower difficulties. Enemies will also deal 40% more damage. As an offset, small healthkits now heal 2.5% instead of 2%.
  • Changed the way enemy aim works. Enemies now aim faster, but when aiming at the player they'll aim slower. This is to make dodging enemy shots more viable, and should make action more exciting paired with the above change.

  • Increased kickback on pistols, revolvers and SMGs.
  • Reduced base enemy movement speed scale.
  • Changed the algorithm used to generate levels for clothing, better clothing is now much more rare.
  • Also changed the algorith for generating weapons, better weapons now have the chance to have better stats as well.
  • Rebalanced knives to make them stand out more as seperate.

Bug Fixes
  • Updated the AI logic for footprint following. (again!)
  • Anything with exponential movement wasn't accurate accross framerate settings, fixed this!
  • Enemies with items will no longer automatically home in on you when hearing a sound, and will no longer try to throw items over tables.
  • Fixed thrown weapon damage and critical values.
  • Fixed damage dealt by the prosthetic hook.

I'd like to do one more QoL and modding related patch next before I move onto a new feature (likely stuff related to tutorials at this point).

Cash_Out - CashOutGame
Like said before, this update focuses on the level pack addon system, to make the system more reliable and add more features. Unfortunately, while a lot of work was done for the Authoring Tools, I've decided on holding back the update, as next update I plan on doing even more.

Anyways here's the patch notes.

  • New Hat - Skull Mask, spawns a circling plague that leeches health.

Modding System
  • Subcommands now use the same syntax as normal commands, sorry, all subcommands previously added will no longer work.
  • Fixed the nested script system. It is now 100x more reliable.
  • Cleaned up parsing for scripts so theyre now much more lienient.
  • Slightly changed the syntax for "else" commands.
  • Added support for "and", "or" and "not" if commands.
  • Replaced "repeat" with then(repeat,...).
  • External functions have been added, along with the then(function,function, arg1...) then command! Due to potential security issues, a level pack must be trusted in order to run these functions. A subcommand for external functions will be added next patch. THere's no support for more than 2 arguments at the moment, and since I'm going to be changing the internal logic for subcommands, I'll be adding this then.
  • In the addons section, thumbs-up level packs are now 2x more likely to be randomly selected, while thumbs-downed level packs are half as likely.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed mechanics and health skills in the tutorial.
  • Fixed a crash caused by finishing a level with the life insurance shield up.

Next update is going to focus on the scripting system even more, to fix some optimization issues. The "Ruins" level pack has been updated as well, check it out on the workshop!
Cash_Out - CashOutGame
Another milestone update! The level themes in the game are mostly complete! For the most part, not a whole lot was added in this update as it was mostly focused on cleanup, here are the patch notes!

  • Cleaned up the level themes again!
  • New Special Guard - Riot Cop - Very slow aiming and movement, high health, move very slow while taking enemy hostage. (Old riot cop is now called Tank Guard)
  • The museum levelset can now be played in coop.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a visual issue in coop where it looked like taking damage reverted all your health to blood damage.
  • Fixed the treasure map. Previously only worked in industrial.
  • Fixed a crash caused by footprints.
  • Fixed a crash caused by addons.
  • Fixed a couple crashes in coop caused by lagging and dieing.
  • Glass blocks (in all themes) can now be broken in coop.
  • Added some missing bullet collision effects to coop.
  • Fixed some invisible blocks.
  • Fixed an unavoidable crash related to getting the museum level theme in career mode.
  • Fixed a crash caused by the quarterback helmet.

  • Close-Combat enemies now sprint instead of healing on hit.

Next I'll be focusing on modding stuff, as I'd like to get that finished next.
Cash_Out - CashOutGame
The final level theme is in! It's not 100% finished as it hasn't been ported to co-op yet, but the main bulk of it is there still. Cash_Out still isn't feature complete yet though. I made a roadmap post in the discussions tab detailing what needs to be completed still, there isn't a massive amount left but there's still some things.
Anyways here's the patch notes.

  • Added the final level set, Museum!
Other Changes
  • Optimized the drawing code for explosions.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed enemies not turning around properly when walking into walls.
  • ACTUALLY fixed splinter cell enemies scopes.
  • Fixed window size options only saving if you exit the menu twice.

Next patch I'd like to clean up co-op and level sets again. I found a tool that'll make co-op testing easy so I likely have missed a lot of glitches that need to be polished up.


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