Ananias Roguelike - Slashware Interactive
Congratulations to the winners of the Tournament!


Ananias Roguelike - Slashware Interactive
The Roguelike Celebration 2018 is coming! We are celebrating it with a new Ananias Roguelike tournament with Cool Prizes! are you bad enough to win the tournament?

More info here!

Jan 13, 2018
Ananias Roguelike - Slashware Interactive
Here’s a summary of the changes

- Limit usage of stat upgrades to 7
- Make charm effect only work for 10 to 15 turns
- Make summon spells create a single monster by default
- Allow witch to reach level 8 (start with single spell)
- Make befriend monster spells higher level
Ananias Roguelike - Slashware Interactive

It's your chance to get your Ananias Roguelike Boxed Edition, 2nd run! very limited quantities.

Includes booklet, steam code and a USB card with the actual game. 25USD + Shipping. If you are going to the roguelike celebration I can deliver it on the spot :)
Ananias Roguelike - Slashware Interactive

Halloween comes with a new version of Ananias including a new class: the Lunar Witch! In addition of being experts concocting potions, they have access to a whole new school of magic: Witchcraft.

Witches cast spells (or hexes) sacrificing their own blood. However, if they have a familiar they will share the burden with him, causing him small harm in exchange for much less pain for the witch.

Hurry up and get it now from the halloween sale if you haven't! (If you already have the game, the new class should be available when you update)

Other changes include:


* Allow continuing games from older version, warn game wont be saved.


* Prevent issue with sprite positioning when morphing floating enemies
* Prevent issue with summons sprites being misplaced
* Fix achievements relying on count number of levels
* Make sick fountains reduce attack instead of contracting it (allow recovering)
* Prevent items from disappearing when dropped and no space
Oct 20, 2017
Ananias Roguelike - Slashware Interactive
Working back on the game! Version 2.5 should be ready within a couple of months, just before the 2017 Roguelike Celebration in San Francisco, here's the plan:

Ananias Roguelike - Slashware Interactive
Had to release a hotfix because of a fairly naive bug introduced with the Rew Ram spell.
Ananias Roguelike - Slashware Interactive
Decided to pack a new version, this one contains small but important gameplay tweaks, seeking to make the Arcane, Hunter and Alchemist classes be more fun to play.


- New skill for Alchemist: Can use reagents multiple times
- New spell: Momi Gyr (Create Arrows) first circle of Matter magic. Creates a pack of arrows (quantity depends on the magic power)
- New spell: Rew Ram (Attack self) first cirlce of Mind magic. Makes an enemy attack himself once (works as a ranged attack for wizards)
- Remove separate spells to recover blunt and edge weapons, add weaker variation of repair weapon
- Make Hunter start with Momi Gyr spell.
- Make Arcane start with Rew Ram spell.
- Reduce MP cost of Kam Va (enchant wand) spell.
- Change Hunter magic schools to second circle of life and matter.
- Change Hunter starting magic power to 1.
- Make starting wands have full charge
- Cap combat to 13 max

Check the full changeset at the blog:

Plans for the future

I won't have a lot of time next month for Ananias, however I have a big revamp in mind related to the structure of the world, and the plot of the game. Also pending are some missing steam achievements as well as fixing the steam overlay and finishing the keyboard command (although 90% of the game is now playable using a keyboard).
Ananias Roguelike - Slashware Interactive
I just did a minor hotfix release fixing some balancing issues. This should make the game more interesting specially on the deeper levels :)
Ananias Roguelike - Slashware Interactive
A lot of work went into adding support for Steam achievements using the excellent Greenworks library. This version includes 37 achievements and there are 10 additional ones I couldn’t add due to the API for progressive achievements not being available on Greenworks; the addition doesn’t look overly complex, however I would need to set up a complete dev env for it (right now I’m using their precompiled binaries).

The challenges are not steam exclusive, but they are only tracked right now on Steam (that means you’ll still see when you complete them on any other version, but they won’t be added to your profile).

I also bumped the version of nw.js to 0.20.3 (I think I had to do it in order for greenworks to work). This increased the size of the downloadable packages for desktop quite a bit.

This version also includes some small but important gameplay changes, see below for complete info.

- Add support for Steam achievements via Greenworks
- Add 19 challenges (all linked to Steam achievements but also tracked on the other versions)
- Add 2 steam unachievements
- Allow shooting over friendlies
- Show health description for enemies on inspector
- Prevent levels with far too many “big rooms”
- Increase max carry capacity to 30
- Drastically reduce chances for boosted Combat and Strength when fully exploring levels.
- Add intro track to intro

Full info here: here

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