COLINA: Legacy - nasters
COLINA: Legacy Mobile, Xbox, and Price Change

September 13, 2019, will mark one year since we launched COLINA: Legacy and we are excited to bring you the mobile and XBOX versions. To mark the occasion we will be doing several giveaways.
All our players who purchased COLINA: Legacy on Steam will receive the mobile version for free! Must Redeem by September 18, 2019, 10 AM PST. Details Below.

COLINA: Legacy will be available on the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, and XBOX for digital download. We will also be reducing the PC Price to $4.99 to mark our anniversary and invite you all to join our Discord channel as we develop our new project.

To Redeem your free copy of COLINA: Legacy Mobile, please join our discord and we will distribute and confirm your Steam ID there in the support channel.

COLINA: Legacy - Natepv

Hi all!

COLINA: Legacy will be 30% off during the Lunar Steam sale starting today, February 4th and ending Monday, February 11th.

We have recently released a demo for COLINA: Legacy. If you're on the fence about Colina now is the time to give the demo a shot and see what it's all about.

We are also excited to announce that Hard and Survival modes have been added to the game. Here is a brief explanation of each mode:

- Maximum of 5 saves
- Enemies damage and move speed increased
- Amulet's recharge delay increased

- Same line items as Hard
- Player cannot save at all throughout the game
- Because there is no saving the player also cannot die or they will have to restart the game

Cheers and good luck,

COLINA: Legacy - Natepv

Pickup COLINA: Legacy during the Steam Winter sale for 25% off! The Steam Winter sale starts December 20th and ends on January 3rd.

We are excited to announce some updates on our end:

Chance6 Studios attended Dreamhack Atlanta last month to showcase COLINA: Legacy and left with the Best Let's Play award!

Shout out to Goldenboy for checking out our booth!

We are actively working on console and mobile versions of COLINA: Legacy. The release date for these is currently TBD. We'll post an update here once we have more information.

Now, onto the game updates.

1. Autosave feature has been implemented. This will auto save at the nearest save point after major events. This feature is off by default but can be turned on in the settings.

2. Creature animations. We've worked on implementing better character animations for the Fire Hound in the forest.

3. Memory usage and performance optimizations. We're constantly at work behind the scenes making slight tweaks to improve game performance on both low and high end machines.

We'll continue to post updates here as quickly as possible!

Thanks and Happy Holidays,

- Chance6 Studios
COLINA: Legacy - Natepv
COLINA: Legacy is now 25% off until next Tuesday, November 27th at 10AM PST for the Steam Autumn sale.

On top of that we have added in some improvements to the game based on community feedback.

1. Improved lip movement in cut scenes for both Nina and Pietro (Alex's Parents)
2. Elevator call button added in temple so player can call the elevator if it is not present
3. Blue Fairy enemy AI adjustments so she no longer gets stuck on doors

We are busy working on mobile and console ports as well. Keep an eye out for those in 2019!

Chance6 Studios
COLINA: Legacy - Natepv
Hi all,

In the spirit of Halloween, COLINA: Legacy is priced 15% off from October 29th @ 10AM PST - November 1st @ 10AM PST.

We are also super excited to announce that the interface, subtitles and in-game narrative elements are now available in six additional languages!

- Japanese
- Simplified Chinese
- Korean
- French
- Russian
- Polish

Lastly, we noticed quite a few players requesting key binding configuration. Your wish is granted! We've been working hard on building and testing this out the past week. It is now live in game! Go forth and enjoy your random unique key binding setups ;)

- Chance6 Studios
Sep 27, 2018
COLINA: Legacy - Natepv
(Warning: Contains spoilers)
  • First death achievement now works as expected
  • Code that opens sphinx box is now much easier to see with flashlight at further distances
  • Few notes / lore have been moved from the starting area (Granny’s house) to the temple
  • Note containing clue for projector puzzle has been moved to the dining room
  • “Find Valentina” achievement now unlocks for player when the shack door is open instead of examining Valentina
  • Blue fairy no longer spawns after the Christmas section
  • Removed “Door is locked” message when player interacts with kitchen door at beginning before black tar covering is removed
  • Screen resolution no longer changes to default when player dies or restarts game
  • Changes to improve controller performance including resolving a bug that prevented the player from selecting items in the inventory, to decreasing sensitivity by 25%
  • Pot in front yard porch was removed as it mimicked pot in greenhouse
  • Fixed a few spelling errors in different notes, tooltips and other narrative text elements
  • Tips delay reduced so player receives hint(s) sooner
  • Double latch on attic hatch has been removed in the Christmas section
  • Added a few new tool tips to help with late game player progression & help with boss fight(s)
  • Final boss has had a small dmg and move speed increase
  • Tooltips added when swords are placed. This was done to help with player progression and to give the player a better understanding of the action that takes place once the sword(s) has been placed
  • Blue Fairy enemy AI has had some small tweaks to improve performance as well as balancing
  • Additional save point has been added to the underground temple
  • Alex now runs faster while holding the flashlight
  • Enemies will no longer move when player is in the glyph menu or inventory
Bug Fixes
  • Issue resolved in starting room where player could get stuck on bottom of bed if they interacted with a specific point
  • Issue resolved where player could get stuck on skeleton. This skeleton was located to the left after you enter the main temple room
  • Button prompt issue on column puzzles in temple has been resolved
  • Issue resolved where game was freezing if player picked up glyph from too far away
  • Issue resolved where players could open same sphinx stash more than once if they left the area then returned
  • Issue resolved where two sphinx stashes were giving same reward. They now have their own unique reward for solving
  • Issue resolved where player could place items not related to the puzzle into the teddy cage in Christmas section, losing them forever. This is no longer possible
  • Various audio fixes implemented
Sep 18, 2018
COLINA: Legacy - nasters
Hello Everyone,

Thank you for playing COLINA: Legacy, we hope you are enjoying the game and please leave us a review!

We started up a discord as a way to interact with you all directly and another channel for us to gather your feedback. You can join the discussion here:

We are actively looking into localizing the game into additional languages, as a priority, we are working through bugs and also ensuring that people can experience the game as intended.

From the COLINA: Legacy team, our sincere gratitude and hope you are having a great time playing.

-The COLINA Team

COLINA: Legacy - nasters

Newly developed independent video game publisher, Chance6, is launching their first published title, COLINA: Legacy. A third-person, survival horror game that will keep players on the edge of their seats, or under their desks in terror. Filled with challenging puzzles and unique monsters, COLINA: Legacy is ready to challenge players now on Windows PC through Steam.

“We brought the team aboard who had been working on COLINA because we saw something special in the game,” states Marketing Director. “Developed by a dedicated team down in Brazil with a love for this genre, we know fans of the horror games are in for a real treat.”

COLINA: Legacy follows Alex, a young man who has mysteriously woken up in his grandmother’s home with no idea where his family has disappeared to. Yet grandmother's house isn't all that it seems and Alex must find a way out if the house and beyond while avoiding the certain death that is coming for him. Players will need to use not only their survival instincts, but also their minds as they are challenged by puzzles in the home and the surrounding areas.
COLINA: Legacy - nasters
You wake up in a dimly lit bedroom. You remember sleeping in the back of your dad’s car, only waking now and then to the sound of your mom arguing with your dad. It’s been a while since they’ve been in one place together and that usually leads to a fight. They were taking you to grandma’s house, though why that was happening was also a mystery. Mom hated grandma, or at least the nastiness in her voice when she spoke of her indicated as much.

Though how did you get into this bedroom? Why are you here? You know this is your grandmother’s house, but the climb up the stairs is a missing piece of your memory completely.

“Mom,” you cry out. Only the house returns the call with odd creaks and moans.

… and something else. Something’s there, but you can’t place exactly what it is. Sounds like shuffling, but from where? Downstairs? Where is everyone? Asking yourself, your inner voice almost booming in the near silence the home is offering up to you.

There’s a flashlight on the floor pointing at an empty chair. You grab it and sense something behind you. Something calls to you but doesn’t startle you. When you turn, you see what seems to be a glowing stone. Walking over to examine what it is, you notice a glyph etched into it. Instinctively you know what the glyph means and feel that if you are to escape this house, this will be the key.

As you turn to head through the door, something catches your eye in the empty chair. Was that mannequin always there? Curled up, knees to it’s head, hiding it’s face from you. Is it moving at all? Is it even real? You decide to get out of the room as fast as you can, leaving whatever you think you say behind.

The door across the hallway is chained off. Literal chains cross the door, with a lock barring the way. What is going on here? Your flashlight on, you are able to make out words on the wall, "The chains of the one born through sin are the keeper of gates." Seriously. What is happening?!

You head downstairs into the kitchen, but the smell of the room hits you long before you walk in. Flies swarm around the sink as dishes with rotted food lay untouched. It looks like no one has been here in weeks. There are several notes and paper clippings around, but not one of them lets you know where your grandmother or parents are.

Making your way through the house further, the shuffling returns. The sound of something dragging but also making a hollow sound at the same time. It sounds other worldly, yet familiar. Then you see it down the hall. It’s far, and the light isn’t great. Is that your grandmother? It has older, stringy hair, but the clothes are tattered.

It stops and turns its head and sees you. A wooden face that has a jaw which stretches out revealing darkness and horror. Its body turns and takes a step to start down the hall. It raises its wooden arms and lets out a horrific shriek that you feel down into your bones. That's not Grandma! You raise your glyph at it, attempting to ward it off, it continues to run at you, the scream almost paralyzing as you step back from it. The figure almost reaches you, arms near you as you back through a doorway, trying to escape…

Apr 18, 2017
COLINA: Legacy - Chance6 Studios
Hello lovely players!

We from Chance6 Studios are pleasured to announce that new Demo is available Come check it and give us your feedback.

Thank you very much!

Chance6 Studios Team

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