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Hi there!

Dark Future: Blood Red States is now on sale in the 2019 Board Game Sale - you only have until 5th August to take advantage and get 25% off the game!

So, if it has been sitting on your wishlist now is the time to get it and give it ago!


If you have Dark Future already then we’d really appreciate a review. Reviews are really helpful to us as a developer and also to Steam. We wrote an article about it a while ago which you can read on our website.

Photo Competition

Each month we run a photo competition using the in-game screenshot - you can find more in the T&C post or have a look at the entries that have already been put in.


Final reminder but we have a Discord server with a #dark-future channel. Pop on over and say hello if you haven’t already
Dark Future: Blood Red States - AurochMatt
Hey there everyone,

We're celebrating the launch of the Steam Summer Sale with an awesome 25% off Dark Future: Blood Red States. So, if you have it on your wishlist and have been waiting for a discount, now is the best time to get involved!

What's in this update?

A new gang has hit the big empty and they aren't what they first seem.

Known more commonly as the Demon Engines, these vehicles are controlled by a sentient AI gone rogue.

No one knows why they have turned up, and no one knows how they gained their powers, but everyone knows they are a danger on the road.

See how you do against them in the latest update Ballyhillin (more details on our Discussions Page)

Dark Future: Blood Red States - AurochMatt
Hey everyone,

Short and sweet update from us today. A few of you are already in but in case you missed it... we have a Discord server.

Feel free to pop on over and have a natter about all things Dark Future and Auroch Digital!
Dark Future: Blood Red States - AurochMatt

Hi everyone,

Over these last few weeks we've been so impressed with all of your screenshots from the game that we thought... why not reward these excellent images!

To that end, we've decided to host a Dark Future Photo Competition every month, with the winner taking home an awesome prize!

Below are all the details and information you:

Competition Rules
  • Check out the theme for the month (posted on the News and Discussion Page)
  • Get into the game and get those screenshots (Need help with the screenshots? Check out this handy guide!)
  • Submit the photos to the screenshots page on Steam.
  • Share the link by the closing date (date in the pinned post!)
  • We'll pick the best one
  • The winner gets that months Prize!

Other bits

  • No more than three submissions (and by that we mean three links)
  • Auroch Digtial will manage and administer the competition and any questions should be sent through to AurochMatt on Steam in the first instance


So what are you waiting for? The first competition is live now and you can submit your photos on the theme of Explosions over on the Discussion Page
Dark Future: Blood Red States - AurochMatt
Hi everyone!

Was it only last week that Dark Future: Blood Red States came out? We hope you guys have been having an awesome time with it and causing as much mayhem and chaos as you can!

To do a mini-roundup of news for you:


The latest episode of our podcast has gone live. This season has focused on Dark Future from its role in the car combat genre to the game you see before you.

This weeks episode is a special one though as we speak with James Swallow, one of the original writers in the Dark Future novels. The New York Times bestselling authour tells us more about his role in the books and in the game itself.

Take a listen now


We've implemented two updates already to the game. The first is called Duffield and includes the following changes:

Full patch notes are available on the Discussions page


Full patch notes are available on the Discussions page

Developers Archive

Eagle-eyed fans might have spotted the Developers Archive that has appeared as DLC on the Dark Future page! This is a chance for you to see the many iterations the game went through since it was announced in 2014.

If you are also a fan of the Dark Future board game it includes a free PDF of the original rules and expansion White Line Fever

Take a look now


Want to rock out to the sounds of Dark Future? Well, you can get the whole soundtrack, composed and produced by the excellent Matthew Walker, now on Steam!

Heads up

We have a new update coming up soon that we wanted to give you an early heads up about! More details from game producer Peter on the Discussion page.

Till next time!

Dark Future: Blood Red States

Games Workshop used to publish plenty of games beyond their Warhammer brands back in the day, including board games like Talisman and Fury of Dracula. Dark Future was another, a game of car combat set in an alternate timeline where much of the USA becomes a desert called the Big Empty and road warriors in "gangcults" roam the highways. Auroch Digital have adapted it into Dark Future: Blood Red States, an unusual meld of racing game, strategy, and Carmaggedon.

You control a car covered in guns from an exterior view, switching between it and a sidekick vehicle if you've hired one, either giving commands in real-time or dropping into a slow-motion command mode as much as you want. It turns white line fever into something thinky, so that when things get hectic you can take a moment—not forever, it's slow-mo rather than a pause button—to plan something clever. 

You might drop a road spike to deal with the enemy behind you, lock your turret onto a new target ahead, then program in a lane change to get behind them before opening up with your front guns. Cars can be kitted out with everything from mines to grenade launchers to shotguns, and there's always the option to just hit boost and drive into someone.

Between missions there are upgrades to buy, balancing the weight of new armor and weapons with the effect on your top speed. Fuel's a concern too, and its price goes up the longer you play. Run out and it's game over. Getting blown up means permadeath too. 

Dark Future is divided into runs (called seasons) in which you play a specific character with their own storyline to unlock. After completing goals like earning a set amount of money or doing enough missions against a specific gangcult, more plot unlocks via journals and emails. Some of it's pretty funny stuff, dropping hints about this very strange timeline in which Nixon became president at the beginning of the 1960s instead of the end and the US went down a disastrously different path. (Though the original tabletop game predates Fallout by years, it's got some similar ideas.)

The missions are procedurally generated and might involve running barricades, blowing up tankers, hacking vehicles by driving alongside them, or escort missions that are bound to be everyone's least favorite. Though mutators sometimes appear to add variety, perhaps increasing the strength of enemies or forcing you to play in real-time, they do begin to feel a bit samey after a while. 

You have to play a lot of missions to complete certain goals, too. Right now I'm stuck on one that requires buying a level three upgrade from the shop, but haven't seen anything higher than level two available. I could just knuckle down and keep going until the shop finally sells me what I need, but I'm finding Dark Future isn't the kind of game I can play non-stop for an entire week. It's more of a snack game I've enjoyed alternating with others. Aptly, it's best enjoyed as a change of pace.

Dark Future: Blood Red States is available on Steam.

Dark Future: Blood Red States - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Dominic Tarason)

Another day, another Games Workshop board game adapted to PC, but Dark Future: Blood Red States is a bit different from the Warhammer norm. Based on the 1988 (and obviously Mad Max-inspired) Dark Future for tabletop, it’s a tactical real-time car combat RPG. Rather than driving your vehicle directly, you’re effectively juggling its weapons systems, picking lanes and speeds and prioritising targets in slow-motion while the car itself handles navigation. It’s developed by Auroch Digital (OGRE, Chainsaw Warrior, Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics) and out now. See a trailer below.


Dark Future: Blood Red States - AurochMatt

We are delighted to say that Dark Future: Blood Red States is a part of Games Workshops epic Skull for the Skull Throne 3 Sale.

Join the festival of GW with all the great products on show, including our older products, Chainsaw Warrior and Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night

As well as this you can get up to 80% off some of the other great titles in the Games Workshop Family! So what are you waiting for head over to the Skull Sale page for more information!
Dark Future: Blood Red States - AurochMatt

It's finally here, Dark Future: Blood Red States is now live!

We wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has followed us since the beginning, those who are joining us new and for all those about to buy and play the game in the (Dark) future.

A massive thank you from all of us here at Auroch Digital and we'll see you all in the big empty!


Dark Future: Blood Red States - AurochMatt
Hey again!

We are getting ever closer to the launch of Dark Future: Blood Red States and for those of you who are achievement hunters, this is the update for you!

We've gone VERY old school for these and plus points for the person who can work out what all these titles are from... Without much further ado, here they are:

To Unpathed Waters, Undreamed Shores

Time Travels In Divers Paces With Divers Persons

Travelers Never Did Lie, Though Fools At Home Condemn Them

I Can Get No Remedy Against This Consumption Of The Purse

To Climb Hills Requires A Slow Pace

He That Will Have A Cake Out Of The Wheat, Must Tarry The Grinding

Things Won Are Done; Joy's Soul Lies In The Doing

Out Of The Jaws Of Death

What Is Past Is Prologue

Violent Delights Have Violent Ends

Cry “Havoc!” And Let Slip The Dogs Of War

Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears The Crown

Now Is The Winter Of Our Discontent

There Is Nothing Either Good Or Bad, But Thinking Makes It So

Neither A Borrower Nor A Lender Be

The Web Of Our Life Is Of A Mingled Yarn, Good And Ill Together

Twice-Told Tale

A Lonely Dragon

Spur Your Proud Horses Hard, And Ride In Blood

The Most Unkindest Cut Of All

An Infinite Deal Of Nothing

Taste Of Death But Once

His Hour Upon The Stage

Shuffled Off This Mortal Coil

He That Dies Pays All Debts


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