Pixel Galaxy - Serenity Forge
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Oct 13, 2015
Pixel Galaxy - Serenity Forge
We've been getting a lot of requests from fans who love the music in Pixel Galaxy, so today we're officially releasing the soundtrack as DLC, with a 20% launch discount!

The OST includes seven tracks, all original compositions inspired by both chiptune and EDM music. Download it and tell us what you think!

Pixel Galaxy - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Joe Donnelly)

Put simply, Pixel Galaxy [official site] is a bullet hell shmup. It’s also a frenetic explosion of luminous, hedonistic chaos. For every scream-with-joy, punch-the-air moment of brilliance, you’ll be met with two or three or four bang-your-head-off-your-desk flashes of frustration. All told, it’s balanced and fair thus will draw you back for more. Have a look for yourself at the launch trailer inside.

… [visit site to read more]


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