Mar 18
Wyrmsun - Andrettin
- 3.3.1 Changelog

* Quests
- Fixed issue which caused a crash when starting the A Bargain is Struck quest.

* Units
- Added Goblin Warship.
- Added Slavic Swordsman.
- Added Norse Longship (also available for the Anglo-Saxons, Franks, Goths, Suebi and Teutons).
Feb 24
Wyrmsun - Andrettin
Wyrmsun 3.3.0 is now online!

Most notable amongst the changes are a number of AI improvements, as well as the addition of the Palisade (weaker and cheaper wall that costs lumber instead of stone), the Legionary, several Norse structures and the Norse Swordsman.

Another important change is that units such as priests now start off with zero mana (and slowly recover it as usual), so that newly recruited priests and heroes aren't capable of casting a plethora of spells right off the bat.


- 3.3.0 Changelog

* Abilities
- Decreased the duration of the Terror spell from 500 cycles to 200.

* AI
- Improved the AI building construction.
- Increased the distance AI units will go to react to an attack.
- The AI now uses only mercenary camps that are currently visible to it (previously it could use any mercenary camps it had previously explored even if they weren't currently visible).
- The AI now recruits mercenaries as substitutes of units it would otherwise train, instead of recruiting any mercenaries available.
- The AI now makes use of minecarts.
- The AI no longer receives extra resources per second under the Hard and Brutal difficulties, instead receiving bonus resources when harvesting.
- Fixed issue which caused the dwarven AI to train too many workers in the late game.
- Fixed issue which caused the AI to produce luxury resources even before it had a market.

* Buildings
- Added Norse Farm.
- Added Norse War Lodge.
- Added Norse Lumber Mill.
- Added Norse Smithy.
- Players who attack a mercenary camp will now lose access to it.
- Fixed issue which caused the settlement of a Settlement Site to not be loaded properly when loading a saved game.
- Added Palisade, which is cheaper and less sturdy than walls, and costs lumber instead of stone.
- The graphics of the Teuton Wall have been reworked.
- The destroyed graphics for the Dwarven Wall have been reworked.

* Factions
- Added the Jomsvikings mercenary faction (Norse).
- Added the Mamertines mercenary faction (Latin).
- Added the Varangian Guard mercenary faction (Norse).

* Heroes
- Fixed issue which caused Gunpowder Infantry heroes who equipped items that granted fire damage to shoot a fire arrow instead of a bullet.
- Added one-minute cooldown for recruiting heroes.

* Maps
- Mercenary Camps are now present in forest random maps.

* Scenarios
- The Hlesing Tribe no longer starts off at war with other Germanic tribes in the Thunraz's Servant scenario.

* Units
- Added unit graphics for the Norse Swordsman and the Norse Veteran Swordsman.
- Gunpowder infantry units and the Latin Javelineer can now use the Precise Shot ability properly.
- Added new icons for the Goblin Barbarian and the Goblin Warlord.
- Unit epithets (e.g. "the Wise") now remain in place even after changing civilizations.
- Units now start with 0 mana.
- Minecarts can now be salvaged (like buildings).
- Fixed an issue which caused minecarts to get stuck after harvesting metal rocks.
- Increased minecart costs from 200 Copper and 200 Lumber to 300 Copper and 300 Lumber.
- Fixed issue which in certain circumstances required the player to repeatedly re-issue harvest resource orders to minecarts.
- The mana bar overlay is now only shown if the unit has a spell it can cast.
- Added the Latin Legionary, Veteran Legionary and Centurion.
Jan 7
Wyrmsun - Andrettin
Happy New Year!

Wyrmsun 3.2.1 has arrived! See the changelog below.

- 3.2.1 Changelog

* AI
- Updated how AI troop recruitment works.

* Building
- Added the Heorot unique building.
- Added Norse Chieftain's Hall (graphics by Jinn).

* Civilizations
- The Norse now appear as a NPC civilization in custom maps if the appropriate tech level has been chosen.

* Heroes
- Added Dvalin (Dwarven Witness) as a recruitable hero.

* Miscellaneous
- Fixed new year Linux start-up crash.

* Scenarios
- Fixed issue which caused the Shorbear Hold side-quest to not function properly.
- Added the "Dvalin's Runes" side-quest, in which the player has to research Runewriting.
- Added the "Heorot" side-quest, the fulfillment of which transforms the player's Chieftain's Hall/Town Hall in Leidre into the unique building Heorot.

* Units
- Fixed issue which caused slimes to try to garrison in a tower if the player selected an ungarrisoned tower and right-clicked the slime.
- Added Norse Swordsman, Veteran Swordsman and Hersir (icons by Jinn).

* Upgrades
- Changed the name of the dwarven writing upgrade from "Dvalic Runewriting" to "Runewriting".
Dec 18, 2017
Wyrmsun - Andrettin
Wyrmsun 3.2.0 has arrived!

The main changes in this patch are:

1. Guard Towers and Strongholds now have an innate ranged attack. Garrisoned units can still attack from within them, but the guard tower can now only have one garrisoned unit.

2. An Ironworking upgrade has been added. Ironworking unlocks the construction of iron mines (iron is converted to copper at a 100% rate), as well as mithril mines (available only on certain Nidavellir maps) (mithril is converted to copper at a 800% rate). Ironworking is now a requirement for several upgrades, such as the level 2 weapon/armor ones.

See below for the full changelog.

- 3.2.0 Changelog

* Achievements
- In-game achievement descriptions now show your progress towards the achievement.
- Added a new achievement, The Treasures of Svarinshaug.
- Improved the description of The Lay of Alvis achievement.

* Buildings
- Strongholds and Guard Towers now have an innate ranged attack, though garrisoned units can still attack from within them. Guard Towers now have a garrison capacity of 1 rather than 2.
- Strongholds and Guard Towers are now affected by arrow/throwing axe upgrades, as well as by Alchemy.
- Fixed issue which caused building ownership influence to not be applied properly when a building changed owner.
- Added Iron Deposit and Iron Mine (graphics by Jinn). Iron converts to Copper at a 100% rate. Iron Mines can only be built after the Ironworking technology has been researched.
- Added Mithril Deposit and Mithril Mine (graphics by Jinn). Mithril converts to Copper at a 800% rate. Iron Mines can only be built after the Ironworking technology has been researched. Mithril Deposits are only present in Nidavellir maps.

* Faction
- Founding a Frankish/Teuton/etc. faction when playing as a Germanic faction now requires Ironworking having been researched, instead of Broad Sword, Bronze Shield, Barbed Arrow and Wood Plow.
- Some dwarven clans now require Ironworking to be founded.

* Heroes
- The Runemasters Brokk, Eitri and Ivaldi are now recruitable heroes.
- Increased the maximum heroes to 4.
- Baglur, Durstorn, Kuhnar, Noiraran, Rugnur and Thursagan can now only be recruited by the Norlund Clan.

* Items
- Added "Shocking" magic prefix (+1 lightning damage).
- The "Storm" magic prefix now gives +2 lightning damage instead of +1.
- Added "of the Storm" magic suffix (+2 lightning damage).
- Added "Impaling" magic prefix (+2 piercing damage).
- Added the Mjollnir unique hammer.
- Added the Gungnir unique long spear.

* Interface
- The Idle Worker button now displays the icon of one of the worker units that are idle, rather than the icon of the player's civilization's worker unit type.
- The track unit function now works properly when the unit changes its map layer.
- The quest buttons now update properly when the available quests change while a town hall is selected.
- The popup that appears when hovering over a resource icon now displays information about which resources convert to that one, and what is the resource's processing bonus.
- Moved the position of the resource popups so that the cursor isn't on top of them.

* Maps
- The player now starts the Random Dungeon and Hall of Lyr maps with a small assortment of units besides the starting hero.
- Added new possible starting/max tech level for custom maps, "Civilized (Gunpowder)". If "Civilized (Iron)" is set as the max tech level, players will no longer be able to research Gunpowder.

* Scenarios
- Added an underground layer for the Nidavellir scenarios.
- The Grafvitning kobolds now dwell in the underground layer, beneath Svarinshaug.
- Added "The Mastersmith Brothers" dwarven side-quest, in which the player has the objective of recruiting Brokk and Eitri.
- The "Treasures of Svarinshaug" mission has been replaced with two dwarven side-quests accessible in the scenario mode, "The Ring of Riches" and "The Thunder Hammer". Those quests are available if the player has a smithy, and has recruited the heroes Brokk and Eitri.
- Added "The Magnificent Spear" and "The Sleek Ship" dwarven side-quests.
- The "Thrahila's Logging", "Thrahila's Hut" and "Karla's Farm" side-quests can now be obtained if the player controls Thrahila/Karla.
- The quest objective display for the scenario mode now supports counters.
- Side-quest popups now display the highest difficulty you have completed that side-quest in.
- Changed the player's objectives in "The Settlement of Scandinavia".
- The Copper Deposits in the Earth map that were placed to represent iron deposits are now Iron Deposits.

* Units
- Added +1 damage to the dwarven Scout, Pathfinder, Explorer and Gryphon Rider.
- Goblin Thieves now have the (passive) "Mugging" ability. Whenever they attack another unit, the thieves' player now receives a portion of that unit's costs in resources.
- Dwarven Runesmiths, Runemasters and Arcanisters can now build Brising Smithies if they belong to the Brising Clan or Lyr.

* Upgrades
- Added Ironworking upgrade (icon by Jinn). Researching Ironworking unlocks the construction of Iron and Mithril mines, and grants a 10% Iron/Mithril processing bonus. Ironworking is now a requirement for level 2 melee weapon/shield/ranged projectile/siege projectile upgrades and for Iron-Tipped Plow, Engineering and Alchemy.
Dec 7, 2017
Wyrmsun - Andrettin
Wyrmsun 3.1.0 is now online!

The main changes of this patch are:

* Added Jewelry as a luxury resource that can be produced at the Smithy and is sold automatically if a Market is present. Jewelry is produced from Copper.

* Many buildings now increase in cost according to how many buildings of that type you already have. Mass construction of certain buildings (like Markets) should no longer be as feasible.

* Cavalry units now possess a charge bonus of 5%. This means that for every tile they walk through prior to attacking (capped at 10 tiles), cavalry units deal +5% damage in the first attack after moving.

* Added the dwarven Runesmith, an experience upgrade of the dwarven Miner. The Runesmith produces Jewelry faster, and can handle its own in combat.

For the full changelog, see below.

- 3.1.0 Changelog

* Buildings
- Barracks, Lumber Mills, Smithies, Mason's Shops, Stables, Temples, Markets, Docks and Universities now have a (cumulative) cost modifier increase of 25% for each building of that type that you construct.
- Added encyclopedia entries for roads and railroads, clarifying that railroads' speed bonus apply to all land units, not just rail ones.
- Smithies now have "active" graphics, used when resources are being produced in or delivered to them, or when they are researching an upgrade.

* Heroes
- The dwarven heroes Andvari, Regin, Thursagan now start off as Runemasters.

* Items
- Added "of Smithing" magic suffix, which increases the worker's jewelry production rate.
- Added Runesmith's Hammer item (icon by Jinn).

* Maps
- The Italy and Southern Baltic maps now support 8 players.
- Removed the Scandinavia map, since its area is largely represented in the Southern Baltic map already.

* Miscellaneous
- Removed the "Units" option for custom maps, since it didn't serve much of a purpose; almost all maps have as default a town hall with five workers, and the other options weren't interesting enough to keep supporting them. Additionally the "squad" unit options could cause issues with maps where players are separated by water.

* Resources
- Improved how the luxury resource automatic sale system works.

* Scenarios
- The Goldhoof Clan now starts with the Odin/Hroptatyr major deity in the A Home in the Fields of Sand scenario, so that its starting Witness can actually cast a spell.
- Added dialogue between two dwarven workers for the The First Dwarves scenario in which they discuss stone furniture.
- Fixed issue with the On the Vanaquisl scenario which could cause the victory dialogue to endlessly repeat.

* Units
- Cavalry units now have a 5% charge bonus to damage. This means that the damage they deal is increased by 5% for each step the unit took before attacking (the step count is capped at 10). To compensate, cavalry units' damage stat has been reduced.
- Gothic cavalry units now have a charge bonus of 7% instead of having extra damage.
- Workers can now produce the Jewelry luxury resource from Copper in Smithies. As with other luxury resources, Jewelry is sold automatically if a Market is present.
- Dehydration no longer affects units if the desert tile lies within their player's territory.
- AI ranged units now try to maintain a certain distance between themselves and slower enemies with smaller range.
- Fixed issue which caused units with minimum range (like catapults) to not move away and find a proper place to attack from, if ordered to attack an adjacent unit.
- Fixed issue which caused the attack ground command to ignore minimum range.
- Ballista bolts now move 50% faster, making them better at hitting units.
- Catapults now have a small bonus against buildings, and are slightly less accurate.
- Decreased siege engine base damage from 75 to 60.
- Shift-clicking a unit training button will now train 5 units of that type.
- If the same unit type is queued for training multiple times, it will now show as one icon with the number of trained units on it.
- Added the dwarven Runesmith (icon by Jinn, unit graphics by Jinn and b_o), an upgrade of the Miner that produces Jewelry faster and can handle itself in combat. The Runesmith can upgrade to Runemaster and then to Arcanister.

* Upgrades
- Philosophy now grants +25% research speed instead of +10%.
Nov 22, 2017
Wyrmsun - Andrettin
Wyrmsun 3.0.0 is now here!

The major features of this patch are:

* Steam achievements! Thanks to Franco514, Wyrmsun now contains a launcher that passes onto Steam information about acquired achievements. The launcher is Windows-only for now.
* Minor deity choices, each with their own bonus and spell: Heimdall, Hel and Tyr
* Certain learnable abilities can now be acquired multiple times

New learnable abilities: Bow Mastery, Gun Mastery, Throwing Mastery and Toughness
New spells: Blessing, Far Sight, Shocking Grasp, Wither
New upgrade: Iron Plow

For the full changelog, see below.

- 3.0.0 Changelog

* Abilities
- Added Bow Mastery, Gun Mastery and Throwing Mastery learnable abilities (icons by Jinn).
- The "Choose Level-Up Upgrade" submenu is now always available (abilities that cannot be acquired at the moment appear as transparent icons).
- Renamed the "Choose Level-Up Upgrade" submenu to "Choose Upgrade", as the hero deity choices are now placed there.
- Added support for abilities being acquired more than once. Weapon mastery abilities and Eagle Eye can now be acquired up to five times.
- Added the Toughness ability, which increases HP by 10 and can be acquired up to 100 times.
- Added the Blessing ability, which increases damage and evasion by 50% (icon by Jinn). The ability is available for human priests if the Christianity upgrade has been acquired.
- Added the Wither ability, which decreases damage by 50% (icon by Jinn). The ability is available for dwarven, goblin and human priests if Hel has been chosen as a minor deity.
- Added the Shocking Grasp ability, which causes a bit of damage at melee range and leaves the target stunned (icon and lightning effect graphics by Jinn). The ability is available for dwarven and human priests if Thor has been chosen as the major deity. Thor's old spell, Precision, is now granted by Heimdall instead.
- Added the Far Sight ability, which reveals an area of the map (icon by Jinn). The ability is available for dwarven and human priests if Odin has been chosen as the major deity. Odin's old spell, Inspire, is now granted by Tyr instead.

* Achievements
- Added achievements for completing the A Home in the Fields of Sand and Thunraz's Servant scenarios.
- Added Steam achievements for the game's Steam version. In order for the Steam achievements to work, the game is now started through a launcher on Steam.

* AI
- The AI now researches upgrades in a more dynamic fashion.

* Buildings
- The Gold Mine now uses the rail gold mine graphics after Engineering is researched.
- Fixed a bug which could occur if a building was under construction while its unit type changed to another (for example, due to a civilization change).
- Fixed issue which caused a building's unit/item stock to increase even if the unit/item isn't allowed yet.

* Deities
- Added the Heimdall, Hel and Tyr minor deities (icons by Jinn).
- Increased the copper and time cost of deities.

* Factions
- Mercenary companies now have a chance to acquire technology when other factions hire troops from them.

* Maps
- Added a 256x256 Southern Baltic map for custom games (this is the same map used for the Haimadala's Progeny and Thunraz's Servant scenarios), replacing the 50x96 Jutland and the 128x128 Malmo maps.
- Added a 256x256 Gardariki map, replacing the 128x128 Holmgard one.

* Miscellaneous
- Added new magic effect graphics (by Jinn).
- Fixed mouse-jumping issue which happened in some systems while in fullscreen.

* Scenarios
- After the "Slay Geirrod" quest is acquired, the area around the portal to Jotunheim is now revealed for a short time (with a special revealer that can see ethereal objects such as portals). Additionally, the map is also centered on the portal's location.
- Added the "Temple to Haimadala" side-quest for the Haimadala's Progeny scenario. To complete it, a temple has to be built and Haimadala has to be chosen as a minor deity.
- Added the Westward Migration scenario, replacing the quest of the same name.
- Added the The Settlement of Scandinavia scenario, replacing the Northwards to the Sea and Gylve's Realm quests.
- Scenarios that have not been completed yet will now be marked with a highlighted "(!)" in the scenario selection drop-down.
- Scenarios now display the faction the player uses in them in their description.
- Scenarios are now sorted by faction species (so that the dwarven scenarios are grouped together, as are human scenarios).

* Units
- Workers now use their sack-carrying graphics for when they are carrying furniture.
- Goblin archers now have a bonus against air units, like human archers do.

* Upgrades
- Added Iron Plow upgrade (+1 food supply for farms).
- The Iron-Tipped Wood Plow now requires having a smithy.
- The upgrade to convert to Christianity now costs more than it previously did, since it now allows a second spell as well.
Oct 30, 2017
Wyrmsun - Andrettin
- 2.9.1 Changelog

* AI
- The AI now builds docks in a more dynamic fashion.

* Miscellaneous
- Fixed issue which could cause a crash for maps that are smaller than the screen's "map area".

* Terrain
- Added Snow Rock tiles (by Jinn).
Oct 22, 2017
Wyrmsun - Andrettin
Wyrmsun 2.9.0 is now online! The game's new version implements a plethora of additions.

A new scenario has been added, Thunraz's Servant, in which you play in the role of the warrior Thialfi. This mission is the first to make use of map layer functionality. A special unit in the scenario has the "Ethereal Vision" ability, allowing it to see and use a portal to a different world.

Gothic Horse Riders are now in the game as well, and the Gothic civilization has been made playable.

During the late game, you can now research the Gunpowder technology at the Academy or University. This new upgrade enables the training of soldiers who wield early gunpowder weapons. The Hand Cannon item has likewise been added to the game, being equippable by gunpowder infantry heroes.

- 2.9.0 Changelog

* AI
- Improved the performance of AI worker resource gathering assignment.
- Fixed issue which caused the AI to waste resources on farms and other buildings before building a town hall, if it didn't start with one.

* Buildings
- Building construction buttons now display whether the building can store resources, as well as resource processing bonuses.

* Deities
- When playing an Anglo-Saxon faction, the button for worshipping Wodan/Odin now says "Worship Woden".

* Items
- Added The Iron Crown of Lombardy unique crown.
- Added the magic affixes "of the Day" (+1 day sight bonus) and "of the Night" (+1 night sight bonus).
- Added Hand Cannon item (equippable by gunpowder infantry) (icon by Exidelo).

* Map Editor
- Fixed crash when placing a Settlement Site in the editor.

* Maps
- Fixed issue which caused neutral mercenary camps to start with a worker (like normal players) if the "1 Worker" option is active.

* Miscellaneous
- Unit and building encyclopedia entries now contain their costs and stats.
- Stone piles are now always generated with 400 stone (previously they were randomly generated with 200 or 400 stone).
- Fixed issue which caused Germanic AI players to not automatically pick a faction in custom games.
- Fixed issue which caused the required settlements for a faction to be displayed even outside of the Scenario mode.
- The Gothic civilization is now playable.
- Added buttons in the minimap interface area to change between different map layers in Scenario mode.
- Fixed a save game crash which could happen if a hero was within a transport or building when the game was saved.
- Added the option to set the resolution width to 1066.
- The default resolution is now 1066x600.

* Maps
- Added Italy map.

* Multiplayer
- Fixed issue which could cause a desync if the "Computer Opponents" option had been selected by the host before a player had joined.
- Added option to select AI difficulty, if the "Computer Opponents" option is active.

* Scenarios
- Added the Thunraz's Servant scenario.

* Terrain
- Fixed issue which prevented stone from being gathered from cave walls.
- Added Snow, Ice and Pine Tree (Snow) tiles.

* Units
- Added Dwarven Thunderer (icon by Jinn and unit graphics by Jinn and b_o).
- Added Goblin Gunpowder Infantry (icon by Jinn and unit graphics by Jinn and b_o).
- Added Teuton Gunpowder Infantry (icon by Jinn and unit graphics by Jinn and b_o).
- Added Gothic Horse Rider and Horse Lord (icons by Exidelo).
- Renamed Teuton Kriegers to Swordsmen, Adels to Veteran Swordsmen and Truhtins to Warlords.
- Renamed Teuton Schutzes to Archers.
- Renamed Teuton Ritters to Knights and Landesherrs to Knight Lords.
- Renamed the Teuton Rathaus to Town Hall, and the Burg to Stronghold.
- Fixed issue which caused caravans and transport ships to not automatically re-engage in trading after returning from a foreign market/dock.
- Fixed issue which caused the Suebi Kregar to be available to other human civilizations.

* Upgrades
- Added Gunpowder upgrade (icon by Exidelo), which is researchable at the Academy/University and unlocks gunpowder infantry units.
- Writing upgrades now increase only research speed.
- Added Philosophy upgrade (icon by Exidelo), which is researchable at the Academy/University and grants a +10% research speed bonus. Alchemy now requires Philosophy.
Sep 25, 2017
Wyrmsun - Andrettin
- 2.8.3 Changelog

* Buildings
- Dwarven Walls, Goblin Walls and Teuton Walls are now buildable (graphics by Jinn). Walls require Masonry to be available.

* Factions
- In the Scenario mode, founding certain factions now depends on possessing the correct settlements.

* Items
- Added Crown item.
- Added five new unique items belonging to The Dragon's Stars item set, the Dragon's Tail (spatha), the Dragon's Head (crown), the Dragon's Eye (amulet), the Dragon's Tongue (ring) and the Dragon's Jaw (shield).
- Added the Hippopotamus' Head unique crown.
- Added the "Fiery" magic affix.
- Unique item encyclopedia entries now display their magic level.

* Miscellaneous
- Fixed a crash which could occur after loading a saved game.

* Quests
- Fixed issue which caused the Gathering Materials quest's initial dialogue to not trigger.

* Scenarios
- Added the "Journey to Haimadala's Stones" (side-)quest for the Haimadala's Progeny scenario.

* Units
- Added button to transports to unload all units within (icon by Exidelo).
- Renamed the "Kogge" to "Cog".
Sep 14, 2017
Wyrmsun - Andrettin
- 2.8.2 Changelog

* Buildings
- Added a button to salvage your own buildings, destroying them and restoring resources used in their construction. The quantity of resources restored starts out at 75%, but decreases as Masonry and Architecture are researched. The percentage of resources restored also varies according to how much HP out of its max HP a building has.
- Farms now have slightly greater territory ownership influence range.

* Items
- Items sold at the Market now have a smaller chance of being magic or unique.
- Added support for unique item sets, providing a bonus if all items in a set are equipped.
- Added a new unique broad sword, Wolf's Claw.
- Added new unique boots, Alsvid's Hooves and a new unique amulet, Arvak's Ear. These items are part of the The Sun Horses' Stars unique item set.
- The unique broad sword Brimir is now stronger.
- Added the magic affixes "Extinguishing", "Giant's", "Wolf's" and "of the Wolf".

* Map Editor
- Wood Piles now display their different variations in the editor.
- Gold Rocks now display their different variations in the editor.
- Fixed performance issue when placing large blocks of tiles in the editor.

* Maps
- Revamped the Svarinshaug map, so that it now uses data from the Nidavellir map template and is 256x256.
- Revamped the Tanais map, so that it now uses data from the Earth map template and is 256x256.

* Miscellaneous
- Added 1200 as a possible resolution height.
- Fixed an issue which could cause a crash with saved games.

* Scenarios
- The "On the Vanaquisl" quest has been moved to the Scenario mode as its own scenario.
- Added hint to the "The First Dwarves" scenario explaining that stone can be harvested from rock tiles.

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