Jun 4, 2015
Crossfire: Dungeons - RandomThoughtsEntertainment
We have rolled out the first patch for the game to address a few of the issues that players have raised. We looked at the issues that were the most critical to the game experience to address first. We are working on additional patches behind the scenes to include more "quality of experience" improvements in the future.

Please let us know what you think of the patch on the forums. And if there are any additional things that people want we want to hear from you!

Here are the items fixed in the first patch:
  • Fixed the dropping of trading cards. The biggest amount of feedback we got was that the playtime was not registering for players, especially those with the Vista operating system. If the playtime was not registering then the trading cards would not drop. We love those trading cards as much as you do! Our first attempt at addressing this problem caused some virus programs to accidentally flag us. We are happy to report that with this patch everyone's playtime should now be counting accurately, everyone should be getting the trading card drops, and no anti-virus programs should be throwing false positives for this game.
  • Fixed saving and loading. Several of you had reported that the automatic saving was not working. We have done some testing and fixed the code that was causing the issue.
  • Added memory reserved for the game. Several different people have reported the game freezing at the end of load bars. This appears to be caused by a lack of memory designated on the game for the machines. Increasing the memory allocated may help people that are having freezing issues.

Enjoy the patch and thank you for playing our game!

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