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Hey everyone!

Today's small update makes the game have parity with the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One builds (which come out on June 4th!).

The biggest new feature is dynamic resizing of the game screen, a feature that needed to be implemented for the above ports. Hopefully this fixes the dreaded "black full screen" bug that some people have seen, too!


Update 1.031
  • The game window is now freely resizeable, picking the closest integer resolution based on size (up to 4K)
  • Switching to fullscreen now attempts to pick the closest resolution to your screen size.
  • Fixed a bug where the Demon Boss saw sfx could play forever.
  • Fixed a softlock after triggering a cutscene in the city and instantly zoning.
  • Fixed a bug where text prompts could be drawn off screen (only seen in locales such as German).
  • Fixed a bug where the controller could vibrate forever with certain controllers.
  • Fixed a crash that happened if you disabled your Audio Driver during the game. (/shrug)
  • Adjusted L3/R3 button glyphs for 4th button glyph style.
  • Upgraded FNA framework to version 19.05 from 18.03. (General engine upgrade, minor fixes)
Timespinner - LunarRayGames
Hey everyone!

Great news today, Timespinner is now playable in 7 new languages! Yayy!

Update 1.03
  • Added 7 new language locales to the game! (French, Spanish, German, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese).
  • Added a new Language Settings screen to the Title Screen (auto shown if never seen before).
  • Added horizontal text scrolling to several menus.
  • Fixed a bug where healing from items used before using a Warp Shard would not be applied.
  • Adjusted UI spacing of wide buttons glyphs in text.
  • Updated the credits to include the Localization team.
  • Added a new "Dropped Item" for a quest item, in addition to the original method to get it.
  • The game now will assume you want to see Keyboard Control Glyphs (instead of Gamepad) if you have no controllers attached the first time you play.
  • Fixed a bug where certain SFX would continue playing indefinitely after the Demon Boss.

Enjoy! :D
Timespinner - LunarRayGames
Today's update brings a small bug fix and two new Passwords for two new Speedrun Modes!

  • Fixed a bug where "Quick Exiting" out of the Use Item menu did not apply the health/aura restoration after using a healing item under the following conditions: a) did not cap your health, b) you had more items remaining, and c) you remained in the Yes/No prompt.
  • Added 2 new Passwords to the game to allow improved Speed Running experiences.

The two Speedrun modes are:
  • Speedrun Alpha (PW: SPEEDRUNALPH) Skip the tutorial, all chests are rare chests, and all enemies that have a 2nd equipable drop will always drop that item.
  • Speedrun Beta (PW: SPEEDRUNBETA) Skip the tutorial, capped levels (Lunais, Familiars, and Orbs), cleared Use Item Inventory, full stock of (Warp Shards, Hi-Ethers, and 1 Lachiemi Star), and "Lost Items" have been removed. Keep in mind that this mode will not unlock new items and instead will use the save file's obtained items and equipped loadouts instead.

In order to activate a Speed Run, do the following:
  • Load the save file that you wish to convert to a Speed Run file.
  • Open the Password menu and enter the desired Password
  • Save the game
  • Return to the Save Select screen in the Main Menu
  • Start a New Game+ with that save file (a special 'A' or 'B' indicator will be on the save file)

Please note that activating any Speedrun mode will disable all future Feats/Achievements for that Save File!!

PS: Sorry to the DRM free crowd! I promise that if this build is stable I'll push this build to Humble/GOG! XD
Timespinner - LunarRayGames
Keyboard players rejoice! Today's update is for you! I've added ways to customize how you control menus and added options to display keyboard keys instead of gamepad buttons.

  • Added a menu for customizing Menu Controls. (As opposed to Player Controls).
  • Added the option to change the default display for gameplay buttons (controller vs keyboard keys).
  • Adjusted default controller settings slightly.
  • All menu and UI button prompts now show the correct button to press, matching your controller settings.
  • Fixed a bug where PS4 L2/R2 buttons were being displayed improperly when drawn alongside text.
  • Fixed a bug where the Spotlight SFX sound could continue to play after defeating the Demon Boss.

Please note that this build will be coming to DRM-Free websites (Humble, GOG) when I'm confident that it's stable.

Timespinner - LunarRayGames
Hey everyone! Today's update is quite small and is more of a small brick in a larger project: Improving quality of life for Keyboard users.

There is also a fix for a very rare bug where save files have become corrupted or disappear altogether. Please let me know in the discussion forums if you run into any trouble saving the game!


  • Fixed a rare bug where a save file could be lost.
  • Added Keyboard Key Glyphs to the Input Settings screen when entering Keyboard Keys.
  • Changed the Map Menu, Warp Menu, and Bestiary menu to show Button Glyphs for how the menu can be controlled with your control scheme, including Keyboard keys.
Timespinner - LunarRayGames
Here's some minor changes to address the difficulty in leveling familiars, the awkwardness of the START button not exiting to gameplay, and a way to customize how button glyphs are displayed. More patches to come soon :)

  • Fixed an issue where you could lock the Demon Boss out of its first usage of its critical attack.
  • Fixed a bug where opening a Max HP/Aura/Sand chest could reset your HP/Aura/Sand to a previous state.
  • Changed the START button to now completely exit from menus.
  • Added the option to change the console display style of button glyphs.
  • Added a new item to the Merchant Crow shop under certain circumstances.
  • Added new items that increase Familiar experience and experience gain.
  • Lowered Familiar level up exp requirements.
Timespinner - LunarRayGames
Hey everyone! I've been busing patching up the game for PS4+Vita. Here's a small update that includes the things I've fixed since the last Steam update.

My next task will be to work on a large functionality update for controls, like I've mentioned before.


Timespinner Version 1.022
  • Fixed a bug where Junk Crushers would be invisible if unseen before frozen.
  • Fixed a bug where Reinforcing an Orb would reset your HP/MP to the values you had the last time you Paused.
  • Fixed a bug where level 1 clears weren't being saved properly.
  • Buffed a few named healing items.
  • Added a cutscene to remind players to use the Timespinner.
  • Refactored code to improve performance.
  • Adjusted text in a collectible letter.
Oct 9, 2018

The pixel dam is bursting. This year has seen the arrival of many an anticipated retro-styled platformer, with the likes of Chasm, Death’s Gambit and Iconoclasts emerging from long development periods into the hands of salivating fans. Timespinner hit Kickstarter four years ago, exceeded its $50,000 goal threefold, and promised roughly the same thing as a lots of its contemporaries: lushly animated pixel-art graphics and ye olde 2D platforming. 

In 2018, however, it’s really hard to stand out in this genre. Timespinner is a Metroidvania and Metroidvanias are now ubiquitous. Plus, they all have Hollow Knight to live up to. Timespinner does benefit somewhat from being conservative: the resemblances to the classic Castlevania: Symphony of the Night will be immediately obvious to anyone who’s played the latter.

The story follows Lunais, a ‘Time Messenger’ tasked with travelling back in time to warn her descendants of oncoming strife. The Lechiem Empire is the big looming threat, and by sacrificing her very existence, Lunais needs to travel back in time to ensure they’re never a threat to begin with. Despite that heavy-sounding subject matter, the story is suffused with a light melancholy: Time Messengers can’t return to the present once they’ve used the nominal Timespinner to travel back in time, so her journey is one tinged with nostalgia and fuelled by sacrifice. That’s exacerbated by the fact that Lunais’ mother was murdered right before she took the plunge. 

Timespinner’s core conceit is Lunais’ ability to pause time. This is useful in combat: while she’s got a backdash ability, pausing time is a more effective evasive maneuver. The pause is toggled with a button press and powered by sand, which is easily discoverable throughout the world. Pausing time can also turn enemies into traversable statues, so that with precise timing, you can use them to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. You can even climb the poison butterflies.

After a few hours of play, the light RPG aspects of Timespinner emerge. These revolve around Lunais’ Aura power, which manifests through the use of orbs. Regular attacks vary between swords, fireballs, ice-blasts and more. Special attacks, which dole out more damage, use up Lunais’ Aura meter. Lunais can equip two offensive orbs at once, meaning the primary attack can cycle between a sword and a close-range fireball, to mention just one early example. These orbs level up with use, and it’s fun to experiment with different combinations. I’d have liked for these dual-wielded orbs to interact in interesting ways, but since they can be modified on the fly, you’re never lacking the freedom to deal the type of damage you want to, and enemies do eventually have elemental weaknesses.

Lunais also levels up, which improves her damage output, and loot is randomised and always fun to retrieve: there are enough number-fuelled items in the game to make each newly-opened chest feel potentially empowering. Items can be modified and buffed as well, though it doesn’t feel necessary to dabble in any crafting. And of course, Lunais gradually adopts various powers that enable her to access previously out-of-reach areas. 

These aspects provide the usual carrot-on-the-stick momentum to what is ultimately a very conservative game. The pixel-art is gorgeous, but the environments are same-ish and drab at times: some areas are just interminable hallways of enemies, and while the outdoor environments are stunning and evocative, the same can’t be said for most of the interiors. Remove the ingrained appeal of pixel-art—especially to a certain generation of player—and the world design of Timespinner wanes in its attraction, especially when games like Owl Boy and Iconoclasts dazzle with their ever-varying level themes. As for sheer ingenuity of interconnected level design, Timespinner can feel rote compared to the vast and ever-overlapped majesty of Hollow Knight. The room layouts are often repetitive, so that unlocking a shortcut registers as a convenience rather than a gamechanger. I never marvelled at the lay of the land in Timespinner, I was never prickled by a new understanding of its interconnectedness. 

Nostalgia is a powerful sentiment, and Timespinner’s theme of destroying a character's investment in the present in order to go back in time to fix things does resonate well with its '90s-rooted aesthetic. But for those with no connection with the era Timespinner apes, there’s not much here to love. I enjoyed it, but it was a mild and affectionate enjoyment, a pleasure born of its lavish art style and my familiarity with its beats. It’s expertly crafted, with a thorough understanding of what makes a game of this mold tick. But increasingly, that feels insufficient in a field so increasingly bloated with gems.

Timespinner - LunarRayGames
Tiny update today, mainly to fix a crash!

  • Fixed a crash caused the Mushroom Towers being hit by friendly fire.
  • Fixed an issue where switching out a specific Orb mid-attack left behind a damage area briefly.
  • Added a Yellow Dot to the Map in a specific room.
  • Added color fade oscillation for Map Markers in the Map Screen (helps with Markers covering map)
  • Optimized Conveyor Belt objects to be more efficient (improves frame-rate on some processors)
  • Lowered experience gained from a specific enemy.
Oct 1, 2018
Timespinner - LunarRayGames
Hey everyone! I've just uploaded version 1.02 of Timespinner!

(Version 1.01 was the "initial release" of the game on 9/25, whereas Version 1.00 was released to Kickstarter backers 2 weeks before that!)

I've listened to your feedback and have made several small changes to the game:

  • Fixed a crash caused by raising Orb Level too high. It is now capped at 999.
  • Entering a NG+ game no longer clears the "Game Cleared" flag- allowing for infinite NG+ resets.
  • Adjusted the Fire Passive to be capable of killing enemies (it would not reduce them past 1 HP before).
  • Added an additional costume for Lunais.
  • Reduced the power of several healing items.
  • Adjusted stats on a few enemies.
  • Adjusted a certain Keycard door to appear to be broken.
  • Adjusted the location of a certain skeleton.
  • Added glowing floor prompts to two story interactable objects.
  • Fixed a parralax bug in a penthouse room in the city
  • Fixed a floating tile bug in a save room in the forest
  • Added a "Dropped Item" to a ledge in Lake Serene
  • Adjusted a "Map Download" to add 1 additional room to Lake Desolation
  • Fixed a visual bug in the Orb Shop where the "Better Arrow" would overlap the Orb level
  • Adjusted the Orb Shop's Reinforce display stats to always show improvement, even if numbers did not visibly change.

My next updates will focus on keyboard/controller quality of life, display fixes, and performance fixes.


*Edited on 10/2/18 to specify that this is "Patch Notes"

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