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On our long journey towards version 1.0 we've now reached another small milestone: Today we release version 0.9.8! This update will add all level 3 combat arts, a Japanese and Korean translation, a couple of quests and several small quality-of-life improvements! Let's go!

New Localizations

After several month of collaboration with our new partners we're happy to announce that CrossCode now supports two more languages!

First: a Japanese localization by Dangen Entertainment!

It's like one of your Japanese JRPGs!

Which means we can't read it! Gotta wait for those fansubs. :/

Second: a Korean localization by Mayflower Entertainment!

Still can't read this!

We really hope the translations are good!


You can select the new languages within the options. Remember to restart the game!

All the Combat Arts

It's finally done! This version comes with all level 3 combat arts fully implemented!

In order to learn those arts you'll have to collect the Star Shade at the end of the Jungle dungeon. Once learned you'll need to spend 6 SP in order to use them.

The good news is: We'll upgrade your MAX SP to 12 (which means 3 SP on battle start) once you collect the Star Shade! So gathering the necessary SP should be somewhat quicker.

Small Usability Improvements

We made several small improvements for menus and interface.

Quest marking has changed. You can now mark multiple quests inside the menu and you can only switch between marked quest on the field.

We properly integrated a Circuit Reset option! You can visit a terminal in Rookie Harbor that allows you to reset individual Circuit trees. However, resetting isn't as cheap anymore: you'll need to use a Circuit Override item that you will get on several occasions during the plot. We might also add a trading option later on.

To reskill yourself even faster you also now have the option to learn several skills in one go!

There are also several small QoL improvements like grayed trading items in the preview if you can't trade them yet, and number of collected chests visible on the world map.

A few more quests

This version comes with a few more quests as well! Two of them are found in Rookie Harbor and another one in Gaia's Garden!

There's even a little boss fight included!

More Stuff in the Background

Just like the last release, this one is again rather small. We're still working on more content in the background that will be released with version 1.0!
So once again... Sorry for the small update but we hope that the wait will be worth it once version 1.0 will be out!

Anyway that's all!

We hope you have fun with version 0.9.8 and let's hope there's a limit to the amount of bugs!

CrossCode - lachsen

Hello everyball! Suddenly it's December so some of you might wonder: what about that Version 0.9.9 Release? Well we got some news for you and also some GIFs and Images of Recent Progress!

Release of the next version

In the original schedule we planned for a release of Version 0.9.9 in December including all Level 3 combat arts as well as Rhombus Square. While we already made some progress with Rhombus Square, it's likely not going to be ready before Christmas. However, we did manage to complete all the combat arts! That's why we decided to split the release in two versions: 0.9.8 and 0.9.9. Rhombus Square will be release with version 0.9.9 in the Beginning of next year (January - February).

Version 0.9.8 will be released on December 14 and will include:

  • All level 3 combat arts - that means the circuit is 100% completed
  • A couple new quests
  • Several small quality-of-life improvements

Oh... and also: A complete Japanese and Korean localization!

As with the last release, note that this release is smaller since we're still working on more stuff in the background for version 1.0.

Recent Progress

You can now chain activate multiple nodes in the circuit tree! Simply activate the option in the options menu, select a node and watch as all the skills get activated.

We reworked the quest-favorite system. Instead of marking just one quest as favorite, you can now set as many as you want and only toggle through them on the field! No more lingering unfinished quests you need to go through!

Trades you can't make because you lack the resource or money are now grayed out.

We changed the order of modifiers. From now on they will be grouped more logically so you don't find a damage modifier next to a status condition one and so on.

A small change but probably a welcome one too: When hovering above and area on the world map, it will now show how many chests you can still find in that area.

And now, as for level 3 combat arts, there're a lot of them sO GET READY FOR GIFS!




Let's start with something familiar!

Possible with level 3 arts: your personal meteor storm.

Also: very fierce counter attacks featuring LASERS!

Sky-high streams of fire!

Massive spin attacks!


Gigantic Icicles!

Enormous Lightning Strikes!

Time halting combos!

Lighting-fast tackles!

Even faster melee combos!

Highly-explosive projectiles!

Duplicating dash combos!

Risky HP-absorbing counter blocks!

HP-absorbing... stream-shooting... attacks!

And that's all! See you again in December 14 for the next release!
CrossCode - lachsen

Good news everyone: We finally implemented support for Steam Cloud!

That means that your CrossCode saves can now be backed up in the Cloud and shared for all CrossCode installations. It even should work cross platform. Hopefully.

If you don't want your saves to be synchronized, you can disable Steam Cloud for CrossCode. (Right click the game, select "Properties", then the "UPDATES" tab and uncheck "Enable Steam Cloud synchronization for CrossCode").

Important: Note that we don't support a proper merging of save states. That means if you have two different sets of saves on two machines and want to use Steam Cloud, you will have to replace one set of saves with the others. Steam should give you a warning in that case and an option to select which saves you want to keep.

If there are any issues with save synchronization, please let us now!

And that's all!
CrossCode - lachsen

It's due time for another update! Today we finally release CrossCode Version 0.9.7 with a bunch of new content and features!

New Area: Sapphire Ridge

With Sapphire Ridge we now added the final outdoor area of CrossCode!

It's a medium sized area, comparable to Autumn's Fall, but stuffed with lots of caves and crazy environment puzzles!

You will also find a total of 4 new enemies, ready to be fought! Including new bugs. Be warned, Emilie.

Sapphire Ridge also includes the Cave Inn - it's not a full fledged town or village, but still a fairly large building.

Inside you'll find a lot of new offers for equipment and more!

Of course, Sapphire Ridge still isn't entirely finished. We still plan to tweak things and add more quests and NPCs to the area in future versions. But otherwise it's ready for exploration!


With this version we finally release Trophies, which are essentially achievements! You find a list of all the trophies within the Synopsis menu.

You get Trophies for reaching certain points in the game, defeating certain enemies, mastering certain feats and more! Currently there are a total of 171 trophies that can be collected... at least partly!

Note: Trophies are currently not connected to Steam Achievements, but we plan to do so in the future (at least for some trophies). Once it's done, your trophies will automatically synchronize with Steam achievements. So getting the Trophies now means you'll get the Steam Achievement in the future!

Second Note: Some of the Trophies might still be buggy and might not correctly synchronize with old saves. Sometimes, doing certain things in the game might trigger an evaluation so you'll get the trophies at that point. Otherwise, you can report those issues and we'll see how we can fix it.

More Quests
As always, there are more quests! This time we have 3 new quests for you that you can find in Rookie Harbor and Ba'kii Kum. Each of them features unique gameplay mechanics or even boss fights! So make sure to check them out!

Here some impressions:

A very unique quest featuring a floating "ball" in Autumn's Fall!

Fighting Turrets. Again. This time on the ocean.

A boss fight featuring the most popular type of enemies: Sharksters.

Upgraded Portraits

With this version we finally got around upgrading a lot of the portraits from older versions, including Captain Jet, that Blue Avatar, and Satoshi:

Additionally, we improved all the dark shaded portraits of generic NPCs, adding more details and variations to more closely match the NPC:

We still plan to add more variations in the future.

More Stuff

This update features a couple more smaller changes:

  • The info/nerd hub in Rookie Harbor has been overhauled and features new NPCs to explain all the things to you!
  • Lots of sound improvements especially for enemies. Try fighting the Faj'ro Temple boss again!
  • Improved German Translation extended - all main story dialogues until Temple Mine have been overhauled!
  • You can finally enter the Pub in Rookie Harbor right next to the teleporter at the sea.
  • You can now adjust some new graphic settings in the video options section. Those include toggling particle effects, weather and lighting.
  • More map pins variants have been added for arrows. Also the padding between pins has been decreased.
  • Various map adjustments to Autumn's Rise.

More Stuff... but HIDDEN!
Just in case you wonder why this update is relatively small: we've been working on a lot more content in the background. Content that's relevant to the final plot. Since we don't want to release any more story until version 1.0, the current update turned out rather small. The same will be true for the next update to version 0.9.9. However, in turn you can expect a huge update once we release the complete story. That way, you can enjoy the rest of the story in one go!

In other words: Sorry for the small update, but hopefully it will all pay off once we release version 1.0!

And that's all for this update! We hope you have fun with CrossCode version 0.9.7!

And now let the bug hunt commence!
You know... the one in Sapphire Ridge... and the one in the code. x_x
CrossCode - lachsen

Hello everyball! It's October and that means we're now safely within Autumn. So what about that 0.9.7 release? It's almost ready! Today we announce the release date for the next update and also show recent progress including the output of our recent CrossWeek!

Release Date for version 0.9.7

Let's get right to the point: we plan to release the update next week on October 13, 2017.
On a Friday. Such a nice date, right?

Anyway, here is what you can expect from CrossCode 0.9.7.

  • New Area: Sapphire Ridge with new enemies and lots of crazy jumping puzzles.
  • Several new Quests in Ba'kii Kum and Rookie Harbor.
  • Updated Portrait Graphics for Captain Jet, Satoshi and lots of other NPCs

As you can probably see, version 0.9.7 doesn't include a lot of new content. That's not because we've been lazy (mostly) but because we've been working on a lot of story content that we still want to keep secret until the 1.0 release. Essentially we're going for a very big 1.0 release that will come with a ton of new content at once so that you play the rest of the story up to its conclusion in one go.

CrossWeek + Recent Progress

Since the last post we made a lot of progress with Sapphire Ridge, which is why we can now share a lot of new screenshots:

Sapphire Ridge also comes with several new caves:

And also plenty new enemies such as... mysterious bugs...

...mechanical pandas....

...and too many spiders.

In addition we've been working on new quests such as:

...fighting strange sharkster boss enemies and...

...fighting floating turrets in the middle of the ocean (this one is still very much WIP).

And finally, as mentioned before, we found the time to polish a lot of old portraits including all those overly simplified NPC portrait

Guards now wear proper helmets!

Random NPCs have... EYES!

Shads are more shiny than ever!

Captain Jet is more fancy looking as well!

Also, a lot of the new stuff you see here has been created during our most recent CrossWeek!
CrossWeek is where part of the team meets up in Hannover, Germany to work on CrossCode full-time for a whole week. That usually means we get a lot of stuff done and that was definitely the case this time!

And if you're curious how CrossWeek looks like here a few photos:

Doing gamedev and cooking at the same time!

Breaking ovens! At least we didn't burn anything this time.

Finishing most of the tasks!

That's all for today! We hope you look forward to the next 0.9.7 update. Until then!
Aug 15, 2017
CrossCode - lachsen

Some time has passed so let's do another small Hi-Lights Post! There are some changes we can show off, but also some news about Gamescom! Because yes, we'll be there!

Recent Progress

Lots of stuff happened since the last update! There is just a little problem: we don't want to show much of the recent progress to avoid spoilers! So if it seems like there is little new stuff... that's why.

Anyway, here are some of the things we actually can show off:

We work on the new area Sapphire Ridge. While the tileset is pretty much derived from the area of the intro, we added couple more tiles and details.

Sapphire Ridge will feature densly grown bamboo trees, but there will be hidden gaps where you can wander through!

There will also be more plants to destroy! The destruction of nature shall continue!

Another thing we worked on is the new Trophies menu! And yes, eventually some of these trophies will be connected to Steam Achievements!

...And yeah. That's all. Again: Lot's of stuff happening in secret! Really!


Gamescom, that massive trade fair for video games, will be next week in Cologne, Germany! And we'll be there as well!

We plan to attend Gamescom on August 22 and 23! We won't have any booth but will be there as visitors. We'll also bring CrossCode stickers! If anybody is there as well and wants to meet up, just let us know via E-Mail, Twitter or Discord. We'll also use Twitter and Discord to potentially organize meetups while we're there.

And yeah, that's all pretty much! Until next time!
CrossCode - lachsen

We spent the last week fixing smaller and more nuanced bugs, but also managed to squeeze in a few new features and additions! All of this is now released with Hotfix Version 0.9.5-5! Also the boss contest just ended and we've already chosen the winner!

Hotfix Release 0.9.5-5

The newest version should fix another batch of smaller issues, including:
  • Weird AI problems with Apollo just standing around doing nothing.
  • A certain boss was not supposed to be defeatable, but some of you still managed to defeat him, resulting in breaking the game. You monsters.
  • A huge amount of spelling issues fixed, as we finally went through months worth of reports by the community! Thanks everyone for the great help!
But that's not all! We also worked on a few new additions that also made it into this hotfix release:
  • There is a new Bulletin Board accessible via the Quest Hub of each town, listing most available quests of the area!
  • Item Consumables now show (more or less) individual graphics on consumption!
  • Activating circuit skills now shows a fancy effect!
  • We added a proper label + image for Chapter 6 which is after Faj'ro Temple.
  • The German translation for the whole beginning of the Cargo ship has been improved! We'll keep working on the German translation, trying to catch up with the English text and improving the quality along the way.
  • Certain ricochet puzzles have been extended with ball-destroying entities, giving a clear hint on which path the balls are not supposed to fly.
Boss Contest Solution
Yes, the Boss Contest is over! We asked you to win a certain PvP fight in front of Faj'ro Temple and most of you probably already guessed who the opponent was.

Do you accept, blue-haired Spheromancer?!

Yes, it was Apollo waiting for you!
We had a total of 61 Submissions for this contest, which once again sets a new record!

A lot of you fought Apollo honorably with appropriate level, equipment and just owning the fire element:

Apollo is pleased.

You fought honorably, like a true Spheromancer!


There have also been... other submissions.


As it turns out, we had quite a number of cheaters among us! Some of you just cheated a little. You merely had the ice element and your stats have been just slightly above the norm at most:

We can let that slide, right?


But then we have a long...


...loooong list of players with level 40+, all 4 elements, overpowered equipment... All of it! Now you can hardly call that a chall-


... Well, anyway! There was no rule against any of that. So all of these submissions are still valid. Sorry, Apollo!

This is madness!

Oh, but we also got a number of submissions that did quite the opposite and went for a true hardcore challenge

  • Gellot was overleveled and had all elements, but used downgraded equipment and wasn't hit a single time!
    Impressive! Though that's sort of thing he does... all the time. Just look at his channel!
  • 232 DjordjeA beat Apollo with level 3 (that in itself is already impossible and therefore CHEATING) with extremely low defense yet high attack stats due to good equipment. That means he couldn't survive a single attack combo by his opponent... but still won! Awesome!
  • Ether was level 44 but decided to drop all of their equipment... and was still victorious! Amazing!
  • Vincent Desjardins was level 30 and also decided to drop all equipment giving him even lower stats. In addition, he only used the Neutral element. After a long and painful battle... he won! What a feat!
  • 影子 was level 18 and was just wearing rookie equipment resulting in the lowest stats of all participants! The video showcases another long and painful battle with lots of interesting techniques, like switching elements during combat arts to optimize damage as far as possible. In the end 影子 was victorious. Absolutely incredible!

We're quite blown away to see that level of skill from our players!

... Alright. I admit it. Very impressive.

Now, the winner is randomly drawn from all of these submissions! We did so live during yesterday's gamedev stream (just ignore the mistake where we've chosen the wrong person at first...)!

And the winner is...


Congratulations, you won a guest NPC somewhere in CrossCode! We'll make sure to contact you once we start implementing those NPCs.

Of course, one of the cheaters. There is no justice. I'm outta here.

And that's all for today's post! This was likely the last CrossCode hotfix for 0.9.5... unless even more unexpected issues come up.
That means we'll now focus on content for version 0.9.7 and beyond!

Until next time!
CrossCode - lachsen
With all the stuff going on for the 0.9.5 release we forgot about a little thing: we have a new gameplay trailer!

This trailer shows off the new battle theme and combat arts and was once again made by MultiMedia AMDG! Big Shoutout to them for another amazing collaboration!

And yes... Version 0.9.5 was released and as usual there are bugs.
Since yesterday we already released 2 Hotfix versions fixing many of the critical issues.

And we've already prepared another Hotfix. Version 0.9.5-3 will fix a couple more issues including the following:

  • Crashes when converting old saves to the new story
  • Crashes when visiting certain maps in Bergen Trail
  • Crashed when opening the synopsis/quest menu
  • Crashes when doing certain things during the Master Sensei Quest
  • Several Path-Finding hiccups

Unfortunately we're currently unable to set this version live!
... due to some technical issues with Steam. Servers are not responding.

We're already constantly trying and also notified Steam Support about this. Hopefully we'll be able to set the new version live within the next few hours or tomorrow latest.

We'll make sure to extend this post once the new hotfix is live!

Sorry for the delay.

UPDATE: The new Hotfix 0.9.5-3 is now finally live!
CrossCode - lachsen

Yes, yes... It's finally time to continue the story of CrossCode! And boy, did we take our sweet time with it. Though we did also release some cool new stuff in between, so it's all good, right?

Anyway, this update doesn't just continue the story but also adds in new features, balancing and so on. We also got another Contest for you! Let's get right to it!

Finally More Story

This is the big one. The story continues in Ba'kii Kum. C'tron will be properly introduced and you get to spend more time with the First Scholar guild. In case you already continued playing you have the option to get set back to the previous end of the story. We strongly encourage you to do so since the game will most definitely break otherwise! But don't worry you can keep all the loot you obtained.

This story will also take you into an area some of you might already know...

Extending Autumn's Fall

Autumn's Fall got a bit bigger! The area felt a bit small at times and since we wanted story to happen in the area we decided to add a few maps all neatly tight together with a quest that is required in order to progress.

Prepare for a real mischief maker!

Also for the first time ever, Rookie Harbor North opens up! The map is still Work-in-Progress but we already have a lot of happy people strolling about.

Equipment Level

We often had the feedback that players felt under-powered, even when the enemy level matched the player level. Usually the reason for this was that players used equipment that was outdated relative to the foes they were facing. Equipment plays a huge role in your stats. Much more than skills or level-ups. It was our mistake to not properly communicate the importance of equipment enough. Now with showing a level for each equipment piece we feel it's much easier to notice when it's time to upgrade!

So as you can see, each piece of equipment now shows you which level it is best used at. No worries: the level is only a recommendation, not a requirement you can still wear whatever gear you can get your hands on! Additionally we added a small UI in the equipment menu that shows both the player- and average equipment level. Your equipment level should always be above or equal to the player level. Colors indicate how well the levels are aligned. Here's a small clip showing how it looks in action:

And lastly we made small change to how the colors are displayed when checking out an enemy via your Seeker Senses. Instead of just comparing your level against the enemy level it now also includes the average equipment level. This means that when fighting an enemy at the same level you might still get a red color indicating that his enemy is stronger than you are.

We hope that these changes will help players in the future. It could be said that this feature was implemented thanks to the community, so thanks everyone for the feedback!


What? You thought we would release a major update without new quests? As always we tried to come up with interesting ideas as well as stories. New Quests can be found in Ba'kii Kum, Basin Keep (Remember the Galaxy Spiral Drill Trader? Visit him again. However his quest is not finished right now.), Bergen and Rookie Harbor.

But this time we also removed quests! Namely those tedious and boring fetch-quests you could get at the Rookie Harbor Questhub. Instead the Faction-Indroduction-NPC and a new quest NPC will be in front of the desk. Hopefully this gives a better first impression of quests!

Finally, you might notice that we added new UIs for quests too. Like a nice countdown or a dedicated score UI for quests including mini games.


A common request we had ever since we released the game was the people would like to have a dedicated Melee- and Guard-Button. Well, guess what? We finally implemented it! Mouse & Keyboard users can setup the button inside the bindings section of the options menu. Gamepad users can use X/Square for a melee attack and B/Circle for guarding.
We added some additional options to disable the melee/guard actions for the previous input methods in case you want to go all out on the new setting.

New Music

Of course this update also includes a few new themes composed by Intero himself. You listen to them on his Twitter account through these links:

Lea's Theme

Battle Theme

Casual Theme

Sorrow Theme

Other Stuff

You can now finally see what each buff item does! Just hover over an item, press H/Start to open the help screen and select the icon in the bottom left corner. As you can see, you will get a nice overview over what each icon means. Plus, the buff icons now look much better. Thanks T-Free!

Also you can now place Pins on your map, choosing from a number of symbols! That should help to keep track on things you find around the area.

We also spend a lot of time balancing equipment and enemies again. Spoilers: HP Regen got a nerf! It was just way too powerful! But on the plus side, enemies now have new damage ceilings preventing them from doing too much damage to the player at once! (Looking at you Mr. Snowman.) Overall equipment has also been buffed. Especially the trader gear which sometimes felt weaker compared to the base equipment you could buy.

This new language selection UI has also been added to make it easier to add more languages later on. As you can see you get a nice flag icon now! Doesn't it look slick?

More changes can be found in the changelog inside the game as usual.

Contest: Win the PvP Fight!

Another Boss contest? Sure why not! In fact, version 0.9.5 comes with several new boss fights!
What we want you to record is the PvP Battle that you will have in front of Faj'ro Temple!

Show us how you win the PvP battle in front of Faj'ro Temple!

Just create a public video (Youtube, Twitch, doesn’t matter) and send us a link to
You can add your live reaction or leave it out, whatever you prefer!

Among all people who send us a video, we’ll draw the following prize:
You get your personal NPC guest role somewhere in CrossWorlds - you decide the location! You can be an Avatar, a regular citizen or maybe something else? We’ll work together to figure out the details!
Deadline: Saturday, July 8, 23:59 PST

Alright, that's it. Quite a lot, we know. It's time for you to play now! And once you're done, tell us what you think about the new stuff.

Until next time!

... Let the bug reports commence!
CrossCode - Valve
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