CrossCode - lachsen

Happy Holidays, everyball!

This is the second time, we reached the end of the year since CrossCode entered Early Access.
And again, we have a small CrossCode Update for you!

Guess who's back?

This guy!

He's there to offer the same quest from last year in case you didn't solve that one yet. ALSO: he might have an additional present for you!

Make sure to meet him in Bergen Village!

We wish everyone a pleasant time over the holidays and all the best for next year!

PS: CrossCode Early Access is currently 15% off on Steam!


Snowman Lea!

CrossCode - lachsen

With the holidays almost at our doors, it's time to get comfy and play some CrossCode. And what's better to go along with this than a new update? Even though this is not a "new number"-Release this update packs a lot of content so let's check them all out, shall we?

Final part of Gaia's Garden unlocked

South-East of Gaia's Garden lies a small Shad settlement which is now accessible for exploring. However, you might find yourself to be an unwanted guest. What could have happened here? Note: This region will get more Story through optional quest in later updates.

So'Najiz Temple aka The Wave Temple

West of the Rite of Passage inside Gaia's Garden you can now enter the So'Najiz Temple which will not only give you access to the Shock Element but also the final key to open all those golden chests! Oh did we mention this is an underwater temple? Really the best place for an avatar to be, don't you think so too?

Shock Element

The final element is finally here. While Wave was an element designed to help you with healing buffs or pushing away foes, this one is all about quick attacks and fast movements.

Basin Keep Extension

Both the west and east maps of Basin Keep are now accessible. While the west area is home to many high-society residents, the east one is a problematic region for the city in many ways. Both of these maps are already quite far ahead and we wanted people to see them but they will get more NPCs and quests too. You might already find some chests you can't access right now. Look out for a special quest in the eastern part in later updates!

Other Stuff

Like always we made a lot of smaller adjustments or additions. Here's a quick list of most new things:
  • All chests that required keys now have special graphics making them stick out more. The same is true for chests that contain keys found inside dungeons.
  • We reworked positional sounds! No more distant splash sounds. We also added a bunch of environmental sounds like waterfalls for instance.
  • Find new Quests in Ba'kii Kum!
  • The trade menu now always shows the stats for a piece of equipment on the left side at all times.
  • Extended German Translation!
  • New Background Music for So'Najiz AND Zir'Vitar Temple!

Contest: Beat the Boss of So'Najiz Temple!

And another contest for you!

Show us how you beat the boss of So'Najiz Temple!

Just create a public video (Youtube, Twitch, doesn’t matter) and send us a link to
You can add your live reaction or leave it out, whatever you prefer!

And just so you know who the boss is... it's in this room:

Among all people who send us the video, we’ll draw the following prize:
You get your personal NPC guest role in Basin Keep or the Shad Village in Gaia's Garden! You can be an Avatar, a regular citizen or maybe something else? We’ll work together to figure out the details!
Deadline: Sunday, December 18, 23:59 PDT

Aaand... that's all!
Have fun with the new release!

Time to switch to Bug Fighting Mode then. Tell us if you find any!
CrossCode - lachsen
Hello everyball!

So November is about to end and some of you are probably waiting for news about the next update. Well, here they are! And not only that, we also plan to talk about planned future updates and finally answer the big question: When will there be more Story?

Release Schedule

The following is an estimate of the future release schedule. Note that there is of course no guarantee that we release all that on time - game development is hard after all. But we'll try our best to stay close to it. So here goes!

CrossCode 0.8.5
Release Date: December 13, 2016

The next update will further extend the jungle!

  • So’najiz Temple - the Wave Dungeon
  • Shock Mode
  • Final Jungle Area
  • Extended Basin Keep
  • More Quests

CrossCode 0.9.0
Release Date: February 2017

This update will finally complete the jungle and also include a lot gameplay additions and improvements - like way more skills and combat arts!

  • Grand Krys’kajo - The Final Dungeon of the Jungle
  • More Party Members that will also use Elements and Combat Arts
  • More Combats Arts (at least all level 1 and 2 arts)
  • Most Passive Skills Implemented
  • More Quests

CrossCode 0.9.5
Release Date: April-May 2017

This update will finally extend the story and also add a smaller area (comparable to Autumn's Fall).
If we'll manage to get it done, you'll also be able to enter Rhombus Square for the first time!

  • Finally more story
  • A new area
  • Maybe: Rhombus Square
  • More Quests

CrossCode 1.0
Release Date: June-September 2017

This will be the big release of the full version! It will include an (hopefully) satisfying conclusion to the story.

  • Full Story
  • Complete Skill Tree
  • Indiegogo Backer NPCs, Quests and enemies (maybe not complete)
  • More Quests

Post Release Content

But wait! That's not all. We made a lot of promises back during the Indiegogo campaign and since it will be hard to deliver all of this with 1.0 we plan to update the game beyond the "full release" for additional end-game content and more!

This includes:
  • New Game+
  • All remaining Indiegogo Backer Content
  • A Battle Arena in Rhombus Square with a lot of different challenges
  • More Quests

So looking at this release schedule I'm sure some of you have questions!

I want more story already! Why do you release more story so late?
Because cliffhangers! The story of CrossCode may seem fairly relaxed so far, but things won't stay that way. When we continue the story further, there will be plot twists and other surprises. And then you'll have to wait. So instead of letting you wait half a year, we thought we'd try to reduce it to a few month by just releasing the story close to the final version. We just hope to deliver the best experience of the story that way! Also: The additional time really helps us to polish things up to the end to have the best final result without changing too much during development.

Didn't you plan to finish the Jungle back in October? Now it's even further postponed to 2017.
Yes, things again took a bit longer than expected, partly due to illness of team members. But there is another reason as well: the jungle will be the last big area and following that we will mostly focus on implementing missing features such as skills and maybe more quests. And of course, lots of content for the story we can't release because spoilers. That's why we thought it would be good to kind of spread the content of the jungle over the next few releases instead of releasing everything at once.
Also: More Boss Contests!

Is the Jungle Dungeon the last dungeon? Will the game just end after this?
Yes and no. The dungeons of the Jungle Area are the last "proper" dungeons. However, the game will not simply end after that, more stuff will happen. There will be more puzzles (though not of the density of a proper dungeon), more boss fights and in general a lot of exciting stuff! But we won't spoil things!

So wait... Wasn't the release planned for Q2 or even Q1 2017? And now it's September - postponed again?
Well, sorta. If things go perfectly, we might be able to hit June for the final release, which is end of Q2, strictly speaking. We might miss that deadline though, mostly because the Jungle area took quite a bit longer than estimated. In the end, we'll try to stay close to our release schedule, but when it comes down to it, what is most important to us is a good end result. If it turns out that we need bit more time to really properly conclude the story, we'll take that time.

Will there be More Quests?

There will always be More Quests.

Anything else we didn't cover with this set of entirely fictional questions? Please ask ahead!

Recent Progress

Okay, so here is what we've been up to recently!

Visit the new area of the jungle...

... enter the Wave Dungeon...

... defeat all the threats...

... to finally collect the last element!

Also in development and hopefully ready next year: the final dungeon of the Jungle!

Steam Awards
Oh boy, it's the Steam Awards, would you look at this! Maybe CrossCode can have one of those? That “I Thought This Game Was Cool Before It Won An Award” Award looks so shiny!

You can still vote until November 29!

Also, CrossCode is currently on sale!

Gamedev Stream

We'll have another stream tonight!

We will try to implement some of the Shock Combat Arts, answer your questions and probably do a drawing again!
You can watch it here:
Time: 20:00 CET / 11 am PST

And that's all, until next time!
CrossCode - lachsen

The title says it all: Happy Halloween! And what's best to go along with it? A new CrossCode update of course. And this time it's a rather spooky one! Let's get into the new additions right away.

Botanics Menu

Another community requested feature is now available making it possible for you to track what plants drop what item and where you can find them. However it's not that simple. A new NPC emerged in Autumn's Rise which requires your help to analyze the Flora of CrossWorlds. Hit plants and collect drops. Each drop increases your progress for each plant. Can you find them all?

Infested Jungle

The infested jungle region of Gaia's Garden is now unlocked and can be accessed in the north-eastern part of the area. Make sure to be ready as the region is full of narrow passages and dangerous foes.

Gaia's Garden and Basin Keep now also have their own music!

A Scary Surprise

In Basin Keep a strange business man seems to be in dire need of your help. Make sure to pay him a visit!

Other than that we fixed a lot of smaller issues and balanced skills and items. You can get the full picture by checking out the changelog in-game.

Now go download the new update and get ready to be scared!

Until next time!

CrossCode - lachsen

It has been some time, so let's talk about recent progress!
But first: time to conclude the Zir'Vitar Boss Contest!

Zir'Vitar Boss Contest Results

This time we had 34 submissions!

Here is the list:
Adam Takitani
Viktor Yuschuk
Alex ZeMans
Eternal Fireseal
iqbal febri
JellyBaby Bomber
Brett Anderson
Dino Sauce
Stephen Chudley-Knight
Celio Hogane

In last week's gamedev stream we have computed the random number to pick the winner before an audience.

And the winner is:


You won a guest role in Basin Keep to be implemented... sometime soon!

Recent Hi-Lights

Alright, now about recent changes! We're currently working hard on completing the Jungle! This includes the water-themed So'najiz Temple to the West where you will get the Shock element as well as the Grand Krys’kajo - the final dungeon of the Jungle. Additionally, we create the maps for the missing areas of the Jungle and Basin Keep!

We hope to release the completed Jungle with version 0.8.5 around end of November or beginning of December.

Anyway, here some pictures and gif of recent progress!

Interiors for Basin Keep!

Time to enter the So'najiz Temple...

...which is underwater...

... and also full of water.

And that's all for now!

Oh, just on more thing:

Gamedev Stream

Tonight is another gamedev stream!

We will work on some maps, answer your questions and probably do a drawing again!

You can watch it here:
Time: 20:00 CEST / 11 am PDT
CrossCode - lachsen

As always, every major release comes with a number of bugs. Version 0.8.1 - once again - squashes a good amount of those!

Some things that we fixed and improved:

  • No more crashes when attacking ectovolts with icicles.
  • A few improvements and general balancing of puzzles in Zir'vitar Temple.
  • No more pushing down immobile enemies with Guarding Gale!

This and dozen of other small fixes!

If you find any more issues please write in the forum or send a mail to
CrossCode - lachsen

We did it! After a very long "Saturday" we proudly release:
CrossCode Version 0.8!

We'll keep this short, because really, you probably just want to play the game and we want to get some sleep! But just so you know, we also have a contest for you. More about that at the end!

New Areas and Dungeons

Autumns' Fall, the new area to the northeast of Rookie Harbor, filled with ancient ruins!

Beyond that lies the jungle Gaia's Garden - easily the biggest area of the game, alas not 100% done as of now. Still a lot of land to explore!

In the middle of the jungle you will find Basin Keep - a bustling city that is, as of now, not yet 100% bustling, but we'll get there, promised! Still you can enter it and "enjoy" the rainy atmosphere!

Further beyond, hidden in the deep end of the jungle you will find the great dungeon of the Grand Krys’kajo, consisting of 3 smaller sub dungeons. As of now 1 of these 3 sub dungeons is finished:

The Zir'vitar Temple! Expect a whole bunch of new puzzles and enemies, including a boss fight. Mind that this dungeon is not as long as the Faj'ro Temple and Temple Mine (because it's 1/3 of the whole thing), but still comes with the usual challenges!

New Features

With the new dungeon, you of course get a new element mode. The Wave Element, complete with 5 new combat arts!

Enter the Status Menu! Finally you can read all about your stats and modifiers with all the nitty gritty details!

Other Things

There is more!

  • New Quests in Rookie Harbor and Bergen, including another lovely monk quest!
  • The first Level 2 combat art! So far there is only one and you find it in the Neutral Tree down the Melee branch. This is still experimental, but please give it a try! It consumes 3 SP - simply charge for a longer time!
  • All the enemies now respawn in all the dungeons!
  • A long list of smaller fixes and changes! Just take a look at that changelog. It's long. Really long.

Contest: Beat the Boss of Zir'vitar Temple!

And yes, we have another contest for you! And again, it's about that dungeon!

Show us how you beat the boss of Zir'vitar Temple!

Just create a public video (Youtube, Twitch, doesn’t matter) and send us a link to
You can add your live reaction or leave it out, whatever you prefer!

And just so you know who the boss is... it's this guy:

Among all people who send us the video, we’ll draw the following prize:
You get your personal NPC guest role in Basin Keep! You can be an Avatar, a regular citizen or maybe something else? We’ll work together to figure out the details!
Deadline: Sunday, October 9, 23:59 PDT

And that's all! Have fun with 0.8 and let's just hope there won't be too many bugs... but anyway, we'll try to fix them as early as possible!

PS: Sorry for a lot of golden chests. Some of those are likely to be replaced with accessible chests in the sub releases of the next few days - we just didn't get around to decide for proper content yet.

HOT FIX 0.8.0-2
We just released the first hotfix that solves some critical issues like crashes in the beginning and unsolvable sliding block puzzles!
CrossCode - lachsen

Are you ready for CrossCode 0.8?

Because, you know, we are. Almost.

We actually might release one day early.
We hope to wrap up the final tests today/tomorrow and that means we will probably release CrossCode 0.8 just about when Sunday starts (Central European Time).

Also, expect another Dungeon Runner Contest for the new Zir'vitar Temple!

That's all! See you tomorrow!
CrossCode - lachsen

Hello everyball!

End of September is drawing close and we promised an update to version 0.8. We'll keep that promise... with just a few days delay!

The release of version 0.8 is scheduled for October 3, 2016!

Now, we have been very ambitious with this version. Originally we planned to release the whole jungle (the biggest area yet) together with a city (also pretty big) and the Shockwave dungeon - a huge dungeon consisting of 3 smaller sub dungeons with a total length greatly exceeding that of the previous dungeons. All of that in about 3 months (which was also the time we needed for the heat area released with version 0.6).

... Sadly we didn't quite get this far. However, since it has been over 3 month, we don't want to postpone the release and instead just release what we managed to complete.

So here is what you get with version 0.8:
  • The new jungle area Gaia's Garden with about 60% of the maps finished
  • The Zir’vitar Temple which is 1 of the 3 planned sub dungeons
  • The central part of Basin Keep, the city inside the jungle
  • Autumn's Fall - a new area connecting Rookie Harbor with the jungle
  • The new Wave Element Mode and maybe more combat arts for the other element modes, too
  • More Quests in Bergen Trail and Village (and elsewhere)
  • The new Status Menu with more detailed information about your stats and modifiers
Okay, so this may look like only half of the content was completed... it's not quite as bad though! A lot of work already went into the remaining content so we should be able finish it rather quickly within the next 1 or 2 months.

And now a few images of recent development!

Entering the new dungeon!

More insane bounce puzzles!

Wave element mode upgrade!

The new Botanic menu! Note: this feature may not be ready for version 0.8.

Gamedev Stream
Oh yeah, and since it's Sunday, just a quick reminder that we'll have a gamedev stream today:

Stream will be live at:
Today we'll work on Basin Keep, adding NPCs and more details.

If you have any question about the next release or anything else, feel free to drop by and ask in the chat!

And that's all - Radical Fish out!
Sep 8, 2016
CrossCode - lachsen
The 4th CrossWeek has just been completed! 6 Radical Fishes met somewhere in Hannover and worked on CrossCode full-time for 8 days straight!
It has been a tremendously productive time - and also a lot of fun!

This was the first CrossWeek where we used a proper Task Board!

That was the task board after the first day!

...and here at the end of the CrossWeek. We managed to finish almost all the tasks we set out to complete and more!

And here is roughly what we did:

  • 9 new enemies spritesheets completed including two midboss enemies!
  • 7 enemies fully implemented with plenty of fierce attacks and tricky weak spots
  • 8 new jungle maps created with rough terrain for crazy jumping puzzles
  • 6 1/2 jungle maps filled with lovely details and vines everywhere
  • 30+ new sounds added for puzzle elements, background and enemies
  • Several small technical features, bugfixes and internal editors
  • A lot of progress on a new CrossCode poster!

And because numbers are pretty boring, here some images and GIFs:




We also had a fun time in general!

Doing ridiculous amounts of shopping!

Fun cooking!

Delicious food!

Everything was great... until the burning started.

Burning toast.

Burning hamburger buns.

Burning veggie-burger patties.

Burning. Cereals.

So before we'd manage to burn down the entire kitchen, we decided to just go out for dinner on a Sunday. Also Sezui, one of our generous backers from the Indiegogo campaign, joined us!

Very delicious burgers!

Following this, absolutely nothing else went wrong!

And this concludes our fourth CrossWeek!

Now it's time for the final sprint for version 0.8, that we still plan to release around end of September!

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