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Happy Holidays, everyone! And just in time, we wrapped up a small present for all of you! Today we release CrossCode version 0.4.1 introducing several bug fixes, two new heat arts, a fancy new save/load menu, and a little quest!

Just look out for this guy, he needs your help!

We wish you good luck and a good time!

Your Team Radical Fish Games

PS: CrossCode Early Access is currently still on 30% sale in Steam!
CrossCode - lachsen

Less then two weeks ago we released CrossCode version 0.4 and had a small competition about who defeats the boss of the new Temple Mine Dungeon first. And here are the results!

First we want to say thanks to everyone who sent us videos! Those videos are not only great to show CrossCode to others, they are also a valuable source of feedback for us!
In total we got 26 videos of people challenging and defeating the boss of the new Temple Mine dungeon.

And here are all entries in inverse chronological order
(days via Central European Timezone)

By elorfinthendt (with commentary)
By StefSpült (with fancy music)

By Entónio
By MisterMathio
By Wolf and Friends Gaming (with commentary)

By OneTrue Mitch (with commentary)
By Lotus Prince (with commentary)
By chessdragon
By Mathwe Decypher
By sparksterx (with German commentary)

By Technomagus (part of a long LP with commentary)
By Robert Dude57
By Jaret Dill

By Blue Streak Studio (with commentary)
By Atl essa (with VIOLET LEA)
By ChampCakeStorm

And finally, the first ten entries that will participate in the raffle for the great prize!

Top Ten

And now to draw the winner among the first ten entries ...

We have drawn the number from

And thus, the winner is:

Place 9: VOLTREY!

Congratulations! You win a NPC guest role in Bergen village! We'll soon write you an email to discuss all the details!

And finally: Thanks to everybody for participating in our small contest!
CrossCode - lachsen
Incoming! This is a new format where we'll show a quick peek at the progress of this week! We'll only show some small gifs an picture with a bit of text, nothing more. So here we go!

Stefan finished the new save menu. This is him creating a new save file.

Felix added Status Conditions! Poor Hedgehags.

Are those party members? Could it be?

Hidden Rewards? Those must be good, right?!

Alright, that's all. See you next week!

CrossCode - lachsen

It’s about time! And indeed here we are again, with the update we promised you! Read on to find out more about this release. We also got a small CONTEST for you to win a guest role NPC!

Bergen Village

After the long ascent along the Bergen Trail you finally reach the second town of CrossCode! You can now explore Bergen Village with its complex structure of stacked building. It comes with several buildings that can be entered, a hand full of NPCs and even a small quest! Admittedly, it is still lacking the proper density of content that you’d expect from a town/village, which is something we of course plan to improve on in future updates. At least there are plenty of cool platforming puzzles! … Sorry.

The Bergen Tempel Mine

The main attraction of this demo will be the Bergen Tempel Mine, which is also the first real dungeon of CrossCode!

And what a dungeon it is. We were surprised ourselves how damn big it became over time, with all the puzzles that got added one after another. And yeah, this time we got a lot of bugs that are actually pretty damn cool though!

Also of course: there’s a new boss. And what a boss it is! It’s probably one of the most impressive pieces of pixel art you can currently find in the game - which is precisely the reason why we don’t show a single picture of it! … Well... for once we don’t want to spoil the surprise for you.

In fact, we want to make a small competition out of this! Read more about it below!
Heat Mode

Most of you will be familiar with the Element Modes “Heat” and “Cold” that have been part of CrossCode since the first demo.

Well, now you can finally get the “Heat” the official way and an entirely new skill tree including (so far) 4 new combat arts!

An entirely new level of destructive power awaits you! Also we added a couple of new passive skills for you to explore.

Well, and you will also need it in many puzzles inside the new dungeon, of course. Those Ice blocks aren’t gonna melt themselves after all!

Perfect Guard

With the 0.4.0 update there’s also a whole new gameplay mechanic we were eager to add since we planned it: Perfect Guarding. Now, when you guard you have a brief time called “Perfect Guard”. Any damage is completely nullified and you can even counter some attacks. Tired of the Spindash from the Hedgehogs? Counter them with Perfect Guard and deal big time damage to them.

Contest: Defeat the Boss!
Make a public video of you defeating the new boss of the Temple Mine (Youtube, Twitch, doesn’t matter) and send us a link to You can add your live reaction or leave it out, whatever you prefer!

Among the first 10 people that send us a video, we’ll randomly choose a winner to receive the following price:

You get your personal NPC guest role in Bergen Village! You know, like someone bragging about defeating the boss! You can choose the character class and appearance and together we’ll come up with a cool dialog!

Final Deadline: Sunday, December 6, 23:59 PDT

Next Milestone 0.5?
And that’s all for this milestone! You may have noticed that something is missing. “What about the story?!” I hear you scream. So yeah, unfortunately we didn’t get around writing dialogs, adding characters and implementing all these precious cutscenes. But fear not: this will come next!

Milestone 0.5 will focus on continuing the Plot starting at Rookie Harbor and hopefully going all the way to Bergen (and beyond?).

Also: a more complete heat circuit, more menu content and new combat features.

We’re ready to continue! That is: once we got all those bugs of this release under control… You know, the “less cool ones”.
CrossCode - lachsen

Aaand it’s out! We just released a small update to version 0.3.5 that introduces Landmarks and several bugfixes / small additions.

Now you can get around much faster in CrossCode!

Teleport to any landmark that you passed by during your adventures.

Quickly travel to any location throughout CrossWorlds!

This release also fixes some remaining issues with quests, includes some additional sounds for elemental attacks (listen to Shizuka’s new fire sweep!) and adds a few more details in Autumn Rise and Bergen Trails - not only landmarks.

All Indiegogo backers can download the new DRM-free version via Cross Central - your Steam version will update automatically.

Expect the release to version 0.4 towards the end of November. This one will add more content including a new village and a dungeon.
CrossCode - lachsen
Hey everyone!

Some time has passed since our last DevLog - that also means there is a lot new stuff we can show you! First, you can expect another small release this week! Version 0.3.5 will fix some remaining quest bugs and also introduce the landmark and teleportation feature! And then, for end of November you can expect the release of milestone 0.4 with a new village and a complete new dungeon!

The Landmark Release (0.3.5)
Exploring CrossWorlds and doing all those quests really comes with some serious walking and back tracking - which takes time. We added NPCs that help you get around a bit more quickly, but we now got something better in store for you: the landmark feature!

With the new version 0.3.5 you’ll be able to discover landmarks throughout CrossWorlds:

Those landmarks will be marked on your map and you will be able to teleport to them directly from any location:

Not only that, you can also reach different areas through the new worldmap view!

That should help you to get around much quicker - no more tedious backtracking!

The landmark feature + several more (quest related) bugfixes will be released with Version 0.3.5 this week!
A new Village and Dungeon
You already know Bergen and probably managed to climb that mountain as high as currently possible. And what will you find on its peak? Bergen Village.

It’s an entirely new village with buildings, shops, NPCs and quest. Oh, and also: a dungeon.

That’s right, you will finally get another dungeon with more puzzles. And you could say it will be the first proper dungeon of the game, which has a decent length and doesn't feel too much like a mere introduction.

Introducing: the Bergen Mine.

Bergen Mine comes with a lot of new puzzle mechanics you haven’t seen before, such as…

New rail-based moving platforms! 

Locks and key balls!


Heat Balls, Ice and… more bombs!

And finally: sliding blocks!

You can also expect several new enemies:

And one hell of a boss fight!

Here a very small excerpt:

You can expect Bergen Village and the new dungeon for version 0.4 to be released end of November.
Awesome Crowdfunding campaigns
We again reserved this spot to present two currently running crowdfunding campaigns worth your attention.

The first one is {LINK REMOVED}.

This game is by Lab Zero, the developer of Skulls Girls, and it is pretty much a homage to Valkyrie Profile. That means you got 2D platforming combined with a strongly action-oriented combat system which is all about combos and timing. It’s awesome! And as expected from Lab Zero, you get some amazingly drawn 2D animation with it. The best thing: Pretty much like CrossCode, it comes with a playable prototype. And also like CrossCode: it’s on Indiegogo… and their goal of 1,5 million $ is clearly ambitious and with only 13 days left it still got a lot of work ahead of it. But remember: It’s fixed funding so you will get your money back if the goal is not reached. Definitely worth to be backed!

And second, we got Bertram Fiddle.

This is for all the fans of the point and click genre. It is set in old Victorian London, comes with a unique art style and “punbelievably bad jokes”. The campaign has only 3 days left and is pretty close to its goal!

...And that’s all for today’s Devlog. Expect another short post soon for version 0.3.5 and stay tuned for the big release of milestone 0.4!
CrossCode - lachsen

Here we go! We finally release the next Early Access Version 0.3 of CrossCode! This release comes with major changes and additions, a longer story, and one major feature update: the quest system! Your Steam Version will update automatically. Our Indiegogo backers will find the new DRM free version at

You can get the Steam Early Access version here!

The Story continues

Now you can find out what will happen after the cargo ship: Lea’s adventure will finally continue!

See new places!

Meet new people!

Explore the dungeon of the puzzle mode properly integrated into the plot!

Enter the CrossCentral.

And finally enter Rookie Harbor the proper way.

That’s right, the story now finally includes the puzzle and exploration mode!

Skip to the new stuff with Save Presets

With the new release, the Puzzle and Exploration mode are gone forever! Ha! There is only one mode to start the game now: The Story.

Of course, not everybody will be very excited about playing the whole story all over again, just to get to the new stuff. We feel you and got you covered!

Incoming: Save Presets! They allow you to start the game from a fixed point within the plot! There is a preset to start the game right in front of the puzzle part and one before the exploration part, so it’s very similar to the previous game modes!

Second: Your old saves will still… well… sorta work! You will be able to load your old saves at your own risk. There’ll most likely be errors but they may not all be game breaking. Just be aware that balancing will be a mess and there might be several strange situations. Have fun playing around!

The Quest System

Version 0.3 comes with one big major new feature: the Quest System! (insert reverb effect)
This finally allows you to do quest the proper way!

You got a proper quest accept and solve dialog!

You can see the current state of the faved quest.

Of course you also get a list of all your quests in the menu.

You will also find many new quests with all kind of different tasks, like this amazing Parkour Quest.

Bergen Trail Extended

You can now climb that mountain of Bergen Trail even higher!

Along the way, you will even find a couple of puzzles!

And of course new enemies, too!

And also, Bergen Trail finally got his own BGM. And it is epic!

Experimental Linux and OSX Support for Backers

For all our Indiegogo backers with Explorer Perk and above we now offer experimental support for Linux (32 and 64 bit) and OSX!
You can download the version from CrossCentral. Please tell us if things work!

Once it turns out that those versions run stable, we'll start uploading them to Steam as well.

It was a close one

Because we’re masters of time management we decided to crunch toward the end and did a lot of content and coding… like… today.
Anyway...this means there will most likely be bugs. If you find any of them, please send error reports our way via mail or the forum and we’ll make sure to fix it in the 0.3.1 which will happen probably very soon!

What’s next?

There’s no time for a break for us! We already planned out Version 0.4.0. Also, we really want to push the teleport system. So much that we want to release it before 0.4.0 arrives. So expect some sort of 0.3.5 Version very soon! With this you’ll be finally able to quickly teleport from one point to another without having to talk to an NPC or backtrack.
Also the next DevLog will include the usual preview on Version 0.4.0. So keep your eyes on the blog!

And that’s all! Have fun with the new release and until the next update!
CrossCode - lachsen

Welcome everyone, to our first regular DevLog in over a month!

Yeah, there has been a lot going on in terms of events, so we need to make up for the lack of regular CrossCode-updates now: We’ll tell you about the 0.3.0 Milestone and it’s release date, show off our fancy new Quest Menu, first glimpses of the Story progress and also the expansion of Bergen Trail!

So let’s get going!

Milestone 0.3.0 Release Date

Sadly we gotta begin by saying that the development recently has also been slower than we hoped it to be. The main reasons for that (besides the unpleasant summer heat) are obviously the Gamescom and some other private events some of us participated in.

We also have been very busy with the so called “Exist program” which could give us some significant funding by government if we do it right. Which of course also means a lot of paperwork.

With that being said we won’t be able to release the 0.3.0 version in early September and instead postponed it to the end of September.

We’re sorry for the delay!

Quest Menu
We’ve announced it before and shown you mock-ups but finally the Quest Menu and the system around it are finished and operational!

Thanks to Stefan's efforts, you can finally properly do real quests for the needy NPCs in CrossWorlds! Here a few examples of what to expect:

Accepting a new quest.

Solving a quest and reaping the rewards.

The Quest Menu itself as part of the new Synopsis Menu. Here you can also set a quests as your Favorite

...which will then be shown on the Quest HUD.

It’s functionality is most likely nothing that will surprise or awe you but it works very well and is convenient to use, just like such a system should be! And with it we, as the developers, can efficiently create a lot of quests with varying objectives for you to solve!

The Story Continues
As we’ve announced in a previous update, the Story Mode will be further expanded to also be connected with the other two modes, effectively making them obsolete!

For this purpose Felix has already made quite a lot of progress and created the scenes that lead to Lea leaving the Cargo Ship and arriving at Rhombus Square. This also includes this big parallax sequence that took a lot of work:

Right before the Rhombus Dungeon (the former Puzzle Mode) there’s now a scene that introduces a new character:

Say “Hi!” to Emilie, the Pentafist!

Nickname: Emilienator.

Emilie will play a large role  in the game and you’ll meet her on several occasions. Maybe she’ll even fight alongside you at some point… if we manage to implement party members. :P

The Rhombus Dungeon itself will also be somewhat expanded compared to what you know as the Puzzle Mode and parts of that are already done. It now consists of several floors and also has tutorials to introduce players to some more game concepts like the equipment, skills and the menus. And then there are those new fancy sequences whenever you get an upgrade to your skillset:

And as a final note, you can now also skip the side messages and NPC conversations also know as "Xeno Dialogues".

Bergen Trail Expansion
Meanwhile on the Bergen Trail, general improvements have been made and also 2 entirely new maps have been finished while a third is on the way.

The area will now also be inhabited by 2 new types of enemies: Snowmen and Goats.

The Snowmen are dangerous ranged fighters who attack the player with a rapidfire snow cannon.

The Goats are still not finished and lack attacks, but will be a powerful force in close-combat encounters!


And this concludes our progress of the last month! I hope you are not disappointed, even though it might not look all that huge and impressive for the time. We'll do our best to still meet our goals in the future!

Till next time!
CrossCode - lachsen

It’s finally done! The Early Access Version of CrossCode has been updated to Version 0.2.1!

Your game will automatically update via Steam.

Release 0.2.0

This is the first new release of our Early Access program and we have quite a lot to show!
As we’ve already announced a while ago we are first concentrating on implementing the systems and features that are still missing and on creating new content like areas and enemies, while the story and scenes will be implemented later on. This not only gives us greater flexibility when finally continuing the plot but also allows all our Early Access players to test the game without spoiling large parts of the story to them!
But let’s get started with the notable new content and changes of 0.2.0:
  • Rookie Harbor, the first real city of the game: It’s still not fully populated and only 3 of the planned 5 maps are accessible, but it will still be a lot to explore.

    Including the inside of some houses!

  • Bergen Trail, the mountain area that comes after Autumn Rise: This again is not entirely complete, because a few maps are missing, but it still offers a lot to explore and new enemies to fight. It’s also more challenging to traverse because the terrain is more rugged.

    And a part of the area is filled with snow which hopefully cools off everyone annoyed by the heat right now!

  • Proper Traders: We finally got around to place a lot of traders that give you valuable equipment and food in exchange for other items. Also, most of the equipment in the chests got replaced, so you better take a look at their booths to properly equip yourself!

  • Teleport NPC: The world is much larger now, so we implemented a simple NPC who can help you to get around by teleporting you between locations. Though this will only be a provisional standin till we implement the proper Teleport System!

A more complete list of changes can also be viewed in the changelog on the titlescreen. Also take note that, because of the changes, we had to make savestates of the older versions unusable. But that's Early Access for you~All in all we mostly reached the milestones that we set for ourselves, with the exception of a proper Quest System and a few maps, which makes us quite optimistic considering how ambitious that milestone was. 

Bugfix release 0.2.1

Now, if you paid attention to our Twitter you will already know this, because 0.2.0 was already released yesterday without a blogpost because it was late and we were tired. Turns out one of the virtues of Early Access, the endless army of crafty volunteer testers and bug searchers, gave that decision another unexpected advantage, because we already fixed so many bugs by now, that we can already release a new version that’s way less buggy.

Thus version 0.2.1 is the official release of this update and month!
So I’ll finally end this here and let you get back into playing. And look forward to the next release at some point in the future! And of course, see you at the next update! 

EDIT: ANOTHER Bugfix release 0.2.2

Today (July 11th) we pushed another small update to Version 0.2.2.
This update includes a couple more bugfixes, like that crash after the crabby redux boss fight.

I also heard there is a new, mysterious chest hidden somewhere, though!
CrossCode - (Marsh Davies)

The game's tutorial largely takes place on a cargo ship, the Solar, captained by a jetpack wearing tar, who is full of slightly mangled but suitably salty language. This enjoyable seadog stereotype is a rather indelible one, and I suspect it persists in the cultural imagination because, for most of human history, the sea was a thing that would surely fucking kill you, and anybody who made a living dicking about on it had to be either fearlessly stupid or stupidly fearless.

Each week Marsh Davies jacks into the virtual battleground that is Early Access so that his spandex-clad avatar may wrestle with the digital monstrosities therein. This week he s uploaded himself into CrossCode, a top down 16-bit-styled singleplayer ARPG set within a distant future MMO, where the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds have blurred.>

It is a strange vision of the future in which the world s number one entertainment involves me slapping a hedgehog to death with my balls. These balls are sadly just glowing projectiles, of course, aimed in 360 degrees and fired continuously if desired, ricocheting off walls to hit enemies and switches out of the line-of-sight – but the game does insist on referring to them as your balls in a way which is either deadpan mischief or minor mistranslation from the developers native German. It is but one of many mysteries in the intriguing world of CrossCode – and a rather natty combat system to boot.

… [visit site to read more]


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