Rising Angels: Hope - K. Tsuku
Hello, folks! After far too long, the final episode of the Tennis Arc has released! It is tournament day and Faye is facing many foes, including the ones that lie inside her. Can she overcome adversity or defeat in the cards for our lupide hero! Only one way to find out! Time to hit that play button!
Rising Angels: Hope - K. Tsuku
Hey, folks!

New episode has dropped and is available in-game! One more episode in the Tennis Arc remains! We don't have a release date for it quite yet since it is the holidays and things are remarkably busy around here. It should be coming not too far off into the future.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!
Rising Angels: Hope - K. Tsuku
Hello, folks! Starting today, we're starting a special bonus mini-series for Rising Angels: Hope! It'll be roughly 5 episodes long and will be the length of the existing game. That's right, we're going to be doubling the game's length over the next couple months and it will be completely 100% free! The first episode starts with our young cadet as Yoi comes to her with a sports team in peril...

The second episode will release on December 19th. I'm not 100% sure on the third episode's date as the holiday season keeps things moving slowly. Further updates will be announced once the second episode comes out.

In addition to that, we've some minor behind the scenes changes to the coding in order to improve things, fix a couple of odd bugs, and add new poses for our main characters!
Community Announcements - K. Tsuku
After a short delay, the final episode of Hope has come to its conclusion! What was Yoi's mission? Did Faye ever confess her feelings? Find out and see Faye through to graduation!
Community Announcements - K. Tsuku
Sorry, folks. Without getting into a lot of the personal details, the studio head has been going through some difficult IRL problems that delayed the release by 3 days. Stay tuned Monday for the ending of Faye's journey!
Community Announcements - K. Tsuku
Faye's adventure at the Space Sector Academy continues as mysteries around her friends start to brew. Can she express her heart? Can she find the truth behind what is being plotted? It's time to find out!

The final part is slated to release on April 15th!

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