Angels Fall First - [AFF]farseer
Hey there AFF Community!

Turns out one more intermediate patch is very much in order. With the previous update for the first time in AFF history we’ve introduced a major crash to the game. Not a terrible statistic perhaps but we’re truly sorry nonetheless, was a nasty memory-management/packaging bug and took us a good chunk of Easter to fix. Should be taken care of now and we’re throwing in a bunch of other improvements and tweaks to the game too.

  • Fixed a crash affecting both servers and client, primarily on the space maps but really whenever something referenced one of the game’s internal packages
  • Fixed various issues with LZs not behaving properly in territories
  • Fixed damage scaling being incorrectly applied to fighters, dropships and deployables
  • Fixed issue with command callouts (such as 'move to this position') not playing the associated sound cue properly
  • Fixed display issue with phase x of y being zero-indexed on the faction selection screen
  • Destroyable objects (droppods, consoles) tweaked to be slightly more resistant vs bullets (but not vs AV weaponry) and have a little less total health
  • Added config for disabling bot callouts entirely from chat (see AFFComms.ini if you really want to, will be exposed in the menus later on)
  • Increased railbarrel mod’s penalty to accuracy
  • Fortress updates:
    - Added more cover near AIA spawn and additional pathway into the Objective B warehouse
    - Rearranged cover near the warehouse to force ULA players on “the wall” to expose themselves more to fire to be able to shoot at Objective B
    - Added more cover near ULA spawn
  • Tannhauser updates:
    - Raised out-of-bounds volume further
    - Fixed missing collision on rings around the rail launcher, capacitor rings, lift trolley and improved collision on some ramps
  • Fixed various collision issues near ULA spawn in Yin Tao Shan Territories
  • Fixed rooftop ramp collision near Objective C in Irega Incursion
  • Fixed missing collision on tyres and rocks in Igneous

For feedback, or just a lovely chat with the devs, post on AFF's Steam forums or contact us directly through our Discord!

Onwards and upwards!
Angels Fall First - [AFF]farseer
Hey there AFF Community!

We’ve just released a few more tweaks to the last update.

  • Fixed misbehaving packages causing server crashes
  • Fixed issue where non-existent chatbox would capture player input
  • Fixed issues with weapon lock getting lost very easily, especially on infantry guns (RID, MLI), and improved the prioritization of lock targets
  • Fixed Anaster's skybox
  • Temporarily removed some of the extended parts of the AIA briefingroom but fixed a bunch of collision issues and added grenade and deployable pickups across both briefingrooms
  • Tweaked RID and MLI lock times to be shorter, lowered RID damage slightly
  • Corrected a couple of pathing- and collision-related issues in Ixion
  • Improved and optimized the netcode behind comms (text and audio callouts)
  • Improved prioritization of callout audio, plus squad callouts should be always heard regardless of distance
  • Increased underbarrel shield regeneration delays
  • Increased heavy plasma projectile velocity, walked back capital ship railgun damage buff a bit
  • Capital ships and vehicle now generally more sturdy against rail, heavy plasma and explosion damage
  • Added “player left the game” messages to the chat
  • Removed extra brackets from vehicle drop HUD prompt
  • Unfudged a couple of damage multipliers applied to vehicles
  • Tweaked the smaller variants of capital ship ions, to have proper DPS in the new balance of things

For feedback, or just a lovely chat with the devs, post on AFF's Steam forums or contact us directly through our Discord!

Onwards and upwards!

Angels Fall First - [AFF]farseer
Hey there AFF Community!

Just a quick patch today, a bunch of fixes and tweaks to accompany the latest update.

  • Fixed not being able to recapture LZs in Incursion
  • Buffed GU34 to be more accurate, hold 20 slugs in the mag, reduced its loadout cost to sit between faction rifles and special rifles as intended
  • Fixed mechs not being able to jump and barely move, got introduced while we were testing some future reworks of the mechs. Yes, those are coming.
  • Fixed one of the droppods on Fortress being completely detached from the AI paths
  • Fixed limited anti-fighter missile ammo on lineships and tweaked all anti-fighter missiles on capital ships to have 1.5x the range of their fighter-mounted equivalents
  • Improved handling of odd special characters and long continuous words in the chatbox
  • Omitted team callouts being sent to the player, if the player is dead
  • Adjusted opacity of some chat elements
  • Fixed capital ship mines having no specified payload and displaying wrong HUD text
  • Tweaked spaceship turrets in automatic mode to be slightly more accurate
  • Tweaked bots' weapon heat management a bit again
  • Fixed some distance-displaying text not being properly formatted if under 1 meter
  • Fixed Chons and Heimdall trying to fire their missiles out of misconfigured non-existent spots
  • Fixed bots sometimes trying to replenish your ammo or health with the multitool instead of ammopack/medkit
  • Fixed bots’ multitool sometimes playing some mysterious ghost sounds when nearby
  • Hopefully fixed some crash and input oddities introduced by the last update

For feedback, or just a lovely chat with the devs, post on AFF's Steam forums or contact us directly through our Discord!

Onwards and upwards!
Angels Fall First - [AFF]farseer
Hey there AFF Community!

Last time we mentioned rolling out the more experimental, risky and game-changing stuff so here we go! Commencing a series of updates that will kick AFF into overdrive and definitely fix more stuff than they’ll break!

In all seriousness though, yeah, April Fools’ Day was just the other day but there’s not a single lie in this post. We’re really releasing a bunch of cool stuff now and in the coming week we’ll be trying out a new per-file packaging method for AFF - so we can start uploading more frequent and smaller-in-download-size updates. Visit our Discord to help us test it! This change will also make the game more friendly towards possible future modding support. Right now though:

AI navigation upgrade

Our bots were always quite capable in playing the game but they suffered from looking less clever than they were - primarily by getting visibly stuck and generally not navigating the maps as well as players could. We reworked this part of the AI completely and along the way improved their movement, combat tactics, weapon prioritization, dodging, weapon heat management, aim acquisition, target tracking, stance selection and so on. All of this results in the bots behaving so much closer to real players, especially when running around as infantry. Go give them a spin!


A powerful coil rifle available to both factions. Continuously charges up and discharges a portion of its capacitor on every shot. Fully charged shots will not only have increased stopping power and penetration but a near miss will often be just as fatal - so try to time those shots perfectly!

Oh yeah, and also we’re throwing two new grenade types into the mix to accompany this new gun - gyro grenades which can redirect themselves towards the closest enemy on every bounce; and springmines, popping up and exploding in the enemy’s face on proximity trigger.

Chat improvements and gameplay changes

A lot of quality-of-life changes have been introduced all over the place. The in-game chat will now be less cluttered and easier to send messages per-team or per-squad. Territories maps which had two or more LZs will now only ever pick one to be active at random - to reduce the snowball effect of having spawnpoints everywhere as well as spawncamping. The flashlight will also no longer bounce all over the place with the gun as a few of you have requested.

The list goes on and the full changelog can as always be found below. We’ll be back soon with even more awesome stuff though, so watch this space!

  • New gun: GU34, a coil rifle with a charging mechanism that rewards fire control over holding down fire
  • Revamped AI navigation and movement, strafing, weapon prioritization, weapon heat management, aim acquisition, target tracking, difficulty levels
  • Improved AI commander's defensive strategies
  • AI covering hack objectives after planting a hackspike should spread out more
  • AI will now retain a degree of awareness when inside smoke
  • Players and bots stuck on weird level geometry (like between several angular meshes) are now allowed to jump as a sort of an emergency measure
  • Fixed infantry AI animations not looking quite right
  • Tweaked AI loadout budget spending so they have more to put on secondaries and kit items
  • Moved weapon overheat causing from EMP damage to incendiary (heat) damage and made it ramp up over time while the character is on fire
  • Removed flashbang grenades and mines at least for now - buggy and almost noone used them
  • Instead, added some more interesting grenade types - proximity-triggered springmines which pop up to face-height and explode there, and gyro grenades which will redirect themselves towards the closest enemy on every bounce
  • Grenades with only one payload slot filled can now be thrown further
  • Underbarrel shields now only affect movement speed when actually active and are wider but with more exposed legs
  • Fixed a bunch of collision and visual oddities in the AIA briefingroom, made it more lively
  • Droppods left behind by stage advance in Incursion are now scuppered to avoid confusing new players
  • Territories maps with two or more LZs will only ever have one active at a time now, picked at random on map start or whenever a droppod is destroyed. Reduces snowballyness and LZ camping on those maps
  • Redeployment restriction while the ship is going down now only applies to ships and stations with fighter bays
  • Selecting a teammate on the scoreboard now highlights their squad too, for easier joining
  • Rearranged priority of invalid loadout messages to be more readable
  • The bars corresponding to combat, command and support points on the loadout screen will now be coloured red when over budget
  • Toggling the HUD now bound to F5 instead of H by default
  • ADS sensitivity now 70% instead of 60% by default
  • Flashlight now always tied to the character and not the gun, for less annoyance
  • Improved pathing and collision on Yin Tao Shan, Fortress, Errah and Tannhauser
  • Improved some line-of-sight issues around Irega's cargotown objective and similar problems in Igneous
  • Fixed missing weaponfire collision on lockers in Fortress' final building
  • Lineships added to loadout
  • Changed some capital ship weapons around and rebalanced others, especially Javert
  • Explosions now do 2x more damage to shields on average
  • Vehicle boost no longer interrupted and requiring a restart by leaving the floor, instead boost magnitude is reduced proportional to % wheels off ground to a minimum of 20%
  • Tweaked Partisan handling, slides much less, fixed boost, still a bit derpy
  • More responsive steering for Hare and Silverback
  • Ion beams now pass on a bit of splash damage to nearby components
  • Defense platforms in space now slightly less sturdy and show their health as objective progress directly
  • Khamun given heavy plasma instead of medium plasma primary turrets
  • Capital ship rail turret DPS increased significantly
  • Increased DK11's DPS a tiny tiny bit
  • Fixed DK11 not receiving an accuracy buff in single-fire mode correctly
  • Increased P4's and SAR's reload times
  • Slightly reduced the recoil kick of SGZ
  • UDP's sighted accuracy improved, reduced reload time
  • Reduced TT4's and ASG10's reload times
  • Made crosshair spread indicator more representative
  • Adjusted DK31's altfire accuracy changing with charge
  • Fixed shotguns misreporting spread in loadout details;
  • L9R given a very small cylinder of damage around the core of the shot like the RID, but only over 95% charged
  • Halved the EMP damage dealt by underbarrel EMP rockets, 2 full shots to disable larger vehicles, still 1 shot to stun a buggy or a gunship if hit directly
  • Underbarrel launchers can now get one "mag" replenished from ammo crates, just like the main gun, can still get unlimited resupply from spawnpoints
  • Multitool now a lot less effective at healing EMP damage on disabled vehicles, could fix a tank practically instantly before
  • Buffed the DPS of about every fighter primary bar the C90 and nerfed the fighter-mounted variant of S77 as its damage output was erroneously high by at least 2x
  • Adjusted spread on space shotguns
  • A lot of functional improvements to the in-game chat box:
    - Chat window can now be closed by right-clicking by default
    - Can now mute chat from players by selecting the player on the stats screen
    - Chat history persist through map changes, added a message which map it is - to make it more clear and to mark a break in the chat-history from previous map
    - Also made the chat auto-open if it had unsent content when the transition started
    - Made the chatbox persists through commander vote screen and deathscreen
    - Made the chatbox hide at the end of commander vote to preserve the map intro cinematic without interruption. Should reopen again once in TacMap
    - Chatbox now supports the standard Ctrl+C/V/X/A behaviour
    - Added Ctrl+say,team,squad-key to swap between modes of an open chatbox
    - Differentiated between chat messages, callouts and bot callouts by colour
    - Nuked tabulation, multiple spaces and newlines from strings
    - Squad chat no longer posts blank messages (including just spaces)
    - Consolekey no longer opens console while a chatbox is open
    - Assorted minor bugfixes (such as ; now being valid to use)
  • Callouts
    - Team callouts will only be displayed in near-proximity
    - Callouts will make the beacon above players heads get larger while active
    - Callout will stick around for longer
    - Callouts will stick to edges of screen, like objectives
  • Fixed several performance issues with vehicle turret AI
  • Fixed some instances of stationary shields not blocking AOE damage
  • Fixed projectile trails sometimes not rendering when viewed from a spaceship
  • Fixed issues with rendering vehicles on the TacMap
  • Fixed underbarrel shield not re-enabling after getting out of a vehicle and being able to cheese the shield recharge by switching guns
  • Fixed underbarrel shield popping up inside a vehicle if you weapon-switch to a gun with it right before entering the vehicle
  • Fixed inverse kinematics on weapon-supporting arms
  • Reload animations now correctly play on infantry looking up or down
  • Fixed issues with droppod turrets persisting through map stages
  • Fixed vehicle offer showing up again right after drop
  • Vehicle drop should no longer stall and trap the player in spectator view when the dropship fails to spawn for whatever reason
  • Fixed Tab key not returning to main menu when used there to bring up the player stats
  • Fixed some odd behaviour when going back to previously opened menu screen
  • Fixed issue with the "Launch" button remaining red after going back under loadout budget
  • Fixed objectives not displaying the hints of "launch a ship to get to it" correctly
  • Fixed HUD incorrectly displaying heat level of previously overheated guns
  • Fixed shotguns sometimes not being able to fire while resupplying
  • Fixed being able to fire a charged-up weapon in a "weapons disabled" zone
  • Fixed briefing hints not hiding with HUD toggle
  • HUD should now correctly display shield bars for tagged droppods
  • Corrected turret control group names on capital ships
  • Fixed a few firemode names on the HUD
  • Fixed "all objectives owned by team" warning in Territories getting broken by inactive carrier objectives
  • Fixed mouse-over hitching in loadout menu
  • Fixed ridiculous floating point precision in the faction choice screen's match status text

For feedback, or just a lovely chat with the devs, post on AFF's Steam forums or contact us directly through our Discord!

Onwards and upwards!
Angels Fall First - [AFF]farseer
Hey there AFF Community!

We’re dropping a sort of an intermediate update with a few new things and quality-of-life improvements. We decided it’s important to release those now, to give the new players the best experience possible, before we roll the more experimental stuff out in a couple weeks.

Especially since it’s Sale Time right now! Discounting starships left and right! Grab AFF 40% off!

Territories and boarding

One of the coolest parts of AFF is boarding and destroying the capital ships. You guys and girls do it even when it’s not an objective, even when it doesn’t contribute that much to winning the match. Recently we’ve released the Kerrat Territories map, which puts objectives on the battleships - and the way it plays ultimately convinced us this is the best way to highlight the capital ships-focused nature of AFF.

So we’ve now made all carriers (frigates and battleships) into objectives in the Territories mode. Destroy the carrier to remove one objective from enemy team’s pool of owned objectives, reducing their score income.

The art of balance

We’ve been going over the statistics recently and noticed AFF got a bit defense-heavy. After the last couple updates the balance of the game seems to favour defenders - or specifically defending objective locations by fortifying them - a bit too much. We definitely don’t want to punish defensive play in any way. But at the same time we don’t want to see the attackers bouncing off a wall of deployable turrets and heavy armour every time.

To counteract the situation we have rebalanced some of the gadgets and made others require more thought and interaction. Deployable shields are a bit weaker now and the underbarrel shield now takes some practice in timing to use effectively now. At the same time the underbarrel rocket launchers now support different types of munitions - incendiary, corrosive, smoke, flash and EMP in addition to the normal fragmentation missiles. This creates an interesting interplay of being able to break through a heavily shielded position as an attacker or block an area off temporarily as a defender.

In addition to that we’ve also rearranged some areas across the more problematic maps to lower the chance of setting up permanent chokepoints (and we are still working on a few other maps in that regard too)

  • Carriers in Territories mode now also count as objectives. HUD will now display which objectives are currently active.
  • Capturing neutral objectives (for example at the start of Territories mode) now requires undoing enemy's progress on that objective first
  • Anubis, Khamun, Huginn and Ranger now have 25% more hitpoints, between their health and armour
  • Faction choice screen now shows some basic information about the progress of the match, plus a quit game button that was missing
  • Gameplay hints now displayed at the top of the screen while in briefing
  • Camouflage settings can now be copied and pasted between different items (infantry to vehicle to weapon etc.)
  • Camouflage pattern colour customization on guns no longer incorrectly restricted to faction-specific range of colours
  • New loadout defaults - when running the game for the first time or creating a new loadout, the default inventory choice will now be more sensible and up-to-date
  • Rejkhart and Javert destroyers now have basic configurable loadouts just like fighters and corvettes
  • Deployable shields have 1/6 hitpoints less now and regenerate much slower
  • Underbarrel shield now activates automatically after holding the gun for 4 seconds and regenerates like deployable shields. No more mashing the firemode key. Movement penalty with the shield active now up to 30%
  • Underbarrel rocket launcher now has all the grenade variants - frag, incendiary, corrosive, smoke, flash and EMP.
  • Underbarrel frag rockets damage buffed 25% damage, firerate adjusted to 2s total, the rest of the variants have a firerate of 3 seconds to avoid superspam.
  • Adjusted the questionable trajectory of the underbarrel rockets, weren't arcing properly before
  • Multiwrench rebalanced - now supports mods but can overheat from prolonged use
  • Tannhauser changes:
    - Various snags smoothed out
    - Added line-of-sight interrupters between ULA spawn in Phase 1 and the droppod on lower deck
    - Added vehicle ramps to hangar sides in Phase 2 to allow for mechs to get topside
    - Added a ramp to side route to improve the accessibility of one of the major assault paths
    - Relocated another piece of aerial cover that was too far for defenders to shoot at
    - Fixed Phase 3 spawns
  • Lukather changes:
    - Removed central bollards from tower entrances
    - Added stairwells on dark side of the main terminal to allow for more pathways inside
    - Improved collision on some support struts
    - Various AI pathing fixes
  • Fortress Incursion changes:
    - Catwalk over the gate now protected from cheese shots from inside the fortress
    - Collision removed from electrical wires that completely blocked shots
    - Small ramp added in Phase 1 to aid in traversing an area that was accessible mostly by jumping
    - Yellow truck in Phase 1 rotated slightly and moved slightly to better protect attackers from gunfire
  • Delta Territories changes:
    - Fixed rock collision
    - More routes in and out of a couple "control posts" added, specifically D and A, thereby adding slightly more maneuvering room in some areas for footsoldiers
    - Added more cover surrounding A
    - Added more cover near ULA spawns - temporary tents etc.
    - Added line-of-sight interrupters between spawns and objectives for both sides
    - Added line-of-sight interrupter between D and B
    - Rearranged some cover to facilitate tank movement in areas affected
    - Miscellaneous AI pathing fixes
    - Optimized the skybox meshes and fixed some unnecessarily-colliding effects
  • Irega Incursion changes:
    - Moved objective C in Stage 2 to area that utilizes more vertical gameplay while still being about the same travel times for ULA as objective D
    - Added a couple ramps to facilitate better movement towards the new objective location
    - Smoothed out some collision to reduce snags around the final objectives
  • Improved some collision and pathing in Yin Tao Shan and Igneous, disabled the Garrison spawnpoint in Yin Tao Shan's Phase 3
  • Time after which players are re-offered a vehicle got reduced 25%
  • Increased damage of fighter plasma alt-fire (blob) by 25%
  • Fighter-mounted variant of the S77 shotgun now given the same treatment as the infantry version - double the magsize, accuracy increases with sustained fire
  • Very slightly increased S77's damage output and fixed its overheat animation
  • Set Griphon's ion beam loadout cost to zero as intended
  • Tweaked FKR's recoil and mesh recoil to bring the feel back to how it was (more visual than gameplay-impairing, especially in burstfire)
  • EMP bullet effects toned down, especially the muzzleflashes
  • Adjusted suppressor loadout description to indicate no chance of being heard rather than the incorrect hearing range reduction
  • C30 increased fire interval 6%, reduced mag size by one, increased spare mags by one
    Increased the range for MLI and RID by 40m
  • Magsize mods no longer incorrectly available on S77 and UDP
  • Fixed incorrect muzzleflash scaling on the YAS
  • Fixed a rare issue of the camera getting stuck in vehicle drop animation
  • Fixed fire and corrosion pools very often not registering players running through them
  • Fixed "help me" animations not playing after last patch
  • Fixed AI not understanding how to repair land vehicles when ordered to
  • Fixed firerate/DPS info display in the loadout menu for weapons that reload after one shot, for example Partisan's C120
  • Fixed sorting by KDR on the scoreboard screen

For feedback, or just a lovely chat with the devs, post on AFF's Steam forums or contact us directly through our Discord!

Onwards and upwards!
Angels Fall First - [AFF]farseer
Hey there AFF Community!

Some things in the last update needed a bit of fixing and adjusting. Here’s a quick patch to address that, before we proceed to adding more awesome content.

Thanks to everyone participating in the matches over the last week, as usual your feedback has been invaluable in improving the game!

  • Tannhauser changes:
    - Fixed getting stuck in the cinematic mode (weapons locked) at the start of the match
    - Fixed some missing collision
    - More cover near the hangar doors and line-of-sight interrupters to reduce objective sniping from safe locations
    - Rearranged some miscellaneous cover all around the place to be either more or less advantageous
    - Moved Velius spawns further back in Phase 2
    - Moved the "repair platform" to a more risky location on the map
    - Added some cover to rooftop spawn area for Phase 3
  • Kerrat changes:
    - Fixed visual damage levels of the repairable objectives being displayed incorrectly
    - Stopped all ULA bots from immediately going outside if Huginn becomes no longer boarded
    - Removed bombers from Phase 1
    - Dropships in the Territories mode can re-deploy immediately after the previous one is destroyed, versus the normal 4 minute delay on other maps
    - Toned the internal destruction effects down a bit
    - Fixed the tacmap in the Territories version
    - Fixed the disabled battleships sometimes drifting away from their initial locations
  • Fixed several pathing issues on Fortress, including the gate and the droppod
  • Fixed several pathing issues and spots where bots were getting stuck on Lukather
  • Fixed the misbehaving Phase 2 droppod shield on Errah
  • Added some new stairs to last objectives on Yin Tao Shan and Fortress, moved up vehicle drop spots a bit on Yin Tao Shan
  • Fixed camouflage choices not working properly online and not saving correctly for weapons and vehicles. Unfortunately this hotfix may reset your infantry camo choices as well.
  • Fixed chat box sometimes not opening properly
  • Fixed loadout copying
  • Fixed SGZ appearing as “Weapon” is some parts of the UI
  • Doubled the effectiveness of mines deployed by fighters and capital ships
  • Adjusted the landing zone re-enable delays, 6s for Incursion (was 15) and 180s for Territories (was 30), to make it much harder to “insta-retake” in Territories and easier to avoid attacker wipes in Incursions
  • Amended repair objectives messaging
  • Changed TT18S mag size to 36
  • Boarding pods now 80% harder to destroy from the outside

For feedback, or just a lovely chat with the devs, post on AFF's Steam forums or contact us directly through our Discord!

Onwards and upwards!
Angels Fall First - [AFF]farseer
Hey there AFF Community!

Happy New Year to all of you lovely folks!

2018 might’ve looked a tiny bit slow in terms of AFF updates on the surface. But in reality we worked hard on many advancements and content that will push AFF towards being a better game and towards, hopefully, realizing its full potential.

What you see below is the first portion of the content and the changes we’ve prepared. This update, as well as subsequent updates in the coming weeks, touch a lot of the core systems of the game - due to that some new bugs will probably crawl out of their hiding places. Luckily there’s a new boomstick below to deal with them swiftly now:

SGZ Special

This brand new shotgun will rip and tear through infantry at close range. A limit of two shots and a slow break-action reload cycle will leave the operator highly susceptible to return fire though - it’s very much a high-risk-high-reward gun for those nasty close-combat situations.

Maps maps maps

New maps are joining the roster, each with its own gameplay twists as always:


The AIA have set their eyes upon a series of previously hidden ULA repair and refit stations nestled just above the dense lower atmosphere of a rocky world, tinted by the orange hues of a methane-rich troposphere. Its imposing power generators cradling the launch platform ensure it remains stable as it sends USN corvettes into orbit . The AIA must advance through landing onto the platforms and into a massive hangar to stop the launches of newly-refit ship. This map features both awesome gunship action and some intense firefights for both factions.


After sustaining heavy damage in a previous fight, a USN battleship and what little remains of its crew and escorts must repair the ship’s internal systems quickly and escape from the AISN pursuers. The Incursion mode on Kerrat is a very different map from all the other space maps - it starts with an already-boarded Huginn where the USN have to repair several core systems and then flee to fight another day during an AISN onslaught.

Improved flight model

We’ve largely redesigned how ship steering works, while still retaining the same distinct model of AFF physics. Still with the two distinct flight modes, grav-assisted and newtonian, of course. The ships will now more closely follow the movement of the mouse and the crosshair will behave like in more traditional space-sims instead of pointing at stuff in the world. This results in more deliberate, stable and snappy movement and a much more enjoyable flying and dogfighting experience overall.

NAT punch-through

A complaint we’ve heard a few times from our players was that hosting games for their friends didn’t always work, at least not without manually forwarding ports on the player’s router. We used a system to force port forwarding in the past (UPNP for those of you familiar with this stuff) but in practice it rarely worked with the myriad of router devices our players use. So in response to that we’ve developed and deployed a NAT punch-through server that should mitigate this issue. Simply put, will let players connect to each other's hosted games regardless of router barriers. Should work automagically without the player ever noticing it because it’s 2019. Try it out, host a game for your friends and enemies! And of course inform us about any problems with it on Discord or the Steam forums!

  • New map: Tannhauser Incursion
  • New map: Kerrat, both Incursion and Territories variants
  • New weapon: the Salier SGZ Special shotgun
  • New ship steering mechanics
  • Added a NAT punch-through system which should enable players to host games regardless of the router setup they're behind
  • Camouflage customization now also available on infantry guns (just the faction-specific ones for now)
  • Ixion Territories altered to be a more interesting map, with part of the fight taking place inside the station
  • Bots should now have their response times (reflexes) properly varied per difficulty level - so no more level 1 bots suddenly 360noscoping you immediately upon noticing you
  • Most infantry guns' accuracy range increased by 15% - in other words, accuracy buffed in order to bring all guns closer to how the SAR primary behaved. Burst firing modes remain unaffected. We’ll be keeping a close eye on how much this impacts perceived TTK given everything should be dying in half a dozen shots already.
  • SAR/FKR/UDP burstfire primaries corrected to offer greater accuracy with secondary firemodes. Slightly reduced accuracy on primaries as a consequence but warranted due to greater DPS than guns with burst firing modes as secondaries.
  • Buffed S77 magazine capacity, spare mags, damage, plus it can now overheat - the interesting feature here is that a motorized choke (spread of the pellets) now narrows with heat.
  • DK31 more accurate in the alternative fire mode
  • Multiwrench now heals your armour when used on enemy stuff and passes through multiple characters if within range
  • Multiwrench firing effect made a bit less obnoxious
  • Placed a few multiwrenches around the battleships' and frigates' interiors, players can now pick those up if they forgot to spawn with one and wanted to repair something inside the ship.
  • Updated rock collision shapes on Errah, Delta and Fortress, fixed previously disabled collision on rocks and outcroppings within the playable area on Fortress. No more sniping from the map's edge within the bigrocks
  • Moved the vehicle drop areas and fixed some collision and pathing in Yin Tao Shan
  • Fixed some broken AI pathing around droppods in Lukather
  • Added shield doors to droppods on the ground, at least on some maps for now
  • Game version display in the top-right corner now off by default unless in the main menu. Can be toggled back on with ToggleShowGameVersion console command
  • Improved AI ships' pathing in tight spaces
  • Added a team-wide message on capital ship engines getting enabled, "Pilot required"
  • Significant optimizations to VFX management in space, should result in better performance
  • Several performance improvements to text processing in the UI
  • Optimized a lot of dynamic lights all across the game
  • Removed the botched RED5 from weapon choices on corvettes
  • Fixed chainguns and plasma hardpoints being swapped on the Ti corvette
  • Fixed fighter launch interaction prompts sometimes not displaying correctly
  • Fixed camouflage colour selection sliders sometimes resetting to default by themselves
  • Fixed bots sometimes dropping medpacks or ammoboxes on top of downed teammates instead of trying to revive them
  • Fixed re-arm spots in space and made the task icon point to them when in dropships after dropping the pod off

For feedback, or just a lovely chat with the devs, post on AFF's Steam forums or contact us directly through our Discord!

Onwards and upwards!
Angels Fall First - [AFF]farseer
Hey there AFF Community!

The Steam Awards are here again!

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Oct 6, 2018
Angels Fall First - [AFF]farseer
Hey there AFF Community!

Without further ado, here’s a hotfix for a few things we messed up in the last update, primarily the corvette loadouts. Plus a few optimizations and changes.

  • Added a keybind (“H” by default) for toggling the HUD on and off due to popular demand
  • Optimized and smoothed out a lot about all the homing missiles, made them behave a bit more sensibly after missing the target
  • Turret AI will no longer try to fire when the vehicle is disabled by EMP
  • Fixed corvette loadouts not applying correctly, which resulted in missing shields, finite ammo for missiles etc.
  • Fixed some corvette weapons not firing from the correct points on the ship
  • Fixed and optimized projectile lifespan calculations, no more heavy missiles disappearing before they reach their assumed range
  • Fixed rank display not fully working in the loadout menu when using no-steam settings
  • Fixed the spawnpoint shield in Ixion not blocking enemy fire
  • Fixed missing firemode info for detpacks and adjusted how that interplays with the payload type display
  • Fixed pathing issues associated with the thin support struts on Irega Incursion
  • Corrected lighting on one piece of geometry in Lacroix’s station

For feedback, or just a lovely chat with the devs, post on AFF's Steam forums or contact us directly through our Discord!

Onwards and upwards!
Sep 28, 2018
Angels Fall First - [AFF]farseer
Hey there AFF Community!

This patch brings a few new features and a ton of fixes. Our rhythm of updates got a bit thrown off this year but not without a bloody good reason - there's a whole lot of exciting stuff we've been busy with. DX11 renderer, lag compensation, maps, guns and more, all nearing completion.

We're releasing the following fixes and features now to make way for more content in the very near future so stay tuned. Some pretty significant changes to gameplay elements this month too:

Corvette loadouts

Corvettes get selectable equipment options now, just like fighters, ground vehicles and infantry. The choices are pretty basic for now but we’ll keep expanding the loadout system until all the ships have interesting and varied selection of weapons and support items.

Incapacitated player animations

Your incapacitated teammates will not only be highlighted on the HUD now, the downed player can also reach out in a visible “Help me!” gesture by hitting the jump key or broadcasting a “Need a revive!” callout.

Turrets scan angle

We figured that the defensive gameplay needs shaking up a bit so here’s an experiment - all the deployable turrets (MG, plasma and flamer) will only detect enemies from the front. You can rotate the turret when placing it with the right mouse button.

Full changelog:
  • Players are now able to respawn directly as the last used friendly fighter type (but only after death and assuming the carrier launching that fighter is still operational). The spawnpoint will be visible on the TacMap like any other infantry spawnpoint.
  • Hitting jump while incapacitated (space by default) or broadcasting the "need a revive" callout now triggers a "help me!" animation
  • Added a few new camouflage options
  • Vehicle's passengers now visible on the HUD
  • Bots now hop out of vehicles to get to the nearby enclosed objectives in a sensible manner
  • AI fighters have been taught to avoid incoming missiles by manoeuvring
  • Capship cost subtracted on start of core breach instead of end in Territories matches
  • Corvettes now have configurable loadouts and now use fighter-grade missiles, at least for the moment, so they have the selection.
  • Upgraded the vehicle queue info and rearranged the TacMap a little
  • Middlemost of a set of warp beacons should be flagged as the rearm warp-out location, rather than some arbitrary one, if there's more than two
  • Moved the vehicle info to crosshair for now for better visibility and to not be hidden when weapon-switching
  • Added the ability to assign groups of units to quick-select number keys on TacMap with CTRL+<number> like in RTS games
  • Added a "vote to kick a player" button
  • Added infantry loadout quick-select option to TacMap
  • Constrained deployable turrets' scan rotation to forwards-facing - pay attention to how you place the turrets now and keep in mind they can be rotated with right-click!
  • Refactored carrier core lockouts. 1 or 2 lockouts to open shields blocking bridge access.
  • Lockout on bridge to open shields on engineroom to access the core. Keeps pilot and engines alive for longer into the breach attempt and focusses the action a bit.
  • Fortress Territories updates:
    - Added a tunnel for players to use to breach the outer wall
    - Relocated objective A to take about as much time to reach from spawn for ULA as it takes for AIA to reach objective B
    - Slightly moved the radar dish (objective D) and the warehouse (objective C) to reduce travel time bias
    - Ensured that walkway near warehouses along outer wall was properly supported
    - Covered up missing geometry near warehouses, fixed some floating grass, added some lights to dark areas, added more cover near ULA drop pod
    - Fixed recently-noticed missing wall collision in one of the buildings
    - Fixed missing pathing and adjusted collision for one of the buildings
  • Irega Incursion updates:
    - Opened up a car park below where Objective C was previously located and moved Objective C to that location
    - Relocated one of the end objectives and opened up some pathways near there
    - Corrected some minor collision issues
  • In Fortress moved the vehicle drop locations further in Phase 3, moved last spawn back a bit and fixed some collision issues
  • Adjusted spawnpoints in Lacroix and enlarged some of the objective radii in Yin Tao Shan Territories
  • Added missing team-blocking volumes to a spawnpoint in Anubis and a few boarding tubes
  • Amended the fighter launch direction from the station in Meudeverre to not be pointed into the wall, reorganized the internal pathways a bit, rebalanced defense platforms
  • Squads get reordered by command XP as players join, up to match start. Let's see how this affects squad composition and balance online.
  • Squad members take on squad leader's stripe colour again
  • Culled several vehicles from the roster on land territories maps to better constrain map duration
  • Mechs can now equip the C30 cannon
  • Tweaked the balance of medium plasma and chainguns in space and ship HP between AIA and ULA
  • Buffed frag mines a bit, nulled out meaningless grenade/mine stats in the loadout menu
  • Disabled defunct vehicle weapon optics mods and now-empty bomberbay weapon mod slots
  • Added a squad leader announce message just after commander's
  • Tab key closes scoreboard immediately with no fadeout so as to not block the mouse unnecessarily
  • Bots now only deploy medkit and ammo as a response to callouts from each other and humans, if one is within 50m at the time, and better understand the conditions under which they should run to an ammo pack or medkit
  • AI hate deployed turrets slightly less
  • Reinforced AI aim vs apparent aim (less "bots firing sideways" caused mostly by lag)
  • Halved Heimdall's spinal ion cannon's damage but increased its range and the range of its passenger-operated ion lances and gave it long range missiles, fullfills the same long-range role as the Chons now
  • Gave Javert heavy missiles, lowered the lock-on for them (on all ships that use those) by 7% for less annoying experience
  • Switched Khamun to chainguns only
  • Removed captain’s rockets from Rejkhart
  • Fixed Chons' missiles coming out asymmetric
  • Fixed MNL hurting through shields on direct hit
  • Fixed the settings menu navigation getting stuck for some players
  • Fixed completed objectives flashing as if still under attack in match status module
  • Significantly reduced AI infantry getting perma-stuck out of the navigation grid by widening the scope of when they try to jump out of problems
  • Fixed squad module (in HUD and TacMap) showing incorrect armour class icons
  • Fixed some unnecessary material instancing in sensor stations
  • Fixed mechs not registering hits on their legs/middle sections
  • Corrected lead indicator for attached external breach modules
  • Fixed some interpolation issues in the launch cameras
  • Fixed some discrepancies in ion cannon damage type configuration and Ranger's railgun consoles
  • Fixed AI separation on "move to" orders
  • LAN games discovery much more reliable now
  • Fixed some issues with player authorization when multiple people with different Steam accounts join and quit from behind the same router
  • Fixed the progress bar visibility on the "exit gunship" prompt
  • Fixed magazine size on the Turtle's main gun to make sense in the context of 4-rocket bursts
  • Fixed the "prestige" prompt not showing the correct camo award
  • Fixed commander not becoming a target of unprompted revive attempts
  • Fixed AI stalling after rearming fighters or dropships
  • Fixed boarding status messages showing in briefing, for real this time
  • Fixed some pathing issues inside the fighter bases

For feedback, or just a lovely chat with the devs, post on AFF's Steam forums or contact us directly through our Discord!

Onwards and upwards!


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