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The Long Journey Home - Segoaban_Daedalic
Dear mizzurani friends,

The IASA has issued two small updates in all ship systems:

Fixed an issue where the mouse tutorial during encounters is displayed every time the player clicks left mouse.
Fixed an issue where the player can get stuck under a Wolphax wreckage.

The IASA wishes safe travels!
The Long Journey Home - Segoaban_Daedalic
Dear mizzurani friends,

Welcome to our Training Day Update. IASA engineers have prepared a new holographic tutorial mode to help you get to grips with lander and ship piloting before embarking on your mission. Practice as much as you want on friendly, hostile and dangerous planet types, as well as getting hands on experience with mining and navigating solar systems. We’ve also added some new features to the Daedalus-7, including new readouts showing where you’ll accumulate damage, and a new damage system that makes it easier to predict when systems are likely to fail.

On top of this, visited planets are now marked on your map to prevent pointless return visits. Also, galactic weapons are now colour-coded according to the kinds of damage they do, and glow according to their power. Stand and fight or flee? It’s now much easier to decide. Meanwhile, if you prefer to chat, Story Mode players will find aliens sticking around for longer before getting bored.

And that’s not all! Check out the full changelog below.

Your saves and option settings are not affected by the update. As ever, keep letting us know what you’d like to see. May your Journeys be eventful and your crews return home safe.

Tendrils crossed,

The TLJH Team

New Features:

New Training Mode
Learn how to play in the safety of IASA holographic training
Try out the basics of system flight and lander piloting from the main menu
The level contains fixed planets with different conditions so you can test and train your skills on friendly, challenging and hell-class worlds.

Improved damage and malfunction system
Plan your journey more effectively with displays of damage from different sources
Bridge and Lander Bay show the accumulated damage gathered by different sources like jump, hazards, etc
Ship and lander modules and devices are now tied to those damage categories
The accumulated stress bar displays the current risk for device damage on performing actions that additionally strain ship and lander systems.

Wounds and Medical systems overhaul
We tweaked the way crew members get wounds and ailments
Radiation damage from stars now afflicts the crew with a specific set of ailments (Coughing, Anxiety, Fever, Migraine, Nausea, Tremors) instead of burns
Medical items have redistributed effects and underwent a price reevaluation
There are items available that cure one, two or all types of ailments.

New particle effects for all weapons in game
Improved colour coding
Red projectiles damage your hull
Blue projectiles damage your shields
Purple projectiles penetrate your shields. Beware!
The more the shots glow, the more damage they will deal

Keyboard controls for Lander and Ship
Switch between arrow keys and WSAD in the options
The action pad on the lower right displays the currently used layout

Option menu overhaul
Tabs for the different categories: Graphics, Sound, Controller, Keyboard, Misc,..
Option to turn of the System Grid
Option to enable VSync

Loading old save games into the new damage model should work
Added a checkmark in the System overview that indicates planets already visited
Improved loading times for switching between modes: Surface, Galaxy, Encounter, ...
Improved performance on gas planets
Improved performance on galaxy map
Improved mouse scrolling behaviour on galaxy map
Aliens in story mode will talk for longer before getting bored.

“New” Quest: “The Return of the King”
Jassican’s Teeth can no longer end in a tie.
Fixed result bugs in the Ilitza Casino mission
The Lovestruck Wolphax does not return to his Quest intro after the princess is delivered

“A Lender Not A Borrower Be”
  • Encountered hostile debtors are removed from quest
  • Fixed a looping conversation when refusing the player
  • Debtors from hostile aliens avoid the player now
  • Fighting with a borrower removes him from the quest

“The Brain Trust”
  • Quest now ends if you arrive at the lab without a weapon
  • Quest now ends if you somehow manage to leave the sector on your own

Garbage collector emergency no longer persists after the first occurrence
Pirate wingmen should no longer turn hostile for no reason
Daedalus-8 no longer delivers an experimental shield when the player loses the lander before visiting Mars
Added a notification about amber removal on high radiation

General Bugs & Tweaks:
Gate Sound is back
Fixed several issues with the System Info widget
Increased the size of the docking area of the Black Market
Fixed graphical scanner effect when scanning infested planets
Fixed issues with some shaders for the thruster flame on planet surfaces
Changes to lighting of gas planets
Fixed some graphical issues on the Galaxy Map
  • Alien icons no longer cut off when zoomed out
  • Fixed white icons that popped up after a rapture event
Fixed an issue with some damage being carried over to a newly constructed lander
Siobhan has learned how to use the Distress Beacon
Ship is no longer automatically undocked at gate stations and the Entrope harvester
Reduced efficiency of the Nanobots device
Tons of very small bug fixes (especially on quests)

Join us at Discord to share your ideas, feedback and bug reports.
The Long Journey Home - Segoaban_Daedalic
The IASA has published a few photo shots that were taken during the first space mission from the survivors making it back home. Plus, they gave away a licence for Trading Cards which you now have access, too. And make sure to look at the new emoticons Terra’s people are using now to celebrate the IASA heroes!
The Long Journey Home - Segoaban_Daedalic
Dear mizzurani friends,

we are releasing an update that fixes faulty encounter collision boxes. You should no longer get stuck on jumping into an encounter or into any other encounter situation. We also took this opportunity to add two minor fixes: first, in-game full screen mode switching and 'ALT-Enter' should now work properly in combination with the respective command line switches ('-fullscreen' and '-windowed'). Second, overall loading times should be improved slightly and perceivably when loading into the star system map.

Your saves and option settings are not affected by the update.

Tendrils crossed,

your TLJH Team

  • Fixed a bug that lead to players jumping into a wreckage model
  • Slightly improved loading times concerning the star system map
  • Removed a “crackling” sound effect from the ship menu that could stack by accident
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent ALT+ENTER from working in native or windowed fullscreen mode

  • Fixed some interception issues:
    Quest “The Vitruvian Human” (Glukkt Medical Scan)
    Quest “Patient Grasshopper” (Wolphax Squire Temrach)
    Quest “The Grand Tournament”
  • Quest “Shorter Journey Home”: Reeve survivors now want to be taken to Reeve planets only
  • Quest “Reclaimer List”: Quest now ends, if the last Reclaimer List is sold

General Bugs & Tweaks:
  • Several dialog fixes for the Cueddhaest
  • Fixed some shields not working anymore when damaged
  • Raised the chances of avoiding zombies in an Avulco ruin
  • Smaller tweaks and fixes

Join us at to share your ideas, feedback and bug reports.
The Long Journey Home - Ravenoc_Daedalic
This update will reset your settings back to their defaults. Sorry for the

Game Start / “ISV Serenity” issues
● The collision model of the lander “ISV Serenity” has been changed. It is now much
easier to get it back on its feet, particularly for new players.
● A display bug in the lander preview in the mission selection lead to people assuming
that the Serenity was the best lander. For new players, we recommend the “ISV
● Story Mode is now selected by default when game is started the first time
● In Story Mode the lander is not rotated during surface entry anymore, making it
easier to prevent crashes.

Star System:
● Changed out of bounds handling in star systems: Ship now activates autopilot mode
and returns to star system
● Star System jump out sound was being played a bit too early which could cause to
an unwanted jump abort by the player
● Sometimes the player wasn't set back to the right position in the star system when
opening and closing the galaxy map after an encounter

Lander cargo:
● Hint about cargo unload of lander when docking and undocking added to resource
● In addition the lander gets unloaded when going into orbit and when leaving the
resource screen
● Added lander cargo overview to planet overview when in orbit

● In rare cases the player ship could have been placed inside the Ilitza starport model
when entering the encounter from a specific angle. Fixed.
● In rare cases the player got stuck in the Cueddhaest starport when undocking. Fixed.
● Fixed a hiccup when activating weapons and shooting aliens for the first time

● When Zoe used an item to scan for locations, the item couldn't be sold anymore.
● When the last crew member died, or the ship got destroyed during a jump, “game
over” wasn't always triggered properly which could lead to a zombie ship
● Metal Scrapper spawns uncommon/common resources instead of rare/uncommon

● Mission log and end screen log is now scrollable with mouse and right stick
● We had to disable the possibility for own log book entries for now, but we plan to
bring it back in an improved form
● Achievement screen scales now in different resolutions and is properly scrollable
● Ship and Lander Details in the ship menu are now positioned near the selected
device and also work in 4:3 resolutions
● Resource Icons are no longer shown when ship menu is open
● When an alien got bored by bad trade offers, re-entering the trade menu could lead
to different issues. Fixed.

● Quest "Unfriendly Competition" could lead to an endless interception in some rare
cases and could lead to an unwanted diplomacy loss.
● Stowaways are now discovered when player is scanned by Logos. Previously you
had to discover them to hand them over, confusing players.
● The Logos Case File Quests could lead to unwanted chains of diplomacy changes
● Intercepting a Marauder could cause some unwanted chains of interception
● Meorcl criminals are now affected by the psychic blocker
● Meorcl cargo scans don’t take away the DNA sampler anymore
● Fixed several re-docking problems in several quests (eg. when healing Kirsten)
● Fixed some cases where ships would intercept endlessly without any purpose. If you
still encounter this behaviour we would be very grateful for any savegames that
exhibit this bug.
● Removed a secret encounter from last badland sector - but be careful, there are still
dark things awaiting in quiet sectors!
● Fixed cargo scan behavior of the Logos in hostile mode
● Fixed an issue that could lead to Logos ships with multiple personalities (cargo scan,
quest giver, military ship,…)
● Fixed an issue that made plants think the lander was full in some quests
● Tylenium deliveries will no longer send you to hostile gates
● Fixed an issue where a gate could ask for a Tylenium delivery even when the quest
hasn't been started
● Fixed some potential issues with aliens turning hostile during cargo scan
● No more Cueddhaest followers after Rapture
● Glukkt mining chief could get stuck in endless dialog mode in rare cases
● Many more small bugfixes…

Finally, we want to thank everybody who has been providing constructive feedback and
reports! You are a lovely community. We’re still carefully watching the forums and Discord
for your feedback, and are planning an even bigger update in the near future. In particular,
we’re looking to improve our mouse/keyboard controls. Join us at
to share your ideas, feedback and bug reports.
The Long Journey Home - (Samuel Horti)

Long Journey Home 1

Splendid space exploration game The Long Journey Home [official site] has got a new ‘Story Mode’ with dialled-down difficulty after player feedback suggested the game was just too damned hard for some.

Developers Daedalic say that the new mode adds more resources, makes your planet-exploring Lander craft more resilient, and improves targeting in combat. … [visit site to read more]

The Long Journey Home - Ravenoc_Daedalic

Following the disappearance of the Daedalus-7 on May 30th, IASA scientists have been working around the clock to make The Long Journey Home as comfortable for our missing crew as possible. Reviewers and civilian observers of the ship’s troubled launch have identified a number of issues that we are pleased to announce have now been resolved with the addition of Project “Story Mode”. Needless to say, the existing modes remain as before, offering the same advanced challenge, aside from a few Quality of Life improvements designed to make for a smoother, more enjoyable mission.

Story Mode is aimed primarily at new astronauts and those without the time to fully embrace the chaos and challenge of the universe, who prefer exploration over survival, or who would prefer an easier introduction to space travel before facing the challenge of Adventure (formerly Explorer) Mode, and Rogue Mode, where failure means death, intended for the most experienced astronauts. We still believe that these are the ideal way to explore the universe, and encourage astronauts to step up to the challenge as soon as they feel comfortable. However, this is your decision.

Key Story Mode changes include a far friendlier galaxy, where resources are more valuable and effective, and some of the tougher challenges early pioneers have experienced are toned down. More planets feature Earth-like conditions, with less extreme conditions on both high and low gravity worlds. The more dangerous galactic weather hazards have also been toned down.

The Lander is now far tougher, with greatly reduced fuel consumption. Additional hull-plating also gives it better protection against impact and environmental damage, while our new patented coolant drill system cuts down dramatically on damage caused while drilling and scooping resources. Both ship and Lander have also been upgraded to reduce ongoing wear and tear damage. Achieving orbit is now easier too, with our new navigation system offering a larger orbit radius to lock into.

In addition to being more abundant, resources are also now worth more on the market and more effective for repairing and refuelling the ship. Any aliens out there will also likely be more generous with their offers. With these changes, the Daedalus-7 crew will now be freer to explore and savour the galaxy during their Long Journey Home, instead of having to focus constantly on survival.

This is of course only if the Daedalus crew chooses to use these changes. If so, they will certainly still face a challenge as they cross the galaxy, but one that is easier to get into. Adventure Mode remains our standard recommended level, encouraging survival through learning and repeated missions, with Rogue Mode on hand for the ultimate survival challenge. The choice is up to you.

IASA’s Quality of Life team has, however, not been sitting idly by, with additional tweaks and features that all Daedalus crews can enjoy. In particular, devices now require additional confirmation in the form of a timed selection before being destroyed. The engineer responsible for making them easy to destroy has been sacked. We’ve also added a new laser targeting module to the Daedalus-7 weapon systems to improve combat efficiency. Finally, ship systems now support native full-screen mode in addition to the previous Borderless Windowed default, for greater system control.

The rest of the team continues working on improvements, while painstakingly reading every report submitted by civilian liaisons on our forums and official Discord comms channel

as well as livestreams and official reviews. Let us know your problems, large and small, so that we can continue making the flight of the Daedalus-7 the greatest space adventure in history. Needless to say, this release also fixes many small issues too.

Should these changes fix your issues with previous missions, please do consider giving us a ‘Thumbs Up’ review on Steam. Experimental missions like these, not to mention the IASA team, desperately need your support. The more Thumbs Up we get, the greater the mission’s visibility. The more civilian buy-in we get, the more we’ll be able to keep working on helping our people get Home.

Please visit us on Facebook

Thank you for your support

Chiaki Nakano

Daedalus-7 Mission Co-Ordinator
Jun 1, 2017
The Long Journey Home - Segoaban_Daedalic
Hello everyone!

A famous motion picture once used the slogan “In space no one can hear you scream”! In this universe – luckily - things run differently and we heard you. An update is currently planned for the weekend, adding options to make the journey easier to get into, and your ride smoother. Stay tuned!
The Long Journey Home - Valve
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