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Summer seems to be in full force already, looking at temperatures here in Europe. Besides it being a good time for ice-cream lovers, it also caters to endurance-enthusiasts, with the iconic races at Le Mans and the Nürburgring coming closer and closer. As if this wouldn’t be enough already to get our racing hearts beat faster, how about some naturally aspirated high revving machinery.

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May 14, 2019
rFactor 2 - marrs
More than seventy years after the first cars sped across the track, Zandvoort will again be the center of the Formula 1 circus next year. For anyone who doesn’t want to wait that long and wants to experience what it is like to race through the dunes at high speed, we have today released, with immaculate timing, the most recent version of the circuit for rFactor 2.

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rFactor 2 - marrs
Monaco – if you’re a race fan, the name alone conjures up some of the most evocative and timeless references in motor racing history. Its past and present will forever be ingrained in our racing psyche.

Not just a track with a long history, Monaco has stood the test of time. Cars have drastically changed over the many decades and look and drive nothing like the first ones that barrelled through the then quaint principality.

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rFactor 2 - marrs
The roadmap this month takes us to the second-smallest, most densely-populated country in the world and home to many past and current racing drivers. But not just there. We basically travel everywhere and show you what´s happening in the big rFactor 2 world. No matter if you are looking for build updates, news about upcoming content or where to find the right competition for you, it’s all here and it’s called Roadmap!

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rFactor 2 - marrs
As the new Fanatec Podium Series DD1 and DD2 wheels are finding their way to customers, we published a small update of our current build that includes profiles for both.
rFactor 2 - marrs
Welcome to our third roadmap of the year. We’ve had quite an exciting quarter altogether with updates to many of our car packs, a new material editor, an exciting 12 hour race at Sebring and last but not least the release of our biggest pack to date, the Reiza pack, featuring no less than 6 cars and 4 tracks.

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rFactor 2 - marrs
We've teased and previewed it before, but here it is in all its glory. Six brand new cars and four challenging tracks, brought to you by Reiza Studios.

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Mar 19, 2019
rFactor 2 - marrs
This update contains mainly bugfixes, and a new logging feature to help us pinpoint the issues some users are having. Read the full changelog here:
rFactor 2 - marrs
The latest news and updates from Studio 397 in this months roadmap, featuring updates on the Reiza pack, previews of parts of the Nordschleife and some exciting announcements regarding the 12 hours of Sebring. Read more about it here:
rFactor 2 - marrs
One month into the start of a new year saw a lot of changes at Studio 397. And we have a lot of new things to share with you in the first roadmap of the year. Read all about it here:


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