rFactor 2 - marrs
One month into the start of a new year saw a lot of changes at Studio 397. And we have a lot of new things to share with you in the first roadmap of the year. Read all about it here:

rFactor 2 - marrs
Welcome to the last roadmap update of the year! We decided to end the year with a bang, with a new car pack and the first iteration of our updated material system being released real soon now. We have a lot to share, so I’m afraid this roadmap grew a bit bigger than it normally would.

So happy holidays and please start reading here:
rFactor 2 - marrs
Good evening, morning, afternoon or whatever it is in your corner of the world! With clockwork precision we present you another roadmap update for your favorite racing simulator. And although we are getting closer to the holiday season, we are by no means slowing down! With the release of build 1112, we have a few other updates for you that we’re sharing this month, in anticipation of some bigger surprises next month.

Read all about it here:
rFactor 2 - marrs
It´s getting colder outside, and most of us probably have either switched to winter tyres already or are planning to right now. Brace yourself, winter is here! But as simracers, we’re lucky, our season never ends, so let´s get into this month’s roadmap. It was once again a busy time for us. Let’s be honest here, that probably never ends either: we are pushing rFactor 2 further every single day, but it’s always great to head out to the community with good news like releases or announcements!

Read all about it here:
rFactor 2 - marrs
To say September was a busy month for us would probably be the understatement of the year. Last time we already hinted at some big news, and the release of no less than three free, iconic McLaren race cars has certainly been well received and confirms our commitment to adding high-quality free and paid content to the simulation. We’ve met many of you at SimRacing Expo at the Nurburgring mid September. The event was highly successful, and I am confident that we will be back next year.

Read all about it here:
rFactor 2 - marrs
Hot on the tail of the three car pack we released yesterday is the start of one of the world’s most intense and demanding competitions for virtual racers. Last year, rFactor 2 winner Rudy van Buren won the overall prize. Now with the McLaren Shadow project, it’s your turn to compete with some of the best.

Read all about it here:
rFactor 2 - marrs
Don´t just admire Icons – become one!

The motorsport world is full of heroic stories, iconic cars and unbelievable moments of success. Many of these tales include McLaren. How many times do we as simracers dream about the golden age of motorsport and wish we could have driven in that era. All the myths around specific cars and the strong characters that drove them fuel our ambition to create our own legendary moments, either on virtual or real tracks.

What would you have done if it was you sitting in the racecar back then?

Read the rest of this announcement here:
rFactor 2 - marrs
We’re excited when it’s time to release content, or in this case re-release content that’s been updated and improved with all the latest weather and DX11 effects – adding quality, compatible content to the track roster, is always a welcome addition!

Long time community member and hyper dedicated modder “woochoo” proceeded to overhaul and create a revised version of the track Longford, a track that so many of us classic fans have enjoyed over the years in rFactor 2.

Read all about the track here:
rFactor 2 - marrs
We are proud to announce we have just released Sebring International Raceway.

Read all about it here:

And buy it here:
rFactor 2 - marrs
This month, we wanted to surprise you all by releasing the roadmap update a bit earlier than usual because we have quite a few things to announce. We have code and content updates and are announcing the release date for Sebring.

Read all about it here:

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