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Our friends over at Humble are currently giving away Hacknet Deluxe for free as part of their Spring Sale promotion. Those who head on over to the Humble Store can sign up for a free Humble account, and they will be delivered a Steam key for the base game and the awesome OST.

So tell all your friends, and for those who haven't picked up Hacknet Labyrinths yet, Humble are also running a 25% off promotion which will provide you with the ultimate Hacknet experience.
Hacknet - Valve
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Uplink - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Brendan Caldwell)

As anyone who watches their feeds knows, we live in a constantly evolving cyberpunk dystopia. They’re connecting toilets to the internet, for heavens sake. If this Gibsonist world is just too REAL for you, we have put together the ten best videogames about hacking, programming and computing so you can escape into meta-dystopia. Which I’m sure is a much better place.


Hacknet - Orann
There were loads of really amazing entries to HackerJam - the quality and variety of the entries blew me away. I'm so impressed by the whole community, and am excited to see what's still yet to come. Without further ado, here are the winners:

First Place:
Hacker Wars by Admiral Joshua
Once Hacker Wars hits it's stride (after a kind of slow start), it's absolutely packed with tension, intrigue and excitement. It's such a creative and interesting use of the Extensions tools to make something that feels really new and unexpected. The extensive use of Hacker scripts, the characters, and the structure of it feels totally new -it was amazing to play through. It's a convincing look at what Hacknet Multiplayer could feel like, and also doesn't require the Labyrinths expansion to run - Amazing work!

Second Place:
World.exe by Adamantite
I didn't expect anything as huge, complex and well made as World.exe to be ready by the end of the Jam, but here we are. It's a huge new expansion to the game - probably as big as Labyrinths itself, and it's incredibly well made. To have executed something this big this well, so quickly is incredible. If you're looking for 'more Hacknet' - this is for you.

Third Place:
Core by Kwiper
With a really strong original story, Core keeps a smooth difficulty curve, and makes good use of some of the new Extensions-only features. Like World.exe, it's a huge new experience that's basically a new expansion in it's own right. There were a few other extensions in the category of huge new campaigns, but World.exe and Core really stood apart as great experiences and stories.

Honorable Mentions:
There were honestly way more amazing entries than I was expecting to get for this Jam, so I thought it'd only be right to point out some of the other great Extensions here.

CODENAME : Downfall by TheLoneStryder and Jammy
This was a really close call for third place - it's an amazing re-introduction to Hacknet if you've been out of practice for a while. If you was to check out some of the extensions, but feel like you've forgotten some of your skills, play this one first!

DNET by Hydra and no_pressure_now
Another strong contender, DNET makes really good use of the new dynamic Actions system to give a good sense of teamwork. Great final mission sequence too!

Exceptional Writing:
Remote Desktop by Soup'um
This was one of my personal favorites, because it's story feels very different to Hacknet's. It uses the tools in a really interesting way, and is incredibly well written to support it. Highly recommended.

Ad Astra by Cripion101
Full of personality and charm, this one had some of the best design and narrative feel of the entire set. I'd love to see this taken even further!

Best UI Theme:
DedSecOS by Kaguya
Super stylish!

Most brain-melting Mechanics:
The Hypercluster by Lion Doge
This absolutely pushed even my Hacknet skills to their limits. Brutal and unforgiving, this Extension is a proper test at how well you know your way around a terminal, and how you perform under pressure. On the upside, if you spent most of Hacknet thinking "everything except the terminal is useless" - this is for you!

Huge thanks to everyone that participated in the jam. The Hacknet workshop has hundreds of hours of new and exciting gameplay on it now - a lot of which I never could have expected. I've also been working on a small patch to fix a few small bugs in Extensions, and add some small new features - notes for that below:

v5.069 Patch Notes

FTPSprint.exe no longer requires Labyrinths to be usable in Extensions
FTPBounce.exe runs 2 seconds faster
Added -s argument to HexClock.exe to allow execution without UI theme change
Improved the PositionNear tag for computers
Added SetLock action to show/hide and lock/unlock display modules

Other Fixes and Changes:
Fixed case in which HackerScript testing would report the wrong computer as the target
Fixed ShowNode action
Fixed some cases in HackerScripts where the player would not get an alert notification
Fixed an issue where invalid charachters would break the Intro text sequence
HackerScripts will no longer open your CD tray when you're just testing them
Fixed many issues where blank lines or spaces in the wrong places would break HackerScripts
Fixed a case where the upload command would upload to the current directory instead of the directory where it was originally run
Fixed the top bar going missing on CustomConnectDaemons
Fixed many cases in which #PLAYERNAME# and other wildcards were not supported in Daemons
The ChangeIP action now supports #RANDOM_IP# for a randomly generated IP
Fixed some small issues with ESequencer.exe spin up time

Hacknet - Orann
  • Turkish translation!
    Thankyou to Serhat Çavunt for the excellent work on this!

  • FastActionHost daemon:
    <FastActionHost /> An optimized Action host daemon - this daemon does nothing except host delayable actions - but it is much more efficient at doing that than other servers. If you have lots of actions looping or in delay at once (more than 50, say) it might be worth moving them to be delay hosted on one of these instead if you encounter performance issues.

  • Custom ISP Servers are now supported, but adding a computer with the ID "ispComp"

  • HackerScirpts now support delete * commands to delete everything in a folder:

  • Added a scroll functionality to the Extensions list for people with more than a page of Extensions installed.

  • Added support for the * wildcard in the scp command to download all files in a folder.
    scp *

  • Added better error reporting, recovery and automated tests for common extension errors.

  • Added HideAllNodes Action
    <HideAllNodes DelayHost="advExamplePC" Delay="21.5"/> Un-reveals all visible nodes from the netmap

  • Added ShowNode Action
    <ShowNode DelayHost="advExamplePC" Delay="21.5" Target="advExamplePC" /> Reveals a node on the netmap

  • Added addRankSilent mission function:
    Same as AddRank, but it won't send a faction update report email

  • Added needsMissionComplete check to the Instantly action condition.

  • MessageBoard threads now support wildcards like #PLAYERNAME#

  • Fixed Custom Admin accounts not having the same full permissions as normal admin accounts.
  • Fixed non-email alert icons not correctly showing alerts for @#PLAYERNAME# and @Channel notifications.
  • Fixed descriptions in non-English languages not working correctly.
  • Fixed HackerScripts interacting with whitelists being affected by the player's whitelist status.
  • Fixed some cases where crashing during a screenbleed sequence would keep that effect.
  • Incoming Connection alert will now only display on a connect command from a Hacker Script targeting the player, instead of whenever one was launched.
  • Fixed non-standard characters not rendering in HackerScripts
  • Fixed some errors with whitelist servers managed by a remote server not correctly checking their own system status.
  • IRC and DLCHub daemons now support #PLAYERNAME# and other wildcards in IRC mesages and names.
  • Fixed Sequencer ignoring the given spin up time and always using the default.
  • Fixed the reboot command in Hackerscripts targeting the plaeyr instead of the intended target in some cases
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a HackerScript tried to delete a file that wasn't there
Hacknet - Pixels for Breakfast

Hello everyone!

Today we are kicking off HackerJAM: a community event for creators to collaborate and create some cool mods for Hacknet, using the newly released Hacknet Extensions tools.


  • Mods that breach copyright infringement will not be eligible to win the HackerJAM. Sorry guys, but no Mr. Robot mods are going to be selected by us.
  • Mods must be submitted no later that 11:59PM PST on Friday, 9th of June, 2017
  • No sexual, racial, or highly offensive material in your mods - we want this to be good clean fun for creators and players alike.
  • If your mod is made as part of a collaboration, please make sure you clearly list everyone that is involved.
  • In the spirit of jamming, mods that are currently available on the Workshop are NOT eligible to enter HackerJAM. We definitely recommend you check them out - these creators worked tirelessly to create some really great experience.


  • Upload your mod to Steam Workshop with the hashtag #HackerJAM
  • List all users involved in the creation of the mod in your mod description


  • 1st place: $300 Steam credit + a mechanical keyboard of awesome!
  • 2nd place: $200 Steam credit
  • 3rd place: $100 Steam credit


A guide for how to use the Hacknet Extensions tools can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=914587661

The best place to discuss the HackerJAM is on the Hacknet Extensions Discord: https://discord.gg/7cHhVT9.

There are a number of creators already discussing and sharing information, so jump into the conversation! Matt will be floating around intermittently to offer some support here and there, but keep in mind he is still busy optimising the game and won't have time to answer all of your questions.


After HackerJAM closes we will spend some time playing through the entries, and announce the winners via a Steam community post a week later. Depending on the number of entries, this could take a while, so we will keep you all updated via the Discord!


Have fun! We can't wait to see what you create
Hacknet - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Alice O'Connor)

Fab computer hacking game Hacknet [official site] has launched its mod tools, letting players create their own missions, campaigns, music and more. Or if you don’t fancy making things yourself, hey, you’ll still get to play the ‘extensions’ other people make. I’ll be sorely disappointed if someone isn’t already making a campaign recreating the great movie of our cybertime, Hackers. I’ll make it myself if I have to. I’ll get some friends in to help me type. The Gibson must fall.

If you’re not already hacking the planet yourself, hey, Hacknet is on sale right now too. … [visit site to read more]

Hacknet - Valve
Save 66% on Hacknet during this week's Midweek Madness*!

*Offer ends Friday at 10AM Pacific Time
Hacknet - Orann

Hacknet Extensions and their creation tools are now available!
This comes with Steam Workshop support, so you can browse, download and play Extensions easily.

Browse the Workshop here!

Extensions are full new campaigns and stories for Hacknet by modders and creators. They feature new computers, missions, themes, programs and more! This launch opens up Hacknet for everyone to make their own stories with the Hacknet tools.

The workshop already has some amazing Extensions on it - I highly recommend "Hacknet B.R.A.P" by Matrix, and "The Slaughterhouse" by Chris Johnson and Catherine Moore. If you're looking for more Hacknet, here it is.

The tools are also available if you want to make your own Extension! The patch comes with an interactive introduction extension that you can play through. There's a community Discord channel here:


And a full guide here:



To celebrate the release of Hacknet Extensions, we are going to hold a friendly mod competition called HackerJAM.

Running from Friday, May 26 until Friday, June 9th, you will be able to submit your extensions with the hashtag #HackerJAM on Steam Workshop, or upload them to Moddb to go into the running. After that, myself and the Surprise Attack Games team will deliberate and nominate our three favorite extensions!

First place will receive $300 Steam Credit + a mechanical keyboard and some Hacknet goods, second place will receive $200, and third place will receive $100.

If you want to get community support, or team up with other creators, we recommend that you join the Hacknet Extensions Discord channel!


Go check out the new extensions! I cant wait to see what everyone thinks, and more importantly, what everyone builds.

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